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Banner action in Randers: “The People First!”


ACTIVISM. Activists in Randers, Denmark, held a banner action to urge passing motorists to join the struggle of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

A small group of activists were in Randers on Friday 25 September with a call to the people to join the struggle for a free Nordic Nation.

On their banner was the message: “The people first! Take part in the struggle!”

The Nordic Resistance Movement is a National Socialist activism organisation that fights for the dissemination of the National Socialist worldview and for a shift in power to a National Socialist public administration.

National Socialism always puts the people first! The people before the economy. The people before capitalism. The people before trade agreements. The people before the enslavement of interest. The people before “international obligations”. It is the National Socialist state’s foremost duty to defend and preserve the people who in every way constitute the nation and ultimately the state.

National Socialism is a folk community. A fellowship consisting of the people – defined as biological kinsmen, and not as mass immigration’s imported “new Danes”.

More and more Danes are waking up to the realisation that the current political system does not put the people first.

Join the fellowship and fight for your people’s future!