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Become a participant in life!


OPINION. Activist Cedric Höglund has listened to the speech “The Gift of Life” by Dr. William Pierce and explains how important it is for the Nordic people to stop being spectators and to start taking part in life.

I recently watched a video that really stuck in my mind. It was a video by Dr. William Pierce in which he spoke about how most people don’t live their own lives but are just spectators of other people’s lives.

Dr. William Pierce, who sadly passed away in 2002, was for a long time a leading figure in the nationalist movement in America. He was known for his ability to predict the more anti-white developments of society, and for his wisdom on how to wage the struggle. He authored two books, The Turner Diaries and Hunter, which I recommend all National Socialists to read. The Swedish versions are available at Greenpilled.com. Of course his speeches are also well worth listening to. For example, Pierce says:

“This wonderful gift of life that we have, what does it mean? What is its real value? Is it simply a collection of sensations, of feelings that we get as spectators? I’m sure that for many people that’s what life is. […] The more enjoyable the things they see as spectators, the better their lives are.”

Back then, almost 20 years ago (and no doubt even before that), there were people who just like today sat glued to their monitors and TV screens or in football stands and cinemas. Instead of living their own lives, these people were just spectators of other people’s lives, in many cases of bad fictional TV-characters’ lives. This way of life has not improved, rather the opposite. Today more white people are spectators than ever before. They haven’t just increased in number, but the quality of what these spectators are watching has also become increasingly worse.

Nowadays I meet people who sit for several hours each day and consume anti-white TV shows on Netflix, idiotic videos on YouTube or other people’s pictures of food on Instagram. This is most likely not a temporary phase undertaken by many young Nordic people in a bid to pass time, but something many live for. They go to work and make money just so they can come home and consume what other people have achieved and want to achieve, without any thought of what they themselves want to achieve in life.

But is this really strange? In today’s society Nordic and white people in general are not wanted, according to the media. Schools and big corporations are advocating daily for our people’s replacement and further decadence.

It’s not strange that a white man or woman chooses to follow someone else’s life to avoid living their own, which, in their opinion, often has no meaning. Maybe it’s just easier to be a character in a TV series or game, dreaming of an alternative world filled with happiness and caring communities, where you can be the hero instead of the villain.

We in the Nordic Resistance Movement can count ourselves lucky, as we woke up early from the indoctrination, realized the truth and found meaning in the life of the struggle. Just as with Dr. Pierce, our work is to continue the fight, which we do by waking up more people of the white race and by making our people realize they can be heroes in life and not just in fictional games.

The Resistance Movement’s activists are not spectators; rather we are very much active participants in life.

To participate does not mean you only do what is necessary for yourself, but that you undertake actions for the greater good of our race, our people and humanity in general. Take heed of these activities and their impact on the future for white civilization. It’s time for the rest of the Nordic people to leave the sidelines and start to participate in the march for our people’s survival and freedom.

Just as Dr. Pierce said:

“For those of us today who do want to participate in life, who want to live significant lives, there is no more significant activity in which to participate than working to assure a healthy future for our people, for our European race. […] Don’t try to be a ‘smart guy’ by continuing to cheer from the sidelines but refusing to join the team and get out on the field. Stand up and become a participant in life! Make of your life a model that people will remember and talk about long after you’re gone.”

Nest 3 warn the public about local paedophile

ACTIVISM. On Tuesday 24th March, activists from Nest 3 warned the people of Kristianstad about a local paedophile, Jimmy Nilsson, who was recently released from prison.

Nest 3 NRM activism, raising awareness of convicted paedophile
“Beware of Jimmy Nilsson – Convicted paedophile in your local area”

Jimmy Nilsson was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment in 2015 for aggravated rape against children, aggravated sexual assaults against children, child pornography offences and the taking of illicit photographs. He has previously worked at over 30 nursery schools in the Kristianstad area but was not caught until summer 2015 when he groped a 10-year-old girl while working at the High Chapparal theme park in Småland. When the police raided Nilsson’s home, they found 300 pairs of children’s underwear and a mass of child pornography. The children he assaulted were mostly been between the ages of one and three years old. Nilsson, who admitted all of the charges and cooperated with the police, has now been released into society after serving four years of his sentence.

The Nordic Resistance Movement regards the release of this sick person by the Swedish legal system after just four years as a betrayal of all his victims and society in general. As such, activists from Nest 3 responded by distributing leaflets and putting up stickers and banners around Kristianstad to inform people and warn them about Jimmy Nilsson.

Most of the material was distributed in residential areas where lots of families live but also at schools and other places where there are children and youths who could be exposed to Jimmy Nilsson. Banners were put up at the major entrance roads to Kristianstad.

