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Midsummer celebration in Skåne with lecture by Simon Lindberg

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement gave an inspiring lecture in Skåne, where Midsummer food was enjoyed in a cheerful atmosphere.

Simon Lindberg NSDAP lecture, Nest 3, Sweden

Several new faces were present at the gathering, which contributed to some excellent opportunities for socialising and a lot of interesting conversations throughout the day.

Lindberg gave an important lecture about the past and present National Socialist struggle, which he has previously toured around several Nests in the spring. He compared the Resistance Movement’s activities to those of the NSDAP’s Sturmabteilung. He said that in many ways, their struggle and our struggle today are very similar. We have the same enemies, similar challenges and our struggle is just as important for the survival of the European people.

Horst Wessel, 1907-1930

Lindberg put great emphasis on the heroic martyr Horst Wessel, a leading activist in the SA. Horst Wessel was born in 1907 and had all the necessary opportunities and skills to enjoy a successful career and a simple life, but instead he chose the important path of the struggle. He did this even though it often did not benefit him personally and ended with his sacrificing his life for what he believed in and for the greater cause.

Lindberg also focused on how the NSDAP’s road to power and freedom for Germany seemed impossible in many ways. But despite having a huge numerical disadvantage and a lack of financial resources, they still triumphed thanks to their fanaticism and dedication to the struggle.

Lindberg’s lecture was very inspirational and likely filled many listeners with the urge to emulate fighters like Horst Wessel.

Midsummer smörgåsbord, Sweden

As usual, a lot of food and cakes were served throughout the day, which were praised on several occasions, both during and after dinner.

Midsummer smörgåsbord, Sweden

A Midsummer night’s dream

MIDSUMMER. Erik Nilsson writes about a magical Swedish Midsummer celebration with Resistance Movement comrades.

Swedish maypole at Midsummer

In simplicity we find beauty.

Somewhere in Sweden, where magical forests stretch on forever and the lakes are too many to count. A winding country road, where the gravel crunches, as if to announce our arrival. A forest glade. A red house with white trim. Here we gather. Young and old, women and men. Children and animals.

Stream glistening in sunlight, Sweden

Long tables await, decorated with splendid bouquets, while the maypole stands adorned with leafy vines. Everyone helps to serve the food, watch over one another’s children and make sure the dogs get cold water and a place in the shade. In the background, classic Swedish summer songs play, with lyrics reminding us that “summer is short” and that “sun, wind and water” are the best things there are.

Strawberry cream cakes at Midsummer in Sweden

I cast my gaze over the farmyard and take in the whole scene. It looks like a Carl Larsson painting that has suddenly come to life. It’s like a meeting between Astrid Lindgren’s Bullerby Children and Madicken – and I want it to last forever.

Being able to gather with comrades, to laugh, to experience the true feeling of folk community – it is a gift, a privilege, and a joy for the soul.

Swedish woman wearing wreath at Midsummer

The evening progresses with dancing around the maypole, barbecuing and delightful conversation. The sun never seems to want to go down, and the conversations continue around the grill, which now acts as a fireplace.

Campfire flames

For centuries our ancestors have gathered around the fire – and here we are. Side by side, as it always should be. So simple and so beautiful.

Thank you for allowing me to be part of this tableau, of this idyll. Thank you for the warmth and community. Thank you for a magical Midsummer.

Erik Nilsson

Election campaign activities in Ludvika

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 5 were once again in Ludvika last Saturday to deliver their message of hope ahead of the upcoming election.

Nordic Resistance Movement activists in Ludvika, SwedenNest 5 visited various places in and around Ludvika on Saturday 18 June for public leaflet distributions. As usual, there were a lot of people out enjoying the summer weather and everything Ludvika has to offer. Public activism took place in central Ludvika and Hammarbacken Flea Market.

Nordic Resistance Movement activists in Ludvika, SwedenThis time the leafleters had some company – two activists with a banner bearing an appropriate message for an election year:

Nordic Resistance Movement banner in Ludvika, Sweden
“The people vote – The politicians laugh!”

