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Activist test and training in Sweden’s Nest 7


TRAINING. Sweden’s Nest 7 practised boxing and took part in the Resistance Movement’s activist test in Småland on 25 July.

NRM Nest 7 push-upsAs usual, the test began with running, then strength exercises, before concluding with the long jump. It was clear that the participants had been practising since last time, as many of them had improved upon their previous results.

NRM Nest 7 joggingWhen the activist test was completed, everyone rested for a little while before boxing practice. They started with simple technique training. One fighter had to perform a punching combo against the other, who practised defending himself against the blows. Then they switched roles a few times while increasing the intensity and gradually switching to regular sparring.

NRM Nest 7 boxing trainingOne participant commented: “I have trained in boxing a few times now and feel I’m picking up the techniques pretty well.”

After training for a while and getting thoroughly tired, the participants rested for a bit and chatted before it was time to say farewell and head home until next time.