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A baby instead of an episode – The next Leadership Perspective will come out on 25 August


LEADERSHIP PERSPECTIVE. Simon Lindberg gives an update on the latest Leadership Perspective episode and the new addition to his family.

Some of our faithful listeners might have been disappointed that no Leadership Perspective episode came out yesterday as promised. I take full responsibility for this and apologise wholeheartedly. However, the reason for the missed episode is hopefully understandable: I became a father for the fourth time at the end of last week and therefore have had some other things on my mind.

Simon Lindberg and baby
Simon Lindberg at the hospital with his three-hour-old baby boy

The birth was somewhat dramatic, but it still went well in the end and my boy is perfectly healthy and fine. Slowly but surely life falls into a new routine with a little baby at home again.

The promised 16th episode of Leadership Perspective will be published next Wednesday, 25 August, instead. It will be about the “Nazi boy summer” of the Resistance Movement, as well as the spiritual aspects of National Socialism and how it constitutes a complete worldview. Hope you listen then!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the warm congratulations from comrades all around the world! When you are a National Socialist, you are definitely not alone.