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Public leafleting in Skellefteå


ACTIVISM. Approximately 20 members from Nest 6 assembled in Skellefteå for a public activity and monthly meeting on Saturday, 6 October.

After a hectic election campaign, normality has begun to return to the Nest and the daily struggle has resumed. It had been a while since a public activity had been held in Skellefteå, so it was time for another visit.

When the activists arrived at the town square, they found there was a demonstration in support of the so-called “unaccompanied minors from Afghanistan” taking place.

This didn’t dissuade the Resistance men, however, who set up their flags nearby for the planned leafleting session.

Despite the slightly cold weather, there were a good number of people out shopping. The activists had a lot of discussions with passers-by, some productive and convivial and others less productive, which wasn’t too surprising given the large number of Afghans in the vicinity.

At one point a particularly cocky Afghan youngster attempted to steal the Nest’s cameras. This didn’t go to plan, however, and after being reprimanded he ran and hid behind the police. He wasn’t seen for the rest of the day.

During the activity, the police circulated overhead in a helicopter, while officers on the ground moved about in close proximity to the activists.

After two hours in town, the activists moved on to the monthly meeting. The meeting focused on the election campaign’s positive and negative aspects, as well as plans for future activities in the region.