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Midsummer celebrations in Bohuslän

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. On Midsummer Eve, comrades from across Bohuslän, Sweden, gathered to celebrate the summer solstice with festivities, good food, Viking games and comradeship.

On 19th June members and activists from Nest 2 gathered at a beautiful, serene location outside of Uddevalla. Upon arriving at the venue, guests were welcomed by the pleasant sight of cheerful comrades and splendid log cabins outfitted with flags and a merchandise table. The atmosphere was good and uplifting and was perfect for both adults and children.

After some mingling and socialising, it was time for the Viking games. Courageous men and women both took part in this year’s games, with all competitors doing their utmost to win victory. All participants competed in the following events:

  • Drinking competition: Whoever drinks their drink the quickest gets the most points.
  • Shield fighting: Using a shield, competitors try to force their opponent out of the ring.
  • Sword and shield combat: Strikes on the upper body and legs earn points.
  • Tug of war: Man against man. First out of the ring holding the rope wins.
  • Relay race carrying a heavy weight: Run a fixed distance back and forth as many times as possible while carrying a heavy weight.

Although all the competitors bravely attempted to win glory and a wonderful prize, only one could be victorious. The Viking games served to strengthen comradeship, and all participants experienced true Nordic fighting spirit and strength!

Naturally the comrades were hungry after the Viking games and deserved a hearty meal. The delightful midsummer food consisted of a whole grilled pig, new potatoes, a herring table and many other tasty accompaniments. All the guests appreciated and enjoyed the meal. After everyone had had their fill of the midsummer food, they moved on to bathe in the nearby lake.

The summer solstice is the festival of the sun, and as such our Nordic people should remind themselves of the sun’s life-giving power. The Nordic people are the people of the sun! Individual sunrays can’t make a big difference on their own, but if they all unite with a common goal, they will create an eternally burning light of fanaticism, self-sacrifice and struggle that will spread across the world like a purifying fire.

Activism reports – Week 27, 2020

ACTIVISM. A selection of activism reports from the past week from around the North.

Public activity in Värnamo

On Saturday 27th June, Nest 7 went to central Värnamo with a “White Lives Matter” banner. The activists also gave out leaflets on the same theme. The message was well received, and the Resistance men got many thumbs-up from passing motorists.

Activism in Sjuhärad

Throughout Week 27, comrades from across Sjuhärad gathered to hold an awareness campaign in selected areas. A mother, a daughter and a son are no longer on this earth because of folk traitors and their genocidal politics. We will never forget your crimes against all our noble brothers and sisters.

Borås Municipality

Tranemo Municipality

Svenljunga Municipality

Martial arts training in Norrköping Municipality

On Wednesday, activists and members met up to practise punching techniques, mixed with elbow strikes and kicking. The session concluded with 2v1 sparring.

Leaflets in Luleå Municipality

On Monday 29th June, close to 350 leaflets were delivered in the countryside of Luleå Municipality. Ersnäs was one of the villages that received the healthy message.

Leafleting in Huskvarna

On a warm summer’s day on 2nd of July, National Socialist propaganda was delivered to the residents of Huskvarna by members from Nest 7.

Basic activism in Tranås

On Sunday 28th June, leaflets were delivered to residents in Tranås. A number of posters were also put up along the main street.

Leafleting in Dalarna

On Friday morning, leaflets were distributed and stickers were put up in Björbo, Grangärde and Malingarna. About 500 leaflets were delivered.

Canoeing in Nest 1

On Sunday 28th June, members from Nest 1 met for a day filled with comradeship. The participants gathered in the early morning to paddle canoes, bathe and relax together. After nearly two hours traversing lakes and small rivers, the participants stepped ashore and consumed their packed lunches on a rock ledge, before bathing. Next the baggage was unloaded from the canoes and a sea battle took place. Teams attempted to stop each other’s canoe and capsize it, with the losers having to tow their waterlogged canoe back to the shore. After several hours, the comrades paddled back homewards.

Stickers in Ludvika

A large number of stickers were put up in Grängesberg and Ludvika.

Fishing course in Karlstad

On Sunday 28th June, Member Group 2 from Nest 5 were in Skattkärr, outside Karlstad, for a fishing course with an emphasis on fishing in a survival situation. Some of the topics covered by the instructor included different kinds of fishing knots; types of fish that are edible and nutritious; riverbed fishing for pike, pike-perch and various carp; determining fish species; and how to clean and utilise fish after they’re caught.

