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Action against rape culture near Danish school


ACTIVISM. Nordic Resistance Movement activists conducted activism in Fløng, Denmark, on Friday after warnings that young girls are at risk of rape by racially foreign men in the vicinity of a local school.

“Reserved for rapists”

On 25th June, Nordfront published a news article warning about the establishment of a rape culture, the so-called taharrush gamea, by racially foreign men in the Høje-Taastrup Municipality, near a school in the town of Fløng. The article revealed that the school leadership sent out a letter stating they believe there is a real risk of girls as young as 12 being raped.

In Arabic countries, rape culture is a widespread phenomenon and a tradition by the name of taharrush gamea, which can be translated as group harassment or collective sexual harassment. It involves groups of men searching out lone women or women in small groups to grope or rape them. Often the men initially pretend to be friendly and surround their victims while slowly advancing and enclosing them.

It was easy to predict that this behaviour would come to Denmark with the importation of multicultural society, but even so it is absolutely unacceptable. White women and children will not be prey for racially foreign invaders who see sexual attacks as a game!

Activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Nest 2 therefore went to the area around the school in Fløng where these bestial attacks are taking place. There they put up posters against rape culture to send a clear message to the perpetrators and also inform the young victims that they are not alone in the struggle against multiculturalism.

See images from the action below: