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Concert evening in Nest 6

CULTURE. Members and supporters from Nest 6 recently gathered in a frosty and chilly Västerbotten for a pleasant day of musical entertainment and socialising.

The day’s activities began around lunchtime in a cosy, traditional venue. The event was set to be something a little special, as the schedule combined the monthly meeting with a full day of social activities.

After the meeting was concluded, the day’s chefs began the food production. The menu consisted of roasted pork loin with potato gratin, salad and mushroom sauce.

While the chefs were toiling in the kitchen, Simon Holmqvist had been busy putting together a quiz so the day’s guests could test their knowledge while the food bubbled away. Holmqvist did an excellent job with his question-setting, and the winner got to choose a free product from the merchandise stall.

Visiting comrades from Nest 4 arrived just in time to eat. The food was a big success, and when everyone was full, it was time for the day’s highpoint: Henrik Pihlström. Pihlström has created a three-part show, with the first segment consisting of a talk with musical interludes. Here the audience learns more about the ideas behind some of the songs and how the music is made.

Pihlström has an easy-going manner in his show, and the atmosphere was very informal and relaxed. The audience were given the opportunity to ask questions, and the first part of the show, which lasted roughly an hour, felt a little short despite featuring six songs.

Between parts one and two, there was another musical performance, with Marita Andersson and her accompaniment playing two songs. First was a Creedence Clearwater Revival cover, followed by Marita’s own composition, Moder Svea. The performance was greatly appreciated, and Marita and her guitarist had the audience enraptured from the very first note. We hope they increase their repertoire next time and give us more of the same fantastic energy and professionalism.

Pihlström’s second act was a scaled-down variant of the first. This time there was less conversation, and the songs were given more of the spotlight. Pihlström’s straightforward and honest musical style lends itself very well to the important message conveyed in his music. Some tracks are pure rock numbers, while others are heart-rending ballads. There are many hits – and Pihlström’s main strength is his powerful and hard-hitting refrains that give the songs a real punch.

The third part of the performance consisted solely of music. Here Pihlström delved deep into his back catalogue. There was even more variation, with some of the tracks being comical and featuring razor-sharp satire. The evening concluded with Pihlström playing some tasters of studio recordings from a forthcoming release – which we eagerly anticipate.

Henrik Pihlström’s album Sånger till folket (Songs for the People) is available at Greenpilled.com.

School break activism in Nest 1


ACTIVISM. During the autumn school holidays in Stockholm, youth members of Nest 1 took the opportunity to step up their level of activism. Here follows a report on the intensive week of activities.

When autumn break starts getting closer, a large number of degenerate Nordic youth see an opportunity to drink, get stoned and sleep in to 11.30 every day. This was not the case for the Nordic Resistance Movement’s young National Socialists. The youth members of Nest 1 instead viewed it as an opportunity to further the struggle and conduct day-round activism that would reach as many as possible, while the average Joe continued to live his everyday consumer life. The autumn break – which is intended for students to rest and sit at home on the sofa – was thus a more intensive period than an optional school week would have been, with activities taking place on each of the seven days.

The week began with a public banner drop. Because the youth members were off school, they were able to conduct the action in the middle of the rush hour to ensure more people saw the banner. In just a short time, their message reached thousands of road users.

The rest of the week was mostly filled with basic activism, including stencil production, two spray-paint activities, two sticker activities and two leaflet distributions. According to some sources, autonomous activists were also present during the week, and at Halloween there were reports of Nazi pumpkins appearing in the Stockholm area.

Over the course of the week, the group of idealistic youth members ensured a five-figure total of Stockholmers received the Movement’s message. Via street activism, they didn’t just inform people about political matters but also showed them that the Nordic Resistance Movement are active in their local area and exist as a healthier alternative to the rotten modern society.

All Nordic youth who are unhappy with today’s societal developments are encouraged to join the Resistance Movement, where they will meet upstanding comrades and become part of the struggle for a better tomorrow.

Nest 1 “Struggle Break”

Monthly meeting and lecture in Nest 8

MEETING. On 3 November, Nest 8 held their monthly meeting together with an ideological lecture on the subject of liberalism.

