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Activism reports – Week 35, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the Nordic nations.

Stickers in Ulricehamn

Stickers were placed in Ulricehamn on Monday 24 August.

Monthly meeting in Tranemo Municipality

Comrades gathered in Tranemo Municipality on the afternoon of 25 August for a monthly meeting. After the formalities, it was time for a study circle. A sympathiser joined the session, and points 4 to 6 of Our Path were reviewed and discussed. The activity was concluded with stickering.

Study circle in Dalarna

On Sunday 23 August, Member Group 1 of Nest 5 held their weekly meeting and a study circle. The group gathered at a comrade’s house to hold the meeting, which included a discussion of the past week as well as brainstorming and plans for the future.

Afterwards a homemade lunch was served. The meal received much praise from everyone present, with each member of the group enjoying two or three portions.

Next it was time for a study circle focussing on part four of the internal publication “Budkaveln”. The session produced a lot of good discussions and was complemented by coffee and cakes. All participants then headed homewards, satisfied with the day.

Swimming, running and study circle in Nest 3

Nest 3’s Activist Group met for physical and ideological training on Saturday. They began the day with the activist test, which went very well. Some participants completed 70 push-ups in a minute and ran 2.6 km in just over 11 minutes. After the test, the Resistance men bathed in a nearby lake with pleasant waters and a beautiful view. Hungry after the physical exertions, they then went to a comrade’s house to have a barbecue and hold a study circle about heroism, reverence and happiness.

Basic activism in Trelleborg Municipality

The Resistance Movement were once again in Trelleborg Municipality to inform people that there is hope for a better future. They delivered leaflets and put up stickers in Hammarlöv and Västra Tommarp.

Posters in Luleå

Activists and members walked along a lengthy route in the Ormberget recreational area outside Luleå. During the walk, a small number of posters were placed on lampposts and electrical boxes.

Action against the homo lobby in Ulricehamn Municipality

On 27 August comrades went to Ulricehamn to distribute specially made leaflets and posters that informed readers about the dark history of the RFSL and the Pride movement. The activity went smoothly, with posters being put up in central Ulricehamn and many places on the outskirts.

Sparring in Nest 5

Part of the Activist Group met on 23 August to practise sparring. The activity went well and concluded with some abdominal exercises.

Outdoor training in Karlstad

Member Group 2 from Nest 5 trained in Thai boxing in Borgmästarholmen park in Karlstad on Sunday 23 August.

Various punching combos were practised, and the training was concluded with sparring. All the participants were rotated each round so that everyone sparred with one another.

Spray-painting at Gislaved high school

“Swedish Youth – Strike Back!” messages were spray-painted at Gislaved high school to encourage students to fight back against the invasion.

Spray-painting activity in Varberg

Members of Activist Group 201 met in Varberg on the night of 24 August to encourage the white youth at Peder Skrivare’s high school and LBS high school to fight back against multiculturalism and join the National Socialist struggle. A large number of messages were spray-painted at and around the schools.

Basic activism in Lund

Nest 2 placed stickers in Lund, Kristiansand.

Woodland excursion in Alvøen

Members from Activist Group 302 took a trip to the woods to reload their batteries and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Once they’d hung up their hammocks, the comrades relaxed beside the campfire and grilled food.

After their meal and some great ideological conversations, there were some comical manoeuvres required to get into the hammocks. The next morning, the comrades partook in some morning fishing before heading back home.

Posters and spray-painting in Horsens

A group of Resistance activists put up posters and spray-painted messages in Horsens.

Leaflets distributed in Albertslund

Activists raised awareness about the National Socialist podcast Opråb by spreading a large number of leaflets in Albertslund. They also took the opportunity to put up stickers in the area.

Basic activism in Bagsværd

Resistance activists placed stickers in Bagsværd.

Propaganda in Vendsyssel

Nest 3 activists placed posters and stickers in Vendsyssel.

Stickers in Breiðholt and Downtown Reykjavik

Last weekend, stickers were placed in the Breiðholt and Downtown districts of Reykjavik.