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Propaganda offensive against the homo lobby in Bergen

ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement conducted further activism against the political homo lobby in Bergen last weekend.

NRM campaign against the homo lobby in Bergen, Norway

Members and activists from Norway’s Nest 3 conducted another propaganda offensive against the political homo lobby in Bergen, in response to the so-called “Rainbow Days”, which are being held in the city throughout June.

A large number of posters were put up, and a lot of leaflets were distributed. The action passed peacefully and without confrontations.

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Photos from the action:

NRM campaign against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM campaign against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM campaign against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM campaign against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, NorwayNRM poster against the homo lobby in Bergen, Norway

National Day celebrations in Sweden’s Nest 3

NATIONAL DAY. Members and activists from Nest 3 celebrated Sweden’s National Day in a spirit of folk community on 6 June, with much food and drink.

Nest 3 National Day celebration dinner

In the warm summer sun, members, activists and sympathisers gathered on National Day to honour Sweden and the Nordic motherland.

The Nest had prepared a feast for the big day, with a lot of meat accompanied by a tasty pasta salad. While the meat cooked on the grill, some of the attendees took the opportunity to shoot air rifles, while others sat and chatted in the sun.

Before enjoying the food, Tobias Malvå held a short opening speech with an homage to the Swedish people and their illustrious history.

Tobias Malvå speaks at Nest 3 National Day meeting

Next it was time for a game of kubb, in which one team completely wiped the floor with the other. Perhaps the roles will be reversed next time? Whatever happens, the losers will now have the opportunity to practise their skills and hone their throwing techniques before the next match!

Afterwards the group sang the national anthem, “Song to the North”, in unison. The national anthem was written in the mid-19th century, during a prevailing spirit of Scandinavianism, and serves as a tribute to the Nordic countries.

Sebastian Elofsson speaks at Nest 3 National Day meeting

Sebastian Elofsson then gave a fiery speech about the Nordic Resistance Movement’s struggle to create a Nordic realm that unites all of the Scandinavian peoples.

An excerpt from Elofsson’s speech:

The old Sweden is long gone and will never come back. But out of the ashes, the united Nordic Nation will rise, and a new age of greatness will begin for the Swedes and the people of the North.

We want a state where Northmen, in their common endeavour to create, stand united against both external and internal threats. We want to establish a true people’s state, where the strong help the weak to achieve their full potential.

We want to see a strong farmer-class with renewed faith in the future; we want to see proud workers and innovative, driven entrepreneurs – all together with the nation’s best interests in mind. The workers of hand and mind side by side!

Out with egoism! Away with the class struggle! Death to liberalism, Marxism and feminism!

Our coming state will only look to the family, the people and the fatherland. These are our holy sacraments; everything else is secondary or of no significance at all.

After the speech, it was time for some troubadour music, with Stefan Viljehammar singing songs from the new album Motstånd (Resistance).

The celebrations continued for a couple of hours, with air rifle shooting and pleasant discussions in the beautiful weather, before everyone headed home.

NRM flag flying on National Day

Outdoors activity in Stockholm

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. Members and activists from Sweden’s Nest 1 went to the forests of Stockholm County for the first in a series of outdoor activities specifically focused on survival last month.

As this was the first outing, the bar was set quite low so that even completely inexperienced participants could attend and have the chance to learn the basics.

The day began early, south of Stockholm, with all the participants meeting at a car park for a quick rundown of what could be expected from the weekend. The first task of the trip was for all the attendees to unpack their backpacks and lay the contents neatly and tidily on the ground. This was so the Nest Chief could see what everyone had brought with them and ask the participants why they had brought the items in question and what they thought was the most important thing to have with them.

Those who didn’t think water was the most important had to leave it behind, which meant the others had to share their water with them, giving everyone less to sustain themselves on the journey.

When a selection of things had been removed, either because the object in question was already plentiful in other comrades’ backpacks, or because it was simply not important for the season and weather, everyone had to unpack their equipment again. This time they had to think specifically about where everything should be placed in the backpack in order to facilitate access to more necessary items, opposed to those that would only be needed after making camp.

Swedish forest near StockholmThe hike started at the far end of the Sörmland trail. According to the weather forecast, rain was expected throughout much of the day, yet no clouds were visible when setting off. The first part of the hike took the group through forests and marshes. Everyone exhibited a positive attitude and discussed anything and everything as they went.

After an hour and a half, the promised rain finally came, with Thor making himself known in the distance via the sound of roaring thunderclaps. However, the rain didn’t last long and receded after just half an hour..