It was a very cold day in the heart of Sörmland, with a biting wind whirling raindrops, fog and fallen leaves round in the air and blocking the daylight. The wind penetrated the meeting’s poorly heated venue, which made the warm welcoming of the Nest’s new members even more appropriate as the latter introduced themselves and were heartily greeted.

First on the day’s agenda was a lecture titled “Liberalism – An Opium of the People”, held by the Nest’s very own Jimmy Thunlind. Thunlind made a profound analysis of the essence of liberalism and its historical development, primarily focusing on Sweden. The Resistance men heard about the types of questions and issues raised and pursued by the political party that was founded as ”The Swedish Association for Voting Rights” in 1890, and nowadays calls itself “The Liberals”. The party’s distinct affiliation to the globalist Zionist world order was meticulously clarified.

Many unflattering past ”achievements” of modern liberal politicians, like Birgitta Ohlsson, Cecilia Wikström and Erik Ullenhag, were exposed. One example was the strongly pro-Zionist Birgitta Ohlsson’s personal political vision: 1) “Abolish Sweden”, 2) Introduce ”global law, global parliament and a global police force”, 3) Promote “the four F’s” (federalism, feminism, homosexuals [“flator” in Swedish], and free immigration”).

Thunlind further explained how the Liberals’ youth association have lobbied for the legalization of incest, necrophilia, bestiality and child pornography.

So what comprises the rotten core of this ideology that works in practice for total moral degradation and strives for the wealthy’s unlimited power over the working class? The fundamental mistake, Thunlind explained, is that liberalism’s basic assumption is the importance – almost holiness – of the individual as opposed to the group. The individual’s unlimited freedom, at the cost of the group’s solidarity, is against man’s biological nature as a pack animal. Liberalism works like a drug, consistently appealing to the individual’s short-term, sensual satisfaction and thus to the lowest denominator within us.

Thunlind’s interesting and illuminating presentation was followed by a communal meal of goulash, tomato salad and fresh bread. It was treat from the event’s organizing team that ensured no one was left shivering from the cold.

The last point on the agenda was the meeting of the month. The Nest is overflowing with activism: In the last few months it accounted for twenty different activities, including two public activities with Nest 1. Basic activism has also been very frequent, and many more exciting challenges are planned for the coming month. Forward, comrades!

NORDIC FRONTIER #131: Hospitalised Anti-Semitism


NORDIC FRONTIER. We examine the despicable cases of anti-Semitism that have washed over Sweden of late.

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Nest 1 stop communists from disrupting meeting in Stockholm


ACTIVISM. Nest 1 recently visited a town square rally in Stockholm and stopped communists from disrupting the event.

On Sunday 3 November, a delegation from Nest 1 participated in a demonstration organised by Stockholmers for a Sovereign Sweden. The slogan for the demonstration was “Against the Population Replacement – For Repatriation”. Among the speakers were well-known names like Dan Park and John Bouvin, and two former Sweden Democrats – David Bergqvist and Henrik Agerhäll.

Communist traitors who want Sweden to retain an immigration policy that is destructive to the Swedish worker.

On the way to the demonstration, the National Socialists encountered a mob of communists who had started walking in the same direction to conduct a counter demonstration and cause a disturbance.

The reds marched with communist flags and held a banner with the text “Drown fascism in an ocean of resistance”. As usual, however, such a message proved to be one that Stockholm’s anti-fascists could not live up to when facing the men of the Resistance Movement. When the National Socialists walked past the anti-fascist procession and stood in its path, prepared for confrontation, the reds suddenly stopped dead several metres’ safe distance away.

As soon as they understood who was standing in front of them, half of the mob began nervously hiding their faces, while others shouted at passers-by that it was dangerous to get close to the National Socialists because they were members of the Nordic Resistance Movement. But no one listened to the furious mob, and the Resistance men let regular pedestrians safely past to the square.

Although the anti-fascists were at least twice as many in number as the Resistance activists, as well as being in possession of long wooden poles, without any police in sight, they didn’t dare to “crush Nazism”, and after two minutes their procession headed back the way it had come. As the reds retreated with their tails between their legs, the National Socialists’ chant of “Antifa, ha ha ha!” echoed across the square.

