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A review of the Nordic Resistance Movement’s struggle in Norway in 2019


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Tommy Olsen, the chief of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, sums up 2019.

2019 has been a very interesting year for the Resistance Movement in regard to both adversities and progress. Despite a serious coup attempt, which would have most likely felled any other organisation, we emerged triumphant with increased morale and strengthened bonds. Almost unaffected by the whole affair, activities continued as before, and the only major change in Norway was my taking responsibility for leadership of the Norwegian branch, which was also received very positively. I would like to thank the members and activists for the confidence and loyalty that has been shown towards the Resistance Movement and its leader, Simon Lindberg, as well as to me. Long live the Resistance Movement!

In addition to the enemy within, the Jewish power structure – both internationally and nationally – has screamed at the top of its lungs for a ban on the Nordic Resistance Movement and our worldview. Like many others around the world, they see the success of the Nordic Resistance Movement and realise it is the only force capable of making our people rise up against their hostile activities. They fear us, and they are absolutely right to fear us, because in contrast to other organisations, the Resistance Movement is in genuine opposition to Jewish globalism and partakes in the active struggle.

The World Jewish Congress and leading Jew in Norway, Ervin Kohn, want to change the country’s regulations in order to combat the Resistance Movement

The Resistance Movement has also been discussed in the US Congress in 2019. Once again Jewish power spoke and attempted to manipulate Americans into seeing the Resistance Movement as a terrorist organisation that must be classified as such and opposed economically. Yes, you read that correctly. All this just because we talk about their power and operations. Hence they are willing to put us on a terrorist list even though all we do is convey our message via traditional street activism, public meetings, demonstrations and other more unconventional activities.

The Jewish Dr. Joshua Geltzer wants to brand the Resistance Movement as terrorists and fight us economically

Here in Norway in 2019, the system’s media tried to depict us as having terrorist connections by attempting to tie the Resistance Movement to people like Philip Manshaus and Nicolai Kaupang. Despite neither of them having ever been members, the system’s media has run with their headlines and attempted to create an impression in the public that these man are connected to us and that the Resistance Movement is a terrorist organisation. While it’s true that Manshaus was at a recruitment meeting, he was never approved as a member, and as for the “ambulance desperado” Kaupang, it turned out he was actually a left-wing extremist.

The police and government have demonstrated their opposition to us in 2019 as well. As in previous years, they have also tried to throw a spanner in the works of the Resistance Movement’s operations. For example, Norwegian activists and members were stopped from taking part in a completely legal 1 May demonstration in Kungälv, Sweden, and were then transported to jail in Gothenburg, before being deported from the country. The reason for the police’s intervention proved to be based on outright lies by the Norwegian authorities and Interpol. A lawyer was subsequently contacted, and the expulsion was overturned and the lies declared for what they were – but the damage was done and our activists missed the whole demonstration.

Activists were prevented from taking part in a lawful demonstration

1 May demonstration in Kungälv:

As well as a couple of minor confrontations with aggressive counter-demonstrators, Norway’s controlled opposition also attacked us in 2019 and then bemoaned our activists’ ability to carry out real-world activism on a weekly basis, all year round. The kosher “alternative” news site Resett were put in their place with an effective counter-article after publishing a piece entitled “Offensive Neo-Nazi push in Halden”.

In spite of all this opposition from Jewish power, the government, police and media, our activists and members continue to push ever forwards. Unaffected by all the hostility and harassment, they stand tall in public and share our message with everyone who will hear it. Each aggressive and hysterical opponent is met head-on and receives any reprimands that are necessary. Our activists display an immense strength that others can only observe and envy. We go on in spite of whatever dirty tricks our enemies throw at us. We fear nothing, and we will never stop!

Standing proud we meet the people, despite adversity

The Norwegian Activist Days 2019 was held in Hedmark, Eastern Norway. It featured lectures on subjects such as IT security, speeches about revolutionary struggle, and a presentation by the Norwegian national leadership about future plans for Norway. There was also a sales table, a competition with prizes and, most importantly, the appointment of new activists.

