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1st of May activism across the Nordic countries


1 MAY. The Nordic Resistance Movement commemorated the 1st of May by conducting activism across the Nordic countries and broadcasting a special digital celebration on Nordisk Radio.

Due to the ongoing corona pandemic, this year’s planned Resistance Movement 1st of May demonstration in Uppsala was postponed until a later date. In its place, activism was held across the Nordic nations. In addition, a special 1st of May programme was broadcast on Nordisk Radio. The programme included speeches by Simon Lindberg, Vera Oredsson and Jimmy Thunlind. English versions of the speeches will be published on this site over the coming days.

Below are some of the 1st of May activities reported today:

Activists hang “Nordic workers” banner on trade union building

On the morning of 1st of May, Nest 1 activists conducted a banner drop at the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) building in Stockholm.

The activists arrived in the early hours and found that LO trade union workers had erected banners and red flags on the terrace of their headquarters. Dressed as construction workers, the Resistance men ascended a ladder to the balcony and hung a banner with the message “Workers of the Nordic countries, unite!”

“Workers of the Nordic countries, unite!”

More activism:

Reykjavik, Iceland
“Did you know that Hitler’s Germany made the 1st of May a holiday six years before Sweden?” – Umeå, Sweden
“Folk community above class struggle!” – Klepp, Norway
300 posters put up in Karlstad, Sweden
“Did you know that it was originally Vidkun Quisling who made the 1st of May a Norwegian holiday?” – Sandnes, Norway
Östersund, Sweden
Norrtälje, Sweden
Nest 1, Norway
“Workers of the Nordic countries, unite!” – Aarhus, Denmark
Norrköping, Sweden
Borås, Sweden
Kristiansand, Norway
Kristiansand, Norway
Kristiansand, Norway
Södertälje, Sweden
Jönköping, Sweden
Nacka, Sweden
“Did you know there are socialists who don’t want open borders and paedophile parades?” – Kungälv, Sweden
“Folk community” banner in Botkyrka, Sweden
Borlänge, Sweden
Giant poster in Bergen, Norway
Bergen, Norway
“Did you know that Hitler made the 1st of May a paid holiday for all workers as early as 1933?” – Odense, Denmark
Luleå, Sweden
Varberg, Sweden
Roskilde, Denmark
Roskilde, Denmark
Nest 1, Norway
Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Linköping, Sweden, where anti-Nordic companies’ premises were condoned off with tape
Ludvika, Sweden, along the route of the town’s two previous 1 May demonstrations
Lessebo, Sweden
Växjö, Sweden