Thanks to the Resistance Movement’s quick action, there was no counter demonstration on the day. A handful of cat ladies made an occasional noise, but the speeches were held without any problems, which would not have been the case had the communists reached the square. Incredibly, the mob was not seen again, and the Resistance men were able to join the demonstration.

The Resistance men gave out leaflets to the attendees on the square and encouraged them to join the Resistance Movement. The National Socialists were very well received following their resolute defence the demonstration from anti-fascists. “You’re heroes,” some of the attendees said. Many discussions took place with other nationalists, and a lot of new contacts were made. The Resistance men also received two cash donations of 500 kronor each.

Gothenburg Trial Verdict: Victory!


RESISTANCE NEWS. All Resistance men involved in the opinion trial in Gothenburg have been acquitted of all charges of ”hate speech”. Meanwhile, five people were sentenced for violent rioting.

On October 25 a roughly 100-page-long verdict was passed against 16 participants in the demonstration organized by the Nordic Resistance Movement in Gothenburg on September 30 2017. The prosecutor Jonas ”Sleepy Joe” Martinsson tried to claim that the participants ”together and in concert” committed the crime of hate speech. Some were also charged for rioting after a confrontation with the violent police.

It is now clear that none of the accused will be sentenced for ”hate speech”. The Crown Court of Gothenburg also said it was not proven that the Tyr rune is associated with the Third Reich in such a way to render it comparable to symbols such as the swastika.

One of the five people sentenced for violent rioting will receive a prison sentence of two months. The rest will be on probation and will have to perform community service. Meanwhile Jimmy Andersson was entirely acquitted of the charge of violent rioting, despite the prosecutor claiming he was the leader of the riot.

The Crown Court was critical of the material used as evidence, including heavily edited video footage without timestamps that was used against Andersson in particular:

The prosecutor’s evidence includes a number of videos. It has emerged that a large amount of film material was examined. From this material the police’s IT forensics made a compilation in order to show the actual chain of events from beginning to end. Since we are dealing with compiled material, it follows that it cannot reflect all the details during the actual events.

Jimmy Andersson and Pär Öberg.

However, it was also claimed that the film footage, combined with testimonies, gave ”a relatively good picture of the chain of events in general and in regard to what is decisively important in judging this prosecution”.

In the case of Jimmy Andersson, which became a hot topic during the trial, they write:

What can be observed is that the same chain of events is shown several times from different camera angles, which could easily give you the impression that we are dealing with a longer chain of events than one lasting only one or a few minutes. The film footage, when this is taken into consideration, does not lend credence to the idea that the violent riot went on for more than a single minute, the Crown Court says. In the video Jimmy Andersson is seen summoning shield bearers via radio and then telling them to take one step forward. Through witness interrogations, with Jörgen Olsson and Jonas Lindstedt, it has been established that a significantly larger amount of time passed between these different events than the video suggests.

As such it was concluded that the prosecutor did not manage to prove that Andersson either took part in the riot or commanded it.

The entire hate speech section is rejected

In the verdict the Crown Court gave a long exposition regarding the section of the prosecution concerning “hate speech”, in which it was concluded that the jackets, shields and placards that, according to the prosecution, were props in the opinion crime are in fact covered by the Freedom of the Press Act and are therefore a case for the Chancellor of Justice – a government agency that has already decided the Tyr rune is completely legal.

But it was noted that the prosecutor did not ask the court to examine the printed messages; for example, the Tyr rune, but rather how they are used “in concert” by demonstrators in order to express contempt “for other ethnic groups apart from the Nordic”.

In its argument, the court quoted both the Swedish constitution and the European Convention on Human Rights, which guarantee Swedish citizens freedom of speech. It also wrote that freedom of speech is one of “the founding pillars of democracy” and cited the European Convention on Human Rights:

Freedom of speech is one of the essential foundations for a [democratic] society, one of the fundamental preconditions for these advances and for the evolution of every human being. It does not only encompass information and ideas received positively or considered harmless but also those that offend, shock or disturb the state or any part of the population.

