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Activism reports – Week 41, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the Nordic nations.

Leafleting in the countryside

Members delivered leaflets in the villages of Förset and Skepperstad on Wednesday 7 October. Residents were informed that there are forces of good doing everything required for our people’s survival.

After the activity concluded, coffee was served at a member’s house, and many interesting discussions were had by the comrades.

Stickers in Norrköping

Stickers were placed in several locations across Norrköping on Sunday 4 October. The usual cleansing of communist propaganda in combination with the activity also occurred.

Monthly meeting and training in Nest 3

Nest 3 held their monthly meeting on Saturday 26 September. In addition to the refreshments and socialising, the day also included martial arts training. Because members and activists were present, the fundamentals were reviewed first, with positioning and the most common punches being focussed on. In order to really tire everyone out, the session concluded with circuit training, which resulted in aching bodies for many of the participants.

Propaganda production in Nest 7

Approximately 700 leaflets detailing some of the White Swedes who have been murdered by foreigners were printed at the weekend. The leaflets will soon find new owners in Nest 7’s region.

Basic activism in Gislaved Municipality

Leaflets were delivered to letterboxes in Smålandsstenar on Monday 5 October.

Leaflets in Karlskoga

Member Group 2 from Nest 5 delivered leaflets with a National Socialist message on the morning of 5 October. Around 120 leaflets found new owners.

Leafleting in Mullsjö

Activists delivered leaflets to houses in Mullsjö on the afternoon of 10 October.

Stickers in Luleå

Basic activism continued in Luleå on Friday 9 October with a large number of stickers being put up. Strategic places were chosen, such as the Storheden retail park. More activities for the well-being of the North are planned for the near future.

Monthly meeting and propaganda production in Stockholm

Nest 1’s monthly meeting was held on Sunday 4 October. Members and activists met at a venue that was outfitted for the production of propaganda. Upon arrival they were served freshly grilled hamburgers from a local producer. The meeting itself was held next and saw plans for the autumn drawn up. Afterwards the comrades set to work producing templates, banners and placards for a number of hours before the day was concluded.

Activity in Svenljunga

Posters, stickers and banners were placed in central Svenljunga on Tuesday evening 6 October. The activity was held on account of RFSL Sjuhärad conducting their Pride Week in the municipality.

Information distribution in Nest 2

The Resistance Movement were out in Nest 2 to spread propaganda again on Monday. This time approximately 500 leaflets were delivered about the globalists who control your life and Swedish “freedom of speech”.

Stickers were also placed in suitable locations.

White Lives Matter activism in Bore

A large number of laminated White Lives Matter posters and a handful of stickers were placed in Bore by Nest 6 activists.

Informational activity in Sarpsborg

Nest 1 upgraded advertisements in Sarpsborg with the Resistance Movement’s enlightening speech bubble stickers.

Action against degenerate culture in Sarpsborg

Nest 1 placed posters around Sarpsborg with messages against child abuse and degenerate culture.

Mountain hike in Bergen

Members from Activist Group 302 took a trip up Fløien and walked to Sandviksfjellet and down Munkebotn, in Bergen.

The weather was unnaturally hot, with blue skies and sun. Over 16km were covered and 5,000 calories were burned.

Leaflets and posters in Haderslev

Nordic Resistance Movement activists delivered leaflets and put up posters in Haderslev.

Basic activism in Bagsværd

Nordic Resistance Movement activists placed stickers in Bagsværd.

Propaganda in Vendsyssel

Propaganda was spread on roads, footpaths and recreational areas in Vendsyssel.

Activism in Brøndby

Activists placed the Resistance Movement’s posters and stickers in Brøndby.