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1st of May in Sweden’s Nest 8


1 MAY. Six enthusiastic Resistance fighters came together for Nest 8’s activism on 1st of May, spreading the Resistance Movement’s message around Västmanland with mobile banners and speeches.

On 1 May, activists from Sweden’s Nest 8 decorated a trailer with banners and drove it through the streets of Västmanland, as well as parking in well-chosen places around the county to play a pre-recorded speech by the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Leader, Simon Lindberg.

The message on the trailer’s banners read:

White workers built this country – White workers can take this country back!

1 May 2021 activism in Sweden's Nest 8

The group stopped in four densely populated places – Kolsva, Erikslund (in Västerås), Hälla (Västerås) and Tillberga – to let the public hear the speech in peace via a large sound system.

Activists reported a predominately positive response from the public, with thumbs-up, happy car horn beeps and some glorious greetings from motorists. The speech also drew many listeners, and received applause in the locations it was played. The only deviation from the positive response came from some grumpy security guards in Erikslund.

1 May 2021 activism in Sweden's Nest 8

The last intended replay of the speech was prevented by the police. On the way to Sala, the Resistance fighters were stopped by “Uncle Blue”, who subjected them to harassment including inspecting of identification, body searches, and searching the car and trailer – as well as unfounded and absurd accusations of “depredations in Västerås” and an “attack with shields against security guards in Hälla” – a place in which the comrades had not even met any guards.

The police made it as clear as possible that they intended to prevent the Resistance men from carrying out their activity in Sala, so it had to be called off. It later emerged that 25 extra police officers were in Sala that day due to a car cruising show that had taken place in the town the day before.

Although the activists’ experience of the activity was soured somewhat by the police harassment towards the end of the day, all of the participants agreed that the public’s positive response was the main factor that characterised the 1st of May this year.