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Alibis vs allies


OPINION. In this article Martin Saxlind writes about how racial aliens can be alibis or allies.

Hanif Bali, a racial alibi for Swedes who want to criticise immigration without being called racist.

Non-white ”anti-racists” and feminists sometimes refer to whites or men who do their bidding as ”allies”.

Politically correct people often impose strict rules of behaviour on their ”allies”. Whites, for example, are not allowed to talk about racism, since they are said to lack the experience of being victims of racism, unlike brown people. And men are not supposed to lead the discussion when it comes to feminism, because men already take up too much space in the social debate and women can be forced into silence if a man talks too much.

Just like all other manifestations of political correctness, this talk about ”allies” is idiocy and humiliation of whites and white men in particular. But the concept is interesting nonetheless and useful for us nationalists.

Since the population replacement is getting all the more obvious and hard to ignore, more and more people are going to question it for moral or practical reasons. Some of the people who criticise mass immigration and multiculturalism are themselves going to be racial aliens living in Sweden. What one is supposed to think about these individuals is not such a simple matter.

Many nationalist Swedes instinctively feel that racial aliens should not have any say in Swedish politics, but in this case the racial aliens have far better opinions than many Swedes. Another view, which is not entirely unreasonable, is that the first thing a racial alien who is opposed to the population replacement should do is to set an example and move back to his own country.

Another problem with immigrants critical of immigration is that they are often used as ”non-white alibis”. ”Look! Now Tino Sanandaji is saying that immigrants cost money and Hanif Bali wants Sweden to accept fewer refugees! Now you can’t call me a racist when I’ve found two brown alibis to hide behind!”

So what is the difference between an ally and an alibi and how should a good ally behave?

The principal characteristics of alibis are that they speak of the costs of immigration, that criminal immigrants should be deported, that immigration must be decreased and that integration must be solved in some way. Alibis are militant liberals who focus their criticism on Islam since the religion is incompatible with feminism, LGBTQP parades, a usurious Zionist economy and all other liberal symptoms of disease in society. An alibi would never say a critical word about Jewish power and does not think that Sweden is for the Swedes.

The only thing distinguishing the alibi from the average politician for the Sweden Democrats is that he’s a little browner in complexion and can therefore fill his function as an alibi for Swedes critical of immigration who are afraid of being labelled as racists when they criticise the current policy of genocide.

Allies bring up the question of population replacement. Alibis instead want a society that is as multi-ethnic as possible but want all immigrants to kowtow to the same liberal set of values. (Video has English subtitles.)

A good racially alien ally, on the other hand, thinks for moral reasons that Sweden is for the Swedes and that the primary job of the Swedish state is to secure the survival of the people. This nationalist viewpoint is not extreme or strange, but something which is completely normal, both historically and in the present day outside of Europe – and thanks to their outside perspective, some aliens have an easier time understanding this than many brainwashed Swedes.

A good ally is himself a nationalist with self-respect who is completely satisfied with keeping to his own people instead of engaging in cultural integration and racial assimilation. If integration or miscegenation has already occurred in the ally’s family, he doesn’t view it as something positive that ought to be the norm for society, but he or she recognizes it as an anomaly and something which ought to be avoided since it is threatening the survival of the Swedish people under current circumstances.

Instead of making a big deal of his status as an alien and claiming that ”my opinions are not racist because I’m not white and I can’t be a racist” like an alibi, the ally admits that there are different races and that the principle of ”one people, one country” is the best way of creating an harmonious and peaceful society. An ally is thus radical and attacks the lies used to legitimize mass immigration and multiculturalism (for example, the lies that there is no Swedish people, that only white people can be racists and that racism is the biggest source of evil on the planet).

The ally, in general, does not engage in lying and trickery but is a straightforward and honest person. As an honest man, the ally recognizes the influence certain Jews have had in bringing multiculturalism to Sweden and are openly criticizing this. Allies from the Middle East are also anti-Zionists who want peace in their home countries so that as many of their compatriots as possible can return home.

An honourable ally understands that he cannot take up too much space in Swedish public life since the Swedes must be allowed to speak for themselves. Many alibis, on the other hand, want to take up as much space as possible to make themselves popular and be able to profit off of Swedish discontent with current policies. Instead of trying to make himself a hero in the eyes of the Swedes, the ally takes up the struggle for his own people and is trying to increase nationalism and the will to return home among his own countrymen.

It’s important for nationalist Swedes to understand that we must encourage racial aliens to become allies rather than alibis or pure enemies. Many racial aliens have their feet in both camps and must be pushed into the camp of allies by means of praise and criticism. An all-too-rabid and black-and-white attitude is probably counterproductive. If a person behaves as a good ally to a great extent, we must be a bit forgiving of occasional negative tendencies.

We must always keep in mind that the hostile minority and folk traitors who have opened our borders share the primary blame for the population replacement. All immigrants of course have a responsibility of their own for being here, but from a wider perspective neither the Swedish people nor the aliens living here are responsible for having created the miserable situation we find ourselves in. On the other hand, it is up to us to solve this situation, and the most constructive solution would be to create a broad consensus between the various ethnic groups crowded in Sweden that repatriation is the best solution for all parties.