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Banner action in Aarhus


ACTIVISM. Danish activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement carried out a banner drop from a bridge in the city of Aarhus on Saturday.

Activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement conducted a “Mass Immigration = Genocide” banner drop from a motorway bridge in Aarhus, Denmark, on Saturday. The message in this age of corona was clear: A virus can kill a huge number of people, but mass immigration is a real genocide and is still the greatest threat to our folk.

The future we face is one in which whites are becoming a minority in white countries. This is not something that happens naturally – rather it is driven by politics led by the traitors in parliament.

If mass immigration continues, it will not only mean an increase in assaults, rapes, robberies and insecurity on the streets, but over time it will ultimately mean the extinction of white people.

We have recently seen how individual families want to protect themselves and manage to do so in the face of the corona crisis. However, we are facing a threat much greater than a pandemic. Now is the time to take care not only of your close family, but of your large family, of your entire people.