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Fredrik Vejdeland – New leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Fredrik Vejdeland has been announced as the new leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement at an internal meeting.

Members and activists gathered at the annual Organisation Days event at the weekend, where they heard the news that Simon Lindberg is stepping down from the leadership position he has held since 2015 and that Fredrik Vejdeland is taking over.

Simon Lindberg is resigning from the post at his own request and for personal reasons. There is no disagreement between him and the organisation regarding the decision.

Vejdeland is one of the longest-serving members of the Resistance Movement and has been part of the national leadership for 20 years. He has been the driving force behind Nordisk Radio and one of the key people responsible for the creation of the Swedish nationalist news site Nordfront. Additionally, he is a very popular writer and speaker and has distinguished himself on the ideological podcasts Leadership Perspective and Mimers Brunn.

Reports from Organisation Days will be published over the coming days, along with an interview with the new leader.

We thank Simon Lindberg for his service and wish Fredrik Vejdeland all the best for the future!

Resistance Movement disrupts liars’ sobfest in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. Comrades were in the Swedish capital on 27 January for a full day of counter-demonstration and public leafleting.

On “holocaust memorial day”, it was once again time for the Jews and their lackeys to remember history that never happened. Various politicians, Jews and Christian Zionists organised a manifestation to cry out in pain and attempt to induce feelings of guilt in the Swedish people – guilt about something Swedes were in no way involved in, even if all the stories about it had actually been true. A positive footnote is that the organiser boasted about how Jews were bussed in from multiple parts of Sweden just to be able to participate, revealing that this was hardly a popular grassroots movement. Fortunately, the common man has little interest in the day in question.

The Resistance Movement saw this as yet another prime opportunity to denounce Israel’s evil, considering that the state only exists because of the alleged gassing of more Jews than the total number living in German-controlled Europe during World War II. Under the banner “Crush Zionism” and a Tyr Rune flag, they lined up on the other side of the street from the demonstration.

“Death to Israel! Death to Israel!”

The speakers lied unashamedly about stories that have been proven to be false and took turns at kissing the backside of world Jewry. The comrades chanted from across the street, which clearly unnerved the speakers, with several of them making spontaneous references to the Resistance Movement in their speeches. Slogans like “Israel, terrorist state!” and “Death to Israel!” could be heard clearly by the crowd.

Race-mixer Hanif Bali, who has licked so much Jewish ass that he learned Hebrew by osmosis, tells scare stories about how bad things are for Jews in Sweden
“Israel, terrorist state! Israel, terrorist state!”

A young Jew was greatly offended by the message and approached a comrade, trying to play tough by threatening violence. When he received a reprimand, a petite female police officer came over and tried to push the Resistance man back, but quickly gave up when she realised it was like prodding a mountain.

Just a few of the police vehicles assigned to protect Jews on the day

After the Jew was removed, the action continued without problems until the demonstration ran out of speakers – or, more accurately, liars, as the amount of truth in the speeches was less than that in state media reports about how immigrants are a benefit to Sweden. During the activity, several Jews on the other side of the street approached the police and complained that there was still a modicum of free speech left in Sweden and that this should not be allowed, to which the police could only reply that the constitution protects such an activity (at least for the time being).

Constable, aren’t the people you’re supposed to protect the Jewish people?

As the comrades were packing up to leave, a Christian man who was with his daughter appeared and was very interested in talking to National Socialists. He asked various questions about the comrades’ views on different subjects but largely seemed to agree with them on the state of the world. As the Resistance men had planned to continue the activism elsewhere, they had to say goodbye to the man and move on, whereupon his daughter bid farewell by exclaiming, “God bless you!”

The comrades found the whole encounter rather amusing and remarked to one another that they had God on their side as they walked towards Sergel’s Square. There, they set up along the ever-busy Drottninggatan, outside the Åhléns department store, and started handing out leaflets on the same topic as the banner.

