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2021 annual report – Sweden


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Simon Lindberg reviews the best actions in Sweden in 2021 and reveals the most active municipalities in the country.

The Nordic Resistance Movement in Sweden - 2021

With the end of another year, I have spent a good number of hours as usual going through all the Resistance Movement’s activities over the last 12 months, compiling statistics and drawing conclusions. Just like 2020, 2021 was characterised by disproportionate Covid-19 restrictions that left their mark – at least intermittently – on some aspects of our activities.

2021 was also a year that will look rather different from others in its annual report, as we largely abandoned basic activism – i.e., leafleting mailboxes, putting up stickers etc. – to spend even more time and energy on conducting extremely high-quality, carefully considered and well-planned actions. With that being said, we have not (and will not) abandon this part of our operations completely, as it is a simple way for all members to contribute something to the struggle. However, in recent years we have changed our focus more and more, and this is reflected in the statistics for 2021.

Another thing worth noting is that we have been involved in a few other projects during the past year that are not directly linked to the Resistance Movement, and which have therefore not been reported on this website. We will hopefully be able to present some of this work in 2022, while other endeavours may never be made public. Some people will know what these things are already, while others can visit nordicresistancemovement.org to keep abreast of what we do publicise.

With all of this taken into consideration – the corona restrictions, a reduced focus on basic activism, and participation in other projects – the number of activist reports and smaller activity reports published in 2021 was considerably lower than in previous years; however, there was no lack of large-scale, innovative and truly groundbreaking actions. On the contrary, there were approximately 50 percent more major actions reported on our website in 2021 than in 2020.

NRM basic activism collage 2021

Overall, almost 1,000 activities were conducted in 2021. Activism took place in 128 different municipalities, from Skåne in the south to Norrbotten in the north, and we carried out regular and recurring activities in about half of these municipalities. This is therefore still a very impressive figure that no other nationalist-minded organisation in Sweden even comes close to. Despite side projects and a change in focus, we retain our place on the throne as the most active nationalist organisation when it comes to both quantity and quality!

Of course, these figures also do not take into account our comrades in the other Nordic countries, who have been working for their respective regions in order to realise our vision of a united National Socialist Nordic Nation.

NRM activism collage 2021
A selection of the activism conducted in the other Nordic countries

The most active municipalities in Sweden:

1. Stockholm
2. Gothenburg
3. Vetlanda
4. Luleå
5. Eksjö
6. Jönköping
7. Karlstad
8. Linköping
9. Ludvika
10. Borlänge

11. Norrköping
12. Helsingborg
13. Örebro
14. Tranås
15. Borås
16. Eskilstuna
17. Gislaved
18. Munkedal
19. Sundsvall
20. Gävle

For the second year in a row, National Socialists from the capital took the glorious first place on the list. Incredibly well done!

Sweden’s second city, Gothenburg, came a close second, climbing up to second place in 2021.

Elsewhere, Nest 7 featured prominently in the rankings. They claimed third place with Vetlanda, and were represented by Eksjö and Jönköping in fifth and sixth, as well as Tranås and Gislaved further down the list.

Luleå took home second place last year and remains near the top, with a stable fourth place finish.

Thank you to all of you who did your part to ensure your municipality featured on the list in 2021!

Next up is the customary ranking of the most memorable actions and events of the year, as seen through the eyes of an activist in the Nordic Resistance Movement. Before continuing, I would like to address what some astute readers may have already noticed – that Nest 3, who in previous years always featured heavily in the Top 20 list of the most active municipalities, were only represented in 2021 by Helsingborg in 12th place. In the below list, which includes the best actions of the year, the Resistance men from Skåne and Blekinge really shine, which proves what I stated in my introduction regarding a change in focus.

