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ARISTOGENESIS #7: Origin Myths – The Mycenaean Civilization


ARISTOGENESIS. This is the seventh episode of Aristogenesis.

For this episode we continue our journey into the Origin Myths of the early Aryans as Nestor recounts the rise and fall of the mighty Mycenaeans of the Hellenic Bronze Age. The first well-documented Aryan kingdom in Europe, whose rich archaeological and cultural footprint allows for a detailed and revealing glimpse of our ancestors’ life, traditions and ethos in the times of the distant and obscure Bronze Age, 4,000 years ago! The conquest of south-eastern Europe brought the early Hellenes into the sphere of powerful ancient cultures, and the chronicles of their interactions shaped the legends who would become the essence of the immortal Hellenic myths and an invigorating and monumental heritage of the ancient Aryan world.

In this episode: Nestor

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Further reading

  • The Greeks and Their Heritages, Arnold J. Toynbee
  • The Mycenaean Origin of Greek Mythology, Martin P. Nilsson
  • The Mycenaean World, John Chadwick
  • Warfare in Ancient Greece, Tim Everson
  • The Mycenaeans. Life in Bronze Age Greece, Rodney Castleden
  • 1177 BC: The Year Civilisation Collapsed, Eric H. Cline

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