Norwegian representatives also attended Activist Days in Sweden, which in 2019 was held in Dalarna. Here there was a two-hour presentation by the Resistance Movement’s leader Simon Lindberg, who announced a new membership reform in Sweden on account of the Movement’s increased levels of recruitment from all areas of society. Some Norwegian activists were also brought up on stage and awarded distinctions for their achievements.

Nordic Days 2019 was held in Småland, Sweden, and went down in the history books as the Resistance Movement’s best Nordic Days ever. After the coup attempt, it was as if a dark cloud had cleared and the resulting atmosphere was incredible. I held my first speech as the new chief of the Norwegian branch, which naturally dealt with the attempted coup and the positive consequences it had for Norway.

In Norway the Nordic Gathering event was held for the first time, with people from all corners of the country making the journey to Eastern Norway to participate. In addition to my own speech at the event, Simon Lindberg came to the country to hold a very well-received lecture. Frihetskamp’s chief editor Martin Oppegaard spoke about the Norwegian websites Frihetskamp.net and Motstandsbevegelsen.org, along with current plans that are in the works. Another interesting part of the event saw members being called up on stage to give their first ever speeches.

The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, travelled to Norway to give a lecture

Norwegian activists and members also took part in the much-publicised Scandza Forum event in Oslo. Before the event had even started, the police threatened to storm the private venue if Greg Johnson, who was one of the speakers, did not come out and allow himself to be arrested. The Norwegian “security police” (PST) declared afterwards that Johnson was arrested because he was believed to have the potential to “radicalise Norwegians”. At the same time PST also admitted to actively combating political movements that are in opposition to today’s politics, and that they attempt to keep groups’ numbers as low as possible. With this statement, PST and the police in 2019 admitted they are actively working to create a totalitarian society in Norway in which political opposition is suppressed.

During the event, a somewhat deranged opponent with a pink mobile phone appeared at the window and was completely obsessed with taking photos of the attendees. This “angry man with a moustache” provided one of the year’s most amusing moments and made for good meme material.

The “angry man with a moustache” was later revealed to be John Færseth, a Norwegian freelance journalist and author with connections to left-wing-extremist circles

2019 also saw the launch of our new Norwegian National Socialist podcast Hold Fanen Høyt! (Hold the Flag High!). The permanent participants on the programme are the host Tom Hauge (Nest 3 chief), Øystein Vaule (Nest 6 chief) and myself. The podcast mostly deals with activism, news and events in Norway, but also covers international issues as well.

Hold Fanen Høyt! [Hold the Flag High!] hosts Tom Hauge, Øystein Vaule and Tommy Olsen
As usual, Norwegians travelled to the other Nordic countries in 2019 to take part in various demonstrations and events organised by the Nordic Resistance Movement and other nationalist groups. Aside from the 1 May demonstration mentioned previously, Norwegian representatives were also at Denmark’s largest National Socialist gathering since World War II, which was held in Copenhagen. Despite the 200–300 police who tried to disrupt the event by attempting to get to the speaker Jacob Andersen and stop him from speaking, the speech continued to its conclusion thanks to the activists’ forming a ring around Andersen and keeping the police at a distance.

Video from Copenhagen:

Norwegian representatives were also present when the Resistance Movement wrote history in Iceland. On 5th September 2019 the Nordic Resistance Movement entered the Icelandic capital Reykjavik to hold the organisation’s first public action in the country. The successful leafleting activity sent the Icelandic media into a frenzy, and they’re probably still writing about it till this day. Besides the public activity, the trip included several days’ stay in Iceland with a tour of the island and socialising in good company. It was an incredibly memorable week for everyone who participated.

There have been many public activities, propaganda offensives, nature tours and basic activism sessions held in Norway in 2019. Below are a few I would like to highlight, not necessarily because they were the largest activities but rather due to the images, joy, publicity and, not least, tearful opponents they generated.

First up is a public action in central Stavanger. In addition to the great photos taken on the day, the activists also received expressions of support from passers-by, who gave thumbs-up and pleasant comments. A Spanish tourist was so overwhelmed with joy when she saw the Nordic Resistance Movement’s activists that she went over and hugged them, gave them a kiss and asked if she could take selfies with them.