The court also said the fact that this was a constitutionally protected demonstration weakens the prosecutor’s argument that the usage of the symbols ought to be a criminal offence:

As the Crown Court has previously established in regard to the Press Act, there is limited scope to judge the usage of these items as hate speech. Judging by the context – a political demonstration arranged by the NRM – the Crown Court has come to the conclusion that using these items in and of themselves does not constitute hate speech.

The Crown Court also dismissed the prosecutor’s claim that the uniform dress code was supposed to give a “militaristic impression”. The court did say that the shield bearers have a more uniform dress code than the other participants, but that these are more reminiscent of riot police than any military personnel and that the equipment is obviously used to protect demonstrators from police, counter demonstrators, and journalists wishing to photograph the participants.

“The Crown Court has come to the conclusion that the cumulative impression of the demonstrators overall, including the equipment and impressions of the shield bearers, is not militaristic, nor that it is unambiguously connected to the National Socialist opinions during the 1930s and 1940s in Germany. This behaviour, taken in isolation, is not to be considered hate speech,” the court established.

The court rules that the uniform is not illegal and does not appear militaristic.

Regarding the Tyr rune, the Crown Court admitted it has been used to some extent by National Socialists during the Third Reich, but that “it has had a long history before the 20th century, and that, according to footage shown in this proceeding, is still used in completely different contexts than the one we are dealing with”.

The court also referenced the decision of the Chancellor of Justice that the Tyr rune does not constitute hate speech in the way the prosecutor claims.

The court said it had been established that more than one person shouted “Hail victory!” but also claimed there is nothing indicating that any of the accused shouted it. It did not seem like some coordinated and rehearsed exclamation, but rather as “shouts erupting spontaneously in an excited and tumultuous situation in what is described as a violent riot”.

Fredrik Vejdeland’s speech

The prosecutor claimed that Fredrik Vejdeland‘s speech singled out “these people” – whose faces were seen on placards during the demonstration under the designation of “criminals” – as responsible for folk treason and genocide against the Nordic people due to mass immigration, and that this constituted “hate speech” because some of these people are Jews.

But the Crown Court said that the “collective impression of the placards and the persons displayed on the placards are rather representatives of what could be called the Swedish establishment or rulers, rather than representatives of any particular group of people with reference to racial, ethnic or religious origins” and that “politicians, officials and journalists are not a protected group of people according to chapter 16 section 8 of the criminal code”. As such they dismissed the claims of the prosecutor.

The prosecutor also claimed that Vejdeland’s remarks about treason and crimes being based on the idea that the rulers have orchestrated mass immigration should constitute hate speech. But the Crown Court writes the following about this:

It is doubtful whether Fredrik Vejdeland’s remarks are directed against a certain ethnic group or group of persons in the sense required by the penalty clause. He directs, as has been demonstrated above, his remarks against the rulers who he thinks are responsible for the wrongs of society, and reconnects it to the slogan of the demonstration, which was “revolt against the criminals”. Even if his remarks would be found to be directed against any particular group of people, the Crown Court thinks, taking the judicial aspects of freedom of speech into consideration, that his remarks do not reach such a level of disdain demanded of them to be regarded as hate speech in and of themselves.

Was the demonstration reminiscent of 1930s Germany?

At the end of the verdict, the Crown Court argued as to whether the aesthetics of the demonstration were so similar to 1930s and 1940s Germany that those who participated in it were guilty of hate speech via some sort of mutual understanding.

The Crown Court did not agree with this claim:

The collective behaviour which is about to be tried is far away from the events that appeared in the earlier decisions. It’s not a matter of a uniform dress code that has an unambiguous similarity with the dress code of Nazis in Germany during the 1930s and 1940s. That some of the demonstrators wore uniform jackets, and that flags and placards have been carried, does not make this different from other political demonstrations in the view of the Crown Court. It’s not a demonstration with a slogan intended to be perceived as pro-Nazi in itself, and the demonstrators have not acted in a way that unambiguously makes one think of Nazism of the 1930s and 1940s.

As such, all people involved were acquitted of the charge of hate speech.

Are the Nordic Resistance Movement’s views criminal?

