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Aristogenesis #2 P2: The Hyperborean Myth


ARISTOGENESIS. This is the second episode, part 2, of the new English-speaking pod Aristogenesis.

Join us this episode for a look into the Hyperboreans as they appeared throughout mythology, poetry and the historical record of the ancients. We’ll also be looking into the importance of the Solstice celebrations, and the importance of sun worship amongst different Indo-European peoples.

In this episode: Freja, Nestor and Tyrus.

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Further reading


  • Heraclitus “The Fragments”
  • Plato “Timaios”
  • Plato “Politicos” (Statesman)
  • Pindar “The Odes”
  • Aristotle “On The Heavens”
  • Hesiod “Works and Days”
  • Hesiod “Theogony”
  • Apollonius Rhodius “Argonautica”
  • Pausanias “Description of Greece”
  • T.W. Rolleston “Celtic Myths and Legends”
  • “The Táin” (Táin Bó Cuailnge)
  • Mircea Eliade “The Myth of the Eternal Return”
  • Rene Guenon “The Crisis of the Modern World”
  • Stephen Hill “The Roots of European Thought”
  • More coming shortly
  • ..

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