The original leaflet and an English translation can be read below:

Beware of the Paedophile Jimmy Nilsson

This is Nils JIMMY Daniel Nilsson (19741227-3539). In 2015 he was sentenced to seven years’ imprisonment for aggravated sexual assaults and aggravated rape against children, child pornography offences and illicit photography. He has previously worked at as many as 32 nursery schools around Kristianstad, where he lived. The children he assaulted were mostly between the ages of one and three years old. When the police raided his home, they found large quantities of child pornography and 300 pairs of children’s underwear. Jimmy Nilsson has admitted the crimes.

Now, after four years, Swedish society believes Jimmy has atoned for his heinous crimes and has let this sick person go free. This is naturally a big problem as he will now be a great danger to young children again. We therefore want to inform people about who Jimmy is and what he has done in order to prevent him from continuing to assault defenceless children and to make it harder for him to live a peaceful life after his actions.

Swedish society and its institutions forgive what Jimmy has done. The Nordic Resistance Movement does not.

Nest 5 raise awareness of ABB-imported rapists in Ludvika

ACTIVISM. On Saturday an activity was held to inform the people of Ludvika about the recently convicted rapists who were imported to Sweden by the ABB corporation.

“ABB import rapists!”

The public activity was held in central Ludvika to inform local people that ABB imported two rapists to the town: Vijay Arumugam and Enam Khan.

Both men were employed at the ABB plant in Ludvika and were recently convicted for the rape of a woman in May 2019. They were sentenced to just 2.5 years and 3 years in prison, respectively. News of the case has been suppressed by the company and local media.

ABB in Ludvika are known for accommodating a large number of imported workers, including everyone from specialists to regular manual workers. According to ABB, Swedes do not have the competence to operate their plant in Ludvika, but the reality is that imported labour brings state and municipal funding, which can make mass immigration very lucrative.

Before the 2018 election, ABB also led an aggressive agitation campaign against the Nordic Resistance Movement and in favour of continued mass immigration. In an article in Svenska Dagbladet, they were said to be establishing a “united front” against the Nordic Resistance Movement together with other companies who profit from mass immigration.

During the activity, activists stood in central parts of Ludvika with a banner and gave out leaflets at various locations, including outside the Systembolaget store.

Nordfront has been in contact with Markus Nordh, who leads Nest 5’s activist group, to ask some questions about the day’s activity.

How did the activity go?

The activity went well overall, despite the current climate caused by the Coronavirus. There were somewhat fewer people in town than on a usual Saturday, but many were in need of buying refreshments as normal. A large quantity of leaflets were distributed, and our banner got good exposure, as there were a lot of cars driving about.

How did people react to the information about the rapes?

You could see that people had something else on their minds. No one had any strong feelings in any direction.

Was there anything especially memorable that happened during the day?

The best thing about the day was probably meeting a nationalist from Uppsala who was very happy that we are holding our 1 May demonstration in the city.

Are more activities planned for the future?

There will of course be more activities going forwards. The struggle never rests.

Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

I would encourage all readers to join our demonstration in Uppsala on 1 May. It’s the least someone can do for their people right now, not to mention the fact that it’s a lot of fun. See you in Uppsala!

NORDIC FRONTIER #144: Corona Bunker Week 2


NORDIC FRONTIER. Second week in bunker. Rations are still good. The Corona takes are still hot.

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Challenging weekend in Nest 1

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. On the weekend of 7-8th March, activists from Nest 1 took part in an outdoors activity that challenged both body and mind.

Watch on VK / BitChute

Saturday began with the organiser giving the group some information about the purpose of the exercise, which was to test physical and mental limits, as well as to strengthen team cooperation.

Essential items were restricted and backpacks were filled for one primary purpose – to serve as an extra weight to be carried during almost all exercises. All mobile phones and watches were collected so no one would know what the time was or how much time had elapsed during various exercises.

Throughout the weekend no plans were communicated to the group in advance. The participants also found out that provisions would be limited to three litres of water and 200 grams of soup per person. In a related activity, they were taught how to mix their own rehydration fluid, which was made in 1.5-litre bottles each.

The morning was devoted exclusively to physical exercises on hillsides. The first exercise involved the participants carrying a heavy log on their shoulders up and down a hillside before doing squats while holding the log.

Next they carried tyres, both on their shoulders and high above their heads.

Because activists are often pepper-sprayed by the police at demonstrations, it’s an important experience to know what it feels like. As such, the next exercise involved all participants being pepper-sprayed in the face together. Everyone stood in a row and after being sprayed they were made to do push-ups before washing in the freezing water in a nearby lake.