Here is the list in full:

1. Holocaust lasers in Malmö

An enormous police force guarded Malmö, with the military drafted in for additional security. Manhole covers were riveted to the asphalt, all the roads in the city centre were blocked off, and public transport was suspended. Snipers were positioned on the rooftops, helicopters circled above, and what was surely one of the largest police forces ever to conduct an operation in Sweden patrolled the streets.

Security at holocaust conference in Malmö

This might all sound like a scene from a Stallone movie, but no. Instead, it was due to the former prime minister Stefan Löfven, who wanted to make one final show of appeasement to his superiors before his departure – by arranging the biggest holocaust conference in history. The majority of world leaders were invited, as was the chairman of the powerful lobby group, the World Jewish Congress.

Suddenly the truth appeared in large green letters on several famous buildings in Malmö, reading, “The Holocaust Is a Hoax”. This included the synagogue where Löfven had held a speech for tearful Zionists just an hour earlier. Gigantic Tyr runes were also projected throughout the night.

"The holocaust is a hoax" laser action at holocaust conference in Malmö
“The Holocaust Is a Hoax”

The Resistance Movement’s activists were in town, and with the help of bicycles, a lot of planning and a little luck, they managed to get around the city and carry out incredible activism without being arrested. A handful of courageous National Socialists with bicycles and green lasers succeeded in embarrassing the entire Jewish world order!

In my article “Join us and revolt”, I wrote something about this that is worth reiterating:

This fantastic action, along with several others we carried out during the year, is in so many ways a symbol for everything we in the Nordic Resistance Movement want to be associated with. A true revolutionary movement!

The action was justifiably praised by nationalists around the world and earns a deserved first place on this list.

2. 1 May: White workers built this country – White workers can take this country back

As the only true interest group for Nordic workers, the Nordic Resistance Movement celebrates 1 May with large-scale activism as the rule, rather than the exception.

On 1 May 2021, more than 30 locations in 20 different municipalities were visited with trucks and trailers affixed with gigantic banners. A pre-recorded speech encouraging Nordic workers to join the struggle for their nation was also played from loudspeakers.

The public actions were complemented by the placing of posters in most of the cities, banner actions, and – the crowning glory – activists abseiling down one of the towers of Kärnan Terrace in central Helsingborg for a banner drop.

Helsingborg Terrasstrapporna NRM banner action

In my New Year speech, I said we had never previously reached so many people simultaneously as we did on 1 May 2021 – and I definitely stand by that statement!

May Day 2021 NRM activism in Helsingborg

3. Spectacular abseiling activism in central Kristianstad

Following a successful public action with a speech in central Kristianstad, activists went onto the roof of the Galleria Boulevard and abseiled down its facade to attach a banner, while a large audience watched on. Due to its position, the banner was probably the hardest one to remove all year.

Kristianstad NRM activism4. Legal victories for National Socialism

A lot of time has been spent on legal proceedings in 2021. Even though court cases might not be as exciting as many of the other things on this list, they have been incredibly important for our operations, and the fact that we have been victorious in many of them is really big news.

Nordic Resistance Movement defendants at the Gothenburg Trials

During 2021, the system failed to ban the Nordic Resistance Movement from conducting public activism during the Gothenburg Trials. The Swedish Academy failed to bankrupt the Nordic Resistance Movement and the online newspaper nordfront.se. And SÄPO failed in their bid to retain and continue seizing legal weapons belonging to Nordic Resistance Movement supporters and activists after Tobias Lindberg was victorious in the Supreme Administrative Court.

Additionally, for the first time ever, a responsible publisher for motståndsrörelsen.se – Hampus Maijala – stood trial for incitement to racial hatred. Even though Hampus was not victorious in this trial, he was acquitted on several charges, and things could have been much worse.

Hampus Maijala, motståndsrörelsen.se on trial5. Holocaust remembrance day

It’s safe to say that “holocaust lasers” became something of a meme during the year, as the ones in Malmö were not the first to be used in 2021. As early as holocaust remembrance day on 27 January, the message “The Holocaust Is a Hoax” was projected for thousands to see on Älvsborg Bridge and Eriksberg Crane in Gothenburg.

