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1 May reports from across the North


1 MAY. Today the Nordic Resistance Movement is holding activities across the North in honour of Nordic workers under the slogan “White workers built this country. White workers can take this country back!” Below follow live updates from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland.

11.00: Members and activists from Sweden’s Nest 5 prepare for the day’s activism
Activists and members are in Vetlanda to spread the word about the one true workers’ movement – the Nordic Resistance Movement
Nest 7 stand with flags and a banner on Bibliotekstorget in Vetlanda. Hampus Maijala gives a speech.
11.30: Nest 6 begin their activism in Luleå

Nest 6 began the day by gathering outside a large store in Luleå. They stood with a banner, while speeches were held by David Nilsson and Simon Holmqvist. The police were quickly on the scene with vans and a helicopter, which circled above the Resistance men. The police asked a few questions and then kept their distance.

After the speeches, the comrades moved to a bridge in Gammelstaden and unfurled a banner. This action was designed to coincide with the local “Majrundan” event, in which thousands of motorcyclists ride in a procession through Norrbotten and pass under the bridge.

Joakim Kannisto holds a speech in Vetlanda
Activists remain on the square in Vetlanda after the speech
Nest 6 hold a banner action

The bridge action was very successful, with a lot of positive reactions from the huge number of motorcyclists who passed by. When leaving the area, people shouted, “Well done, guys!” to the activists.

Activists in northern Sweden head to the next location

12.15: Vetlanda. Comment from the Nest Chief: The activity has gone very well. The speeches were conducted with great success. Most of those listening were sympathetic Vetlanda residents, but there were also some reds who showed up with a huge force of six people.

Finland: The Resistance Movement’s friends in the East, Sinimusta Liike, hold a 1 May march
The march sets off

12.30: Sweden’s Nest 6 have marched into central Luleå. David Nilsson is preparing to speak to the people.

Nest 6 in central Luleå

Denmark: Jacob Vullum gives a speech at the marketplace in Ry.

12.45: Sinimusta Liike’s march has now reached its final destination. The Finnish police reportedly shortened the planned route of the march considerably.

Activists from Sweden’s Nest 3 in central Örkelljunga
Finland: Tapio Rantanen speaks to the Finnish people
Audio equipment is prepared on Garvarns torg in Ludvika

13.00: Lauri Hokkanen takes to the podium in Tampere, while Sebastian Elofsson begins his speech in Örkelljunga.

Lauri Hokkanen gives a speech
Sebastian Elofsson speaks to the people in Örkelljunga
The activists in Nest 6 conclude their speeches to the people of Luleå

13.15: The activists in Sweden’s Nest 6 prepare to march out of Luleå. ”The speeches went smoothly, with many people stopping to listen. Everything went pleasantly and calmly. The day’s activities in Nest 6 are now complete.”

Tukka Kuru speaks in Finland
Nordic Resistance Movement speeches begin in Ludvika

13.15: Norway: Activists prepare to hold a speech on Rådhusplassen in Kongsvinger.

13.20: Norway’s Nest 3 hold a banner action on a bridge over the E39 road outside Bergen.

Iceland: Posters and stickers have been placed in Reykjavik.

Activists in Sweden’s Nest 3 drive around in Örkelljunga Municipality
Emma Karlsson gives a speech in Ludvika
The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, takes to the podium in Ludvika
Activists in Örkelljunga are subjected to a “routine check”

13.45: Sweden’s Nest 5 report a good response from the people of Ludvika. The activists in Örkelljunga have been released and are driving on. Sinimusta Liike’s speeches in Finland have now concluded.

Sweden’s Nest 2 stand with flags and banners in central Munkedal. Samuel Dellstrand holds a speech.
The speeches in Ludvika have now concluded
The activists in Ludvika remain on-site to talk to members of the audience
Fredrik Vejdeland speaks in Munkedal

14.15: The activists in Örkelljunga have stopped at a car meet, where Sebastian Elofsson is holding another speech. Nest 2 activists remain in Munkedal to talk to the public after the speeches.

Nest 3 activists visit a car meet at Örkelljunga air field
The activists in Ludvika are now starting to leave the square after staying and talking to interested members of the public
The successful demonstration concludes in Tampere
Activists in Vetlanda conclude the day’s activities but promise to return to the city soon!

14.45: Activists in Sweden’s Nest 3 end the day after giving a speech and talking with the participants at the car meet.

14.47: Activists prepare for a speech in Elverum, Norway, and talk with passers-by. A man on a bicycle got angry and called the gathering a “Hitler project”. The activists responded, “So what?”, and the man cycled on. A young man stopped his car and got out to take photos, then gave the thumbs-up and smiled.

15.24: Activists have concluded the activity in Elverum and are now driving round with a trailer fitted with banners and sirens.

16.12: A banner action is held at Braskereidfoss in Våler Municipality, Norway.