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NORDIC FRONTIER #111: Based British, Tom Goodrich and Paul English

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we have an interview bonanza coming to you live from the Nordic forest. We invite Based British aka Christian Bell, Tom Goodrich and Paul English to talk about various pro-white projects that have been launched in recent times.

Listen to “NORDIC FRONTIER #111: Based British, Tom Goodrich and Paul English” on Spreaker.

Some Bits:

Soph – the antidote to Greta

Abortion – Modern women’s degeneracy exposed

Sheep raped

Stumbling rocks will make you never forget

Fucken based poles


Based British aka Christian Bell comes on the show to talk about his new documentary – Apotheosis of Evil

Bitchute link: Apotheosis of Evil

Youtube link: Apotheosis of Evil

Second segment:

We invite Tom Goodrich and Paul English to talk about the audio book version of Hellstorm.

Book: https://hellstormaudiobook.com/

Paul English on Euro Folk Radio

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Fantastic response to banner activity in Uddevalla

ACTIVISM. On Saturday 11 May, members and activists from Nest 2 met for a banner activity on a bridge over the E6 motorway in Uddevalla.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner activity in Hogstorp
The activists held a banner reading, “Stop the Population Exchange”

Many cars passed under the bridge during the activity, and the group received lots of thumbs up and car horn beeps from drivers.

Some motorists even drove off the motorway to come up to the bridge and meet the activists. They all said it was fantastic to see people involved in this kind of public activism.

Later, some of them came back with snacks and water they’d gone to buy as thanks for the activists’ commitment to the future of the Nordics. They then wished the group good luck in the struggle and drove on.

The only time the police were seen was when they drove past and filmed the group standing on the bridge. They then continued on and didn’t disturb the activity.

The activity concluded after two hours, with all the participants very satisfied with the excellent responses from all the passers-by.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner activity in Hogstorp

1 May – Fredrik Vejdeland speaks in Kungälv

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s media group presents a video of Fredrik Vejdeland’s fiery speech at the 1 May demonstration in Kungälv.

Fredrik Vejdeland speaks at the Nordic Resistance Movement's 1 May demonstration in Kungalv

In his speech Fredrik Vejdeland spoke about how large sections of the so-called “workers’ movement” would rather demonstrate against the Resistance Movement than for the workers they claim to represent. He detailed how the Left have gone from representing the working class to pushing LGBT and equality issues. He also mentioned they receive money from people such as George Soros.

I will ask you in the audience: Would you have confidence in the Nordic Resistance Movement if we had support and financing from a person like George Soros?


Do you think the Nordic Resistance Movement will ever receive support from such a crook?


No, and you are completely right. In contrast to the so-called workers’ movement, we do not sell out our people or our workers. It is not just incompatible with our ideology; it also goes against our honour.

– Fredrik Vejdeland

Nest 1 back on the streets and squares of Stockholm

ACTIVISM. On Saturday the 11th of May activists from the Resistance Movement’s Nest 1 in Sweden sprung into action once more on the streets and squares of Stockholm, in order to urge the people to join the organization.

The group gathered at a metro station and carried on from there, heading into the city center. The first stop of the day was Hötorget where the activists positioned themselves with flags held high, opted to spread out and begun distributing leaflets. The weather was sunny and clear and many leaflets were handed out, however the interest of passersby was not yet particularly high.

After a while the group moved on and distributed leaflets along Sergelgatan on the way to Sergel’s square where people had already gathered and a police car was stationed on site. The flags were raised next to the Sergel fountain and the distribution of leaflets continued. As is usually the case, as soon as the lackeys of the enemy government spotted the resistance men, police reinforcements were immediately called in and new police cars started to show up every five minutes, including a cop on a Segway, until eventually the number of police vehicles amounted to four or five active units. A racial alien appeared later on and he couldn’t respect, or maybe understand, the fact that the Nordic natives of Sweden won’t let themselves be silenced, he was also unable to accept the fact that people are allowed to take pictures in public places, which someone happened to do just as the immigrant was behaving his color. The alien was thereafter swiftly placed under police protection and after a while escorted away from the square.

At that point the activist group had a tail of political police at their rear, who followed the resistance men all the way to the next stop at Kungsträdgården where both groups positioned themselves in the park. Many positive discussions took place, including a conversation with a Slovak who confidently said that the Resistance Movement’s parliamentary branch is the only party anyone should vote for.

The day continued at Mynttorget where the atmosphere was good and a lot of people were on the move. As usual there were many tourists walking along these parts of the city and a reflection that crossed many of the activists’ minds was that it’s quite typical of tourists to be more curious of the Resistance Movement and who we are, compared to the city residents of both Swedish and racially alien origins – probably as an effect of the Cultural Marxist brainwashing afflicted on the latter everyday.

From Mynttorget the group walked back to Kungsträdgården and further back to Sergels, this time though at the height of Drottninggatan, where the activists were approached by a group of young sympathizers from a neighbouring Baltic country who were very interested in the resistance. Subsequently, the activists moved on to their final destination at Hötorget square.

