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2020 retrospective – Norway


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Tommy Olsen, Chief of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, summarises 2020.

Nordic Resistance Movement flags

In spite of the coronavirus situation, the Nordic Resistance Movement was far from idle in Norway in 2020. Basic activism continued as usual on a weekly basis, in addition to more spectacular actions throughout the year. In this summary of 2020, I will highlight a few examples of news, activism and events I think should receive extra attention.

As in previous years, the lying media again tried to portray the Nordic Resistance Movement as a criminal organisation in 2020, including by attempting to connect outsiders to the organisation. In May 2020, the trial of Philip Manshaus took place, in which he stood accused of killing his adopted sister before carrying out a failed attack on the Al-Noor mosque in Skui. A former member of the Nordic Resistance Movement testified at the trial and explained that Manshaus attended a recruitment meeting with the organisation but appeared to have read little about its positions and activities.

“Resistance what?” – The media attempted to link Philip Manshaus to the Nordic Resistance Movement, but it turned out he knew little about the organisation

Despite the fact that Manshaus only attended a single recruitment meeting and was never accepted as a member of the Nordic Resistance Movement, the lying media were quick to attempt to paint a picture of his being a part of the organisation. The journalist Harald Klungtveit went the furthest in this speculation and also published a highly reprehensible book that we reviewed on our Norwegian podcast Hold Fanen Høyt! (Hold the Flag High).

Kristiansand Court of Appeal
The Resistance Movement won the case brought against three of its members at the Kristiansand Court of Appeal

2020 also provided a satisfying victory for the Nordic Resistance Movement when three members, myself included, won an historic trial at the Court of Appeal in Kristiansand. Despite the fact that the swastika is not illegal in Norway, we were still put on trial for raising a swastika flag and putting up three banners featuring swastikas and the text “We are back!” on 9 April in Kristiansand. However, in July 2020 we were acquitted as nothing criminal had taken place during the action.

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Nordic Days 2020

Regarding events in 2020, I would like to mention Nordic Days, which was held by Nest 2 in Sweden and visited by a delegation from Norway as usual. Nordic Days is an annual event that’s open to sympathisers of the Resistance Movement as well as activists and members. In addition to speeches, a pentathlon was arranged, with the prize for the Nordic Man of the Year going to the loyal activist and veteran Martin Saxlind.

Martin Saxlind and Simon Lindberg at Nordic Days 2020
Martin Saxlind was named the Nordic Man of the Year for 2020

As the event is family friendly, a separate programme was arranged for the youngsters, with features such as a bouncy castle and a naming ceremony, which the children greatly appreciated. At the market, which has become a new tradition, there were opportunities for attendees to buy various products from members exhibiting their goods.

Nordic Days market
The market at Nordic Days 2020

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Organisation Days, which corresponds to the old Activist Days, brought new Nest Chief appointments, speeches and internal activities. A series of announcements were made, and interesting lectures were given. The theme of Organisation Days was “An Entity of Iron”, in reference to Corneliu Codreanus’ famous quote.

Organisation Days, Simon Holmqvist
Simon Holmqvist was the MC

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Watch the video from Organisation Days:

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the Nordic Resistance Movement chose to have a digital 1 May celebration last year, with May Day speeches and much more, rather than the large demonstrations which have been arranged previously.

“1 May – Speeches, Call-ins, Guests, Our Path”

A pan-Nordic action in honour of the Nordic worker was held on the night of 1 May 2020 in a number of cities across the Nordic countries. There were regular updates with photos on Frihetskamp.

“Did you know it was Vidkun Quisling who originally made 1 May a Norwegian holiday?”

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Major events were postponed in Norway this year as a result of coronavirus restrictions, with smaller events being held instead. In Eastern Norway, these included a Yule dinner, which was followed by a banner action that was very well received by passing motorists, who honked their car horns and gave the thumbs-up. The members’ knowledge was also tested in a quiz, with prizes awarded to the winners. There was good food and drink, as well as an excursion in the countryside to visit an old fort used during World War II.

