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A National Socialist 1st of May with the Nordic Resistance Movement


1 MAY. We summarise our 1st of May activities from across the North, together with some new photos from the successful day.

Nordic Resistance Movement "White people built this country" truck

On 1 May, town square meetings with National Socialist speeches were held in five different Swedish municipalities, as well as in Denmark and Norway. In addition, numerous banner actions were conducted, and posters and leaflets were spread in large numbers across all the Nordic countries. This all took place under the slogan “White workers built this country – White workers can take this country back!”

In this article, we will review some of the activism, city by city and country by country, beginning in Sweden.


In Ludvika a pre-announced town square meeting was held on Garvarns torg in the centre of town, with speeches by the activist Emma Karlsson and the organisation’s leader Simon Lindberg.

Nordic Resistance Movement activists at Social Democrats march, Ludvika, SwedenThe speeches were preceded by an action connected to the Social Democrats’ 1st of May march in the nearby town of Grängesberg. As the Social Democrats walked by in a huge procession, complete with a hired orchestra consisting of more people than the socialists themselves, a group of activists positioned themselves by the roadside with flags and a banner-clad car. There they reminded the betrayers of the workers that there is only one true workers’ party standing in the local and national elections.

Afterwards, the Resistance men met up with more activists and members near central Ludvika to go to the town square, where the day’s rally would take place. Once they arrived, they were frustrated to see that the police had cordoned off the entire square as if a bomb had been discovered. For approximately 70 metres in all directions around the site of the speeches, they had put up police barrier tape in two rows a few metres apart.

Photographer at NRM demonstration, Ludvika, Sweden
A journalist who dared to venture past the police tape

A vain attempt was made to persuade the police to remove the barricades, with the activists suggesting the police go to a café and get some coffee and doughnuts while the Resistance men take responsibility for the security and allow both the spectators and any counter-demonstrators to move considerably closer to the stage.

Police at Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration, Ludvika, Sweden

A few people dared to cross the police tape, with some of them being stopped by the police before they reached the square. The rest of the audience, which consisted of between 50 and 100 people, stayed for the duration of the rally and pressed as close as they could to the barricades in order to see and hear the speeches properly.

Nationalist music was played from the loudspeakers for about 15 minutes, before everyone was greeted by the master of ceremonies, Lukas Lindgren. He briefly explained who the Nordic Resistance Movement is and how the organisation’s views on 1st of May and socialism differ from those of the Social Democrats and the communists, before he welcomed Emma Karlsson onto the stage.

Nordic Resistance Movement Lukas Lindgren 1 May 2022 Ludvika speech

Karlsson gave a strong and emotional speech, in which she detailed how she has been deprived of working in her natural profession due to having the “wrong” political opinions.

Nordic Resistance Movement Emma Karlsson 1 May 2022 Ludvika speech

Next, it was time for Simon Lindberg to take to the stage. Lindberg’s speech was unique in that it had been written in such a way that it could be given at every place where the Resistance Movement was conducting activism on the day; however, this didn’t make it any less powerful or well-received. The speech highlighted the importance of paying tribute to White workers and encouraging them to be proud of themselves and their ancestors’ achievements so they can find the strength to retake Sweden and the North.

Nordic Resistance Movement Simon Lindberg 1 May 2022 Ludvika speech

After both speeches had been delivered, it was time for socialising and mingling. Some of the spectators approached the speakers and other members to give praise, take selfies and apply for membership in the organisation.

After a while, the successful action was concluded. The counter-demonstrators and others who showed some form of dissatisfaction at the Resistance Movement’s presence proved to be no more than a handful in number.


A pre-announced town square meeting was also held in Vetlanda. After a short gathering, the activists and members lined up with flags and banners on Bibliotekstorget and began handing out leaflets. Some supporters had gone to the square to hear the Resistance Movement’s speeches, but a lot of passers-by also stopped throughout the day to listen. Some local reds came out in a show of force with six “he/she/theys”, who stood completely silent with their backs turned to the speakers for the whole rally.

