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94-year-old Resistance member acquitted of hate speech charges – Interview with Vera Oredsson


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Honorary Nordic Resistance Movement member Vera Oredsson has been acquitted on both counts of incitement to racial hatred for comments she wrote online in 2018.

Vera Oredsson holding Nordic Resistance Movement flagAt the end of September, Vera Oredsson stood trial for two counts of the thought crime of inciting racial hatred. The verdict came on Monday 14 October. Vera was acquitted on both counts, with the Swedish state having to cover the legal costs.

Vera was on trial for two comments she wrote on the Nordfront.se website in 2018, including a comment condemning parents who take their children to so-called “pride parades”.

To celebrate the good news, we have conducted a short interview with Vera.

Hi, Vera! Congratulations on your victory! What was your first thought when you were informed of your acquittal?

Naturally I felt a great relief. I wanted to avoid possible fines, as I think the risk of financial insolvency is worse than prison. Moreover, the Resistance Movement’s fundraising needs to go to activities, not to the state.

What did you think of everyone’s performance during the trial?

The people supporting me did great. The members around me created a genuine community spirit, and my lawyer was very good. All this gave me peace of mind before and during the trial.

After the trial, Vera was interviewed by a film crew for a pilot of a potential new Swedish TV series about law

If I’m not mistaken, this is the second time you have been charged for incitement to racial hatred. Are you getting tired of this law and its usage?

The incitement to racial hatred law is driven by Jewish influence, and I’m sick of it. Imagine not being allowed to wave your hand at a certain angle, spontaneously thank someone with an old Swedish phrase or express disgust at moral decay. People constantly criticise the Third Reich’s so-called dictatorship, but I believe democracy’s freedom of expression has greater restrictions than National Socialism ever did.

Do you have any good advice for comrades who may stand trial for incitement to racial hatred in the future?

If you go to trial, dressing appropriately in court is a plus. Be calm and composed, no swearing or uncouth behaviour. But you probably know this already, as we are not democrats or Marxists. The lawyer will advise you on what not to say, as they always want an acquittal, even though it can be difficult to comply.

Never deny your innermost convictions, and always correct accusations that you are a “Nazi”! I did this myself when the prosecutor asked if I was a so-called “Nazi”. Of course, I replied I was a National Socialist!

The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, with Vera Oredsson

Thank you for the interview, Vera! Do you have anything you want to say to the readers before we finish?

I am concerned that our freedom of expression will become increasingly limited and that the struggle will suffer. I already see how some of our members are warning against unnecessary lawsuits and encouraging caution.

But should we really allow ourselves to be browbeaten in fear like this? If so, our opponents have already won. I understand the criticism, but even with the knowledge that you could be prosecuted, you simply must not allow your free speech to be obstructed. We are a fighting organisation that must take risks!