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Activism reports – Week 48, 2020


ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the Nordic nations.

Leafleting in Kimstad

Members distributed a large number of local “Protect the children” leaflets on the first day of winter in Kimstad.

Leafleting in Luleå

Approximately 200 leaflets were delivered in Malmudden in Luleå on Saturday, 21 November. The activity went well and was conducted quickly and effectively.

Banner action outside Jönköping

Nest 7 held a banner action on Riksväg 40 outside Jönköping on Sunday, 22 November. Many drivers beeped their horns cheerfully, gave the thumbs-up and performed other types of greetings.

Military obstacle course and social gathering in Nest 2

Activists from Nest 2 gathered just outside Skara to tackle the military obstacle course at Skövde Garrison.

It was rainy and muddy on the day, which made the already-challenging course even more demanding. The activists also had to complete the course in groups, which not only required a good physique but also excellent co-operation skills to overcome certain obstacles.

When the men reached the finish line, they concluded with some barbell exercises at the outdoor gym, which was located directly adjacent to the obstacle course. After everyone had set a new personal best, the activity ended and the group gathered at a comrade’s house to grill burgers together and brag about the day’s achievements.

Martial arts training and meeting in Avesta

On Sunday 22 November, Nest 5’s Activist Group met to train in martial arts in Avesta, followed by a planning meeting ahead of coming activities.

The training began with a couple of laps around the sports field’s obstacle course. The martial arts session consisted of combination training, shadow boxing and technique sparring. Towards the end of the session, the group also had time to practise defending against knife attacks.

The men then met at a comrade’s house to eat and plan future activities together.

Continued spray-painting in Södertälje

Comrades from Nest 1 decorated a large number of previously dull electricity cabinets in Södertälje during Week 48.

Leafleting in Karlstad

Before the week’s group training session, Nest 5’s Member Group 2 met to deliver leaflets. Around 500 leaflets were distributed before training got underway.

Activism in Vansbro Municipality

The Resistance Movement were in Vansbro Municipality again to conduct activism on 24 November. New leaflets with the message “White Lives Matter” were delivered, and stickers were placed in suitable locations.

Banners and posters in Borås

Members and a sympathiser met in central Borås on 24 November to put up two large banners, as well as posters in Tullen, Hestra, Knalleland, Sjöbo and Norrmalm.

Leafleting in Luleå Municipality

Basic activism continued in Luleå on Monday with a major leaflet delivery in Sunderbyn, just outside the city. Close to 400 “The revolution begins with you” leaflets were delivered in a sunny Luleå.

Banner in Sundbyberg

Nest 1 members put up a large banner reading “Nordic Resistance Movement – For the sake of the nuclear family” next to a school in Sundbyberg.

Stickers in Stavanger

Stickers were put up in the area around Tjensvollkrysset in Stavanger.

Basic activism in Greåker

Nest 1 members put up posters in Greåker.

Basic activism in Sandbakken

Nest 1 members placed posters and stickers in Sandbakken.

Basic activism at Greåker Fort

Nest 1 placed posters and stickers at Greåker Fort.

Basic activism in Rakkestad

Nest 1 conducted basic activism in Rakkestad.

Stickers in Randers

Nest 3 activists put up stickers in Randers.

Monthly meeting in Nest 2

Nest 2 held their monthly meeting with communal dining and ideological and comradely conversation. There was also the opportunity for members and activists to supply themselves with stickers and T-shirts.

Propaganda in Copenhagen

Activists placed Nordic Resistance Movement stickers at Ryparken station in Copenhagen.

Basic activism in Randers

Nordic Resistance Movement stickers were placed in Randers.