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Why Sinimusta Liike will not be liberalized


Tuukka Kuru from the new political party Sinimusta Liike joins the the Norwegian podcast Hold Fanen Høyt!

Excerpt from Hold Fanen Høyt! #44 – Tuukka Kuru fra Sinimusta Liike (English episode)

Activism and sightseeing in Stockholm: “In defence of the North!”


ACTIVISM. An eventful Sunday for Sweden’s Nest 1 began with a high-profile banner action and was concluded with a visit to the Oxdjupet sound.

NRM banner action, Stockholm

On the morning of Sunday, 12 September, it was once again time for a classic banner action in Stockholm. The activity took place on the bridge over Nynäs road in Stockholm, with the Resistance men taking up their positions with Tyr rune flags and a banner reading “White workers built this country. White workers can take this country back!”

NRM banner action, Stockholm

Drivers gave the thumbs-up and showed their support, which included a Roman salute. A few antagonistic motorists stuck up their fingers and screamed abuse, but none of them wanted to take their threats any further.

NRM banner action, Stockholm

Shortly after the activity began, a police car drove up the pedestrian and cycle lane leading to the bridge. At first, the police waited on the sidelines, only approaching the activists later, on foot. They confronted each of the activists in vain with questions about the purpose of the activity, its duration, who was doing what and who was responsible for it.

NRM banner action, Stockholm

While the police tried to interact with the activists, another police van remained stationed in a car park, monitoring the activity from a distance. Nevertheless, the action was able to continue without any problems. The traffic was heavy at times, and many people were able to see the clearly placed banner together with the activists and their Tyr rune flags.

The activists then met up with some Resistance Movement members and prepared for the next activity on the schedule – a visit to the Oxdjupet sound. Oxdjupet, which runs between the islands of Värmdö and Rindö, has been of important strategic military value over the years. In the 16th century it was filled in by order of King Gustav Vasa to prevent foreign enemy ships from passing, with heavier sea traffic being redirected through the better fortified Kodjupet sound.

Oskar Fredriksborg Fortress, Stockholm, Sweden

One activist from Stockholm gave a short lecture at Fredriksborg Fortress, on the Värmdö side of Oxdjupet. The fortress used to be even more majestic, as its tower was noticeably taller than the ruin that can be seen today. During the Russian raids of the 18th century, it was a state-of-the-art fortification.

Activists and members at Oxdjupet, Sweden

On the other side of Oxdjupet is Rindö island, with its modern fortification, Oskar-Fredriksborg, which was built from 1870 to 1877. Today, the facility is partly open to visitors but also contains restricted areas. From the high hillside at Oskar-Fredriksborg, there is a beautiful spot for photography that frames the fortresses and the sound.

Fredriksborg Fortress, Sweden

All in all, the combination of activism and history ensured this was truly a day spent embodying the motto “In defence of the North!”



NORDIC FRONTIER. Tonight we mourn the passing of legendary antisemite Norm MacDonald and also shill for China.






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Coach Finstock: “I had to do something”


Coach Finstock of Full Haus Podcaster about his journey from “libtard” to white nationalist.

Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #202: Full Frontier with Coach Finstock

Based Norm Macdonald


Excerpt from NORDIC FRONTIER #202: Full Frontier with Coach Finstock

The Swedish Defence University: “Transnational connections strengthen the Resistance Movement”


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. In a recent report by the Swedish Defence University, the Resistance Movement’s cooperation with nationalist organisations from abroad is portrayed as a threat to Sweden. Here, Kristoffer Boström comments on the report and asks the Resistance Movement’s leader Simon Lindberg for his thoughts on the matter.

Fredrik Vejdeland speaks at a Der Dritte Weg rally, Berlin

The Swedish Defence University, which sees it as its task to train its students to be watchdogs for globalist interests in Sweden, has lamented that “extremists” are cooperating “transnationally”, in a recently published report.

In an article published on its website, the University announced that it was commissioned by the Centre against Violent Extremism (CVE) to present a 115-page “knowledge overview” entitled “Borderless Extremism. A study of transnational connections to radical Swedish milieus”.

According to this study, Sweden’s three most dangerous “extremist milieus” all have “connections to foreign countries”.

The study claims that these connections threaten to strengthen “the radical Islamist, radical nationalist and the autonomous milieu” by providing “tactical knowledge, ideological inspiration and financing”.

Magnus Ranstorp, one of the study’s authors, writes on the University’s homepage: “The report illuminates a previously unexplored area in a Swedish context and takes a holistic approach to the transnational connections of the Swedish extremist milieus.”

The study emphasises that the “transnational connections” in the three milieus are both “physical and digital”, but that the “digital aspect” is growing.

