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Banner action and planning meeting in Sweden’s Nest 5


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Nest 5 held a banner action against the population exchange in a windy Dalarna, followed by an activist group meeting.

Nest 5 NRM banner action, Falun, Sweden

Nest 5 activists went to a bridge just outside Falun for a banner action on Saturday 26 March. The first part of the day brought very windy weather and a warming spring sun. There were also a lot of drivers out on the roads on the day, which ensured the Resistance men received a good deal of positive feedback throughout the activity. A number of pedestrians also approached the activists and discussed various everyday political concerns.

Nest 5 NRM banner action, Falun, Sweden
“Stop the Population Replacement”

The message for the day was simple. The participants held up a banner with two national runes either side of the words “Stop the Population Replacement”. Despite the simplicity of the banner, its words have great importance. In the below excerpt from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s political programme Our Path, the population replacement is described as follows:

Our racial survival and freedom is the most important goal of the political efforts of the Nordic Resistance Movement. Against this goal there are many threats, including the most alarming and urgent today which is the mass immigration of foreign races to the Nordic countries. This, in combination with the current lower birth rate of Nordic women in comparison to immigrants, and the fact that the immigrated foreigners sometimes conceive with Nordic women and men, results in the diminishing of the ethnically Nordic population in relation to the non-Nordic population. The so-called multiculturalism and mass immigration is in actuality a physical displacement and genocide of the Nordic people.

Our Path, 2016, p.12

Nordic Resistance Movement against the sky

After the banner action was complete, the activists gathered at a comrade’s house for an activist group meeting, where a lot of matters were discussed. A year in the struggle is very long and contains various types of activities a Nest must conduct. In addition to carrying out the activities, new ones must be planned, while old activities need to be reviewed.

NRM Nest 5 planning meeting

When the year’s most pressing events had been planned, and the attendees had consumed a hearty dinner, everyone said their goodbyes until the next activity.