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Activist Days in Norway and Denmark


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. During the first weekend of June, both the Norwegian and Danish branches of the Nordic Resistance Movement held their Activist Days events for 2019. Here follows a combined report from both countries.

Activist Days in Norway and Denmark

Norway’s Activist Days was held under the slogan “Taking the Struggle to a New Level”. The Chief Editor of Frihetskamp.net, Martin Oppegaard, held a speech and Q&A on IT security, while Sweden’s Jimmy Thunlind gave an optimistic and inspiring talk which drew parallels between today’s National Socialist struggle and that of 1930s Germany.

Jimmy Thunlind speaks at Activist Days in Norway 2019

The Norwegian National Leadership, headed by Haakon Forwald, gave a briefing and announced that going forwards the Norwegian branch will be focussing more on internal development, such as outdoor activities and lectures, with the aim of creating a better balance with outward-facing operations. This mirrors the announcement made regarding activities in Sweden during January’s Activist Days in Dalarna. The leadership also stated that Frihetskamp.net will now focus more on news and less on the Resistance Movement. News about the Movement will instead be published on Motstandsbevegelsen.org.

Activist Days in Norway 2019

A Q&A session was held in which the participants were given the opportunity to ask questions to the leadership. There was also a quiz, with the winner receiving specially produced mugs with Tyr rune designs.

Tommy Nyberg at Activist Days 2019 in Norway

The tagline for Denmark’s Activist Days was “Progress, Success and Optimisation”. It included speeches by four speakers. Leader of the branch Martin Durvad spoke about the past year and the future of the struggle in Denmark. Nest Chief Kristian Niss held a motivational speech on the necessity of a strong state, while two debut speakers, Peter Bak and Viktor Clausen, spoke about National Socialism as the natural order, and youth, identity and mental illness, respectively.

New activists were appointed, and prizes were distributed to two outstanding activists for their immense efforts within the organisation over the last year. The attendees also participated in martial arts training, archery and axe throwing.

Delicious food was served in both Norway and Denmark, and there was plenty of time for discussions and good comradeship. According to those present at both Activist Days, the events were very successful and invigorating for the continuing struggle!