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1st of May in Sweden’s Nest 2


1 MAY. Sweden’s Nest 2 were in Gothenburg and Kungälv on the Workers’ Day, 1st of May.

Nest 2 activists, 1 May 2021

For the day’s activism, the Nest chose to use a truck that they decorated on both sides with banners featuring the message “White workers built this country – White workers can take this country back!”

Speeches were also played from the onboard loudspeakers while the truck drove around. This gave the activists the greatest possible exposure.

In Kungälv, they drove for a few trips through the town while playing speeches and music. The activists then spent just over two hours in all central parts of Gothenburg, visiting locations such as Linnéplatsen, Götaplatsen, Gamla Ullevi, Korsvägen and Heden.

1 May activism in Sweden's Nest 2

No incidents occurred, and the police chose to let the comrades continue with their activities undisturbed after inspecting the car and passengers.

Nothing was heard from the left-wing mob either, despite their perpetual claims that Gothenburg belongs to them. The city shall henceforth be considered ours!

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