Critiques of the prosecutor’s arguments are presented in several places in the verdict. The prosecutor tried to claim the political views of the Nordic Resistance Movement are criminal in and of themselves because the organization is said to advocate “racial superiority”. The prosecutor thus wanted to charge the demonstrators with this, claiming they show sympathy for these “criminal” opinions by participating in the demonstration.

The Crown Court had the following to say about this:

As the Crown Court has also established above, it is not punishable to be a member of the NRM, and it might also be said that it is not punishable to hold the views that the NRM could be said to hold. There is no reason for the Crown Court to determine if the opinions of the NRM, whether in the party program or in other writings, could constitute hate speech, but the Crown Court has to determine if the behaviour on Fabriksgatan September 30 2017, as it has been described in the deed act, constitutes hate speech.

To hold this view, that publicly expressing affiliation or sympathy for the NRM is punishable as hate speech, would be to extend the realm of criminality too far and does not seem in accordance with the constitutionally and conventionally protected principles of freedom of speech and association.

Also the idea of an “expanded crew of accomplices” was in itself rejected. The prosecutor claimed that Fredrik Vejdeland’s speech constituted hate speech, since he criticized those in power and that those listening to his speech were his accomplices. But the Crown Court also writes that even if crimes had been committed, it is not enough just to be at a location in order to be considered an accomplice. Nor is sympathizing with the alleged crime enough in itself for one to be regarded as an accomplice.

“There is no investigation as to whether the individuals accused, in addition to having participated in the demonstration, are regarded as having furthered the deed,” they write.

Prosecutor Jonas “Sleepy Joe” Martinsson.

The prosecutor also attempted to charge the demonstrators based on the fact that the Nordic Resistance Movement often keep up with what is legal or not. As support he used the SÄPO analyst Ahn-Za Hagström, who testified that members of the Nordic Resistance Movement often order protocols of preliminary investigations and verdicts in order to adapt to the reality of governing laws and judicial practice.

This reasoning was strongly questioned by several lawyers, who said that it could not be seen as something negative to keep oneself updated on what is legal or not. It should rather be seen as something positive, on which the Crown Court concurs:

In conclusion the Crown Court holds the view that the investigation in this section does not speak especially strongly for the idea that members or sympathizers of the NRM would generally remain indifferent if crimes had been committed, but might just as well indicate the opposite, that at least some of them are anxious to publicly stay on the right side of the legal boundary, something that is generally seen as commendable.

The court rejects the recommendation of the Prison and Probation Service – National Socialists do not need to be locked up

As usual the Probation Service expressed the view that members of the Nordic Resistance Movement are not suitable for community service or probation because the agency has essentially chosen to classify the Movement as a criminal organization.

But the Crown Court chose to go against the recommendations of the Probation Service regarding penalties, claiming it is too generalized:

In this section the Crown Court has established that the judgements do not appear to be individualized, but that the same type of judgement is made regarding everyone. It has not been stated that closer connections to the NRM of an individual or to the White Power environment have been investigated, and to a certain extent it seems as if the prosecuted act in itself acts as the basis for the assessment. Neither has the Probation Service stated what risks of threats and violence we are talking about. It does not seem reasonable that an accused, as a consequence of having participated in a political demonstration for a certain party, should be sentenced with a heavier penalty than otherwise simply for this reason. The Crown Court therefore has concluded that there is no general obstacle to sentencing an accused to probation in combination with community service.

Out of the five people sentenced for violent rioting, four will receive a sentence of probation for two months along with 75 hours of community service. The fifth person will receive a prison sentence of two months since he was convicted of a similar crime not long ago.

Simon Lindberg: “The prosecutors should resign!”

Nordfront spoke to the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, who had the following to say about the verdict:

“As we have always said, this was the weakest prosecution that has ever been pursued against us. That we would be acquitted, from a purely judicial perspective, seemed obvious – but that the court would actually dare to go through with this is a completely different matter. The pair of prosecutors should resign immediately.”

