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1 May flash demonstration in Ry


1 MAY. A group of Resistance Movement activists held a flash demonstration in Ry, Denmark, on 1 May under the slogan “White workers built this country. White workers can take this country back”.

As part of the Nordic Resistance Movement demonstrations held across the North on 1 May, activists in Denmark went to Ry in East Jutland for a blitz demonstration to mark the workers’ holiday.

In beautiful Danish spring weather, National Socialists visited the rural town of Ry with banners and flags to celebrate the White worker. The activists lined up at a market in the centre of Ry and gave a speech about nation, people, history and politics.

The focal point of the speech was the White worker’s role in the construction of the country of Denmark, the race’s connection to the past via the White worker and the link to the present and the future, at which time the White worker can – if he so chooses – retake the country from hordes of foreign workers and immigrants and give it back to his children and grandchildren and those of his comrades-in-arms.