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A comment on the Nordic Resistance Movement’s election campaign plan


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement comments on the party’s plans to contest the Swedish parliamentary election and the local elections in the municipalities of Ludvika, Munkedal, Vetlanda and Örkelljunga.

The Nordic Resistance Movement - A revolutionary choice

In the previous election year of 2018, the Nordic Resistance Movement fought a political election – and all that entails – for the first time. Even though we did not win any of the seats we contested, the intensive campaign brought us a huge amount of attention, new members and sympathisers, and lots of positive experience. Despite a truly abnormal amount of opposition from the establishment, media and the other parties, we were actually very close to getting elected to Ludvika Municipal Council; and although we did not win a great many votes in the general election, we still performed better than the Sweden Democrats and many other parties did in their first ever election campaign.

It therefore stands to reason that we are now running for election to Ludvika Council again in 2022. The fact that the candidate list there is topped by Pär Öberg feels just as natural. In addition to being a skilled debater and an unyielding fighter with over 30 years in the national struggle behind him, Öberg also has experience of serving in Ludvika Council, having represented the Nordic Resistance Movement there for four years, following his election on a Sweden Democrat mandate.

Nordic Resistance Movement member Pär Sjögren holds a speech during the election campaign in Ludvika, Sweden
Pär Sjögren gives a speech at the Nordic Resistance Movement’s election tent in Ludvika, 2018

In addition to standing in Ludvika again, another great thing about this election is that we are standing in more places than last time. Furthermore, the municipalities have been well selected based on where we believe we can conduct successful campaigns with very strong representatives. We have spread propaganda in Munkedal, Vetlanda and Örkelljunga for many years, and there are likely few people in these areas who have never heard of the Nordic Resistance Movement. We have been especially active in Vetlanda in recent years, and it feels great to stand there with a son of the city as our candidate – the successful Nest Chief Hampus Maijala.

It will also be very interesting to see what we can achieve in the Sweden Democrats’ strongest district in the whole country – Örkelljunga. Some local residents must surely be getting tired of that party’s tameness and repeated policy adaptations by now. The agitator Sebastian Elofsson will be the perfect man to stir things up in the Scanian municipality.

Nest 2 have distinguished themselves in Bohuslän for a long time, and I am convinced we can reach out with our message and find sympathy in Munkedal. And who better to do so than the National Council member and hardworking radio chief Fredrik Vejdeland?

Our main goal in standing for all these seats is to establish the organisation locally in places where we already have a degree of support. Regardless of whether we are voted in or not, I am completely convinced we will be seen and heard in a major way in these areas, and that this will naturally benefit the struggle inside and outside these regions, in both the short and long term.

Those living in Ludvika, Munkedal, Vetlanda and Örkelljunga finally have a healthy alternative to vote for this year – a National Socialist party that always puts our own people first and will never allow itself to be corrupted.

The Swedish government building, the Rosenbad, with NRM flags
An image that will likely not become a reality via any political election

As for the parliamentary election, we understand that we – like the other nationalist parties – will not surpass the four percent threshold and enter the hallowed corridors of power. We also understand that under present conditions we would never be allowed to do so even if we received a sufficient number of votes. Even so, we will also stand a list of candidates in the parliamentary election.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is there as an alternative for those who understand we will not vote our way out of the enormous problems we are facing as a people and nation, but rather that we require action – and that it takes capable and active men and women, rather than politicians, to create change.

The Nordic Resistance Movement - A revolutionary choice

The Nordic Resistance Movement is a principled choice, a revolutionary choice. With your vote, you give us moral support and help legitimise the Nordic revolution!