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Activism reports – Week 28, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the North.

Posters in Ulricehamn Municipality

Posters highlighting Swedish victims of anti-white genocidal politics were put up around Ulricehamn.

Martial arts training in Nest 7

Martial arts training was held in Nest 7 on 29th June and 5th July. The group trained outdoors and practised strength exercises, punching and kicking.

Stickers in Borås

Stickers were put up in southern parts of Borås on Thursday 9th July.

Training in Nest 3

Activists from Nest 3 trained in physical fitness, reactions and precision. Punching techniques and weight training were also practised.

Stickers in Norrköping

A large number of stickers were put up in southern Norrköping on the evening of Wednesday 8th July. The streets were also cleaned of communist propaganda.

Leafleting in Hestra

Members from Nest 7 delivered leaflets in Hestra on the evening of 7th July.

Basic activism in Vansbro Municipality

Leaflets were delivered in the countryside of Vansbro Municipality on Thursday 9th July. Posters and stickers were also put up at bathing spots.

Leafleting in Strängnäs

On Friday 10th July hundreds of leaflets were delivered to houses in Strängnäs.

“Some of the victims of multiculturalism”

Leafleting in Vansbro Municipality

On Monday morning, 250 leaflets were given out in Vansbro Municipality and a number of stickers were put up.

Leafleting in Kosta

Leaflets were distributed in Kosta by Nest 7 on Thursday 2nd July.

Stickers in Laholm

Hundreds of stickers were put up in various places in Laholm on Saturday 11th July.

Leafleting in Jönköping Municipality

Leaflets were delivered in Ryd in Jönköping Municipality on Saturday 11th July.

Martial arts training in Varberg

Members of Activist Group 201 met outside Varberg for a joint training session on Saturday. The group began by warming up with running and other physical exercises before practising punching techniques and sparring.

Activism in central Stockholm

On the morning of 11th July, members from Nest 1 and 8 met to conduct activism in the capital. The day began with the comrades putting up hundreds of stickers along busy roads in central Stockholm. When the stickers ran out, the group moved on to the Army Museum, where other comrades were waiting. After visiting the museum, a small group of members went to Central Bridge to hang up a banner.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is featured in the Army Museum’s exhibition on flags and standards:

Posters in Fredrikstad

Members of Nest 1 held a poster activity in Fredrikstad, with a good number of posters being put up.

Banner drop in Høje-Taastrup

Activists put up banners and spread propaganda in Høje-Taastrup.

Posters in Albertslund

Activists put up posters in Albertslund.

Posters and stickers in Horsens

Nordic Resistance Movement posters and stickers were put up in Horsens.

Stickers in Reykjavik

Stickers were widely distributed in central Reykjavik.