The holocaust is a hoax laser action in Gothenburg

Meanwhile in Stockholm, impressive banner activism took place, as the narrative was turned on its head with the message “Stop the holocaust of our people!” Banners were hung up over the Fredhäll Tunnel and on Sergel’s Square.

“Stop the holocaust of our people!”
“Stop the holocaust of our people!” banner on Sergel’s Torg, Stockholm

6. Christmas gift distribution to vulnerable Swedes

“National community” is probably the most important term associated with National Socialism – an altruistic consideration for one’s fellow countrymen. The concept of national community was put into practice on Christmas Eve in Helsingborg, Stockholm, Västerås and Borlänge via the distribution of Christmas presents to homeless Swedes who have been betrayed by the system.

The Nordic Resistance Movement distributes Christmas presents to homeless Swedes in Helsingborg

7. Giant banner on Dagens Nyheter Tower in Stockholm

In the first week of 2021, an enormous 12-metre-long banner was hung up on scaffolding on the 15th floor of the Dagens Nyheter Tower in Stockholm. The message was clear and fitting: “Boycott the lying press!”

Nordic Resistance Movement banner on Dagens Nyheter Tower, Stockholm8. Town square meeting in Vetlanda in the same week as terrorist attack

A great number of violent acts are committed by racial foreigners in Sweden every year. One of the more notable cases in 2021 was when an Afghan ran amok with a knife in broad daylight in central Vetlanda and stabbed eight people.

Nordic Resistance Movement activity in Vetlanda

That same week, the Nordic Resistance Movement – one of the very few organisations that is serious about stopping multicultural violence – held a town square meeting with a speech and specially produced leaflets in Vetlanda. This was the starting point of an extensive campaign in Vetlanda, which saw several activities conducted throughout the year.

9. The press declares me the most dangerous man in the Nordic countries

This one is not an activity in itself, but it is sufficiently spectacular and memorable to warrant a place on this list. In one of the world’s most read newspapers, the British Sun, I was dubbed one of the world’s 20 most dangerous people. Alongside me on the list were several convicted murderers and terrorists, as well as some military leaders.

Simon Lindberg in The Sun newspaper

In my article The Nordics’ most dangerous man speaks, I responded by stating:

The Nordic Resistance Movement is a civil and legal resistance movement. We also have a registered political party and stand in elections. The organisation has never carried out any terrorist acts.

I am a completely public and open person who works and has a family, and I have never even been convicted of any crime serious enough to warrant a prison sentence.

As ridiculous as this is, it is also a great honour to be recognised in this way. Maybe it’s the finest accolade I have received in my entire life. To be regarded as equally dangerous to the system as ISIS’s terrorist attacks or Hezbollah’s missiles on the basis of mere words and propaganda is of course an honorary distinction like none other.

10. The Israeli flag burns at a protest action in Kristianstad

In response to Israel’s most recent acts of war against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, a speech was held in central Kristianstad that condemned the terrorist state’s incursions. The speech was accompanied by the burning of an Israeli flag.

11. A diverse Organisation Days and a successful Nordic Days

The Resistance Movement’s national events are often rewarding and motivational occasions. In 2021, both Organisation Days and Nordic Days were particularly successful.

Organisation Days provided bespoke educational opportunities, presentations and a hard-fought boxing tournament, while Nordic Days offered a pentathlon, a market and a troubadour. These two events also produced some of the year’s best photographs.

12. Tough wilderness hikes

The Resistance Movement arranged a large number of hikes in our beautiful countryside during the year, some easy and some much more difficult. Two from the latter category stand out in particular, with the toughest depending on which group of participants you ask, as each claims theirs was the hardest.