A large number of leaflets changed hands with people on the street. Unusually, the police appeared to have grown tired of following the comrades around and were nowhere to be seen. A leftist individual thought this would be to his advantage and tried to physically attack an opponent out of the blue. This backfired, as he was flung to the ground and got a proper reprimand before running away with his tail between his legs.

Mazel tov!

As always when the Resistance Movement exercises its right to self-defence, it didn’t take long before law enforcement appeared. Within a few minutes there were about ten police officers and security guards on the scene, asking questions about what had happened. Unfortunately, they received no answers from the comrades, who are capable of providing their own security.

The face you make when you don’t get any answers about an “assault”

The activity continued without any problems, until the comrades felt satisfied and concluded the day. With a group of policemen in tow, they embarked public transport, which this time occurred without any interfering security guards, and went back to the meeting place, where they thanked one another for a successful day.

Are people starting to doubt the Holocaust?


IDEOLOGY. Oscar Lagerqvist comments on a local newspaper article about the Resistance Movement’s action in Jönköping on “holocaust memorial day”, which drew varied reactions from the public.

“No shame – No guilt. The holocaust never happened.”

On Saturday 27 January, the Resistance Movement conducted an activity in Jönköping, with the aim of awakening the sleeping majority to the truth about the most grotesque hoax in modern times: aka, the Holocaust.

During the activity, an old woman told the Resistance men to go to hell, as well as to go and visit Auschwitz. She followed this up by contacting the local newspaper Jönköpings-posten (the Jönköping Post) and complaining. This led to a relatively accurate but nevertheless ridiculous article, which I thought I would share a few thoughts about.

“The holocaust denied – on Holocaust Memorial Day”. Article from the Jönköping Post.

Rebecca Staf and Terese Karlsson, the Bonnier-paid “journalists” who penned the article, begin by writing in horror about how there were a number of people handing out leaflets to passing Jönköping residents, who accepted them without questioning the message.

In reality, people are starting to see through the holocaust hoax to a greater extent, especially younger Swedes; but of course the occasional junkie and other awkward individual were also present, acting like children, when in fact they probably belong in a nursing home.

A brainwashed old woman incapable of having a normal discussion

The article continues with the offended woman saying:

I reacted to the fact that people politely accepted the leaflets, which felt strange, given the message. I’m thinking about it from a democratic perspective. Is democracy worse for wear and are people beginning to doubt that the Holocaust happened?

On this point, I agree with her. If the average Svensson were to wake up and realise the Holocaust is a hoax, they would also venture to ask why it has been taboo to question this alleged event all these years. They would then understand the real problem and join our ranks, in order to fight those who have constructed this anti-White system, and to ensure the traitors are held accountable throughout the Nordic region.

The woman expressed the concern that there are now fewer and fewer people who have “witnessed” the Holocaust, before asking the question “How will we maintain the course when they’re gone?”

Something she obviously hasn’t considered (probably because she’s been severely brainwashed) is that if the holocaust really did happen, there would be no need for anyone to “maintain the course” because there would be no glaring flaws in the official story.

The Nuremberg Trials, for example, would not have been so distorted as to rely on a written confession by a heavily intoxicated and tortured Rudolf Höss. Likewise, chemists like Leuchter would not have claimed there was no cyanide gas in the alleged gas chambers. And there would not have been stories about masturbation machines or one individual surviving six gassing attempts, while the other six million died from the first alleged gassing, and so on.

A scene from the fiction film Schindler’s List, which is used as evidence for the existence of the holocaust

In the article, the Jönköping Post contacted police spokesperson Johnny Gustavsson to ask if the Resistance Movement had permission for the activity. Gustavsson responded by saying no permit had been granted; however, what was not mentioned in the article – for obvious propagandistic reasons – is that there is no legal requirement for a permit to be granted. This is because the right to freedom of demonstration is enshrined in the Sweden constitution, which allows a public gathering such as this to take place without any permission from the police.