Fredrik Vejdeland was also happy about the outcome:

“It was a clear let-down for the system and a major victory for us. A conviction would have meant the system succeeding in banning the use of an ancient Nordic symbol, limiting our demonstration rights and by extension implicitly banning National Socialism. This decision will surely be appealed, but I feel that we already have a huge advantage now we have been acquitted by the judicial system that has essentially always convicted us. Hail v******!”

Vejdeland’s confidence regarding a possible trial by higher courts was also shared by Nils Funcke, an expert on freedom of speech, and Oisín Cantwell, the judiciary columnist for Aftonbladet, who said the verdict was well motivated and indicated how the higher instances will argue matters in the case.

A disappointed prosecutor Martinsson has not yet decided whether to appeal but said it is “likely”.

Simon Lindberg appears on Inside the Eye radio show


RADIO. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s leader appears live on Dennis Fetcho’s podcast Inside the Eye.

Inside the Eye – Live! is a leading podcast/online radio production of “Dennis Fetcho”, aka “The Fetch”. “The Fetch” is the author of the Illuminatus Observor, regarded by many as simply “the finest Hermetic Qaballa blog in all of blogdom”.

“The Fetch” brings weekly insights on geopolitics, Zionism, conspiracy history, finance, Middle East politics, and news and views that shed light on our contemporary reality.

Listen here: Inside the Eye

Listen to the interview on Herr Nordstorm’s channel:

The Security Police’s political battle against the Resistance Movement


COMMENTARY. The Swedish “Security Police” (SÄPO) have exposed themselves as a political institution via their participation in the scandalous trial against the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Ahn-Za Hagström

SÄPO’s analyst Ahn-Za Hagström wrote a memorandum on the Nordic Resistance Movement which was intended to be used as evidence during the political witch-hunt trial in Gothenburg. The memo, which is filled with lies, exaggerations and subjective claims, also formed the basis of the testimony Hagström gave in the trial. Both the news editors and Fredrik Vejdeland have already written about this subject in other articles, but there are actually more things to comment on, so I shall also share some of my thoughts regarding SÄPO’s testimony and memo.

According to Hagström’s testimony, the memorandum is not her personal work, but rather SÄPO’s as a whole, and a lot of people have been involved in writing it. Hagström appears more to be the scapegoat for the compiled document. This in itself is interesting, as it actually makes the letter even more official. This memo is how SÄPO as a whole assesses and views the Nordic Resistance Movement. Or perhaps the image they want to convey to the public about the organization.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is very clear about its ideological positions, which are mostly to be found in our political program “Our Path”, but also in many ideological articles written over the years, as well as in the podcast Leadership Perspective. Nevertheless, according to its memo, SÄPO believes the organization advocates political opinions we have never expressed. For example, among these alleged views they claim we supposedly advocate race war and xenophobia.

The Nordic Resistance Movement’s alleged activities and tactics are also described in SÄPO’s memo. Here, too, there are major differences in how the same matters are described by us in the organization, or for that matter how they are evidenced by our actions over our 20-plus years of operation.

When defence lawyers interrogated and pressed Hagström on these contradictions, it emerged that all sources are classified and that the content of the memorandum is thus not academically correct, but rather highly subjective. This is clearly not a document in which the Nordic Resistance Movement is described objectively and correctly, but instead pure and simple propaganda in which the organization is described according to the image with which the system wishes to brainwash the public.

The prosecutor thus highlights the system’s subjective propaganda as actual evidence in a trial. When the media and various “experts” later cite it, it further becomes part of the subversive work of turning people away from us in the national opposition.

During the interrogation, Hagström claimed that many of our political positions actually come from National Socialists who were active in the 1930s and 40s, or from the American “white power movement”. And because the Nordic Resistance Movement has the same “thought tradition” as these groups, they automatically apply to us – even though we never expressed them ourselves.

Furthermore, when Nordfront writes about an historical person such as Adolf Hitler or George Lincoln Rockwell, this means, according to Hagström, that the Nordic Resistance Movement as an organization and political party shares their views and fully supports the approach and actions of their respective organizations.

According to the same rhetoric, one can assume that SÄPO thinks it’s perfectly reasonable to attach all the Soviet Union’s positions and actions to the Social Democrats. Social democracy is clearly based on the same thought tradition as that of the Bolsheviks, and they also revere historical persons associated with the communist worldview in many of their activities and media.