Nordic Resistance Movement in Vetlanda, Sweden, 1 May 2022

The first speaker was the Nest Chief and lead candidate in the municipal election in Vetlanda, Hampus Maijala, who spoke about local politics in the town and the traitors’ betrayal of White workers. The speech concluded with a call to vote for the Nordic Resistance Movement in the autumn elections.

Nordic Resistance Movement speech in Vetlanda, 1 May 2022

The next speaker was Joakim Kannisto, who read out Simon Lindberg’s pre-written speech. He spoke about how the hard work of White workers was historically responsible for building up Sweden, and how this is now being undone. The speech concluded with the very powerful declaration: “Vetlanda is OURS! And this is OUR COUNTRY!”

When the speeches were over, the Resistance Movement remained on the square to continue giving out leaflets and talking with supporters and local residents.

The folk-traitors in the Social Democrats were also holding a demonstration in the town, which was due to pass the Resistance Movement’s rally. When the procession went past, the activists quickly regrouped, walking towards the traitors at a brisk pace and positioning themselves with a banner and flags as close to the demonstration as possible, before a police patrol prevented them from going any further. The activists then shouted, “SOCIAL DEMOCRACY – BETRAYAL OF THE PEOPLE!” A somewhat heated atmosphere arose between the Resistance men and the traitors’ blue-clad protection force, but after the procession passed, the activists returned to the middle of the square and continued their activism.

Nordic Resistance Movement in Vetlanda, 1 May 2022

Eventually, the comrades felt satisfied with the day at Bibliotekstorget and started getting hungry. As such, they decided to pack up and go to the Social Democrats’ post-march gathering at the People’s House, where hot dogs were promised to everyone who wanted them.

Nordic Resistance Movement in Vetlanda, 1 May 2022

Arriving at the building, the Resistance men walked past the blood-red genocide flags at the entrance, up the stairs and into the room where the socialists were having coffee. The traitors were confused by the Resistance men’s presence and had a hard time deciding if they should offer them hotdogs or not. Finally, some old ladies took the initiative and said the activists could have hotdogs, but before this could happen, the traitors’ blue-clad troops rushed into the venue and caused further confusion.

The police were equally perplexed and at a loss when the old ladies told them the Resistance men were to be offered hotdogs. The police looked for the person in charge and asked him blatantly leading questions in order to get his approval to throw out the Resistance men. After a short while, the police then demanded the Resistance men leave the building. However, the activists were still hungry and wanted to wait to get their hotdogs before leaving. The police then became impatient and violent and began to push and drag the Resistance men out of the room and down the stairs.

Swedish police, Vetlanda

Satisfied with the day, the activists subsequently returned to their cars. They thanked one another and headed home to fill their stomachs with their own food after missing out on the free hotdogs.


A public meeting was also on the schedule in Munkedal. The day began with some members inspecting Örekilsparken, which was the intended reserve location for the speeches, as the central square was booked up by the socialists. Almost immediately, it was discovered that the assigned location was anything but optimal for reaching out to large sections of the public, as most people were to be found closer to the town centre and the shops.

The police had arrived at the park a little earlier and looked like they were having a pretty easy day on the job, standing around in the hot sun and spring weather. They made contact with the organisation’s representatives, and after a good deal of negotiations, the Resistance Movement could finally go to the square where the Social Democrats were holding a rally. Following a police inspection, a place was allotted a little way from the square, between the square car park and the town shops. It wasn’t a great location, but considerably better than the park.

The supporters and interested people who had gone to the announced park demonstration met up and were led to the new location. Audio and visual equipment was set up, and a banner was quickly put in place. It was then time for the first speech, which was given by debut speaker Samuel Johansson.

Johansson delivered Lindberg’s speech and gave a strong performance, speaking about the White workers’ struggle of today and their duty for tomorrow.

The second speaker was the National Council member and lead candidate in the municipal election in Munkedal, Fredrik Vejdeland. Vejdeland spoke about the looming dark clouds on the horizon in the form of the energy and food crises resulting from the war in Ukraine, and how NATO membership is not the required solution.

During the course of the speeches, it turned out that the location was not as bad as first suspected, as numerous shoppers stopped to listen. It’s possible that the speeches reached more people from this location than the Social Democrats did from the central town square.