Obviously, they formulated it like that to smear the organisation for propagandistic purposes, which has happened a lot recently in Jönköping – by the Jönköping Post and Sveriges Radio Jönköping – with the clear aim of desperately trying to stop the growing Nest in Småland.

No shame or guilt as the Resistance Movement take to the streets of Jönköping


ACTIVISM. The people of Småland’s largest city were informed about the holocaust hoax via a public action on “holocaust memorial day”.

The day began with the comrades going to the eastern centre of Jönköping, where they took up positions with a banner and four flags. The banner read, “No Shame No Guilt. The Holocaust Never Happened”. The Resistance men also handed out leaflets on the same topic to locals.

“No Shame – No Guilt. The Holocaust Never Happened”

The police made their traditional appearance, this time after some passers-by panicked when they saw the Resistance Movement using its constitutional right to spread its message. A policeman approached and talked to a comrade but soon came to the realisation that the Resistance men were not going to move or end their action. Since no illegal act was being committed, the police could not do anything about it.

The day’s eye-catching message led to interesting conversations with open-minded people, but also to exchanges with brainwashed individuals, mostly older Swedes. It soon became apparent that the holocaust hoax was deeply ingrained in them. They could not provide any proof of their beliefs, instead mostly saying that they “will never forget”. But the Resistance men did not receive any intelligible answers as to what they would never forget.

Something the Resistance men will not forget is an article by the local tabloid Jönköpings-posten about the Resistance Movement’s activism, which will be the subject of a separate article in the coming days.

After handing out a large number of leaflets, the group rolled up the banner and headed back to the gathering place, where they summarised the action, before continuing to conduct activism.

The Resistance Movement take to the streets and attend lie-filled lecture in Karlstad


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 5 were in Karlstad to spread National Socialism and hold holocaust believers accountable on 27 January.

The activity began on Soltorget with a public leaflet distribution. A banner reading “The holocaust is a hoax” and two flags decorated the town square, while the Resistance men gave out leaflets with facts about the holocaust.

A relatively high number of discussions occurred with passers-by. Because the subject matter is controversial for liberals and Marxists, many of the conversations became emotional from their side and sometimes even involved shouting. However, despite the prevailing indoctrination, the day’s message still won the organisation numerous well-wishes.

After the public leaflet distribution concluded, the Nest attended a lecture event for holocaust believers, where the activists took their places in the audience. To the organisers’ great dismay, the police could not stop the Nest from attending the lie-filled lecture.

The lecturers were also unhappy when the Resistance men laughed several times and applauded a quote that demonstrated the Centre Party’s anti-Semitic and racist history.

Point 4 of the political programme of the Farmers’ League (later the Centre Party), 1933:

It is a national task to protect the Swedish race against mixing with inferior foreign racial elements, as well as to counteract immigration to Sweden by undesirable foreigners.

The preservation and strengthening of the fabric of our people is vital for our national development.

The organisation’s involvement likely provided the audience with a much-needed stimulant, as the average age inside the venue was very high, and it wasn’t easy for the attendees to stay awake. Considering the content of the lecture, it was not surprising that some people dozed off. Tedious life stories mixed with emotional holocaust drivel is not the most fun thing to listen to.

When the lectures were over, the activists went down to the stage to debate with the most pro-Zionist speaker and those nearby. After discussing various pieces of anti-Semitic literature and what creates anti-Semitism, the participants left the venue.

Back at the gathering place, the comrades talked briefly about the day and summarised its funniest moments. After saying goodbye and thanking one another, the activity concluded.

Public activism across the Nordic nations on “holocaust” memorial day


ACTIVISM. Actions were conducted in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Iceland on 27 January to counteract Zionism and spread the truth about the “holocaust”.


Resistance Movement activists conducted public activism in central Stockholm, Jönköping and Karlstad on Saturday. The purpose of the actions was to oppose Israel and Zionism and to enlighten Swedes about the many questions arising from the established history of the holocaust and why the hoax is maintained – two seemingly completely different subjects, but which actually have a lot in common.