The afternoon was spent strengthening cooperative abilities, including building a stretcher made only from a rope and material from the land.

Afterwards the participants began a fast-paced three-hour march, half of which was across very hilly terrain. The group eventually reached a shelter and were looking forward to a little rest, only to be instructed to walk deeper into the forest. There they had to build their own campsite and shelter using spruce twigs as insulation on the ground, as bedrolls and sleeping bags were not included in their equipment.

At 10 p.m. the participants were allowed to rest and eat their soup. The essay The Political Soldier was then read in the light of the fire.

With the temperature dropping below 0°C, the activists had to lie packed tightly together in the shelter to keep warm. By 3 a.m. the group had gotten 15 minutes’ sleep at most due to the cold, so the order was given to get up and dismantle the camp.

At 4 a.m. the group began marching back to their starting point, where the past 24 hours were summarised. All the participants were tired but happy with an educational day of strengthened comradeship and individual achievements.

Sweden’s emergency preparedness – from the best in the world to the worst

Mike talks about how Sweden went from being the best nation in the world at self-reliance to the worst.

Excerpt from Nordic Frontier #143.

Nest 3 meet “Internet Hate Examiner” Tomas Åberg

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. On Friday 13th March the animal abuser and folk traitor Tomas Åberg gave a lecture at libraries in Ystad and Sjöbo, in southern Sweden. Both lectures were countered by the Resistance Movement, who first cordoned off all entrances to Ystad library and then held a banner action outside the library in Sjöbo.

The activists cordoned off all entrances to Ystad library on Thursday night and put up leaflets with information about who Tomas Åberg is and the activities he engages in.

The leaflet and an English translation can be read below:

Beware of Tomas Åberg

Tomas Åberg is the head of the taxpayer-funded organisation Näthatsgranskaren [Net Hate Examiner], which has become notorious for reporting dissident thinkers on the internet.

These dissidents can be anyone from representatives of political parties to pensioners who wrote or said something that could be interpreted as the thought crime of “incitement to racial hatred”. In a number of cases these reports have resulted in Swedes, mostly pensioners, having to pay thousands of kronor in fines. This also has the consequence of making Swedes afraid to express their opinions on both the internet and in real life.

In a Sweden that’s becoming increasingly unsafe every day, where Swedes are oppressed, robbed and raped by foreign gangs, people who speak up and people who speak the truth are punished, while animal abusers and folk traitors like Tomas Åberg and his accomplices go free and are even allowed to hold lectures about their crimes.

The Nordic Resistance Movement has cordoned off this building and made it known that Tomas Åberg and his accomplices will be held accountable for their crimes against the Swedish people.

On Friday evening, when the next lecture was due to take place at Sjöbo library, the Resistance Movement’s activists stood beside the main entrance holding a large banner with the text “Tomas Åberg – Animal abuser and folk traitor”.

To the activists’ surprise, the lecture had quite a few visitors, a clear majority of whom were negatively disposed towards Tomas Åberg and positive towards the Nordic Resistance Movement. Among them was the artist Dan Park, together with several other groups that protested against Näthatsgranskaren’s anti-Swedish activities. Before the lecture began, a number of visitors stopped outside to talk to the Resistance men, take photos of them and commend their work.

The only ones who seemed to like Tomas Åberg’s lecture were the librarians, who from time to time glanced a little sourly out of the windows. After a while, when all the visitors had gone inside, the comrades left the library and put up banners with the same message along the roads to Sjöbo.

Tomas Åberg is a folk traitor of the worst kind, who does not just attack politically dissident organisations and parties but also – and above all – private people, many of them pensioners. It is a disgrace that Sweden’s pensioners, who already live a hard life thanks to the present system’s politics of population replacement, are punished when they speak up and point out society’s problems.

On the invitation to the lecture, Näthatsgranskaren describe themselves as an independent, non-political association in the service of democracy that is working to identify, investigate and in some cases report internet hate crimes and violations to the police. In November 2019 SVT wrote that Näthatsgranskaren had reported 500 internet thought crimes to the police, which had led to over 200 convictions. In alternative media it has emerged that many of the people reported and convicted were elderly Swedes who were found guilty of the thought crime of “incitement to racial hatred”.

With this action, the Nordic Resistance Movement want to make a clear show of resistance against Näthatsgranskaren and their heinous work of stifling views that are critical of the system. The action also aims to encourage everyone to protest against the suppression of free speech and show that folk traitors like Tomas Åberg are not wanted in the Nordic countries.

NORDIC FRONTIER #143: Live from the Corona Bunker


NORDIC FRONTIER. As the world descends into a degenerate quarantine made up of crisps eating Netflix bingers, Andreas and Mike come to you live from their respective bunkers to give you the Corona update, from a national socialist perspective.

