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Activism reports – Week 38, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the Nordic nations.

Leafleting in Vetlanda Municipality

A leaflet distribution was held in the village of Ekenässjön, Vetlanda Municipality, on 16 September. In the windy autumn weather, comrades walked through the streets to share the Resistance Movement’s message with residents. The activity passed without problems and distractions.

Study circle in Eskilstuna

Members and sympathisers met in Eskilstuna on 3 September for a study circle focusing on the book “Race – The Decisive Factor”. Lively and productive discussions arose around the topic. The evening was very successful, and more similar activities will follow.

Basic activism in Gislaved Municipality

Early on Thursday morning, members from Nest 7 delivered leaflets in the village of Smålandsstenar. The leaflets highlighted some of the White Swedes who have fallen victim to multiculturalism.

White Lives Matter!

Awareness-raising in Vetlanda

On the morning of 15 September, members of Nest 7 informed the people of Vetlanda of the globalists’ restrictions on freedom of speech. The activity involved delivering leaflets to the many rows of apartments in central Vetlanda.

Basic activism in Vellinge Municipality

On Monday morning, the Resistance Movement was once again in Vellinge Municipality to deliver leaflets and put up stickers.

Leafleting in Gothenburg

It was time to spread information in Gothenburg again on Monday. Leaflets were delivered to houses and handed to pedestrians.

Stickers in Borås Municipality

Stickers were placed in Göta, Borås Municipality, on the evening of 19 September.

Propaganda production in Borås

Comrades met to refill their inventory of placards on 17 September. Cardboard boxes were cut into smaller pieces and glued to posters.

Leafleting in Karlstad Municipality

Members from Nest 5 delivered leaflets in Vålberg, south of Karlstad, on 16 September.

Leaflet distribution in Moss

Members and activists from Nest 1 recently visited Moss, where a large number of leaflets were delivered to postboxes.

Basic activism in Bryne and Klepp

Nest 6 report that a number of Resistance Movement posters were hung up in both central Bryne and Klepp.

Leafleting in Tromøy

Nest 2 delivered leaflets to residents in Roligheten and Brattekleiv in Tromøy, Arendal.

Basic activism in Visborg

Nordic Resistance Movement propaganda was spread in Visborg.

Propaganda in Horsens

Resistance men spread propaganda in Horsens.

Activism in Brøndby

Activists placed stickers and posters in Brøndby Municipality on the border of Glostrup Municipality.