Public leafleting in Ljungby

On Saturday 27th June, Nest 7 were in Ljungby to inform passers-by about white victims of multiculturalism, as well as to spread hope for a better future. The message was received positively by the majority of people, and the activity produced many interesting conversations. Lone individuals who thought they could spit at the flag bearers without consequences were quickly reprimanded.

After a while, the police turned up to question the Resistance men, but they soon gave up when they realised they weren’t going to get any answers.

Leafleting in Hobro

Activists from Nest 3 gave out leaflets to houses in Hobro and put up stickers in the area.

Propaganda in Vendsyssel

Activists from Nest 3 spread Nordic Resistance Movement propaganda in Vendsyssel.

Propaganda in Frederikssund

Activists put up stickers in Frederikssund.

Propaganda spreading and clean-up in Høje-Taastrup

Nordic Resistance Movement activists removed anti-white propaganda in Høje-Taastrup. A number of Antifa stickers were taken down and replaced by National Socialist messages.

White Lives Matter posters in Stavanger

Nest 6 put up White Lives Matter posters between Vaulen beach and the train station in Hinna.

Activism and social activity in Sotra and Godvik

Members from Activist Group 302 began the day by walking 10,000 steps, totalling about 7.5 km. This was followed by 1,380 metres of swimming and an activism session.

Antifa stickers replaced in Reykjavik

At the weekend, Antifa stickers were replaced with Resistance Movement stickers in downtown Reykjavik.

Outdoor activities in Denmark’s Nest 1

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A group of activists from Denmark’s Nest 1 met for a weekend of outdoor activities on 27th June.

Watch on VK / BitChute

The weekend took place in the woods south of Vejle Fjord and offered a range of activities.

After a short walk along undulating woodland paths, a camp was made in a clearing. Here good company was enjoyed, and a number of outdoor skills were practised.

Resistance men acquitted for political statements


FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Three members of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Norway have been acquitted for making political statements during an activity in 2018. A thorough and correct judgement, says defence lawyer Nils Christian Nordhus.

On 29th June, Tommy Olsen (41), Ronny Bårdsen (34) and Jan Christopher Pedersen (37) were cleared by the court of appeal for a political stunt on 9th April 2018, in which a swastika flag was raised, and banners with swastikas and the text “We are back” were hung up in three different locations in Kristiansand, Norway.

“Not illegal statements”

The court of appeal reasoned that the statements and symbols were not directed towards particular groups but appeared to be more general, and therefore were not punishable.

Defence lawyer Nils Christian Nordhus told NRK that the acquittal is not surprising but thorough and correct.

Nordhus said: “This case is not about whether you agree or disagree with their viewpoints. It’s about whether my clients should be punished for their opinions, and for having been honest and communicated them publicly.”

Frihetskamp has been in contact with Tommy Olsen, chief of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, for a comment about the acquittal:

“I must say that personally I’m very surprised,” Olsen said. “Trust in the legal system has not exactly been especially high considering how politicised and hypocritical the Norwegian authorities have proven to be. The fact that there are still people who conduct themselves professionally in their work, and that they acquitted us, is very gratifying. Now it remains to see what happens next.”

The three Resistance men were originally convicted by the district court for “hateful statements” but appealed the decision to the court of appeal, which has now acquitted them.

Canoeing and camping in Nest 7

SOCIAL ACTIVITY. Activists in Småland enjoy a canoeing and camping excursion in the countryside.

Watch on PeerTube / BitChute

On Saturday 13th June, comrades from Nest 7 met for a wilderness activity. The activity began at Isaberg in the village of Hestra, where the activists started by paddling down the Nissan river.

After a few hours’ paddling, the group found a suitable place to set up camp. There they started a campfire and began constructing a shelter.

Early the next morning, everyone got up and had some breakfast, before putting out the fire and paddling back up along the Nissan.

Banner activism in Denmark’s Nest 2

ACTIVISM. Nordic Resistance Movement activists in Denmark recently put up several White Lives Matter and Globalism Kills banners in Nest 2.