The speeches were clearly appreciated by the audience, but not quite as much by some socialists who walked past and did what they do best – grumbled and whined. After the speeches, several conversations took place with audience members. Two of them joined the Resistance Movement’s subsequent gathering, where a recruitment meeting was held and everyone could get something to eat.


The day in Örkelljunga began with a trailer equipped with flags, banners and loudspeakers being positioned on Stockholmsvägen in Örkelljunga. From this well-chosen place, the activists could be seen and heard throughout large parts of the town centre. First, the voice of Nest Chief Daniel Gerdås echoed through the streets as he held Simon Lindberg’s 1st of May speech. In addition to the shoppers who were passing on foot and stopped to listen, some drivers also pulled over and lowered their windows to listen to the speech.

Nordic Resistance Movement 1 May speech, Örkelljunga, Sweden

Next, the lead candidate in the municipal election, Sebastian Elofsson, held a speech with a local focus, in which he urged the people of Örkelljunga to join the national struggle.

After the speeches, National Socialist music was played to the people of Örkelljunga. A couple of locals came over and asked for leaflets, and some others happily announced they follow the Resistance Movement’s website.

A little while later, the group moved on and drove the decorated trailer through large parts of the municipality with suitable 1st of May music playing from the loudspeakers. They were stopped by the police for a supposed “routine check” but were soon able to continue.

The last stop for the day was an airfield, where a large number of local people were attending a motor show. Elofsson held his speech here for a second time so more people would have the chance to hear the National Socialist message.

Sebastian Elofsson speaks on 1st of May in Örkelljunga, Sweden

The day was regarded as very successful, and the Resistance Movement received good exposure in the municipality.


Nest 6 began the day’s activities by lining up with a banner outside the ICA Maxi store in Luleå, where David Nilsson and Simon Holmqvist gave speeches.

The police arrived on the scene very quickly in a wasteful show of force, with a police van and a helicopter that circulated above the activists and occasionally flew at a very low altitude, as if to disrupt the speeches deliberately. The officers on the ground approached and asked the usual questions about how long the comrades intended to be there, who the person in charge was etc. Despite the large array of police, things went calmly and the speeches were conveyed to a growing audience without further controversy.

Afterwards, the comrades went to a bridge in Gammelstad, just outside Luleå, at the right time to unfurl a banner during “Majrundan”, an annual 1st of May tradition in which the majority of the county’s bikers gather and ride in a procession through various towns. This presented a unique opportunity to hold a banner action in front of thousands of passing motorcyclists – a significant number of people for an event in northern Sweden.

The Resistance men received a lot of positive reactions from the passing bikers. When they were leaving the area, they also heard cries of “Good job, guys!” from the public who had gathered on the bridge to watch the procession.

The comrades then went to the final destination for the day, central Luleå, where they again unfurled the banner and Holmqvist and Nilsson repeated their speeches to a new audience. Many stopped to listen and everything went very calmly and smoothly. When the speeches were over and the activists had stood there for a while, the activities for the day were concluded.


In Kongsvinger, the Chief of the Resistance Movement in Norway, Tommy Olsen, gave a Norwegian translation of Lindberg’s speech on Rådhusplatsen in the centre of town. In the middle of the speech, a trade union demonstration march went past. One of the trade unionists was provoked by Olsen’s worker-friendly speech and tried to tear the Resistance men’s banner away from them. The old man quickly realised this would not be tolerated and abruptly hurried off with his tail between his legs.

Led by Tommy Olsen, the activists then went to Elverum, where they repeated the process, taking up positions in the town centre and holding a speech, this time without any trade union march.

After the speech, they drove around large sections of Elverum Municipality with a trailer decorated with banners and a flag.

In addition to the two town square meetings, public banner actions with green smoke grenades were held in Våler and Bergen.


Danish members and activists gathered in East Jutland to go to a marketplace in the centre of the town of Ry. There they lined up with flags and banners while the Chief of the Danish branch of the Resistance Movement, Jacob Vullum Andersen, gave a Danish translation of Lindberg’s speech.


In Iceland, posters were put up in central Reykjavik, specifically on the square where the Left would hold their public rally later in the day.