Filip Ahlin, an analyst at the “Centre for Asymmetric Threat Studies” (CATS) comments: “This means that the scope of the transnational networks becomes larger and more easily accessible, which creates additional opportunities to establish even more contacts. The digital tools have both an instrumental function and a socialising function.”

The “radical nationalist milieu” is described as having a “clearer nationalist dimension”, even though its international exchanges have “increased in step with globalisation”.

This is particularly evident within the landscape of digital communities and networks that exist within the framework of the radical nationalist milieu,” says Filip Ahlin.

“The NRM have clear physical transnational connections within the radical nationalist milieu”

When discussing the nationalist milieu, the report and article focus chiefly on the Nordic Resistance Movement. In the study it states:

The radical nationalist milieu has a clearer nationalist and Nordic dimension. However, the transnational connections are evident and have increased in step with globalisation and digitalisation. Traditional organisational affiliations are increasingly playing a lesser role, and instead the actors are mainly united around an overarching ideological framework, wherein the main interaction occurs online. However, there are also clear physical transnational connections, which are primarily illustrated by the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM).

It also highlights the Nordic Resistance Movement’s supposedly damning current or previous cooperation with “radical nationalist organisations” in four countries:

* The Russian Imperial Movement (RIM) in Russia
* Der Dritte Weg (DDW) in Germany
* Golden Dawn (GD) in Greece
* Patriot Front (PF) in the USA.

Simon Lindberg comments on the report and the Resistance Movement’s international cooperation

Simon Lindberg speech at NRM meeting

In order to get some clarity about the real circumstances surrounding the Resistance Movement’s “transnational connections”, we turn to the most initiated person in such matters, the organisation’s leader, Simon Lindberg:

What would you like to say about the Swedish Defence University’s view that the Resistance Movement’s “transnational connections” constitute a threat to Sweden?

It’s the usual case of the system portraying us as dangerous and posing a threat in some way. Of course, we do not pose a threat and are not at all dangerous to Sweden as a country or the Swedes in general. However, we are dangerous and pose a threat to the prevailing destructive system that works to destroy the Swedes.

We have a good relationship with several international contacts who perhaps do not currently affect our struggle in an extensive way, but which could prove to be decisive for either our successes or theirs in the long run.

The report dwells extensively on the reputed deep cooperation between the Resistance Movement and the Imperial Movement in Russia. This includes claims about the RIM supporting the Nordic organisation financially, and the implication that this cooperation is the most “threatening” of the Resistance Movement’s international contacts. Do you have any comment?

Ha ha, yes, this likely has something to do with Magnus Ranstorp’s long-time manic paranoia about Russia, but also because the Russian Imperial Movement was classified as a terrorist group by the US State Department last year because they fought against American interests in Ukraine. In 2020 the Centre against Violent Extremism issued a memorandum in which they enumerated a number of the lies about us and our connections to the Russian Imperial Movement. I responded with an article of my own, which may be worth reading again in relation to this – Has the Resistance Movement been bought by Russia? Memorandum from the Center for Preventing Violent Extremism.

One important piece of information in this article is that we only received financial support from the RIM on a single occasion, which was a donation of 150 euros. A rather meagre piece of financial support for the Swedish Defence University to make such a big deal out of, I would say.

Stanislaw Vorobjev, Russian Imperial Movement leader
The Russian Imperial Movement leader, Stanislav Vorobjev

What is your opinion on an educational and research institution that works to foster globalist interests in Sweden but forcefully condemns cooperation across national borders when it is exercised by critics of the regime?

You can usually find an inverted truth in what the system condemns; i.e., if they’re working to ensure that we have less international cooperation, we should probably work extra hard to expand such cooperation and make these relationships even closer, since this would really benefit us.

We live in an increasingly global world in which national borders are becoming less and less important. This is not something we want; on the contrary, it is a part of something we fight against. However, we must also adapt to the prevailing reality. This is an important part of why we have always fought actively for a united Nordic region and not just for a sovereign Sweden. This means that international cooperation can undoubtedly become even more important in the future.

The fact that the system is hypocritical is more the rule than the exception. For example, they often congratulate themselves on being pro-free speech democrats while they simultaneously restrict more and more democratic freedoms and rights. They often call us totalitarian, even though we are in favour of increased freedom of expression and more referenda than they are.

How would you describe the Resistance Movement’s current or previous connections/contacts/cooperation with the four organisations highlighted in the report?

The cooperation with the RIM was described in the article I mentioned earlier. As for Golden Dawn, our contact is largely non-existent ever since the leadership acted very questionably in connection with the prohibition trial against the party.

Patriot Front is a growing organisation that we follow with interest and with whom collaboration may develop going forwards if they continue on the same good track they are on now. As for the Der Dritte Weg in Germany, we have had a very good relationship with them for several years.