White Lives Matter banner, Denmark

One banner was hung over a motorway bridge in Gladsaxe with the text “White Lives Matter”, a message that has extra importance in this time of increased anti-white propaganda.

In another location in Nest 2, another banner was put up to remind people about the real killer in this age of corona. The banner bore the message “Globalism Kills” and was placed at Herlev Hospital.

Activism for the victims of multiculturalism held across Sweden

ACTIVISM. Over the past week, activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement held White Lives Matter-themed activities across Sweden.

The activism served to raise awareness about the growing number of Swedish victims of multiculturalism. Activities based on the topic were conducted across the country.

Nest 1

In Nest 1, activists put up banners in Stockholm.

On Saturday activists met in central Stockholm to give out White Lives Matter leaflets about the victims of multiculturalism.

Nest 5

During the week, posters were put up in Avesta, Grängesberg and other locations.

On Saturday 27th June it was time for a public activity with the same theme. The Activist Group went to Djurås in Gagnef Municipality and took up their positions outside Lindberghallen with a banner and flag.

At one point a local oddball held a lighter up to the flag, but he quickly ran off after being verbally reprimanded.

Besides that, a lot of discussions were had with the people, with positive and negative responses as usual.

Nest 6

Basic activism was conducted in Luleå, Umeå and Skellefteå throughout the week, with posters being put up in each city. In Luleå a public banner activity was also held next to one of the city’s retail parks.

“Rest in Peace, Tommie Lindh. Act Now!” – Luleå

On Saturday a public leaflet distribution took place in Skellefteå. The recent tropical weather had subsided, and there was a comfortable temperature in the Västerbotten city. The leaflets were given out at a fast pace, and the message was received positively by the majority of people.

Nest 3

In Nest 3 banners and posters were put up on the night of Thursday 25th June. The messages on the banners read “Tommie Lindh’s Life Matters” and “White Lives Matter”.

Banners were also hung up on a railway bridge over the E6 motorway in Helsingborg.

In Vellinge, posters honouring Tommie Lindh were put up together with banners and other stickers with a National Socialist message.

At midday on Saturday 27th June, the Tyr rune flags were unfurled and Nest 3’s first public leaflet distribution of the summer began. The venue was Helsingborg, which was full of people as usual.

Discussions took place with sympathisers, and leaflets were given out.

After about an hour, a policeman showed up and remained generally passive before leaving the area. While he was there, a suspicious soy boy complained about being filmed and claimed it was illegal. The policeman responded by saying, “If you don’t want to be filmed, you can leave,” which the somewhat offended soy boy did after a while.

Once they were satisfied with the day, the slightly sunburnt activists concluded the activity and headed home.

Nest 7

Nest 7 conducted basic activism to honour the victims of multiculturalism by putting up posters and banners in several locations in the nest throughout the week. Public activism was also conducted on Saturday.

“Victim of Multiculturalism – Wilma Andersson”

On Saturday two public leaflet distributions were held that informed passers-by about the victims of multiculturalism. The first was in Ljungby and the second in Värnamo.

In Ljungby, the activists began by giving out leaflets and displaying a banner reading “White Lives Matter”. After about an hour, the police showed up to ask some questions, but unfortunately for them none of the Resistance men knew the answers.


After a while, the comrades went on to Värnamo, where they stood with a banner and gave out more leaflets. The Resistance men were met by many thumbs-up from passing drivers.


Nest 8

Basic activism was conducted in Nest 8, with White Lives Matter posters being put up.

On Saturday 27th June, activists from Nest 8 and Nest 5 held a public leaflet distribution outside IKEA in Linköping. Flag bearers stood in position, and leaflets with the White Lives Matter message were handed out. The tempo was high despite the heat, and a lot of passers-by were interested in the Resistance men’s message. Many pointed out that the violence committed against Swedes by foreigners seems to be very hushed up in society in general. The activists felt they satisfied the need many people had to speak out. A security guard tried to convince the Resistance men that they didn’t have the right to give out leaflets in the area but was unsuccessful.

Flag bearers outside IKEA in Linköping

Nest 2

On Saturday 27th June, Nest 2’s activist division were on the streets of Borås with leaflets listing some of the Swedes who had been robbed of their lives by racial foreigners. The message was received well by the people of Borås.