The activity of the day was overall very successful. There were, however, a few isolated cases where some people could not behave as human beings and tried, for example, to steal leaflets in plain sight of their own children or displayed generally very bad manners. Nonetheless, no serious incidents took place and most of the passersby were happy to meet the Resistance Movement’s activists and discuss politics with them. It’s worth reporting that at least one new membership application was received on the spot and many expressed their interest in joining the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Public leafleting and speech in Svendborg

ACTIVISM. Activists from the Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement recently visited Svendborg, where they gave out leaflets to the people and held a speech on the town square.

The Nordic Resistance Movement leaflet in Svendborg, Denmark

Activists visited the town of Svendborg on Saturday 11 May to join the political debate in the middle of the parliamentary parties’ election period.

The group set up with a banner and flags on the busy square and gave out anti-EU leaflets while speaking and debating with a large number of people. Leaflets were distributed to around 500 passers-by, and a short speech was held via megaphone about the current state of the country and its people.

Photos from the day:

The Nordic Resistance Movement leaflet in Svendborg, DenmarkThe Nordic Resistance Movement leaflet in Svendborg, DenmarkThe Nordic Resistance Movement leaflet in Svendborg, DenmarkThe Nordic Resistance Movement leaflet in Svendborg, Denmark

Nest 2 leaflet in Borås while Antifa hide

ACTIVISM. In response to a recent Antifa attack on nationalists in Borås, members from Nest 2 decided to hold a leafleting session in the town.

Nest 2 Nordic Resistance Movement members leaflet in Boras

“Borås Autonomous Antifascists” (which consists of the dregs of the Young Left and Social Democratic Youth) recently smashed the rear windscreen of an Alternative for Sweden member’s car. In the hopes of meeting the rabble, members from member group 5 from Nest 2 went out to inform the residents of the National Socialist alternative – and to put the reds in their place. Unfortunately, none of the latter were to be seen.

Instead a large number of leaflets were distributed in the sunshine and many stickers were put up.

Haha Antifa sticker in BorasNest 2 Nordic Resistance Movement members leaflet in Boras

NORDIC FRONTIER #110: Polish Israel

NORDIC FRONTIER. This week we ask the question: Are Jews good for Poland? And much, much more.

Listen to “NORDIC FRONTIER #110: Polish Israel” on Spreaker.

Andreas’ appearance on Public Space

Jimmy Thunlind speech from Ludvika

Propaganda video + pics from Ludvika

Mixed bag:

Local moderates want to scrap state media

Petrol revolution cancelled

Wanna ride the local bus Mr. Sven Svensson? Here you go, family discount for you and Ahmed!

Wanna buy a Volvo Mr. Karl Karlsson? Here you go, mixed-race adoptee included!

State enforced homosexuality

Homo-certified doctors will care for your children.

More Swedish towns filing for bankruptcy

We’ll invite Nordfront-writer Erik Forsell to talk about Poles and Jews

Poland – A Jewish safe zone in Europe

Eurovision fail – Jews are too anti-Semitic

Manifestation and speeches on the Coin Square

New campaign: Burn enemy flags!

NRM launching their EU-election campaign.

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Video and photos from 1 May in Ludvika

1 MAY. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s media group presents a video and photo compilation from this year’s 1 May demonstration in Ludvika.

Andreas Johansson on The Public Space


INTERVIEW. Nordic Frontier host Andreas Johansson appeared on JF Gariepy’s popular YouTube show The Public Space on Sunday 12 May. Watch the episode below.

1 May – Jimmy Thunlind speaks in Ludvika

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Jimmy Thunlind delivered another impassioned speech at the Nordic Resistance Movement’s 1 May demonstration in Ludvika. Here follows a video by the Nordic Resistance Movement’s media group.

Jimmy spoke about how the trade unions have betrayed the working class and instead advocate for mass immigration, globalism and other matters that are not in the interest of the Nordic worker. He talked about the trade union members who vote Sweden Democrat and explained why the Nordic Resistance Movement is a better choice. He also spoke about National Socialist Germany’s labour market politics and how the Swedish Social Democrats replicated much of it when establishing their so-called People’s Home.

The Jewish world movement has expressly stated they will exterminate us as an organisation, and presumably also as individuals. The Swedish politicians have declared war and say they want to ban us as a movement. The mass media, workers’ unions, employers and banks have all declared war on us by lying about us, excluding us, firing us from our jobs, and cutting us off from the economic system.


But, nevertheless, here we stand. We are still here. We stand unwavering, side by side and look the enemy in the eye! So now I want to ask you, all you comrades standing here today: Do you want the total struggle? Are you going to fight for the realization of the white, Nordic nation? Are you prepared to fight for victory whatever the cost?

– Jimmy Thunlind


In Defence of National Socialism

GÖTA COURT OF APPEAL. The Attorney General wants it to be illegal to express oneself in a positive light with regards to National Socialism....

Status Quo ante Revolution

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