Two and a half hours after departure, the group reached the planned endpoint and began looking for a suitable place to set up camp. They soon found an appropriate spot next to a lake, with some bare ground and plenty of trees to fasten the tarpaulin they had brought with them.

After a short lunch break, work began in preparation for the trials of the weekend. Firewood was collected and sawn, fireplaces were constructed, tarpaulins and hammocks were set up between the trees, and various edible plants were sought out.

Camping in Swedish forest near StockholmNext, the first training exercise of the weekend began, which focused on first aid. A member spoke about the importance of always having a first aid kit with you when you go out into the woods, and what a kit should contain. Many different types of potential injuries were discussed, as well as how to treat them – everything from cuts, severed limbs, burns and hypothermia. Some treatments were also practised in front of the participants.

The group then quickly moved on to the next subject: making a fire. The comrade who gave the training explained two very important things to keep in mind when going out into the woods: Always keep your fire-lighting instrument dry and close to your body, and always carry a fire-starting material with you, such as birch bark.

Many different materials for fire-lighting were reviewed and tested – including ones that can be found in nature and ones that can be brought from home (for those wanting to play it safe). The importance of constructing a fire the right way was also stressed – i.e., not piling large sticks on immediately and expecting them to light.

Finally, one of the many ways of building a fire from scratch was demonstrated. This method made it easy to control the oxygen supply to the fire in its early stages, enabling full combustion and avoiding smoke.

Swedish forest and lake near StockholmThe next training exercise focused on edible items you can find in nature when you don’t have your own provisions. As it was still early summer, the availability in nature’s larder was a little deficient. However, the comrades managed to gather some ground elder and spruce shoots, which were boiled to make a tasty soup. They also found small reed shoots that can be eaten raw, two different lichens that need to be slow-cooked in a pot over a fire to be edible, and spruce needles to make tea.

Camping in Swedish forest near StockholmWhen the training was over for the day, the men gathered around the campfire. Here everyone could prepare the food they had brought with them, as the foraged plants didn’t provide a great deal of nourishment after a long day’s hiking and toil.

Many lively discussions were had, and when darkness fell, one comrade took out a song book filled with various nationalist songs. Group singing took place around the fire in the darkness, and when all the songs were finished, several of the participants took the initiative to perform other songs, with everyone singing the best they could until it was time to go to bed.

The comrades got up at their own pace the next morning, some much earlier than others, until the Nest Chief shouted, “Rise and shine!” to those who liked a lie-in a bit too much. Breakfast was consumed, and as much gear as possible was packed into the backpacks before the next item on the agenda.

Water purification would now be reviewed and practised. Drinkable water can almost always be produced by boiling lake water, even if it doesn’t normally taste pleasant. Water purification tablets are another way to neutralise potentially dangerous microbes in naturally occurring water sources. This time, however, the group had no equipment with them and had to improvise a little.

What was available was coal from the campfire, which was crushed into small pieces, and sand that was dug out of the ground next to the camp. These were placed in a plastic bottle, with coal at the bottom and sand at the top, with holes made in the bottom of the bottle. Lake water was then slowly poured into the bottle, gradually dripping into a receptacle covered with a piece of cloth. The filtered water looked and tasted much better than before filtration; however, this process is not sufficient to remove bacteria and other substances, so the water also had to be boiled in order to be suitable for consumption.

Swedish forest near Stockholm

Afterwards, it was time to pack up the rest of the camp and start heading home. Walking in bright sunshine, the men went back the same way they had come the day before, a little more tired and tender in the legs, but filled with new knowledge and comradeship. Two and a half hours later they were back in the same car park where they had started the hike.

All the participants felt satisfied with the weekend and were happy to have participated. Further outdoor activities will be carried out in the Nest in the near future.

“Find our roots not in historical past but in the skies”


Excerpt from ARISTOGENESIS #8: Askr Svarte Interview 1

The People’s State

IDEOLOGY. Sebastian Elofsson writes about the National Socialist people’s state.

Classical Roman frieze

In my article on the National Socialist rule of law, I explored some of the areas describing how the new state the Nordic Resistance Movement wishes to build differs fundamentally from the current state. This article complements the former by expanding on this topic.

The Swedish state in its current guise is both illegitimate and corrupt. It is a state that murders its own people through mass immigration, and a state that sells out its people’s shared resources to foreign profiteers.

The Nordic Resistance Movement does not desire a state that merely fulfils the function of an upholder of order and guardian of important infrastructure, and we do not want a state filled with narrow-minded bureaucrats. Our vision of the state is something else entirely.

In our eyes, the state is the foremost tool for the preservation of the people’s racial and cultural character, and thus the precondition for their continued existence. Because the state is the people – organised and united.