A list of some of the Swedish victims of multiculturalism

A large number of posters were also put up in Kungälv, Varberg and Gothenburg.

Action against rape culture near Danish school

ACTIVISM. Nordic Resistance Movement activists conducted activism in Fløng, Denmark, on Friday after warnings that young girls are at risk of rape by racially foreign men in the vicinity of a local school.

“Reserved for rapists”

On 25th June, Nordfront published a news article warning about the establishment of a rape culture, the so-called taharrush gamea, by racially foreign men in the Høje-Taastrup Municipality, near a school in the town of Fløng. The article revealed that the school leadership sent out a letter stating they believe there is a real risk of girls as young as 12 being raped.

In Arabic countries, rape culture is a widespread phenomenon and a tradition by the name of taharrush gamea, which can be translated as group harassment or collective sexual harassment. It involves groups of men searching out lone women or women in small groups to grope or rape them. Often the men initially pretend to be friendly and surround their victims while slowly advancing and enclosing them.

It was easy to predict that this behaviour would come to Denmark with the importation of multicultural society, but even so it is absolutely unacceptable. White women and children will not be prey for racially foreign invaders who see sexual attacks as a game!

Activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Nest 2 therefore went to the area around the school in Fløng where these bestial attacks are taking place. There they put up posters against rape culture to send a clear message to the perpetrators and also inform the young victims that they are not alone in the struggle against multiculturalism.

See images from the action below:

Activism reports – Week 26, 2020

ACTIVISM. A selection of last week’s activism reports from around the North.

Banner in Stockholm

On Wednesday 24th June, comrades from Nest 1 put up a banner over the busy Essingeleden motorway that leads to Stockholm’s inner city. The banner honoured Anna-Lena Lernhede, one of the recent victims of the multicultural invasion.

Leaflets in Lekeberg Municipality

On Wednesday 17th June, members from Nest 8 delivered leaflets in the Kvistbro and Hackvad areas. Approximately 150 leaflets were distributed.

Outdoor training in Kristinehamn

On Sunday 21st June, Member Group 2 from Nest 5 met at Björkvallen in Kristinehamn to train in martial arts.

The coach went through various punching combos that became more and more advanced as the training went on. The session ended with defence training, in which a lone comrade had to do his best to protect himself against the other participants.

Basic activism in Gislaved

On 20th and 21st June, households continued to be leafleted in Gislaved.

Leaflets distributed in Bagarmossen

On the afternoon of Saturday 20th June, comrades from Nest 1 went to Bagarmossen in Stockholm Municipality to conduct basic activism. Leaflets were delivered to residents, and during the activity a Tyr rune appeared in the sunshine.

Posters in Avesta

On 24th June members from Nest 5 honoured the martyr Tommie Lindh, who the gutter press has remained almost silent about. Posters were put up across central Avesta.

His name is Tommie Lindh!
We never forget!
White lives matter!

Posters in Borlänge

On 24th June, members from Nest 5 honoured the murdered Tommie Lindh by spreading posters in Borlänge. The activity went well, and a large number of posters were put up without problems.

Posters in Varberg

On the night of 25th June, a large number of posters with the message White Lives Matter were put up by Activist Group 201 and Member Group 1 in central Varberg.

Banner production in Nest 7

During the weekend of week 25, banners were produced that will be seen around Småland in the near future.

Basic activism in southern Borås

On Tuesday evening 23rd June, a number of stickers were put up in southern parts of Borås. The activity went well.

Basic activism in Kristinehamn

On Sunday 21st June, members from Member Group 2 from Nest 5 met to deliver leaflets in the area around Björkvallen in Kristinehamn. Over 400 leaflets were delivered.

Nest 3 leafleting

550 leaflets were delivered in the countryside between the Ystad and Simrishamn municipalities in Skåne on Monday 22nd June.

Stickers in Herrljunga

On Thursday 25th June, a large number of stickers were put up on a pleasant walk through Herrljunga.

Posters in Luleå

On Thursday 25th June, an activist took a long walk around Luleå’s inner city and put up stickers to honour the memory of Tommie Lindh.

Basic activism in Skene

On 26th June, a banner with the Resistance Movement’s Swedish web address was visible for all to see in central Skene. Posters honouring Tommie Lindh were also put up in town.