An overjoyed Spanish tourist in Stavanger

The next activity I’d like to give credit to is a three-part public action held in Rogaland. It began with a public leaflet distribution outside Skeine secondary school in Sandnes, where leaflets were given out to pupils. It then continued to Sandnes train station, with more leaflets being distributed to people waiting for the train, and concluded with the activists boarding the train and handing out leaflets to the passengers.

Ambulatory leafleting on a train

In Steinkjer a public activity went peacefully until a rabid feminist who didn’t like other people having different opinions showed up. As well as insisting that members should go to her car to see her non-white boyfriend, she also uploaded a comical video to Facebook in which she cried over the fact she had accepted a leaflet from the activists.

A few days later a “Two Minutes Hate” was organised in Steinkjer, where feminists and cucks joined together to incite confrontation against political dissidents.

Santa appreciated the message of a white Christmas in Steinkjer

In Drammen a mobile leaflet distribution began in the city centre, before moving on to Drammen station and then onboard a local train to Oslo. There leaflets were given to passengers, including recruits from the Telemark Battalion, who were a little surprised to suddenly be flanked by Hirdmen from the Resistance Movement.

On international “holocaust” day, a banner with the text “The Holocaust Is a Hoax!” was displayed in Hordaland and Rogaland, accompanied by green smoke grenades. Additionally, posters were put up at colleges encouraging the youth to break free from the propaganda lies and read the truth on Frihetskamp.net.

Activism against the holocaust lie

In Halden, activist group 103 held a public activity in the early hours of the morning outside a college. Leaflets were given out urging the youth to become politically active and take responsibility for their people and future. Many were positive towards the message.

In conversation with college students

A public leaflet distribution was held in the centre of Kristiansand. Large quantities of leaflets were given out, and conversations were held with passers-by, who were very positive.

In Hordaland there was an extensive weekend of activities with a focus on training and activism. In addition to the production of banners – as well as basic activism in which large numbers of leaflets, posters and stickers were spread across Hordaland – there was also public activity in Åsane in Bergen, followed by socialising with good food and drink.

Even the police were lucky enough to get free leaflets from our activists in Hordaland.

Regarding somewhat more creative and humorous activities, I would like to mention one from Bergen, where Nest 3 held an activity using speech bubble stickers intended to arouse people’s curiosity and make them visit Frihetskamp.net.

“It’s happening on Frihetskamp.net”

Other creative actions worth noting include the huge posters that were produced by an inventive activist working on his own initiative. By printing out and affixing several A4 sheets together, he created huge posters that were then put up in large numbers. The activist promises that this is just the beginning.

“Nordic Youth: The Revolution Begins with You!”

Propaganda offensives and banner actions were held in a series of towns in Eastern Norway. In addition to leaflets, posters and stickers, a very illuminating banner advertising Frihetskamp.net was affixed to the Da Vinci bridge in Ski.

Activists and members from Nest 3 held a propaganda offensive followed by two nature hikes. A large quantity of leaflets were distributed and stickers were put up. Afterwards there was a trip to Fantoft Stave Church and a mountain hike from Eidsvåg to Fløyfjellet in Bergen.

Fantoft Stave Church

The above are just a few examples of what we have done in 2019. In regard to activism, I would like to bring up one final action, which I was personally involved in, and which resulted in an historic court case where we were convicted for “hateful expressions” after raising a flag and hanging up three banners bearing the swastika and the text “We are back”, on 9th April 2019. The remarkable thing about this case is that it isn’t illegal to display the swastika in Norway, or the text “We are back”. However, in their yearning to see us convicted for something, the court excused their judgement by stating that the activism “seen in context” should constitute an illegal act. The case has been appealed and will likely go to trial again in 2020.

Kristiansand courthouse

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, 2019 has been an interesting year in regard to adversities and progress. It has been a year in which the Nordic Resistance Movement has once again shown what it is made for: a movement that stands unyielding despite adversity, and a movement that has the most dedicated and hardened members who – day in, day out, year after year – move forwards despite all the attacks from Jewish power, the media, police and government. Not least, we are a movement that has created waves of hope across the entire world, a movement that is looked up to as a model for thousands upon thousands of hearts that beat in unison. The Nordic Resistance Movement shows the way!

So, my comrades, the year is now 2020. To your posts and do your duty for folk and nation! Show once again with pride what you are: revolutionary National Socialists in the world’s most active National Socialist movement, loved by countless people and hated by Jewish power. Hold the flag high!

