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Anti-anarchist action in Aarhus


ACTIVISM. Extremist left-wing vandalism in Aarhus is met by the Nordic Resistance Movement’s call to fight against the red terror.

A spate of anarchist vandalism recently struck private residences in the Brabrand district of Aarhus, Denmark, where a number of people had their house facades, doors, windows, dustbins and cars daubed with the left-wing extremist anarchist “A” symbol.

The vandalism was at its worst on the roads of Hougårdsvej and Engdalsvej, as well as the Brabrandhallen sports hall, where banners with anti-white slogans had also been hung up.

Activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s activist group 303 subsequently visited the area to see the vandalism for themselves and to encourage the homeowners in the affected area to fight against the red terror.

Posters were put up and leaflets were distributed in the area with the message “Defend private property rights – Fight the Left’s anarchy”.