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BitChute bans the Nordic Resistance Movement


CENSORSHIP. The “free speech” video website BitChute has banned the Nordic Resistance Movement’s account and a large number of other Resistance Movement videos.

BitChute has banned the Nordic Resistance Movement’s official channel, the NRM radio channel and has deleted a large number of videos uploaded by other users featuring the Resistance Movement in what appears to be a mass wave of censorship.

The “free speech” video site replaced the Nordic Resistance Movement’s account with the following message on Thursday:

Your channel has been blocked for breaching the BitChute Community Guidelines.

An email was sent to your registered email address detailing the reasoning behind this decision.

If you have not received it, or wish to appeal against the decision, then please contact us.

However, despite this claim, no emails have been received to our registered email address from BitChute. In addition, no warnings or notifications about our videos were received by the Resistance Movement from BitChute prior to the ban.

This is not the first instance of BitChute censoring legitimate content on its site. Recently, BitChute blocked a number of popular channels in various countries, forcing users to use a VPN in order to view them. The censorship followed BitChute’s statement in July in which they “encouraged organizations like Hope Not Hate” (a UK-based “anti-racist” organisation) to “help them improve their processes”.

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