National Socialism – The struggle for a higher cause


IDEOLOGY. Sebastian Elofsson explains how the National Socialist cause is a struggle for higher values.

Deep inside, every one of us knows that something is not right in society and that there is something missing. Some perceive it as a strange feeling of emptiness and coldness. This sensation gnaws inside us constantly, night and day, without end. It is a feeling we would like to remedy, but how would we do it? And why do we have this feeling inside us? Our inner voice says that everything should be different, that we should act differently.

We live in a world defined by a material way of thinking, a society marked by excessive consumerism born from materialism. A world and society where money, power and egoism rule. The hunt for money, sex (with no productive purpose) and entertainment has even gone so far that today it is all we care about. We consume more resources than we actually need because we let short-sighted greed dictate our actions.

The individual’s material needs are given centre stage while all else is considered insignificant. Hence it is “economic growth” that is strived for incessantly in modern society. A person’s joy and happiness are determined according to the extent of their usage of luxury goods, which in turn leads to relentless consumerism, an insatiable desire for “happiness”. But amidst this frenzy of consumerism, an important matter is forgotten: that such things are always temporary and can therefore never lead to permanent joy and happiness. It’s no wonder that so many more people become depressed now than in the past when we’re constantly searching for the everlasting in the transient. It is self-destructive behaviour that permeates all of society, an evil circle that must be broken.

Materialism leads to egoism and a hunger for power (the selfish kind, from an individualist viewpoint). We only care about ourselves. The absence of spirituality is total. Today’s society and the people who live in it are comparable to a grey, formless mass without meaning – quite simply like the living dead. The life force that once drove us to create fantastic and magnificent civilisations appears to have dissipated in the sands of time. Today it has been replaced by materialism’s greedy, lifeless hunger. The consequence is a great oasis of concrete, asphalt and department stores. Both our folk and we as individuals have been subjected to and tormented by a spiritual plague. Among this spiritual plague’s constituent parts we find materialism, a view of life as something meaningless. Man is a spiritual being, and when he lives in an unspiritual world he is miserable inside. He becomes like a painting without colour, an empty shell, worshiping the moment instead of eternity.

A clear example of materialism having taken a deathly grip upon our people is that the choice of career or fame now goes before starting a family. How can one voluntarily elect to be disinherited? To voluntarily sever a millennia-old evolutionary process just to be able to earn more money and buy things you don’t need. All the toil and hardships our ancestors went through for our sake… we, who are their legacy, and as thanks we choose to render their lives meaningless. Sacrificing oneself for his people is a completely different matter, as that is sometimes necessary when the people’s survival is at stake.

Whence have the values and strong ideals that once defined us disappeared? The firm and unyielding conviction of something that is far greater than the individual himself. The conviction that gives us the will to take on even the most difficult challenges. The will to live and make the most of a meaningful life. A life of importance. We were once proud, self-assured, strong and fearless. The man of today is superficial and lives completely isolated from nature. He no longer believes in anything and he is incapable of feeling; he has rejected life itself and adopts death. But above all he is rootless, he no longer protects his race, and he rejects his own culture, his own identity.

Meaningful ideals like honour, loyalty, self-sacrifice, responsibility, courage, fanaticism, discipline and wisdom used to be desirable virtues that men and women were expected to possess. Today these ideals have been cast aside and replaced with egoism and greed. All that is beautiful and healthy has been distorted into the ugly and noxious. Decadence in society knows no boundaries. To illustrate this spiritual decay, we can observe how the natural balance has been upset as regards the perception of the family, folk and life in general. Sexual perversions, consumerism, entertainment, drugs and an excessive consumption of alcohol – i.e., everything that characterises a modern, materialist society – drains the life force from our people. Money, sex and drugs… is that really all life has to offer? Is there no deeper meaning to life?

Thanks to materialism, our people’s existence is threatened. However, it’s little wonder that it has become this way when considered a little more closely. The individual and people are dependent on each other. If the individuals put their own egoistic desires before higher ideals – their people’s common needs – the result is the folk’s racial and cultural dissolution. The individual’s errors are thus also the people’s errors. The death of the spirit is ultimately the death of the folk.

