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1st of May activism in Stockholm


1 MAY. On 1 May, the Workers’ Day, members and activists from Sweden’s Nest 1 gathered to spread healthy messages in central Stockholm under the slogan “White workers built this country”.

1 May 2021 NRM activism in Stockholm

The participants started by equipping a trailer with a banner on each side and two Tyr rune flags at the back. Audio equipment was strapped in, and the trailer was then driven to the city centre.

The comrades had only just arrived when the first police car drove by and made a U-turn when they saw the Resistance Movement’s trailer, which was stopped at Mynttorget square outside the Riksdag, the traitors’ stronghold.

The state lackeys in the Swedish police force then searched all the participants and the car in a hunt to find something illegal. They said they were looking for weapons, which of course they didn’t find.

1 May 2021 NRM activism and police harassment

Disappointed and hopefully ashamed of their actions, they felt compelled to let the Resistance fighters continue their journey through the city streets.

After covering street after street with the trailer playing a speech by the organisation’s leader, Simon Lindberg, the group headed towards Sergel’s Square, the heart of the capital, to circulate the roundabout above the square.

1 May 2021 NRM activism in Stockholm

The comrades then drove along Sveavägen road, where they were again stopped by the lackeys in blue. This time the police claimed that someone had been pushed to the ground by the Resistance fighters after the person in question had kicked the trailer.

Consequently, all four people in the car were searched again, which apparently required five police vans, a car and four motorcycles. There was certainly no lack of police resources on this day.

1 May 2021 NRM activism and police harassment in Stockholm

After being detained for an hour, everyone was allowed to continue. Further streets and squares were visited during the activity’s four-hour duration in central Stockholm.

All in all, it was a successful day, despite the state’s harassment of dissidents, as there were a lot of people out and about who saw the message and heard the speech.

Throughout the day, the city was also cleansed of several banners and a number of posters from disreputable communist movements bearing messages intended to divide the people.

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