One of the distributed leaflets featured a link to a previously published article on Nordfront that deals with the subject of the “holocaust”.

In Borås, Karlstad and Stockholm, various events that had been organised to maintain the propaganda lie were visited or counter-demonstrated.

Stockholm activists opposed the system’s manifestation by shouting slogans against Zionism. Some of the speakers were so affected by the counter-demonstration that they referred to the Resistance Movement in their speeches.

In Borås, Resistance men stood with a banner outside the Culture House, where the Jewish Community of Stockholm and the RFSL (an LGBT organisation) held a sect-like ceremony in honour of the holocaust religion.

“No shame, no guilt. The holocaust never happened.”

After the public action in Karlstad, activists attended a lecture about the “holocaust”. Here, they had the opportunity to hold discussions and present arguments with contrary evidence to the lecturer’s claims.

Reports have also come in of a public bridge action in Luleå, leaflet distributions in Östersund and Sundsvall, and banners placed in Jönköping, Stockholm, Solna and Botkyrka.

“Stop the holocaust of our people”
“The holocaust is a hoax”

Aftonbladet, Expressen and several local newspapers have written about the day’s actions, which reached thousands of people.


In Norway, numerous actions were conducted in various locations in the country’s two largest cities: Oslo and Bergen. Banners and posters were put up, while more inventive activism involving bars of soap and metal signs also took place.

“The holocaust is a hoax!” Central Oslo.

Bars of soap were left in public bathrooms…
…and packaged in various stores, no doubt to the pleasant surprise of unsuspecting customers!

A metal sign was hung on a monument to the system’s number one propaganda project. Censored due to Swedish anti-free speech law.


Danish comrades placed posters and stickers with the message “The holocaust is a hoax” in Copenhagen, Skanderborg, Christiansfeld, Østbirk, Voerladegård and Brædstrup.


Posters were placed in various locations in Reykjavik.

Police scared of the snow – Bridge action in Stockholm


ACTIVISM. Members of Sweden’s Nest 1 were back on their bridge to spread the National Socialist message to the people on 21 January.

Like many times before, comrades met on the bridge over National Road 73 near Globen in the morning. The snow was unusually deep for Stockholm, with several decimetres piled high in the nearby forested areas. The snow also made it clear that this bridge is not used by anyone other than Resistance men, as there was not a single footprint in the snow beside the railings.

The comrades had chosen the banner “Stop the People’s Replacement” for the day’s action a message no one can misinterpret. The strong wind blew fiercely into the banner and flags, but this only made the Tyr Runes even more visible. Many thumbs-up could be seen from inside the cars, from both countrymen and racial strangers, along with other reactions from the occasional bitter leftist who longs to become a minority in his or her own country.

Someone easily offended must have called the 112 emergency number barely 15 minutes after the activity began, as a police car appeared on the bridge, without hesitating at a distance like usual. Two system lackeys appeared to ask who was responsible for the activity. Upon receiving no response, they proceeded to approach each participant to talk about how dangerous the snow was.

Excuse me, do you have a license for this snow?

The police said the comrades could exercise their legal right to spread their political message, as long as no one kicked snow down onto the cars below. Naturally, the comrades hadn’t done such a thing, but that was all the constables were interested in. A comrade pointed out that the police couldn’t have much to do if they were spending their time going to a bridge to warn people about snow to which the man agreed that they didn’t have much to do.

The two officers then stood on either side of the comrades, anxiously waiting for someone to kick snow down onto a car. One policeman got bored after 15 minutes and went to warm himself in the car, but forced his colleague to stay and freeze for another half an hour.

Sworn to fight crime and protect the people…

When the police finally realised the futility of their actions and decided to leave the bridge, they approached the comrades again one by one to point out how afraid they were of the snow. A comrade just laughed at how pathetic the whole situation was, which infuriated the police.