The renewal of the spirit

The sick ideas and values that flourish in modern society must be replaced with the healthy. The spiritual plague we call egocentric materialism must be combated if the people’s well-being is to become reality. The folk soul must be brought back to life from its deep slumber! The remedy for the spiritual plague? National Socialism. As human beings we are dependant on both the material and the spiritual. Man must have food, water and shelter to survive and be physically healthy, but he is also in need of a motivating force – something that drives him forwards, inspires him and allows him to endure at all times. The higher ideals I mentioned previously and the struggle for the folk constitute this motivating force.

National Socialism rejects the lower ideals that characterise a modern, materialist society and advances the higher ideals as something to strive for.

We must once again, like our ancestors, be proud, self-assured, strong and brave. Honour, loyalty, self-sacrifice, responsibility, discipline, courage, fanaticism and wisdom must once more be the firm and unyielding ideals that form the Nordic man’s foundation. One must strive for a meaningful life. A life of struggle for family, folk and fatherland. A society in which the people want to accomplish something meaningful and memorable – a society free from materialism.

Life is too short and valuable to casually fritter away. The problem is not if or, for that matter, when we will die, because one thing is certain: we will all die sooner or later. Material wealth in the form of money, entertainment and comfort is temporary, but your actions are permanent. The below quote is an excerpt from the Poetic Edda, the Sayings of the High One:

77. Cattle die, kinsmen die,
the self must also die;
I know one thing which never dies:
the reputation of each dead man.

We have a purpose. Our people and the individuals who make up the people have a purpose, a meaning. It is our responsibility to pass on our ancestors’ legacy to our descendants, and self-sacrifice is the only way.

Blood is holy

The most vital thing we seem to have forgotten is the importance of blood. The blood that unites us with our family, our people (the extension of the family) and the soil from which we take our sustenance. Above all, blood binds us together with our ancestors, to whom we must be eternally grateful, for without them we would be nothing. Without their eternal toil and sacrifice through blood, sweat and tears which they endured for our sake – and only our sake – we, their descendants, would not have existed. As such we are duty bound like our forefathers to fight and sacrifice for our people, for our ancestors and descendants. With our heritage we create the future.

We realise the responsibility for passing on our own genetic material, since from it alone will flow the strength of the future. We are therefore humble about our own accomplishments, for they have their roots in what we received from our ancestors without any effort on our own part, yet we are also proud that our own brief lives are links in the chain of generations. We are a bridge from the greatness of the past to the most distant future.

Walter Gross (head of the NSDAP’s Racial Policy Office)

As an adherent of the National Socialist world view, I have won the spiritual inner peace of which materialism deprives so many others in today’s society. For me, money and simple pleasure is not enough. I have listened to my ancestors’ calls and choose with pride and joy to fulfil the holy duty to struggle and die for my people.

The voice you hear inside you is your ancestors’ voice. Listen to how they whisper to you deep inside. Hear how they urge you to fight. To struggle for what is good and fight against what is evil. Feel their holy wrath fill you, and let their wisdom guide you. Hear how your ancestors’ voices echo within you and how they urge you to battle for blood and soil! Nordic man and woman, this is your duty!

For what is more meaningful than to fight for your people, your own flesh and blood? And what can bring more joy and happiness than the knowledge that what you are doing is meaningful?

Today we once again raise anew the flag of life against the doctrine of death, and serve the future with the faithful affirmation: The blood given to us by God is holy.

— Walter Gross

Today’s parents: Just be a tool


Don’t work out, don’t think. Just be pointless and you’ll be all fine.

Excerpt from Nordic Frontier #137.

Do police students really need to go to Auschwitz to study?

OPINION. Arnar Styr Björnsson writes about how the University of Akureyri in Iceland planned to send police officers to Auschwitz to teach them about “evil and hate”.

In 2018, members of four parties in the Icelandic parliament proposed changes to the penal code that would make male circumcision illegal. This seemingly innocent proposal caused a lot of discussion in Iceland, and drew attention from foreign countries as well. The international Jewish press began to dig up the history of Iceland and the Jews, and their findings were, of course, that Iceland had not been as submissive to the Jews as they would like. They even found poems from the 1650s to prove their case. The pressure that came against the proposed legislation and the meagre support it had to begin with, led to the predictable conclusion that nothing was done to change the laws, and the proposal was quietly suffocated. This raises the question of whether this was a genuine attempt to change the legislation to begin with.