Combined activism and Yule dinner in Eastern Norway

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In August 2020, a trip was arranged to Rogaland, where a campsite was set up and comrades enjoyed a barbecue, bathing and socialising. In addition to various excursions to view memorials and historical sites, time was also set aside for fishing and archery.

The Nordic Resistance Movement in Rogaland
The Resistance Movement in Rogaland

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As for spectacular actions, I would first like to mention a joint awareness campaign we held about Jewish circumcision and rituals during the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. In Bergen, there was activity outside Haukeland Hospital, where a prop resembling an operating table was exhibited, covered with fake blood and bearing posters of a crying child with the text “Circumcision is child abuse!”

Bloody Jewish altar
Public information about Jewish circumcision at Haukeland Hospital in Bergen

NRM Yom Kippur poster

In Oslo, activists and members stood outside the Jewish synagogue and distributed leaflets informing people about the Jews’ own rituals. The action then proceeded to the Israeli embassy, where the activists were approached by a Jewish man who pulled out his genitals and said he was working with children.

A Jew displays his penis to activists

The informational work created enormous media publicity, and not unexpectedly, Jews around the world screamed about “anti-Semitism”, despite the fact that everything on the leaflets and posters was from their own texts and rituals.

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In order to mark “Holocaust Day” in 2020, the Resistance Movement carried out a public information campaign throughout Norway. A large number of posters informing people that the holocaust is fake propaganda were placed all over the country.

Holocaust lies poster
“Enough lies! Read the truth about the ‘holocaust’ on Frihetskamp.net”

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A series of Dresden actions were held from 13 to 15 February to commemorate the anniversary of the Allies’ terrorist bombings of civilians in the German city of Dresden. The Dresden bombings are just some of many examples of Allied war crimes during World War II.

Dresden awareness activism, Norway
Dresden actions in Norway

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An action weekend was arranged in Southern Norway in February 2020, with activists and members of the Nordic Resistance Movement conducting several actions in various cities.

NRM in Southern Norway
Action weekend in Southern Norway

A humorous incident occurred in Grimstad during the action weekend, when the members were approached by an offended globalist who told them he was descended from monkeys in Africa.

An offended descendant of African monkeys

The action weekend concluded with an activity against SAS’s anti-Scandinavian advertising, at Kjevik airport in Kristiansand. Leaflets were handed out inside the airport, while a banner action and leaflet distribution were held outside the entrance. Finally, a banner was hung at the entrance to the airport.

Respect Scandinavia! Boycott SAS!

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NRM public action in Sarpsborg
Public action in Sarpsborg

In the wake of a tragic murder in Sarpsborg in July 2020, when a Somalian went berserk with a knife and killed an elderly woman and injured two other women, the Nordic Resistance Movement held a public action on the city’s town square. The action went calmly and peacefully, and there were many pleasant conversations with passers-by.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism, Norway

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A creative sign action was also conducted in 2020, in which posters featuring the Resistance Movement’s websites adorned the country’s road signs. A symbolic act that showed that all roads lead to the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Nordic Resistance Movement road sign activism
All roads lead to the Nordic Resistance Movement!

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Other creative actions deserving of a place in this annual report include a propaganda offensive that was conducted in several cities around Norway. Here, too, signs formed part of the action.

Warning signs against multiculturalism
Signs against multiculturalism

Self-produced signs warning about multiculturalism and the danger of rape were placed along roads and in densely populated areas where appropriate.

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Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in Norway
Banner action against the homo lobby and paedophilia

The Nordic Resistance Movement conducted numerous banner activities in 2020, including an action weekend for all Nests with the theme “Let the children be! Crush the homo lobby!” The homo lobby is a collective term for all the organisations and agents that actively work to promote Cultural Marxism in society, and which have clear links to paedophilia.