In relation to the claims that we advocate xenophobia and race war, completely new Orwellian definitions are provided by Hagström as to what these concepts mean. Xenophobia is defined in brief as wanting to preserve your people’s culture, and race war as wanting to preserve your people’s ethnicity. The Nordic Resistance Movement does not act with hostility to strangers unambiguously just because they are strangers, and we have never stated that we have any desire for war with other races – which was confirmed by Hagström. However, we are bound to our ideological endeavour to preserve the racially Nordic people and our Nordic culture.

By Hagström’s logic, most Sami people could clearly be labeled as xenophobic because they want to preserve their culture, and many Native Americans, according to the claim, are clear advocates of race war because they want to preserve their ethnicity.

A people advocating for a race war?

SÄPO’s rhetoric also claims that the Nordic Resistance Movement is a criminal organization capable of committing terrorist offenses. For example, their memo and Hagström’s testimony state that because it’s part of our ideology that our members practice martial arts, this means they are training for criminal acts. Hagström, for all intents and purposes, acknowledges there are legitimate purposes for this training, in that it is both community-building and gives our members a better opportunity to defend themselves if they are attacked, but it’s also implied they will use this training to commit crimes – in this case, assault.

According to this view, every martial arts club in the country could be said to be built on criminal grounds. Or why not the leftist groups who teach “feminist self-defence”!?

When questioned, Hagström admits that all people with access to a vehicle or knife are capable of committing terrorist offenses, but believes that these individuals, unlike members of the Nordic Resistance Movement, are not able to commit a major attack, as it requires several connected people.

It is certainly true that an individual does not have the same ability to commit terrorist offenses as a group, but it can never be cited why the Nordic Resistance Movement would have a greater opportunity for this than any other associations. Of course, every coalition of people around the world, including the aforementioned Social Democrats, has the ability to commit terrorist crimes in the same way as the Nordic Resistance Movement.

In answer to the direct question from SÄPO, the claim that the Nordic Resistance Movement intends to commit terrorist offenses is absolutely false. Hagström also does not know if the Resistance Movement has access to illegal weapons, despite this being stated in the memo.

The memo also compares the organization to other groups within the White Power milieu and claims it is more dangerous and more radical than the others. When the defence asked which groups exist in this scene in Sweden, other than the Nordic Resistance Movement, it was claimed there have been others historically but that the organization today stands largely alone. Comparisons to other groups in the milieu are therefore very strange. If we are the most dangerous and radical, we can therefore also be said to be the most kind-hearted and nicest group in the White power scene.

The fact that the Nordic Resistance Movement is seen as dangerous to the system from a competitive point of view is very clear, as evidenced by both the trial itself and SÄPO’s defamation. Participating in this trial in such a manner clearly suggests they are a political institution rather than a police institution and that their purpose is to uphold the prevailing political monopoly rather than safeguard the security of the nation. The system is obviously terrified of the enormous potential of National Socialism – which is why SÄPO acts politically against us. Of course, it is also in this light that one must view SÄPO’s other harassment towards our members and sympathizers.

Contacted by the Security Police? Shut up and contact the Nordic Resistance Movement.

With truth as our weapon, we will continue to fight and grow despite SÄPO’s blatant lies, the system’s oppression, and the prosecutor’s attempt to criminalize our movement. We have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, and our representatives do not need to “talk around topics like a politician”, as one of our lawyers observed of Ahn-Za Hagström during her testimony.

Day of activism in Småland


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. On Saturday 26 October, members from Nest 7 gathered for a full day of struggle. The day included practically all types of activism the Nordic Resistance Movement conduct 365 days a year.

The Resistance men began the day in the early hours of the morning. The activism commenced with logo-spraying in well-chosen locations in the villages of Smålandsstenar and Reftele, on the border of Nest 2. The expedition then continued eastwards to the Värnamo municipality. Here comrades put up a banner in Rydaholm and then decorated the village of Horda with National Socialist symbols. Although the weather was poor, with rain and strong winds, the mood was high. After the activism in Värnamo, the rain-soaked activists got back into the car and continued their journey.

