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Anti-EU – Pro-Europe


OPINION. Our English comrade Niall discusses the UK election results and what they could mean for the future of Europe.

I must admit, I am pleasantly surprised by the result of this election. My greatest fear was that there would be a hung parliament, prompting Labour to do a deal with the extreme far-left Scottish National Party (who want Scotland to leave the UK and rejoin the EU), that would result in the Brexit vote being overruled, and then having to watch as the British public sit around complaining without taking action. But it would seem that such a crisis has been avoided.

Not wishing to take away from the moment, but in the long run this victory might come to back bite us – the so-called Conservative Party of the UK are not populists, like Italy’s Salvini for example, but rather a rats’ nest of men and women with their hearts in their wallets. However, given that Brexit will strengthen the UK’s economy (the value of the Pound is skyrocketing), we can at least hope that the Conservatives deliver Brexit efficiently, if only because they stand to make money, rather than out of any genuine care for the British people.

This victory for Brexit may also present a future threat for the right – Labour’s leader Jeremy Corbyn has stepped down as head of the party, meaning we are now at risk of Labour electing a leader who has a personality that doesn’t resemble a damp rag, and therefore the chance of them actually getting elected has increased, if only slightly.

But, in all seriousness, we should celebrate this victory while we can. The British people, or perhaps more accurately, the English people, have voted for nationalism, for control, and for pride, sovereignty and self-governance. They have clearly show what they want the future of Britain to look like, and it is not an image of mindless conformity and government handouts. It is not an image of submission to foreign powers that hold we Englishmen, we Europeans, in utter contempt – a foreign power that have merchants and global finance pulling their strings as they flood Europe with invaders hostile to all that which we as Europeans hold dear.

In fact, the EU has gone as far as to make “European” a dirty word in and of itself. When I talk of Europe and Europeans, I talk not of economic treaties and faceless plutocrats hiding behind a thousand layers of bureaucracy, that dark spectre that has haunted civilisation since its inception. I talk not of imaginary lines drawn by politicians for their games of petty so-called “nationalism,” nor even of being European in the sense of modern culture.

To be European is to be descended from the greatest and most noble peoples to ever walk the Earth. It is not only to live in Europe, but to have built it with blood. Our homelands are paradises, and yet simultaneously some of the most hostile places on the planet, and only we Europeans have ever been able to tread that line.

However, while I think we’re right to celebrate this blow to those bureaucrats, we shouldn’t let ourselves get carried away. First of all, the Conservatives are not to be trusted in anything but the acquisition of money, money with which they might line both their and their puppet-masters’ pockets. It should be noted that many Conservative politicians simply want to be rid of the EU so that they can exchange their poorly paid and exploited Eastern European workers for African migrants, who they can get away with paying even less and exploiting even more. Do not mistake their desire to leave the EU for a genuine passion for the British people. If they find a way to sell out the native populations for more money, they will jump at such an opportunity.

Let us not forget that these are the same “Conservatives” who have presided over the banning of every nationalist group that dared advocate for our people, that approved the taxpayer-funded hormone therapy for children, and forces children as young as 6 to learn all about gay marriage – as well as having been the ones to legalise it in the first place.

The Conservative Amber Rudd wants to make “viewing far-right propaganda” punishable by up to 10 years in prison, being deliberately vague in her definition so that the label can be applied to any genuine nationalists who pose any kind of political threat to them.

Let it be said though, that I don’t believe the British public to have been deceived. The British public know what to expect from them, at least for the most part. This wasn’t a vote for Conservatives or their policies, this was a vote for Brexit. If the shoe were on the other foot, and it were Labour leading the charge against the bloated and corrupt EU, then perhaps it would be them celebrating a victory instead.

The British public have now made it even more abundantly clear that they wish to play no part in the EU, and have simply voted tactically to secure the most stable platform for Brexit.

There is a danger that we face as a whole, however. That is the danger of Brexit being used to placate the rising tide of genuine nationalism coming forth now in Britain, and all across Europe. The danger is that people will take this first victory and become complacent, believing all the work is done, keeping the Overton Window firmly in its place.

My fear is that once we leave the EU, people might not be as hungry for freedom from the chains placed upon us by these ruling classes. We need to make sure that we use this as a platform to push real nationalism and keep the snowball rolling and increasing in mass. If anything, our real work starts now, as we seize the moment and pull the European zeitgeist in our direction, rather than becoming complacent and allowing the “powers that be” to pervert the European man’s natural instinct to care for his people, and the healthy inclination towards nationalism that comes with it, in order that it might serve their own sinister ends.

We must be indefatigable and uncompromising until our goals are achieved and our people are truly free. We must now concentrate on keeping up the momentum, until every nation in Europe leaves this failing union of tyrant bankers, of Bolshevik dogs and crony-capitalists holding it hostage. From there we can look at forging a new United Europe, a union based not on paperwork and finance, but in our common blood. My hope is that Europeans have now tasted nationalism and pride once again, a`nd it will awaken a hunger that cannot be satiated with the petty placating of clamouring politicians and their ilk.

But what of those in the vocal minority who cry out against Brexit and the rise in nationalism across Europe and the world? They seem to have formed a kind of suicide cult similar to those Abrahamics who sit eagerly awaiting the death of the entire natural world. Their beliefs are no longer simply political ideas shaped by practical observation and experience, but rather sacred dogmas that cannot be called into question. They sit there, actively hoping for the country to completely collapse, because they want to be able to give a smug “I told you so” to the rest of us, so desperate are they to have their quasi-religious views validated after being proven wrong time and time again – and like any group of masochistic and backwards religious nut-jobs (as in Ken Ham’s creationists, not genuine traditional men of faith), when reality does not coincide with their pseudo-idealism, this only makes them double-down in their “faith.”

I could write and entire separate article on how left-wing politics, from the EU Remain campaign to Thunberg and her followers, function exactly like a modern death-cult, complete with a saviour, a judgement, and a dogmatic doctrine – but for now this will have to suffice.

Speaking of those voters and supporters of the EU, who are becoming a smaller and smaller minority with every passing day, which areas of Britain were most fanatical in their devotion to their EU overlords? Virtually all of Scotland, half of Northern Ireland, and of course the cesspool that calls itself “London.” Brexit, both the vote itself and this last election, have been decided almost entirely by the English and Welsh, but now the country finds itself at yet another crossroads.

The Scottish National Party now hold complete control over Scotland, and Sinn Fein have a good hold in Northern Ireland. There’s substantial reason to believe that the United Kingdom might collapse entirely. But if all of its political unions collapse, not only will the power our ruling class have over us be diminished, but the only union we Anglo-Saxons will have left is the only one that truly matters – the union of our noble blood.

My dream is to witness a domino effect that sees the EU have member state after member state withdraw from its union. And in its place, England might become again what she once was – a proud nation of old Roman ideals and strong Germanic blood, bringing us closer to other European peoples and nations than any group of faceless bureaucrats could ever have hoped to.

And this proves the eternal words of that greatest of Anglo Saxons still “echo through the ages”:

“And I say that England is not dead! England lives, and marches on!”