Patriot Front and Nordic Resistance Movement activists
Activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement and Patriot Front in Sweden
Fredrik Vejdeland speaks at a Der Dritte Weg rally, Berlin
Fredrik Vejdeland from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s National Council holds a speech at a Der Dritte Weg demonstration in Berlin

Is there anything else about the Swedish Defence University’s report you would like to comment on?

Yes. If it were genuinely intended to help defend Sweden and the Swedes, it should have instead delved into the international Zionist movement and the enormous global power they possess, and how this power is used to weaken the White indigenous peoples of the Western world. Or why not just look at how America and Israel work together to destroy sovereign nations around the world, or perhaps how “social” internet companies like Facebook and Google actively engage in electoral influence and political lobbying wherever they are allowed to exist?!

Benjamin Netanyahu
Do these “transnational connections” worry the Swedish Defence University?

There are many transnational connections that genuinely pose a threat to our people and our nation, but the Nordic Resistance Movement’s interaction with other nationalists and National Socialists is definitely not one of them.

Thank you, Simon!

About “Polemos II: Pagan Perspectives”


Traditionalist philosopher and author Askr Svarte about his new book “Polemos II: Pagan Perspectives”.

Excerpt from ARISTOGENESIS #10: Askr Svarte Interview 3

Spectacular activism in central Kristianstad


ACTIVISM. The Resistance Movement held a town square meeting and an abseiling action in the multicultural city of Kristianstad on 11 September.

Kristianstad NRM activism

Kristianstad has recently been hit hard by the increasing multicultural criminality that is spreading across Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region due to the politicians’ betrayal of the people. Swedes living in Kristianstad no longer dare to go outside after everything that has happened. Just recently this has included fatal shootings, a library that was forced to close after vandalism, a mentally ill Syrian who kidnapped and tortured a newspaper courier, bomb explosions, and a 60-year-old woman who was shot when she was going to post some mail.

While the parties in the Riksdag come out with empty rhetoric about integration and raising or lowering taxes, the Resistance Movement takes to the streets to remind Swedes that “This is our country!”

Kristianstad NRM activismKristianstad NRM activism

With support from Nest 7, the Resistance men took up their positions on one of the larger town squares in central Kristianstad to hand out leaflets and hold a speech. Also present were some members of the Sweden Democrats and the Citizens’ Coalition party, who gave out a few pathetic paper bags of party knick-knacks.

The activist Cedric Höglund made his speaking debut and urged the Swedish people to join the struggle. Below are two excerpts from his speech:

Our so-called elected representatives do not work for the Swedes but against us. When is enough actually enough? How long are you going to accept the madness? How long are you going to sit silently?

It was the Swedes who built this country. It was the Swedes who fought and died for this country. And it is only the Swedes who can take this country back!

Kristianstad NRM speechKristianstad NRM speechAfter a while, a security guard arrived and made the strange claim that the activists had been vandalising a dustbin, when in reality they had just been removing a hostile poster from it. After attempting to interrogate nearly all of the activists and trying to prevent the activism, the guard was encouraged to call the real police instead of pretending to be a policeman himself, something that offended him greatly.

Kristianstad NRM activism and guard
An offended guard engages in a staring contest with the activists

The Sweden Democrats who were present quietly complained about some Muslims who had set up a small tent a little way off, while simultaneously appearing to appreciate the presence of the non-European guard. In their view, he was well integrated into the politically correct Swedish culture and was busily engaged in harassing the real opposition. A rather telling example of the Sweden Democrats’ treacherous politics.

Apart from that, no one protested the Resistance Movement’s presence – and in many cases it was the opposite.

Kristianstad NRM activismAfter just over an hour, the activity was concluded in order to prepare for the next action.

Kristianstad NRM activism
The Resistance men plan their next activity

Two activists strapped into their harnesses while others got ready for their respective tasks, which consisted of filming and documenting, attaching the ropes and assisting with safety.

Several people stopped below the galleria when they saw the two activists abseiling down the 20-metre-high wall. An impressive banner was then attached to the Galleria Boulevard wall with the message “This is our country!”

Kristianstad NRM abseiling actionThe banner remained in position for at least an hour, but was likely there for much longer.

Kristianstad NRM abseiling action
The Galleria Boulevard shopping centre is decorated with a true and radical message – “This is our country!”

Nest 3 have conducted similar actions in the past, including on 1 May, when activists affixed a banner to one of the Kärnan towers in Helsingborg – in clear view of many townspeople.

The activity in Kristianstad was reported on live throughout the day, which ensured the action received wider attention.

After a very successful day, the activity declared over, and Nest 3 thanked Nest 7 for their support.