Not long after this, the first rabbi was sent to Iceland by the Chabad organization. There are perhaps around 50 Jews in Iceland who seem to have been mostly non-religious until now. There was at least no need to have a full-time rabbi in Iceland. He also has the job of promoting Judaism in Iceland with public events, and making sure that Icelanders will know what hanukkah is, even though no one was asking for this information before he arrived.

The promotion of hanukkah in downtown Reykjavik.

Last month, news got out that a course was cancelled in the University of Akureyri, in the department of police studies, where all prospective policemen now study. The course was called “Evil and Hate”. The stated purpose of the course was to deal with evil and hate on the basis of sociological theories, and to examine the subject through issues such as the growth of right-wing movements, youth participation in terrorism like ISIS, and of course the holocaust. Nationalism in the light of increasing national-populism in Europe and pluralism were also on the agenda. Astoundingly, part of the course was to be taught in Poland, more precisely in the Jewish museum in Oświęcum and inside the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Now, what relevant information for Icelandic policemen is to be found in those places? And even if there were some, surely that could have been found online or in books, and taught in the school itself. It seems rather that emotional impression and attachment to certain locations and events, a kind of inoculation, was the intent behind the creation of this course, which thankfully has been cancelled. But the point remains that the organizers of the department of police studies came up with this in the first place.

Now, whether these events are connected and have some logic to them cannot be confirmed or denied. It could be that people are feeling increased Jewish influence worldwide and subconsciously conforming to their demands and threats. In any case, the prophetic words of Adolf Hitler are as true as ever: “The Star of David steadily ascended, as the will to national self-preservation declined.”

Leadership Perspective #2: What is National Socialism? Media and the struggle 2019

Listen to “Leadership Perspective #2: What is National Socialism? Media and the struggle 2019” on Spreaker.

Here is the second episode of the podcast Leadership Perspective. Participating are the Nordic Resistance Movement’s leader Simon Lindberg and Fredrik Vejdeland from the organization’s national leadership in Sweden.


  • Media in the Nordic Resistance Movement
  • A year of resistance
  • What is National Socialism?

Basis for discussion:

The Nordic Resistance Movement’s year of struggle in Sweden – 2019

Our Path

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TEASER: National Socialism protects us from liberalization

Teaser for tonight’s second episode of Leadership Perspective. We start at 22:00 Swedish time.

“Black metal is like modern art”

In the latest episode of Nordic Frontier the host Andreas tells about the successful special program on Black metal (In Swedish).

But not everyone agrees that Black metal is a good thing. Here Mike holds a seven minutes rant about “shit on a canvas” before Andreas jumps in so that Mike can breathe.

The subsequent discussion also contains interesting takes on the creativity and beauty in art and how the National Socialists viewed art in Germany.

Excerpt from Nordic Frontier #136.

Activism day in Nest 3


ACTIVISM. On Saturday 11 January activists from Nest 3 held a full day of activism, with a public leafleting session, physical training and banner drops.

At noon the activists gathered at the C4 shopping centre outside Kristianstad, southern Sweden, where they began giving out leaflets under fluttering Tyr rune flags. The Resistance men’s presence was appreciated by a lot of passers-by on the day, which may have been due to the sharply increasing foreign criminality in the city.

After about one and a half hours of discussions with the people, the activists moved on to a nearby training field, where they warmed up with running before practising sparring, knife fighting and punching techniques. The group trained by pitting one man against two in order to simulate real-life street fighting. The most popular event was knife fighting, in which an activist practised defending himself against a knifeman and then disarming him.

After training, the activism continued with the hanging of a series of banners in municipalities around Scania and Halland with the message “NO MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL”.

“Activism Day – Nest 3”


The N-Word

OPINION. Pär Öberg comments on the term “Nazi” and explains why it’s incorrect to use it to describe the Nordic Resistance Movement’s ideology. A while...
The NRM’s Tyr Rune symbol and a man’s silhouette

Why do we fight?

For Our Race