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Activism for the victims of multiculturalism held across Sweden


ACTIVISM. Over the past week, activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement held White Lives Matter-themed activities across Sweden.

The activism served to raise awareness about the growing number of Swedish victims of multiculturalism. Activities based on the topic were conducted across the country.

Nest 1

In Nest 1, activists put up banners in Stockholm.

On Saturday activists met in central Stockholm to give out White Lives Matter leaflets about the victims of multiculturalism.

Nest 5

During the week, posters were put up in Avesta, Grängesberg and other locations.

On Saturday 27th June it was time for a public activity with the same theme. The Activist Group went to Djurås in Gagnef Municipality and took up their positions outside Lindberghallen with a banner and flag.

At one point a local oddball held a lighter up to the flag, but he quickly ran off after being verbally reprimanded.

Besides that, a lot of discussions were had with the people, with positive and negative responses as usual.

Nest 6

Basic activism was conducted in Luleå, Umeå and Skellefteå throughout the week, with posters being put up in each city. In Luleå a public banner activity was also held next to one of the city’s retail parks.

“Rest in Peace, Tommie Lindh. Act Now!” – Luleå

On Saturday a public leaflet distribution took place in Skellefteå. The recent tropical weather had subsided, and there was a comfortable temperature in the Västerbotten city. The leaflets were given out at a fast pace, and the message was received positively by the majority of people.

Nest 3

In Nest 3 banners and posters were put up on the night of Thursday 25th June. The messages on the banners read “Tommie Lindh’s Life Matters” and “White Lives Matter”.

Banners were also hung up on a railway bridge over the E6 motorway in Helsingborg.

In Vellinge, posters honouring Tommie Lindh were put up together with banners and other stickers with a National Socialist message.

At midday on Saturday 27th June, the Tyr rune flags were unfurled and Nest 3’s first public leaflet distribution of the summer began. The venue was Helsingborg, which was full of people as usual.

Discussions took place with sympathisers, and leaflets were given out.

After about an hour, a policeman showed up and remained generally passive before leaving the area. While he was there, a suspicious soy boy complained about being filmed and claimed it was illegal. The policeman responded by saying, “If you don’t want to be filmed, you can leave,” which the somewhat offended soy boy did after a while.

Once they were satisfied with the day, the slightly sunburnt activists concluded the activity and headed home.

Nest 7

Nest 7 conducted basic activism to honour the victims of multiculturalism by putting up posters and banners in several locations in the nest throughout the week. Public activism was also conducted on Saturday.

“Victim of Multiculturalism – Wilma Andersson”

On Saturday two public leaflet distributions were held that informed passers-by about the victims of multiculturalism. The first was in Ljungby and the second in Värnamo.

In Ljungby, the activists began by giving out leaflets and displaying a banner reading “White Lives Matter”. After about an hour, the police showed up to ask some questions, but unfortunately for them none of the Resistance men knew the answers.


After a while, the comrades went on to Värnamo, where they stood with a banner and gave out more leaflets. The Resistance men were met by many thumbs-up from passing drivers.


Nest 8

Basic activism was conducted in Nest 8, with White Lives Matter posters being put up.

On Saturday 27th June, activists from Nest 8 and Nest 5 held a public leaflet distribution outside IKEA in Linköping. Flag bearers stood in position, and leaflets with the White Lives Matter message were handed out. The tempo was high despite the heat, and a lot of passers-by were interested in the Resistance men’s message. Many pointed out that the violence committed against Swedes by foreigners seems to be very hushed up in society in general. The activists felt they satisfied the need many people had to speak out. A security guard tried to convince the Resistance men that they didn’t have the right to give out leaflets in the area but was unsuccessful.

Flag bearers outside IKEA in Linköping

Nest 2

On Saturday 27th June, Nest 2’s activist division were on the streets of Borås with leaflets listing some of the Swedes who had been robbed of their lives by racial foreigners. The message was received well by the people of Borås.

A list of some of the Swedish victims of multiculturalism

A large number of posters were also put up in Kungälv, Varberg and Gothenburg.