Harvest festival in Sweden’s Nest 2

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. On the first weekend of September, comrades from Sweden’s Nest 2 gathered to revive one of our ancestors’ age-old traditions – the harvest festival.

Harvest festival Resistance Movement, Nest 2Members met early on Saturday morning on the edge of the beautiful plains of Skara, Västergötland, where they were warmly welcomed at the farm by Julia Rosander. The plan for the day was to hold the Nest’s first, but likely not last, harvest festival.

Lunch was the first item on the schedule and consisted of soup served in a pumpkin, alongside bread, pork and sour cream. The saltiness of the pork proved to be particularly flavoursome when combined with the sweetness of the pumpkin.

Harvest festival Resistance Movement, Nest 2After the tasty lunch, Julia explained the rest of the agenda for the day. First up was a tour of the farm grounds and a review of how best to cultivate, manage and harvest the various plants the farm has to offer. Everyone was then divided into groups with different areas or plants for each group to harvest. Some guests were given the task of picking apples, while others gathered vegetables and herbs.

Harvest festival Resistance Movement, Nest 2When the harvest was complete, new duties were assigned. One group was given the task of baking an apple pie, which would be consumed later on, while another group tied herbs together for drying.

Harvest festival Resistance Movement, Nest 2
Julia with some of the day’s harvest

During the apple picking, it was observed that Resistance men will always find ways to make things more exciting (and increase the risk of accidents), even during a relatively simple task. A scaffold was fetched to help reach more apples, but it still didn’t allow the participants to get the ones at the top of the tree. Eventually, the comrades were hanging on to thin branches to reach the treetop to ensure no apples were wasted.

Apple picking, Sweden
The simple (but less enjoyable) way to pick apples

When everyone had completed their respective tasks, the apple pie that one of the groups had made was served. The bakers had clearly been very successful in their task, as the pie tasted wonderful!

When the day began to draw to a close, some guests chose to head home, while others stayed late into the evening and ate a dinner of meat and other foods harvested during the day.

Regardless of the guests’ backgrounds or prior experience of cultivation, everyone went home with new knowledge about the subject and an even stronger feeling of kinship and comradeship.

Banned Resistance Movement in Finland raise swastika flags after legal victory

ACTIVISM. Activists in Finland raised swastika flags and put up Tyr rune banners after Helsinki District Court ruled that the swastika is a legal symbol in the country.

Swastika flag and Vastarinta banner, FinlandIn 2018, the Nordic Resistance Movement was banned in Finland after a loophole in the freedom of association law was grossly exploited by the Finnish police. The organisation was also forbidden from arranging a demonstration on Finland’s Independence Day – which had been a tradition for several years. Although much of the verdict was unclear and open to interpretation at the time – with parts of it still being vague today – some of the statements made by the police indicated that the Tyr rune flag was banned in connection with activity by the Resistance Movement.

Instead of participating in the banned Resistance Movement march on 6 December 2018, all former members and supporters were encouraged to join the independent National Socialist demonstration, which was organised under the slogan “For Freedom!”. At the head of the march, where Tyr rune flags were usually held aloft during Resistance Movement demonstrations, swastika banners were carried instead, as they were legal under Finnish law.

Swastika march, Helsinki
Photo from Nordfront.se – censored due to Swedish law

After the march had progressed a few hundred metres, the police decided to contravene Finnish freedom of demonstration and expression by blocking the ongoing demonstration and forcibly confiscating the swastika flags. All of the flag bearers were arrested, together with the former leader of the Resistance Movement in Finland, Antti Niemi. The arrested men were suspected of breaking Finland’s nebulous “incitement to racial hatred” law.

At the end of August, the good news came that the accused were acquitted in Helsinki District Court, that the swastika is still legal in Finland, and that the police had therefore acted incorrectly. The verdict led to a debate in Finland, in which anti-White commenters lamented the decision, and individual police officers stated they will unlawfully seize swastika flags again if such demonstrations occur in the future.

Swastika flag, Finland
Photo submitted anonymously to the Finnish nationalist news website partisaani.com. Censored in accordance with tyrannical Swedish law.
Swastika flag and Vastarinta banner, Finland
Photo submitted anonymously to the Finnish nationalist news website partisaani.com. Censored in accordance with tyrannical Swedish law.

As a contribution to the debate, anonymous former members or sympathisers of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Finland raised swastika flags around the country. In some places, green flags were also hoisted, and banners with Tyr runes and the Resistance Movement’s old web address Vastarinta.com (which is still online as a historical document) were put up. Green flags were previously used during the 2018 demonstration, together with the swastika flags.

Uncensored versions of the photos can be seen on Frihetskamp.net.


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