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Affirmation through materialism – or through your actions?


IDEOLOGY. The activist Jerry Olsson writes about people’s imprisonment in materialism and how National Socialism can free the individual and subsequently the whole population from its grasp.

What we do in life echoes in eternity - Nordic Resistance Movement

People today are brought up to see their own worth in the material things they own. What car you drive, what phone you have, what clothes you wear – all these things are decisive in determining how good of a person you are. The only thing that matters is what you can afford to buy; and if you cannot afford all these things, you are a worse person than others – you do not fit in with the group.

This way of thinking spreads to our children, who in primary and middle school already judge one another on their clothes, phones, electric scooters and everything else you “must have” today. As a National Socialist, I obviously consider this to be reprehensible for various reasons, which I will enumerate below.

We National Socialists who actively fight against this hostile globalist system profess completely different values, values that are eternal:

  • Blood, folk and family.
  • Earth, the nature we are a part of and which sustains us.
  • Honour, loyalty to our people and those who will come after us.
  • Integrity, to do one’s utmost at all times.
  • Duty, to do what is right for our descendants, whatever the cost.

These values exist within us and cannot be taken away by excluding us from workplaces, shutting us out from material “prosperity” or even by locking us up. However, these methods generally work well on most citizens, as the greatest shame people can imagine today is having a lower social standard than their neighbour, not being able to buy their children new clothes or the latest mobile phone, or even the catastrophic thought of having to drive around in an older car than their co-workers. These are the kind of things people are taught to feel ashamed of.

The whole purpose of this system is for us all to produce enormous monetary wealth for someone else – because in every major company there are people at the top who want to make a profit off of your work. You are tied up in this system by being forced to borrow money, money the bank owners then charge you interest on. You get stuck in a hamster wheel, constantly having to earn large sums of money, which then go to business owners, bank owners, mass immigration and so on.

In a worst-case scenario, if you stop working for this money, you will be subjected to the shame of not being able to take care of your children in a “decent” way, you can lose your home (which is actually owned by the bank), and you can lose your car. These are prospects that most people today would find it hard to live with.

The whole time you are convinced all this is for your own sake. After all, it’s nice for you and your children to have a high materialistic standard. Never is it mentioned that it is other people who get rich from your consumption.

The day you can let go of these thoughts of shame and guilt imposed by our society is the day you will understand what we have already known for a long time: that your true worth is in the actions you take to save yourself, your children and ultimately your entire people from this system, which turns billions of people on earth into shackled slaves just so a rich, globalist elite can get even richer.

Some things are worth fighting for graphic

On that day, you are welcome to fight with heart and soul, side by side with us, against the oppression. I promise you will not regret a single minute of it – not now or on your deathbed.

We will wage the struggle against globalism and oppression – for blood, soil and honour, to the death, if that is what it takes – and those who sacrifice themselves in this struggle are the ones I hold in the highest esteem, no matter what car they drive or how they live.

For those of you in the Nordic countries – if you are prepared to renounce the unhealthy values society has instilled in you and instead selflessly sacrifice everything you must for a better society – then the fight needs YOU and the time is NOW. Make a revolutionary choice and apply for membership in the Nordic Resistance Movement!

/Jerry Olsson