The principles of leadership and responsibility

The National Socialist state is an authoritarian state with a strong popular influence. Its only task is to serve the people, to look after their common interests – and not the other way around, like today, when the people exist to serve the state.

The politicians that constitute the current state are nothing but criminal parasites who exploit their own people for personal gain – for power, status and money. They are people without honour or morals, people who would not hesitate to sell their own mothers if it benefited them.

A modern politician’s career is built on lies and betrayal. In fact, this is the very precondition for even being able to become a successful politician today – the ability to pull the wool over people’s eyes effectively. Honesty, competence, will and a strong loyalty to the people are completely irrelevant. Such a statesman or parliamentarian would not last long in the political arena.

In a so-called “democratic” state, irresponsibility and anarchy are coded into the system. Neither parliament nor the government is held accountable for its actions. Corrupt and incompetent politicians quarrel among themselves over power, and turn the people against one another with false promises about various reforms that will never come to pass.

Conversely, a National Socialist state is characterised by a robust government with   strong leaders who take full responsibility for the consequences of their decisions.

The leaders of the National Socialist state are therefore elected according to their self-sacrifice, their ability to take responsibility, and their proven competence. The “politicians” in an NS state stand in sharp contrast to today’s politicians. It isn’t possible to make a “career” from being a politician in a National Socialist society, because it would be punishable under laws of treason to sell one’s own people and their resources for one’s own gain via lies and betrayal.

A National Socialist state also entails having the power to make important decisions quickly, without bureaucratic obstacles, when the situation demands it. The “democratic” process is very slow and therefore inefficient. Decisions that could be made almost immediately can take several years before they are implemented. Proposed bills must be processed by every possible authority and committee before they can be enforced.

If a company, for example, were to be managed in this way, it would soon fall apart and go bankrupt. It goes without saying that a state apparatus, which in practice can actually be regarded as one gigantic company, cannot be governed in this way either.

The political leaders in a National Socialist state therefore have extensive powers to make decisions. But with this increased power also comes a far greater responsibility. Every political leader is held personally responsible for his actions.

It must be possible for the political leaders to be removed from office and even prosecuted if necessary. Here the People’s Court fulfils an extremely important function in preventing the abuse of power.

It is the task of the People’s Court to adjudicate in cases of high treason and treason to the people and country, and thereby ensure that the National Socialist constitution is upheld. The constitution becomes the framework to which every political leader must adhere in his role as a decision-maker. Every political decision must be in accordance with the fundamental laws of the constitution.

Policy-making referenda on multiple issues that affect the people in their daily lives – and a popularly elected parliament with considerable power – are also of the utmost importance in order to combat corruption and guarantee a strong popular influence.

A national community

The National Socialist state is a People’s State – a state composed of the people. Its leaders and representatives arise from the great masses and not from a small, self-appointed wealthy elite, whose ambitions are to make themselves even richer at the people’s expense.

In the People’s State, it’s possible for even the poorest person to reach the highest position of responsibility in the state if he merely possesses the right qualities; if he just proves that he is a man of action who is responsible, competent and prepared to sacrifice everything for his people’s well-being.

It is also possible for all citizens to choose whichever career path in life they desire, regardless of social background, with said path of course being tied to the natural differences that exist between us.

We want a strong spirit of community that permeates all of society. We want to see workers, business leaders, farmers and academics working together for the good of the nation. The workers of hand and mind side by side.

The National Socialist state prioritises the whole people as a collective unit; the needs of the individual always come second. It is a state that ensures the individual can achieve his or her full potential as a part of the national community.

This means that one of the state’s foremost duties – apart from working for the preservation and development of the race – is to take care of the people’s material and social needs. Healthcare, schools, banking, public infrastructure and basic industry are owned by the state and thus by the people.

These essential aspects of society must not be neglected or become the object of foreign or domestic private speculation. The state must manage and protect the people’s shared property and ensure that this benefits the entire people.

At the same time, we care about free enterprise, about the opportunity for the individual to start a company; advance it, either on their own or with the help of employees; and see it flourish.

Here, too, we want to see a spirit of community, in which employees and employers actually help each other to drive their company forwards instead of trying to take advantage of each other financially. All forms of destructive class struggle must be counteracted. The employer is nothing without his employees, and vice versa. Unity within the company – competition in the market.

A big difference compared to today is that in the future we do not want to see large multinational companies that eliminate all small enterprises, buy up all domestic production and act as states within the state. This international predatory capitalism spreading in society must be fought!