“Can’t we talk like grown-ups? You can stand here as long as you don’t kick snow onto the cars.”

“You’re funny. We haven’t kicked any snow down the whole time you’ve been here, but you keep going on like this over and over again.”

With the lackeys finally out of sight, the activity continued. As usual, there were many reactions from passing drivers. At one point a man also walked past under the bridge and shouted, “Fight on! Good work!” and gestured with his arms. Naturally, it warms the heart when someone dares to show their appreciation, but it would be even better if he chose to contribute to the struggle in some way.

When everyone felt satisfied with the day, the banner and flags were rolled up and the comrades left together. The day’s activity was over, but there will be National Socialists on the bridge again in the near future to try to wake the people from their slumber!

The Resistance Movement back in Vetlanda: Public meeting in town centre


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 held a public leaflet distribution and gave two speeches in Vetlanda town centre on Saturday 20 January.

The day began with the Resistance men going to Bibliotekstorget in Vetlanda, where the activists David Wåhlander and Victor Johansson gave speeches. The comrades took up positions with two flags and a banner in front of the stage. First up was Johansson, who gave a speech about warmongering traitors and their escalating rhetoric regarding war with Russia.

Excerpt from Johansson’s speech:

What this is really about is Ulf Kristersson wanting to send not only your sons, but also your daughters, into war so they can die to defend his values. And we know what Ulf Kristersson’s values are: mass immigration, gang crime, population replacement, pride parades, trans operations on children and other things that are absolutely NOT the values of the Swedish people.

Russia is not our enemy today. The Swedish people’s greatest enemy is Ulf Kristersson, Carl-Oskar Bohlin, Micael Bydén and all the other warmongering fools in power and the globalists who rule over them.

I urge you all NOT to become cannon fodder for these evil people. Instead, experience a truly noble struggle and join us in the Nordic Resistance Movement. Together, we can fight this government, crush their values and totally destroy their way of life at the ultimate cost, if necessary. Together we will revolt against the criminals who oppress us and drive out the occupiers who terrorise us. Together we will take back Sweden’s freedom, stop the population replacement and secure the existence of our people!

Wåhlander then took the microphone and gave a speech about the Swedes who have lost their lives in Vetlanda in the name of multiculturalism.

Excerpt from Wåhlander’s speech:

The systematic population replacement has been taking place for many years now, while Swedes are fed the globalists’ propaganda that tells them mass immigration is good. But do you think the families and friends of the Swedes who were murdered or seriously injured by non-Europeans would agree with this?

Multiculturalism plagues this country. Just look at a few examples here in Vetlanda, such as Tamim Sultani who stabbed seven men who had to be taken to hospital, three of them with life threatening injuries. Or perhaps you remember the name Rebar Hesso, who killed his neighbour by stabbing her 130 times. Maybe you also need to be reminded of the murder of 21-year-old Tove that took place in mid-October 2022? These are just a few cases of Swedes suffering because of so-called multiculturalism here in Vetlanda. This list will grow longer, and of course this is not just happening in little Vetlanda, but across all of Sweden.

This systematic murder of our people has been taking place across Sweden for too long now. See this as your call to wake up from your slumber and fight back. Show that the White race is no sacrificial lamb, but that the blood that flowed through our ancestors also flows through you. Show that the willingness to sacrifice possessed by our ancestors is within you too. It’s time to join the struggle for the survival of your people and join the Nordic Resistance Movement!

The activists’ words echoed off the buildings and attracted interested people, who approached to listen to the speeches. When the speeches were over, the activists had the opportunity to talk with sympathisers in the audience. They told the speakers that the speeches were excellent and that it was great to see the Resistance Movement on the streets of Vetlanda again.

After the speeches, the activists stood back-to-back with flags in the centre of the square and handed out leaflets to the public. A little while later, they moved on to the Ica Maxi store, where they stood at both entrances and continued giving out leaflets.

