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Activism reports – Week 29, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the North.

Banners in Hagfors

Member Group 2 in Nest 5 put up banners in Hagfors Municipality on Saturday 11th July.

Basic activism in Vetlanda

Members from Nest 7 gave out leaflets and put up stickers in Vetlanda on 8th July.

Martial arts training in Nest 7

On Sunday 12th July, members and activists from northern parts of Nest 7 trained in martial arts. They warmed up by traversing a military-designed obstacle course, before practising various punching and kicking combos.

Banner production in Norrköping

Activists and members met in Nest 8’s banner workshop on Wednesday 15th July. Letter stencils were created, and banners were produced for future activities.

Leafleting in Gothenburg

Members of Activist Group 201 and a supporter member met in Gothenburg on Thursday to spread the message of the Nordic Resistance Movement to residents. Around 250 leaflets were distributed.

Training in Gothenburg

Members of Activist Group 201 met in Gothenburg on Thursday for a communal training session. After warming up with jogging and other physical activities, the group trained in various grappling techniques and wrestling, which can be used in both martial arts and self-defence. They concluded with a boxing session.

Monthly meeting in Nest 7

Nest 7 held their monthly meeting on Saturday 11th July. The day began with a study circle, which focused on the book The Political Soldier by Derek Holland. After a few hours’ reading and discussion, it was time for lunch. Finally, the monthly meeting was held.

Leafleting in Björköby

On Monday 13th July, National Socialist information was delivered to the people of Björköby by members of Nest 7. Björköby is a beautiful place that hasn’t yet experienced the invasion of racial foreigners that makes bigger towns unsafe to live in. With the Resistance Movement in power, Björköby will continue to be a safe community.

Martial arts training and barbecue

Activist Group 203 met to practise martial arts in Vänersborg Municipality on 11th July. Emphasis was placed on self-defence against knife attacks, technique training in ground combat, and sparring. After a good training session, it was time for dinner, which consisted of grilled meat with diverse accompaniments. A group meeting was also held.

Leafleting in Tenhult

Leaflets were delivered to houses in Tenhult by members of Nest 7 on 14th July. Despite the pouring rain, it was a pleasant trip, with the comrades discussing societal decay and ideas for improvements.

Wilderness activity in Glotternskogen

Activists and members visited a nature reserve on Saturday 11th July for hiking and a social gathering. After several hours’ hiking, the comrades found a suitable place to start a campfire. When the day was over, the group headed home, promising to return to this peaceful area again in the future.

Leafleting in Luleå Municipality

The struggle continued in Luleå on Saturday 18th July, with a large leaflet distribution just outside the city. Hundreds of leaflets were delivered, with each house receiving two leaflets on different themes. More activities are planned for the coming days.

Basic activism in Hobro

Activists put up stickers in Hobro.

Propaganda distribution in Bagsværd

Activists put up stickers in Bagsværd.

Leaflet distribution in Skejby

Activists from Nest 3 delivered leaflets to houses in Skejby.

Basic activism in Hadsund

Nest 3 activists delivered leaflets to addresses in Hadsund and put up stickers in the area.

Stickers in Aalborg

Nest 3 activists put up stickers on Aalborg’s waterfront.

Replacing Marxist propaganda in Figgjo

Anti-Nordic propaganda in Figgjo was covered with posters informing people about the homo lobby. In addition, residents received leaflets in the post, and pro-white posters were put up in the area.

Basic activism in Olsvik

Members from Activist Group 302 delivered leaflets to postboxes in Olsvik. Posters and stickers were also put up.

Forest hike in Alvøen

Activist Group 302 members made use of the fine weather to go on a 10,000-step hike. The blue skies and glorious sunshine made for a great trip in pleasant conditions.

Basic activism in Godvik

Members from Activist Group 302 delivered leaflets to postboxes and put up posters advertising Nordisk Radio.

Poster activism in Sarpsborg

Nest 1 put up posters in the centre of Sarpsborg and nearby areas. The material included White Lives Matter posters and information about the homo lobby’s connection to paedophilia.

Stickers in Egilsstaðir and Reyðarfjörður

A large number of stickers were spread in eastern Iceland, in the towns of Egilsstaðir and Reyðarfjörður. This was the first time the organisation’s stickers have appeared in Reyðarfjörður.