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ARISTOGENESIS #3: Initiation of the Hero


ARISTOGENESIS. This is the third episode of Aristogenesis.

In this episode of Aristogenesis Tyrus and Nestor explore the ancient Indo-Europeans, their lifestyle, and their perception of heroism. Freja then takes us through the initiatory rites that helped our ancestors become the heroes that they were, and the heroes we must become.

In this episode: Freja, Nestor and Tyrus.

Further reading

    • Heroic Cults in Ancient Greece and Ideas of Immortality
      Lewis R. Farnell
    • The Genius of Alexander the Great
      N. G. L. Hammond
    • The Anabasis of Alexander
    • Politics
    • Life of Lycurgus
    • Nos Book of the Resurrection
      Miguel Serrano
    • El/Ella: Book of Magic Love
      Miguel Serrano
    • The Maiden with the Mead
      “A goddess of initiation in Norse mythology”
      Maria Kvilhaug
    • Fornnordisk ordbok
      Åke Ohlmarks
    • Individuation, Process and Scientific Practices.
      Carl G. Jung
    • The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
      Carl G. Jung.

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