The national community must permeate the whole society. Out with the class struggle! Away with the prevailing egocentrism! What unites our people is the common blood, our race. The cleaner, the hospital orderly, the farmer, the company manager and the academic all share the same blood. We are ONE people with a joint future, whether we like it or not. We must therefore once again become a strong and united people in order to tackle the many trials of the present and the future.

The Nordic people’s state we wish to build is a state that prioritises the Nordic people’s survival and freedom above all else. It is a state with proactive and responsible leaders who safeguard the common interests of the people. It is a state based on the following principle: The state is the people, and the people are the state.

National Socialists in Finland honour Eugen Schauman

FINLAND. We just recently received a message that appears to be from sympathisers of the banned Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement. We hereby publish the letter in full:

Eugen Schauman

At 11 o’clock, to the tunes of Jean Sibelius’s Finlandia, autonomous Nordic National Socialists honoured the Finnish national hero and freedom fighter Eugen Schauman at his final resting place in Porvoo/Borgå. The tradition of remembering Eugen Schauman goes back further than the declaration of independence of the State of Finland.

In 1904, at 11 o’clock on 16 June, Eugen Schauman committed the desperate act of assassinating Governor-General Nikolai Ivanovich Bobrikov to help free the Finnish people from the yoke of foreign imperialism. He then killed himself, so that his sacrifice would be total.

The Governor-General was seen as the reason for the oppression of the Finnish folk.

This day, we in the Finnish resistance remember the total sacrifice of the martyr Eugen Schauman – and will continue to do so in the future under the green flag of Nordic freedom.

Andreas Johansson on Full Haus

RADIO. Nordic Frontier host Andreas Johansson appeared on the Full Haus podcast on 15 June to talk all things parenting, the Nordic Resistance Movement, National Socialism and more.

Full Haus podcastListen to the episode below:

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Gothenburg Trials: The Supreme Court will not pursue the attempt to ban the Resistance Movement


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Supreme Court announced on 10 June that it will uphold the Court of Appeal’s acquittal of the Nordic Resistance Movement in the Gothenburg Trials.

Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration in Gothenburg, Sweden

During the so-called Gothenburg Trials, the system attempted to make it illegal for the Nordic Resistance Movement to conduct public activism, which in practice would have led to a ban on the organisation. The trials were a result of a report by the apparatchik Erik Nord, the chief of Gothenburg Police.

Erik Nord attempted to frighten the public away from attending the Nordic Resistance Movement’s authorised demonstration in Gothenburg in September 2017 by making the threat that participants would be guilty of incitement to racial hatred.

Nord said to SVT prior to the demonstration: “The recommendation to those who demonstrate is that if you do not want to break the law, do not appear in uniform, do not march in step and do not shout slogans in unison. We will arrest those who are guilty of incitement to racial hatred on the spot. A demonstration is not a free zone.”

In a now deleted press release, he also stated: “This might include uniform clothing or clothing of a certain type and colour, certain attributes or emblems, and a uniform appearance; for example, marching in step with flags and shields. There is scope to take into account various factors in an overall judgement, even if each person individually is not considered to be spreading a message of a particular kind in the eyes of the law.”

Nordic Resistance Movement defendants at the Gothenburg Trials

Fourteen participants in the demonstration were charged with incitement to racial hatred in accordance with Erik Nord’s statement – including Pär Öberg and Fredrik Vejdeland from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s National Council. If they had been convicted, more people would have likely been prosecuted, and it would have been a big step towards completely banning the Nordic Resistance Movement from operating on the streets and squares. However, all of the accused were acquitted in both the District Court and the Court of Appeal.

The prosecutor appealed the case to the Supreme Court, which on Thursday announced that it will not pursue the case but will instead let the Court of Appeal’s acquittal come into legal force.

Germany Calling: Resistance against Germany’s corona politics grows

GERMANY CALLING. Our correspondent from Der III. Weg reports on the anti-lockdown demonstrations in Germany and how the politics of Der III. Weg are connecting with the people.

Der Dritte Weg anti-corona lockdown graphic
Der III. Weg leaflet: “The system is more dangerous than corona!”

The people in Germany are suffering under the criminal politics of the corona crisis. The government is removing the people’s rights, and the lockdown has caused many problems for businessmen, workers, children, pensioners and more. But not everybody is just sitting at home and accepting the situation…

Demonstrations across the country

Der Dritte Weg anti-lockdown demonstration
A Der III. Weg rally against coronavirus lockdown measures in Siegen, Western Germany

More and more people are fed up with losing their rights, wearing masks and living like prisoners who are only allowed to go to work. As such, there is a huge movement of people taking to the streets to fight for their rights. But it isn’t just nationalists who are demonstrating. Many different people across all classes and from all parts of society are there together on the streets. Even people who were not previously interested in politics have started to fight for their rights.