Listen to “NORDIC FRONTIER #143: Live from the Corona Bunker” on Spreaker.



Nest 6 activism on the ice in Luleå

Simon Lindberg comments on the Corona crisis

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NS Utopia

Simon Lindberg speaks about the ideal National Socialist society.

Excerpt from Leadership Perspective #4.

“I welcome worse times so we can create better times together!”


OPINION. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement shares his thoughts on some of the potentially far-reaching consequences of the coronavirus that could be positive for our cause.

In this article I will not attempt to comment on the coronavirus and its proliferation in general. I will avoid arguing about how harmful or harmless the virus might be for people inside or outside of the groups at risk. I won’t spread the belief that the establishment and media are exaggerating the risks in an attempt to scare the people into submission, or the idea that they’re covering up and toning down the risks in order to avoid causing panic.

Neither will I attempt to point out the responsible party, how things could have been done differently or how much more money we could have left over for healthcare and other preventive measures if we weren’t forced to spend billions upon billions of kronor on mass immigration every year. To the people more interested in these aspects, I recommend listening to Jimmy Thunlind’s recent speech in central Stockholm.

Instead I will attempt to comment very briefly on a fact that has arisen on account of the coronavirus, regardless of all the above-mentioned circumstances. That fact is that, economically speaking, we are facing harder times in the future.

Even though we still cannot see the full extent of it all, we already know that finances are plummeting, that several companies are being forced to stay closed, leaving them without income and that people will consequently lose their jobs. We know that sporting events are cancelled, that travel agencies are left without customers and that other events are also attracting considerably fewer people. A reduction in tax revenues, increased expenses for unemployment benefits and less buying power all naturally follow. In addition, we can be certain that the state, municipalities and county councils will lose money in the billions due to everything from people taking sick leave to increased welfare costs.

All of this will happen to Sweden, the North and the entire world financially. How bad it will be remains to be seen, but certain economic analysts are already prophesying that this might turn out to be the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930s and thus worse than the crisis of 2008-2009 when both Iceland and Greece were on the verge of bankruptcy.

The risk of your being affected either directly or indirectly to some extent is unavoidable. Obviously I sympathize greatly with all the Nordic workers being forced to take the brunt of this blow. In order to avoid potential misunderstandings, I would also like to express my deepest condolences to all relatives of those who have succumbed to the virus thus far, and to those who sadly are probably next in line.

At the same time I cannot help but follow what is happening to the economy both in Sweden and the world at large with great excitement. I cannot deny thinking and hoping that this might be precisely what we need in order to bring about a real national uprising and a strengthening of revolutionary political forces, so that we are able to put things right for real!

It’s not that I wish people any harm, but rather that I realize that the prevailing capitalist world order is a house of cards about to fall. The question is not if, but when, and how? Why then not hope for it to happen NOW – and surely the coronavirus might be as good a reason as any other?

The society we are living in today is in free fall and is beyond salvation. In order for things to get genuinely good, they must in all likelihood get worse first. You might have to sink to the bottom before you can climb to the top. For people to truly realize that the current anti-white system and the corrupt forces ruling us today have to be replaced, they might first need to realize their true nature in full and also understand that there is actually an alternative. We cannot build a society lasting thousands of years into the future on the rotten foundations of today, but instead we must build it upon the ruins of their creation. I thus welcome worse times in order for us to create far better times together!

Do you, the reader, have the same wish and a desire to help? For a start, I think that all Nordic workers ought to think really hard about whether they are displaying any symptoms of the virus and whether they might need a couple of weeks off now that the first day’s leave has been paid for by the state and a medical certificate is not necessary. Surely you’re not taking any risks and spreading this virus to other people? Instead, take the opportunity to spend some quality time with the family, catch up with our podcasts and get on with those push-ups you’ve been thinking of doing.

Furthermore I advise you to withdraw as much of your money as possible in cash form and not let the greedy bankers use your money for saving their own skins. Also take extra care to support local small business owners and producers rather than the big multinational corporations and avoid any unnecessary consumption of luxuries. This way you can help alleviate part of the negative impact felt by ordinary people and instead direct it at those who deserve it.

After having done all this, we come to the most important point: Join the Nordic Resistance Movement today and help us in becoming the strong force the people will turn to when things really hit the fan and the crisis is an undisputable fact. Join us and help build the society of tomorrow together with us!


Become a participant in life!

OPINION. Activist Cedric Höglund has listened to the speech "The Gift of Life" by Dr. William Pierce and explains how important it is for...
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