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Activism reports – Week 32, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the Nordic nations.

Banner action in Varberg

Members of Activist Group 201 held a banner action over the E6 motorway in Varberg Municipality on 7 August. The overwhelming majority of motorists were happy to see the activists, and many waves and victory greetings were seen. After about an hour, the police came and claimed the activity was illegal, despite it being completely legal to hold banner activities. They later confiscated the banner and left the area.

Stickers in Borås

Stickers were placed in both the centre and outskirts of Borås on 2 August.

Monthly meeting in Tranemo Municipality

Comrades gathered in Tranemo on the evening of 30 July for their monthly meeting. On the meeting’s agenda was the future strategy in Tranemo. A long-term plan was reviewed, and feedback from previous activities was discussed. After the formalities were over and a new member was welcomed, the meeting concluded with a study circle focussing on Our Path. The future for Tranemo looks bright, with more activities awaiting.

Training in Gothenburg

Members of Activist Group 201 met in Gothenburg on 6 August for the week’s martial arts training. They began with a workout before moving on to punching techniques. The session concluded with sparring.

Stickers in Gävle

Members put up stickers in Gävle Municipality on 2 August. The activity passed without problems.

Basic activism in Ludvika Municipality

Activists distributed leaflets and put up stickers in Ludvika Municipality on 2 August.

Posters in Habo

Posters were placed in Habo on 31 July.

Propaganda production in Tranemo Municipality

Comrades met in Tranemo on 4 August to allocate propaganda and produce banners and placards.

Leafleting in Gothenburg

Nearly 300 leaflets were delivered to houses in Gothenburg on 4 August. As usual, the response was good.

Basic activism in Svedala Municipality

The Resistance Movement distributed leaflets and put up stickers in and around Svedala Municipality.

Stickers in Halden

Nest 1 placed a large number of stickers in central Halden.

Delivering leaflets in Straume

Nest 3 members visited Straume, near Bergen, and delivered hundreds of leaflets to postboxes.

Posters in Sandnes and Ganddal

A large number of White Lives Matter posters were placed in bus stops between central Sandnes and Ganddal.

Basic activism in Bergen

Basic activism and removal of anti-white propaganda took place in Bergen.

Leaflets distributed in Visborg

Activists gave out leaflets in Visborg.

Leaflets and stickers in Roskilde

Nest 2 activists distributed leaflets to addresses in Roskilde, took down anti-white propaganda and put up Nordic Resistance Movement stickers.

Posters in Horsens

Activists from Nest 1 put up posters in Horsens.

Posters in Virum

Nest 2 activists placed Nordic Resistance Movement posters and stickers in Virum.