Training for activist tests in Nest 5

On 27th June members of the Activist Group in Nest 5 trained for the activist tests in Borlänge’s Mellstapark. They arrived straight after having given out leaflets in Djurås outside of Lindberghallen.

It was nearly 33°C on the day, but luckily everyone had copious amounts of water with them. After training, some participants took the opportunity to bathe in a lake just a few hundred metres from the training ground.

Posters in Umeå

On the evening of 26th June, members in Umeå put up posters to highlight the victims of multiculturalism.

Basic activism in Nest 8

On the evening of 26th June, two members from Nest 8 put up hundreds of posters and stickers in central parts of Örebro. The activity passed calmly and without problems.

Public leafleting in Stockholm

On Saturday 27th June, activists from Nest 1 met in central Stockholm to give out leaflets about the victims of multiculturalism under the theme of “White Lives Matter”. Hundreds of leaflets were distributed to the people.

Leaflet distribution in Brønndalen

Members from Activist Group 302 went to Brønndalen, where hundreds of leaflets were delivered to letterboxes and a number of stickers were put up. No problems arose.

Extensive action in Halden

Nest 1 held an extensive action in Halden, with large numbers of posters being put up, as well as leaflets being delivered to letterboxes and put under windscreen wipers on parked cars.

Excursion in Hordnesskogen

Members from Activist Group 302 took a trip to Hordnesskogen, which lies south of Bergen. There were two rounds of brisk walking, totalling about 14 km.

White Lives Matter posters and leafleting in Horsens

Activists spread pro-white posters in Horsens and delivered leaflets to local houses.

White Lives Matter posters in Copenhagen

Nordic Resistance Movement activists spread White Lives Matter posters in Copenhagen.

Propaganda spread in Nyborg

Activists put up stickers and distributed leaflets in Nyborg.

Banners put up in several locations in East Jutland

On Wednesday, White Lives Matter banners and Globalism Kills banners were put up in several locations in East Jutland.

Leaflets delivered in Aarhus

Leaflets were delivered in a residential area in west Aarhus where many Danish families live. The message was clear: “Fight for your future!”

Stickers in Keflavik

Stickers were distributed in Keflavik and Njarðvík.

Axel Eriksson ᛦ


    OBITUARY. Nordfront writer Axel Eriksson passed away last weekend. We mourn for him and remember him.

    As usual, Midsummer Eve 2020 was a happy day for many people – but unbeknownst to most, it was one of the worst days ever for Nordfront’s editorial staff.

    On the 19th of June Axel Eriksson, one of Nordfront’s most loyal and idealistic staff members, passed away aged just 31 after an accident at the gym. He died suddenly and with no forewarning, which made his death difficult to take.

    When Robert Eklund called me late in the evening and told me about what happened, it seemed completely unreal. Just a few hours earlier, I had texted Axel in passing about some minor thing on Instagram I thought he might be interested in.

    I came into contact with Axel back in 2011 on Flashback, where he wrote many excellent posts and was a constructive figure. His intelligence, idealism and good heart shined through in his writings on the forum, and we communicated a lot privately there after he made contact with me.

    One discussion I remember us having on Flashback was about the importance of supporting other nationalists; i.e., that you shouldn’t just sit on forums and complain, but also let somebody know when they did something well and help out when comrades are in need. This was something Axel practised better than anyone else I know.

    In the early 2010s, Axel also began to get organised away from the internet in the Resistance Movement. Despite living in a relatively remote location, even by Norrland’s standards, he was active in Nest 6. But it was chiefly via Nordfront that he contributed to the struggle.

    In 2016, when I was still news editor, Axel was recruited to the news department, where he specialised in writing about international events. In 2018 he became part of the main editorial staff, and from 2019 he was the vice news editor under Simon Holmqvist.

    Axel was a very humble staff member with many talents. He was knowledgeable about issues such as geopolitics, the nationalist movement (in Sweden, the USA and other countries), sport (chiefly football and winter sports), A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin, as well as J.R.R. Tolkien and his works. Simon and I wanted Axel to be a guest on Radio Nordfront many times, but, in typical Norrlander fashion, Axel was a little shy and was hesitant about the idea. However, in spring he promised to take part in an NR Special episode about Tolkien, which we were due to record sometime in 2020.