Bohusleden hiking

For the last leg of the Bohusleden trail, activists hiked 120km in three days, mostly in seemingly endless undulating terrain. In Sarek, another group of activists climbed Sweden’s second-highest mountain over the course of five days.

13. Nest 1’s “Love Your People” campaign, which ended with a confetti action in a major shopping centre

I dare not even guess how many banners Nest 1 put up with the message “Love Your People!” during the year, as there must have been hundreds deployed in Stockholm and its adjacent municipalities.

NRM Love Your People banner, Sweden
“Love Your People”

Confetti actions were also carried out in the middle of the Christmas rush at two shopping centres, including one of the biggest in Scandinavia. Here, small pieces of paper with the same “Love Your People” message were thrown out to shoppers.

Nest 6 have been involved in the campaign during the year as well, with public banner actions featuring the same message in Norrland.

Nordic Resistance Movement “Love Your People” banner action in Luleå14. Self-defence is a natural right – public actions across the country

On a single day, town square meetings with speeches were held in Jönköping, Sundsvall, Härnösand and Vetlanda. Public actions without speeches were also held in Västerås and Eskilstuna.

15. Peace for Nordic Women – extensive activism in West Sweden

Over the course of a week, extensive activism was undertaken in West Sweden. This included distributing 10,000 leaflets and holding town square meetings with speeches in both Strömstad and Lysekil.

16. The Resistance Movement at the Stockholm Marathon

Those who attended the popular Stockholm Marathon or watched it live from home were able to enjoy the sight of activists flanking the competition at various locations with the message “A healthy soul in a healthy body in a healthy nation!”

Nordic Resistance Movement at Stockholm Marathon
“A healthy soul in a healthy body in a healthy nation”

17. Extensive Covid-19 activism

Throughout the year, several activities relating to Covid-19 restrictions were carried out. The largest was a support action for Danish workers, which was held in response to the Danish government’s decision to give employers the right to dismiss workers who were not willing or able to show a valid Covid passport.

A public rally was held outside the Danish embassy in Stockholm, while activism was conducted at the ferry terminals to Denmark in Gothenburg and Helsingborg, next to the Öresund Bridge in Malmö, and at a train station used by commuters heading to Copenhagen.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism in support of Danish workers, Malmö, Sweden

18. Fantastic wilderness trips in all weathers

In addition to hikes, there have been numerous other overnight stays and day trips organised in our beautiful countryside. These included a ski trip and jumping into a flooded mine in Dalarna, canoeing in Småland, surviving without water in Stockholm County, and climbing mountains in Norrbotten.

View over northern Swedish forest

19. Honouring fallen fighters

During the year, the Resistance Movement honoured fallen heroes on the Day of the Fallen, as well as more modern martyrs such as Daniel Wretström and Tommie Lindh.

20. Blood, sweat and training

A culture of martial arts was developed during the year, with all Nests training fairly regularly. Together with the previously mentioned boxing tournament at Organisation Days, events such as Nordisk Radio’s launch of the Swedish-language Bellum podcast, a tough physical weekend in Stockholm, and an equally tough cross-Nest martial arts training session in Nest 2 also deserve a place on this list. Due to this committed focus on training, many activists earned black eyes as mementos from the year.

Hopefully all this gives you an idea of what an eventful year 2021 was, and how several combined efforts helped to move the struggle forwards.

We have an incredibly exciting year ahead of us. It is an election year, and naturally the Nordic Resistance Movement will take the opportunity to do everything we can to spread our essential worldview to all Swedes around the country.

I would like to conclude by quoting my New Year speech:

2022 is not about the Social Democrats or Sweden Democrats, as in all honesty it makes no difference which one you vote for. No, 2022 is about whether you contribute to the Nordic revolution or stand in its way. I’m not saying that we are going to achieve victory in 2022, because we will not. However, I am saying that 2022 will be a year in which a great deal is guaranteed to happen, and therefore it will be a lot of fun to stand by our side and fight with us. I hope that you will take your place as well.