Even though the Resistance Movement has not been in Vetlanda as much since the election campaign, a large number of leaflets were distributed to local people. Comrades who had visited Vetlanda before noticed that the leaflets ran out quite quickly compared to the last time they were there. They also saw that the residents of Vetlanda had far from forgotten about the Resistance Movement, with many of them welcoming the Resistance men back to the town.

The comrades had some interesting conversations with the shop’s customers, as well as with the staff, who wondered what was going on outside their store. When their questions were answered, one of the staff members received a leaflet and went back inside. The leafleting continued, and after more interesting conversations had been held with local people, the man in charge of the activity decided the Resistance men should go back to their gathering place.

Once there, the day’s activity was reviewed. It was agreed that the comrades would return in the relatively near future, before everyone thanked one another for the successful day and headed home.

Blot and betterment

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Sweden’s Nest 2 gathered in the bitter cold on the age-old Kinnekulle mountain to review the previous year and learn lessons from it for the future.

The day began with a gathering at a snow- and ice-covered car park on Kinnekulle. There, the comrades were prepared for what was to come, which included ensuring everyone had brought everything required, such as additional clothing, camera equipment and so on. It was then announced that all free space in the backpacks would be filled with dry fine kindling, before a five-kilometre march from Kinnekulle down to the old quarry began.

The first kilometres were easy and downhill, which in itself can be a challenge on poorly maintained icy roads. Once at the quarry, the route quickly turned uphill again, ascending to the same elevation that had been so easily descended before.

The temperature was -17°C, which, despite being relatively mild for people from Västergötland, still requires knowledge for survival and remaining comfortable. Fighting up a trail and quickly covering metres of altitude warms you up, but climbing too fast makes you sweaty and leaves you feeling cold when you stop.

It must be admitted that a bit of cheating occurred, as some firewood had already been transported to the site above the quarry. This was necessary because more wood than the group could carry was required for keeping warm and the forthcoming ceremony.

The surrounding view was described as magical by those present, who were treated to a winter landscape extending all the way to the horizon. Almost the entire bay outside Lidköping, out to Kållandsö, was covered in an ice sheet, which stretched along the coast all the way to Torsö and then across to Värmlandsnäs. At dusk, you could also see Läckö Castle shining like a pearl at the far end of the isthmus.

At the chosen location, next to a steep cliff overlooking the quarry, a fire was lit and an evaluation of the past year took place. The best activities of 2023 were selected, sometimes with remarkable enthusiasm, and guidelines for what would happen this year were drawn up.

Meanwhile, food was prepared over an open fire. There was so much to eat that there would likely have been enough had all the Nests in the North shown up. This was because everyone’s wife or girlfriend had seemingly packed two or three extra rations, saying, “Now that it’s so cold, I don’t want you to go hungry.”

Between loud laughter and serious discussions among comrades, the sun sank slowly below the horizon, and a calm settled over the group as they prepared for the upcoming ceremony.

They then took the remaining firewood and built two large bonfires: one for offerings and one as a sacred fire.

During the ceremony, activist Martin Engelin spoke about our common heritage and our journey forwards. How we carry the burden of our people and their future and that we have no right to betray our heritage or ancestors. We stand as guardians of our unbroken bloodline and will hold the torch high for those who come after us.

United in brotherhood, we will let our actions shine like torches in the night. And in the glow of the fire this evening, we find the way forwards. Towards a future filled with victory and honour!

First, a Haglaz rune was burned as an offering, representing the destructive force required to create change and conditions for us. Then, a Victory rune was burned, symbolising our unparalleled belief in victory and success.

Finally, a Mora knife was placed in the fire. This represents not only power and strength but also serves as a symbol of the individual will that drives the organisation forwards.

With the ceremony complete, the comrades socialised by the bonfire until it no longer gave warmth, before making preparations for the march back to the original location. Walking under a pitch-black sky, the return trip presented a greater challenge than the outward journey, with the group choosing a different path along the cliff, this time without the beautiful view from earlier in the day.

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