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Activity day with activist test in Nest 8


SOCIAL ACTIVITY. On Saturday 25th April, activists and members from Nest 8 gathered for a day of activities, including the organisation’s activist test.

The sun was shining over the new spring greenery, but there was a cold wind at the recreation area where the day’s first event – the activist test – was to take place.

The preliminary running session quickly warmed up the participants, who all performed well. One of the activists went a little astray but still finished in good time based on the distance he ran.

Next everyone went to the nearby outdoor gym. All the activists comfortably passed the introductory push-ups test, as well as the tests for sit-ups and back extensions.

Standing jumps often provide a tough trial for the participants in the activist test, and so it proved today; however, everyone performed well, with most getting very close to the 2.2-metre limit. The results in the pull-ups test was mixed, with one participant not being able to perform his set because he was experiencing pains from an old injury.

Convivial National Socialising in the spring sunshine

Overall the Resistance men made a fine effort and displayed a splendid attitude. On the walk back to their cars, it was clear how inspired all the participants were to improve themselves and how motivated they were to do even better next time. The next planned item on the agenda, combat training, was postponed until a later date, as the proper equipment wasn’t available. Instead additional members and their children joined the subsequent social activity. A few items were purchased at a local farm shop, before everyone went to another nearby recreational area. Here some fished in a small lake while others searched for wood or sat and talked while the children played games. The comrades then built a fire with a fire striker and grilled food near the waterside.

Because there was still a cool breeze, a number of the group chose to warm themselves beside the fire. Both the food and the atmosphere around the fire was so good that the Resistance men didn’t realise how much time had passed. As such it was early evening when everyone said their goodbyes. Water was poured onto the fireplace and the surrounding dry area to make it safe, and the group left satisfied with a productive day, invigorated for the coming struggle.