Members of Germany’s leading revolutionary movement – Der III. Weg – are very used to demonstrating, so they are joining the demonstrations and showing the people that they are willing to fight for their rights. The demonstrations are excellent places to hand out leaflets and brochures of the political party to the people. It’s a good way to get in contact with people and tell them about the movement and the political aims of Der III. Weg.

Der Dritte Weg anti-corona lockdown activism
A Der III. Weg member distributes information at an anti-lockdown demonstration in Karlsruhe

The people are becoming criminalised

Members of nationalist movements are well aware that the media and politicians are always trying to stigmatise them, but regular members of society have little experience of such treatment. However, this is exactly what normal people are currently undergoing. The people just want their rights back, and the media and politicians are slandering them for it. The mass media is telling their consumers that all the protesters are Nazis, even if they don’t have anything to do with politics.

So the people are learning that the system is a system of injustice and that it’s not possible to say what you want. Freedom of speech is a dream, and reality demonstrates something totally different. If your opinion contradicts that of the establishment, the media and politicians will call you a Nazi. Terms like these are used to shut people up.

Der Dritte Weg anti-lockdown demonstration
Der III. Weg members protest the lockdown laws in Germany during their May Day 2021 demonstration in Chemnitz
Der Dritte Weg anti-lockdown demonstration
“Get out on the streets! Question this madness! Support our struggle!”

Media lies

The first demonstrations took place in 2020. In Berlin, tens of thousands of people came to protest against the corona lockdown politics. The media lied about the numbers of protesters and told the people that only right-wing extremists were there, but thousands of people who were present saw the truth for themselves. This led to the people losing more and more trust in the mass media. Of course, the government sent their undercover troublemakers to the events to cause riots so the TV cameras could catch footage of “violent protestors” to broadcast to the nation. This tactic is something nationalists know very well. But now regular people are recognising what is going on behind the scenes.

Anti-lockdown demonstration march in Kassel, Germany, 20 March 2021:

All of these factors are leading to a fusion of the resistance against the government. People who previously did not cooperate are now on the streets together. People are getting more and more dissatisfied with the current state of affairs, and more open minded to nationalist positions. This is where Germany’s leading revolutionary movement, Der III. Weg, can converse with the people and show them their vision of a better Germany. A crisis like this is a perfect breeding ground for nationalist politics.

Der Dritte Weg anti-lockdown activism
Der III. Weg anti-lockdown activism in Treptow-Köpenick, Berlin

ARISTOGENESIS #8: Askr Svarte Interview 1


ARISTOGENESIS. This is the eighth episode of Aristogenesis.

In this episode of Aristogenesis, join Nestor and our newest recruit – Alan (from Nordic Frontier) – for the first part of a series of interviews with Askr Svarte (Evgeny Nechkasov).

Askr is a Traditionalist philosopher, founder of the Svarte Aske pagan community. Author of multiple books on the Germanic-Scandinavian tradition, pagan theology and Traditionalist philosophy, as well as dozens of polemical articles and essays in which he criticizes New Age, left-liberal and postmodern currents in Western and Russian neopaganism. A descendant of Bessarabian Germans, exiled to Siberia in the first half of the 20th century, he lives permanently in the city of Novosibirsk in West Siberia, Russia.

Our interviews will be based on his latest book, which has recently been translated into English: Polemos: The Dawn of Pagan Traditionalism. We will be discussing matters regarding the Perennial Tradition, ancient paganism and its modern reconstruction, myth, culture and politics. We will try to examine if and where the paths of Traditionalist philosophy, ancestral wisdom and paganism meet with political activism, and how these seemingly different approaches can complete, enhance and benefit from one another, as well as other interesting topics and subjects.

In this episode: Nestor, Alan and Askr Svarte


Further reading

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    The Crisis of the Modern World
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    Images and Symbols: Studies in Religious Symbolism
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    The Myth of the Eternal Return: Cosmos and History
  • Ananda Coomaraswamy:
    Figures of Speech or Figures of Thought?: The Traditional View of Art
    What Is Civilisation?
    Time and Eternity

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The Revolution Begins with You leaflet

The Revolution Begins with You! New leaflet from the Nordic Resistance...

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement has just produced a new hard-hitting leaflet for distribution across Sweden. Entitled ‘The Revolution Begins with You’, it...
Drawing of the Nordic Resistance Movement flags with the Tyr rune symbol

Our symbols

Achieving Final Victory

Race – Not Country