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Action against paedophile in Norrtälje


ACTIVISM. Members of Sweden’s Nest 1 warned the people of Norrtälje about convicted paedophile Henrik Nilsson on Sunday, 25 October.

During the month of October, the Resistance Movement received information about a man who had been convicted for child pornography offences earlier in the year and had since moved to a central area in Norrtälje. Residents in the immediate area were uneasy about their new neighbour, especially considering how many schools and pre-schools there are nearby. Members of Nest 1 therefore decided to enlighten the local population by producing a special leaflet with information about the man and his activities.

Henrik Nilsson was sentenced to 18 months’ probation for child pornography offences. His computer was found to contain thousands of photographs and over 20 videos of young children in sexual situations, with everything from naked photos to abhorrent rapes. He was caught during a shift at his job as a vehicle technology teacher when he tried to download child porn via the school’s internet connection to his own work computer. Nilsson has confessed to the crime.

The activity in Norrtälje began with Resistance Movement members going out to speak with as many people as possible in the area near the paedophile’s place of residence. Leaflets were also delivered to letterboxes in the local area during the day. Lastly, it was planned to confront the paedophile at his home so he would understand that he isn’t wanted in Norrtälje.

Many discussions took place with local people throughout the day. Everyone was very positive to the Resistance Movement’s initiative and agreed that it’s of the utmost importance that local people be informed about such cases so they can better protect their children. Several people were horrified to learn how lax the legal system in Sweden really is in cases like this, when the only “punishment” for child pornography offences is conversational therapy.

During the course of the activity, the long arm of the law showed up after hearing the Resistance Movement were in town distributing leaflets. According to the police, the activity could constitute a crime, as it was unclear whether the information on the leaflet was correct, or if it could lead to legal action. Everyone present was required to show their identification, as well as provide their address and phone number, because “it could be the case they were suspected of a crime”.

One of the police officers then asked if the comrades kept track of one another’s criminal records, which Officer 1 was clearly very eager to read aloud in front of everyone. He was told “no” and gave up on the idea. After this strange behaviour by the police, Officer 1 took a photo of a leaflet and phoned a superior, while Officer 2 stood and made small talk. He was an older man who believed that everyone who has been convicted in court and “atoned” for their crimes should be classed as a free person who shouldn’t suffer in the future for their past misdeeds, regardless of the sentence passed down by the legal system.

Officer 1 finally finished speaking with his superior but now insisted on ringing the Chancellor of Justice (on a Sunday afternoon) in order to investigate if a crime had been committed. By this point the comrades had grown tired of the exchange and asked if they were being detained. When they were told they were not, the activity continued; however, the officers proceeded to follow them in their car while one of them tried to contact the Chancellor of Justice.

After a short game of “follow the leader”, the police car drove over to the group and the officers informed them that no crime had been committed. The police then left the area, and the leaflet distribution continued. After a couple of hours of informational work, the members arrived at the paedophile’s residence, but unfortunately he wasn’t home, and, according to his neighbours, he wouldn’t be back for quite a while. It was a bit of a setback, but the activity continued regardless. More positive conversations took place, and a lot more people received the information in their letterboxes.

Because the action was met with such a good response from the public, the comrades agreed that similar activities should be held in the future. Only the sickest of people would take the paedophiles’ side instead of the side that advocates children’s safety, and the day proved that most people support the Resistance Movement’s stated goal – to introduce the death penalty for paedophilia.

The leaflet: