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1 May demonstration in Sundsvall – “Bread for the Workers – Blood from the Politicians!”


1 MAY. The Nordic Resistance Movement will hold its 1 May celebration in Sundsvall, northern Sweden, under the slogan “Bread for the Workers – Blood from the Politicians!”

Nordic Resistance Movement 1 May Sundsvall, Simon Lindberg

The Nordic Resistance Movement will hold its annual tribute to the Nordic worker on Monday 1 May in central Sundsvall, Västernorrland County. Pär Öberg, Simon Holmqvist and Anders Gudmarsson are all scheduled to give speeches on the day. The audience will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers on stage and socialise with the organisation’s representatives. There may also be a surprise or two planned as well.

"White workers built this country" Resistance Movement truck
A Resistance Movement truck featuring last year’s 1 May slogan: “White workers built this country – White workers can take this country back!”

Permission has been granted for the event, which will begin at 11.30 on Olof Palme’s Square. The square is centrally located in town, about a kilometre from the central station. The permit lasts until 15.00, but proceedings are likely to finish sometime before then.

Sundsvall, Sweden, town map

1 May speakers

Pär Öberg, who sits on the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Swedish National Council, is a veteran within the organisation and has previously given many popular speeches both internally and publicly. Öberg has also been a regular host on Radio Nordfront since its inception and a local stalwart in the Resistance Movement stronghold of Ludvika.

Pär Öberg holding a speech
Pär Öberg holds a 1 May speech in Falun

Simon Holmqvist is the news editor for Nordfront.se and the main host of Radio Nordfront. Holmqvist has previously given fantastic 1 May speeches for the Resistance Movement in various places in Norrbotten. He also appeared in the TV programme Studio Bothnia and can be heard on the music podcast Urkult.

Nordic Resistance Movement Simon Holmqvist speech 1 May
Simon Holmqvist gives a 1 May address to Nordic workers in Boden

Anders Gudmarsson is a long-time activist and the vocalist of the band Nordic Storm. He also recently gained attention for his bronze medal in the Resistance Movement’s boxing tournament. Although Gudmarsson has given speeches at smaller public events before, this will be his premiere appearance in front of a large audience.

Nordic Resistance Movement boxing tournament fighters
Anders Gudmarsson (right) fighting in the Resistance Movement’s boxing tournament earlier this year

Members of the Resistance Movement and those outside the organisation are all warmly welcomed to Sundsvall on 1 May.