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Activism reports – Week 30, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the North.

Basic activism in Luleå

Activism continued in Luleå on Sunday 19th July. Members and activists gathered at Ormberget for a long hike along a floodlit trail. The comrades walked for six kilometres and put up propaganda on the lampposts along the route.

Banner production in Värmland

Banners were produced by Member Group 2 in Nest 5. After a dozen banners had been made, the group split up and placed them in various locations around Kil, Karlstad and Skattkärr.

Leafleting and posters in Umeå

Comrades met in Umeå on 21st July to conduct basic activism, with leaflets and posters being distributed in Grubbe and Umedalen.

Wilderness activity in Borås

On 18th July, comrades gathered with their families and supporters of the Nordic Resistance Movement to hold an introductory course on life in the wilderness.

The course was designed for those with no or little experience of nature and included orienteering, hiking over rough terrain and instruction in the operation of tools that are useful in the wilderness. It was both an enjoyable and educational day.

Martial arts training in Nest 7

Nest 7 held a martial arts training session in the warm summer weather on 19th July, with the participants practising various grappling holds. As usual the training was popular with all of the comrades involved.

Training in Varberg

Members of Activist Group 201 met outside Varberg on 21st July to train in martial arts. After warming up with physical activities focusing on the abdominal muscles, the group trained in various kicking techniques. Finally, the activists sparred 1v1 and then 2v1.

Leafleting in Luleå Municipality

On 20th July, the truth continued to be spread in Luleå. Between 600–700 “The Revolution Begins with You” leaflets were distributed.

Leaflets in Väse and banners in Kristinehamn

On Sunday 19th July, Member Group 2 in Nest 5 gave out approximately 120 leaflets in Väse and then put up banners in Kristinehamn.

Leaflets in Örnsköldsvik Municipality

Members went out to deliver leaflets and put up stickers in Örnsköldsvik on 19th July. Anti-White propaganda was also taken down.

Basic activism in Sakskøbing

Nordic Resistance Movement stickers were spread in Sakskøbing.

Activism in Frederikshavn

Activists from Nest 3 went to Arena Nord in Frederikshavn and put up stickers in the area.

Stickers in Vildsund

Activists went to Vildsund to spread the message of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Propaganda in Albertslund

Nest 2 activists spread Nordic Resistance Movement stickers in Albertslund.

Pro-White propaganda in popular walking area

Nest 6 spread pro-White propaganda at one of Norway’s finest beaches, Borestranden. Some informative leaflets were also left at the car park.

Posters in Sola

Nest 6 spread a large number of posters in the centre of Sola. Two large posters were also hung up along the southern entrance road to the centre of town.

Basic activism in Godvik and Olsvik

Nest 3 put up a large number of posters and stickers in Godvik and Olsvik. They also delivered leaflets about homosexuality’s connection to paedophilia to postboxes in the area.

Pro-White activity in Sele and Borestranden

Nest 6 put up posters with a pro-White message in suitable places at Sele and Borestranden.

Posters in Sarpsborg

Nest 1 continued their poster campaign in Sarpsborg and nearby areas. A good number of White-friendly posters were put up, and no problems occurred.