    Within Nordfront Axel was a key member who always had a positive attitude while simultaneously helping to keep things in order. As a quiet Norrlander, he wasn’t very vocal at meetings, but as a principled man he would also speak up when he thought something wasn’t right. He wasn’t a fawning yes-man but an independent-minded person, which was very valuable for Nordfront as an organisation.

    One incident that showed what Axel was like as a person and what a big heart he had was the time he offered to donate 100,000 kronor to Nordfront. He did this when calling me up after a meeting in which we had discussed the economic problems Nordfront had (and still has). He wanted to contribute in this way privately, without fanfare, but in consideration of all the work he already did for the struggle, and the fact that there were other solutions, the association chose not to accept his money.

    Axel was quite simply one of Nordfront’s most reliable and trusted staff members. If I was ever writing an important article or pondering some major political question, he was often the first person I brainstormed ideas with. He was a person who grew together with me. He gradually took on more and more responsibility and mastered duties he previously believed he couldn’t perform. In every way he was a model colleague who was easy to work with.

    Although politics were important to Axel, he also had a private life. He had a family who I know meant a lot to him and now mourn him. He had a regular “7 to 4” job. He loved his native area and was a keen outdoorsman who liked to ski, among other pursuits. He was interested in music, played guitar and sang. As previously mentioned, he also read many books.

    All in all he lived a good life and was a very moral person who, despite all other commitments, found time to help with Nordfront for many hours every week. He was one of the political soldiers I recently wrote about. The world is a much poorer place without Axel, and Nordfront won’t be the same without him.

    To conclude, there’s also a sad but in some ways beautifully coincidental story I’d like to retell here:

    Axel was a long-time reader of the Daily Stormer, even if he – like many of us who followed the site – had some criticism about certain things written there and how the site had developed in general in recent years. But the relevant thing here is that in 2016 Axel told me about a very short article that he thought was worth reading there. The article was about death, and Axel took it upon himself to translate it for Nordfront.

    Below is the original article by Andrew Anglin, followed by Axel’s translation.

    Know this brothers: you are going to die.

    You don’t know how long you will live. But you know, without any doubt, that some day you will die.

    When you wake up, remember that you will die.

    When you go to sleep, remember that you will die.

    When you look in the mirror, remember that you will die.

    When you see a girl you like, and ask yourself if you should approach her, remember that you will die.

    When you think about your role in this movement, remember that you will die.

    When you imagine the worst case scenario, remember that you will die.

    When you imagine all that you could become if you put your soul into becoming it, remember that you will die.

    Most importantly, realize this: when you are dead, the only thing that will matter is that you did when you were alive.

    You only get one shot at this.

    Get it right.

    Don’t wait until that last second, when you know death is imminent, and wish you would have done everything differently.

    Make your life mean something.

    Because you are going to die.

    Vet detta bröder: Ni kommer att dö.

    Du vet inte hur länge du kommer leva. Men du vet, utan några tvivel, att någon dag kommer du att dö.

    När du vaknar, kom ihåg att du kommer att dö.

    När du går och lägger dig, kom ihåg att du kommer att dö.

    När du tittar dig i spegeln, kom ihåg att du kommer att dö.

    När du ser en kvinna du gillar och frågar dig själv om du ska gå fram till henne, kom ihåg att du kommer att dö.

    När du tänker på din roll i den här rörelsen, kom ihåg att du kommer att dö.

    När du föreställer dig det värsta tänkbara scenariot, kom ihåg att du kommer att dö.

    När du föreställer dig allt det du skulle kunna bli ifall du lade ner din själ i att bli det, kom ihåg att du kommer att dö.

    Viktigast av allt, förstå detta: När du är död är det enda som betyder något det du gjorde när du levde.

    Du får bara en chans.

    Gör det rätta!

    Vänta inte till den sista sekunden, när du vet att döden är förestående, och önska att du hade gjort allting annorlunda.

    Gör så att ditt liv betyder någonting.

    För du kommer att dö.

    Axel has passed. We mourn him, but we can at least rejoice that he lived a good life. He “got it right” – he did his duty. He was an example to be followed, a good comrade and a dear friend.

    Rest in peace, Axel Eriksson!


    Nordic Resistance Movement flag outdoors

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