The next municipality on the route was Växjö. Along National Highway 25 another banner was put up, and various signs were adorned with the Resistance Movement’s symbols. By this time the rain had stopped, but the sun was still not to be seen on this cloudy October day. The journey continued, and the activists soon arrived in Lessebo municipality. Here the same formula continued. Outside the village of Hovmantorp, a banner was put up, while in the middle of Lessebo village, two Tyr runes now brighten the autumn darkness.

The day’s careful planning meant the activists met other comrades at the appointed time at the Nest Chief’s house out in the forests and meadows of rural Småland. As usual it was a happy reunion filled with laughter, despite the unpleasant autumn weather. The next activity on the busy Saturday was a public leaflet distribution in Kalmar, so the activists took the opportunity to change into some clothes more appropriate for civilisation (if such a multicultural city can still be called civilised). A short car trip later, the cheerful group were in central Kalmar, where the flag bearers took their positions on the main pedestrian crossroads.

Hardly a moment had passed before the first police patrol arrived. The police tried in vain to find someone in charge of the constitutionally protected activity, but they had to give up after a while and contented themselves with watching the leafleting from a distance until another patrol arrived. After a conversation between the state’s lackeys, it seemed a decision was made to let the Resistance men continue their advocacy for freedom of speech. However, there weren’t very many people on Kalmar’s biggest street, so it was decided to move to Baronen shopping centre, situated in the harbour, outside Kalmar’s old city walls.

Within a few minutes, the state’s henchmen were on site again, and for once not to intervene in some kind of gang fight or drug deal which often takes place around Baronen and the nearby train station. The distribution continued without interruptions until an officer came to the scene and decided to write up a report, but first he had to find someone responsible for the gathering. Such political manifestations are protected by both government declaration and constitutional laws, something which the officer admitted to a Nordfront journalist on video when he said the public meeting was allowed. Even so, a leafletler was randomly chosen and informed he was suspected of a disturbance of the peace. When the officer left, the distribution could recommence, and there were many discussions despite the overcast weather and cool winds blowing through the harbour.

A man was seen filming the activity from inside the shopping centre, so Nest Chief Magnus Wardmo took the opportunity to approach him and film an exchange on his phone. The man turned out to be an undercover policeman who was “opinion-registering” proud Nordic men who stand up for their people. The video can be seen here:

The activity in Kalmar was a calm affair, so calm that the last policeman on the scene opened his car to the public. He let children sit in the driver’s seat and gave out balloons to passers-by – strange behaviour given how violent the Resistance Movement’s activities are supposed to be according to the media and our opponents.

After just over two hours in Kalmar, the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Nest 7 said their thank-yous and goodbyes for this time, but it won’t be long before proud National Socialists are back on the city’s streets. One thing all the participants in the activity noticed was that the Nordic Resistance Movement and our flags are well established in the minds of the public. No one seemed to wonder who we were or who was giving out the leaflets – a clear sign that the media attacks only make us more famous (and infamous) to the man on the street. This means we can spend time discussing factual matters instead of explaining who we are, making it much easier to spread our message and political views. Another issue that rarely comes up now are all the discussions about the Holohoax’s existence or non-existence. Here too it seems we have broken through an important barrier and disarmed our enemy.

After the public leafleting, it was time for the second group to carry out yet more activism, hanging a banner from a bridge in Uppvidinge. This activity came much to the distress of local resident and Sweden Democrat MP Mattias “Curry” Karlsson, who believed it was intended to frighten him. He went on to write a bizarre post on Facebook claiming “Nazis” had been running around in his village putting up banners for the Nordic Resistance Movement to “scare him into silence”. Why Karlsson believed a banner advertising one of the Nordic Resistance Movement’s websites was aimed at him is still unclear.

The expedition went on via the village of Hultsfred, and finally Eksjö was decorated with a banner. The 26th of October was a full day in service of the struggle for our people’s survival and will be followed by many similar days in the future.

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We will invite Fredrik Vejdeland and Pär Öberg (approx. 21.15 Swed time) to the show to talk about the verdict in the Gothenburg Trials.

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