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ARISTOGENESIS #12: Interview with Dr Alexander Jacob


ARISTOGENESIS. This is the twelfth episode of Aristogenesis.

Join us for a second interview with Dr Alexander Jacob. In this episode we discuss how the idea of aristocratic rule consistently dominates the political and philosophical vision of great European thinkers, from the classical era until the decline of the great European empires in the 19th century.

We explore how fundamental aspects of ancient Indo-European metaphysics – considered the culmination of our peoples’ spiritual capacity – found new expression in German Idealism of the 18th and 19th centuries, and in the nationalistic regimes of the 20th century.

We examine the historical, religious and philosophical origins of anti-semitism and why some of the brightest minds of Europe propagated it and warned of the dangers of democracy and capitalism. Our discussion continues with the works and the political ideas of Richard Wagner; the inherent conflict of Christianity between its semitic foundations and its Aryan transformation; a comparison of the National Socialist and fascist regimes of Germany and Italy, respectively; as well as other subjects in which Dr Jacob enlightens us with his profound knowledge and his captivating narrative style.

In this episode: Nestor, Alan and Dr Alexander Jacob

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Further reading

  • The Foundations of the 19th Century – Houston Stewart Chamberlain
  • Judaism in Music – Richard Wagner
  • Art and Revolution – Richard Wagner
  • The Artwork of the Future – Richard Wagner
  • Richard Wagner, a Portrait – Lennart Svensson
  • Origins and Doctrine of Fascism – Giovanni Gentile
  • Prussianism and Socialism – Oswald Spengler

A classification of Dr Alexander Jacob’s studies and editions. For details we refer our listeners to the full reading list of the previous episode.

  • Anti-Semitic thinker: Eugen Dühring, Richard Wagner, H.S. Chamberlain
  • German Socialism / National Socialism: Werner Sombart, Alfred Rosenberg, Adolf Eichman, Egard Julius Jung, Gottfried Feder

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