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Activism day in Nest 5


ACTIVISM. On Saturday 19 October, Nest 5 conducted a full day of activism.

Nest 5 banner activity
“Stop Mass Immigration”

The participating activists and members gathered in the outskirts of Borlänge to begin the day’s activities. First on the agenda was a banner drop by the activist group. The activists stood with two banners and two flags on a bridge over national highway 70. Meanwhile, members gave out leaflets to houses in the nearby area.

The activities went well and lasted for a couple of hours. Many horn beeps, thumbs-up and victory salutes gave a good indication that the people are slowly waking up.

The system’s pawns turned up on one occasion to converse with the activists but remained surprisingly passive. After having watched proceedings for a while, they left without further harassment.

Once the propaganda activities were over, it was time for the activist tests. All of the participants performed very well in the drizzle, and several managed to complete each of the stages successfully.

The day concluded with a communal meal. All in all, it was a very good day of activism.