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Activism reports – Week 26, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of last week’s activism reports from around the North.

Banner in Stockholm

On Wednesday 24th June, comrades from Nest 1 put up a banner over the busy Essingeleden motorway that leads to Stockholm’s inner city. The banner honoured Anna-Lena Lernhede, one of the recent victims of the multicultural invasion.

Leaflets in Lekeberg Municipality

On Wednesday 17th June, members from Nest 8 delivered leaflets in the Kvistbro and Hackvad areas. Approximately 150 leaflets were distributed.

Outdoor training in Kristinehamn

On Sunday 21st June, Member Group 2 from Nest 5 met at Björkvallen in Kristinehamn to train in martial arts.

The coach went through various punching combos that became more and more advanced as the training went on. The session ended with defence training, in which a lone comrade had to do his best to protect himself against the other participants.

Basic activism in Gislaved

On 20th and 21st June, households continued to be leafleted in Gislaved.

Leaflets distributed in Bagarmossen

On the afternoon of Saturday 20th June, comrades from Nest 1 went to Bagarmossen in Stockholm Municipality to conduct basic activism. Leaflets were delivered to residents, and during the activity a Tyr rune appeared in the sunshine.

Posters in Avesta

On 24th June members from Nest 5 honoured the martyr Tommie Lindh, who the gutter press has remained almost silent about. Posters were put up across central Avesta.

His name is Tommie Lindh!
We never forget!
White lives matter!

Posters in Borlänge

On 24th June, members from Nest 5 honoured the murdered Tommie Lindh by spreading posters in Borlänge. The activity went well, and a large number of posters were put up without problems.

Posters in Varberg

On the night of 25th June, a large number of posters with the message White Lives Matter were put up by Activist Group 201 and Member Group 1 in central Varberg.

Banner production in Nest 7

During the weekend of week 25, banners were produced that will be seen around Småland in the near future.

Basic activism in southern Borås

On Tuesday evening 23rd June, a number of stickers were put up in southern parts of Borås. The activity went well.

Basic activism in Kristinehamn

On Sunday 21st June, members from Member Group 2 from Nest 5 met to deliver leaflets in the area around Björkvallen in Kristinehamn. Over 400 leaflets were delivered.

Nest 3 leafleting

550 leaflets were delivered in the countryside between the Ystad and Simrishamn municipalities in Skåne on Monday 22nd June.

Stickers in Herrljunga

On Thursday 25th June, a large number of stickers were put up on a pleasant walk through Herrljunga.

Posters in Luleå

On Thursday 25th June, an activist took a long walk around Luleå’s inner city and put up stickers to honour the memory of Tommie Lindh.

Basic activism in Skene

On 26th June, a banner with the Resistance Movement’s Swedish web address was visible for all to see in central Skene. Posters honouring Tommie Lindh were also put up in town.

Training for activist tests in Nest 5

On 27th June members of the Activist Group in Nest 5 trained for the activist tests in Borlänge’s Mellstapark. They arrived straight after having given out leaflets in Djurås outside of Lindberghallen.

It was nearly 33°C on the day, but luckily everyone had copious amounts of water with them. After training, some participants took the opportunity to bathe in a lake just a few hundred metres from the training ground.

Posters in Umeå

On the evening of 26th June, members in Umeå put up posters to highlight the victims of multiculturalism.

Basic activism in Nest 8

On the evening of 26th June, two members from Nest 8 put up hundreds of posters and stickers in central parts of Örebro. The activity passed calmly and without problems.

Public leafleting in Stockholm

On Saturday 27th June, activists from Nest 1 met in central Stockholm to give out leaflets about the victims of multiculturalism under the theme of “White Lives Matter”. Hundreds of leaflets were distributed to the people.

Leaflet distribution in Brønndalen

Members from Activist Group 302 went to Brønndalen, where hundreds of leaflets were delivered to letterboxes and a number of stickers were put up. No problems arose.

Extensive action in Halden

Nest 1 held an extensive action in Halden, with large numbers of posters being put up, as well as leaflets being delivered to letterboxes and put under windscreen wipers on parked cars.

Excursion in Hordnesskogen

Members from Activist Group 302 took a trip to Hordnesskogen, which lies south of Bergen. There were two rounds of brisk walking, totalling about 14 km.

White Lives Matter posters and leafleting in Horsens

Activists spread pro-white posters in Horsens and delivered leaflets to local houses.

White Lives Matter posters in Copenhagen

Nordic Resistance Movement activists spread White Lives Matter posters in Copenhagen.

Propaganda spread in Nyborg

Activists put up stickers and distributed leaflets in Nyborg.

Banners put up in several locations in East Jutland

On Wednesday, White Lives Matter banners and Globalism Kills banners were put up in several locations in East Jutland.

Leaflets delivered in Aarhus

Leaflets were delivered in a residential area in west Aarhus where many Danish families live. The message was clear: “Fight for your future!”

Stickers in Keflavik

Stickers were distributed in Keflavik and Njarðvík.