Nordic Resistance Movement "Crush the homo lobby" banner

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In Eastern Norway, the Resistance Movement held a banner action over the E6 in Moss. The activity was well received by motorists, who beeped their horns and gave the thumbs-up, with only a few giving the finger.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner actions, Norway

Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in Norway
“For a free and united Nordic Nation!”

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In Bergen, a banner campaign was conducted with the text “Long Live National Socialism!” This action was also well received by motorists, who showed their support by honking and giving good old-fashioned Nordic greetings with a straight right arm.

"Long live National Socialism" banner action
Happy drivers beeped their horns and gave straight right-arm salutes

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As for major offensives, one in particular worth mentioning was a poster campaign in Rogaland, where Vidkun Quisling received a special tribute on his birthday on 18 July.

Vidkun Quisling poster

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Similar congratulations were also given to the German National Socialist Adolf Hitler on his birthday on 20 April.

Adolf Hitler poster
A huge poster was put up in Rogaland in tribute to Adolf Hitler on his birthday. Uncensored version here.

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In response to the violent “Black Lives Matter” movement – which exploded in 2020 after the African criminal George Floyd died during a police arrest – several “White Lives Matter” actions were carried out in Norway. This message triggered the left-wing extremist Freddy Øvstegård from the Socialist Left Party, who told the Dagbladet newspaper that the message was “extreme”.

Socialist Left Party politician Freddy Øvstegård was triggered by the message “White Lives Matter”

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In Western Norway, a major offensive was held in Bergen Municipality, where a large number of leaflets against globalism were distributed to mailboxes, and many posters, both large and small, were put up in suitable places. The messages included the slogan “White Lives Matter”, with a reference to the murder of the Swede Tommie Lindh. Tommie was killed on the night of Sunday, 10 May, when he confronted Abubaker Mohamed, who was planning to rape Tommie’s female friend. The girl was raped by Mohamed directly after the murder.

White Lives Matter poster, Norway

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Another campaign worthy of inclusion is the one conducted on 21 July in Kristiansand, when the Resistance Movement hung up a large number of posters with various messages. The campaign created media publicity as it happened to be held on the day before 22 July, nine years after the Zionist and Freemason Anders Behring Breivik attacked Utøya. Despite the fact that Breivik was never a member of the Resistance Movement or had any connection to it, Maren Karina Jakobsen (daughter of Labour Party politician Trond Henry Blattman) still linked the action to Breivik in the local newspaper.

Poster campaign in Kristiansand. “Against globalism! For a free and united Nordic Nation!”

The Resistance Movement also conducted several actions against the globalists’ war in the Middle East, a war that in turn has led to mass immigration to Europe. The message of peace triggered Labour Party politician Elin Maria L’Estrange, who cried to a local newspaper about seeing the posters and drew comparisons to Breivik and the “holocaust”.

Stop Globalism poster

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The Resistance Movement responded to the authorities’ coronavirus restrictions and vaccine propaganda with poster actions informing the people that the vaccines have not been fully tested. The posters featured the web address of Frihetskamp and a QR code that linked to a collection of articles about Covid-19.

Covid-19 NRM vaccine activism
Covid-19 activism in Sarpsborg

In addition to street activism, the Resistance Movement was also active in a number of other areas. Our websites have been constantly evolving, and our writers deserve a big thank you for their work writing news items and articles. Our Norwegian podcast Hold Fanen Høyt!, which I participate in, also developed in 2020 and went from being a monthly broadcast to a weekly one.

NRM hiking in Norway NRM hiking in Norway

A good number of excursions in the countryside were also arranged in 2020, including relaxing trips and more demanding ones. For a Resistance man who contributes to the struggle against globalism every single week, all year round, nature is especially important for relaxing and recharging one’s batteries before returning to the frontlines.

“Loyalty, honour, strength”

We are now in a new year, which, like the previous one, will bring blood, sweat and sacrifices, and not least demand loyalty, honour and strength from every member. It will be a new year dedicated to the struggle for a free and united Nordic Nation!