The Nest chose to use the banner to criticise the parliamentary system in a humorous tone and inform the public that participation in an election does not mean slavishly playing the parliamentary game.

The activity went at a good tempo, with all the leaflets being handed out. During the distributions, the activists held both sporadic and extended conversations with positively and negatively inclined passers-by.

Nordic Resistance Movement activist with Tyr rune flag in Ludvika, Sweden

After visiting Ludvika during the most crowded hours of the day, the participants concluded the activity and said their goodbyes until next time.

Campaigns against the homo lobby in Eastern Norway and Hordaland

ACTIVISM. Members and activists from the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement conducted activism throughout “Pride” month, highlighting the homo lobby’s connections to paedophilia.

In Nest 1, activists carried out a large propaganda offensive in Eastern Norway, including putting up posters and delivering leaflets about the homo lobby’s connections to paedophilia.

The materials featured a QR code directing readers to a landing page about the homo lobby on the Resistance Movement’s Norwegian website Frihetskamp, which includes an article about Axel Axgil, the founder of the Nordic homo lobby, and his partner Eigil Axgil, both of whom were convicted paedophiles.

Selection of photos from the activism in Eastern Norway:

In Hordaland, in Western Norway, Nest 3 conducted similar actions.

A large number of posters and leaflets signalling resistance against the homo lobby and promoting healthy values were distributed in Bergen and Alver municipalities.

Selection of photos from the activism in Hordaland:

The Resistance Movement confronts traitors in Eksjö

ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 were in Eksjö last Tuesday evening to show they are a real alternative to the municipal politicians.

NRM public activity, Eksjö, Sweden

On the evening of Tuesday 14 June, Ekjsö’s traitorous politicians gathered in a tent on the central town square for a public performance masquerading as a debate. Representatives from all the parties in the municipality took to the stage one by one to churn out their platitudes and bicker with one another about trifling matters that have no importance at all when our people’s very survival is at stake.

NRM public banner activity, Eksjö, Sweden

Nest 7 went to the square and lined up right across from the traitors’ tent with a flag and a banner with the text “A Revolutionary Choice”. The purpose of the action was to break the illusion of the “debate” for all the folk-traitors and the audience members attending their public performance.

An atmosphere of mutual understanding immediately arose among the traitors when the Resistance Movement lined up, and it was clear to everyone where the true dividing line between the power-holders and opposition really lies.

NRM public activity, Eksjö, Sweden

The police appeared within a few minutes, after receiving presumably very panicked and anxious phone calls from the municipality’s highest representatives. Equally panicked and nervous were the two police officers who approached the activists and told them they did not have a permit for the activity and must stop it at once. After the officers were duly ignored, they began pulling at the banner in an attempt to rip it out of the activists’ hands.

NRM public activity, Eksjö, Sweden, police

Nest Chief Hampus Maijala then stepped in and shouted at the police to stop, explaining that they did not have the right to disrupt an ongoing demonstration. The police became noticeably unsure of what to do and quickly let go of the banner and began defending their behaviour with various excuses and incorrect interpretations of the law. After a few minutes of disagreement, the activists told the police to call their superiors instead, which they did.

NRM public banner activity, Eksjö, Sweden

Much to the traitors’ disappointment, the activists could then unfurl their banner again and continue the activity. While the police spoke on the phone, Maijala called the dialogue police in an attempt to get some sense from the officers that way. After about ten minutes, the two constables came back with much better attitudes and explained they had filed a report for a public order offence but that they did not have the right to disrupt an ongoing demonstration. They subsequently stood aside and did not bother the Resistance men again.

NRM public activity, Eksjö, Sweden, police

After the folk-traitors had finished their performance, the Resistance men packed up and ended the activity. They then headed home, satisfied with the knowledge that Eksjö’s municipal politicians will sleep a little worse at night, after having been reminded there is a real resistance to their misrule, and that – unfortunately for them – they live in a state where a certain amount of free speech exists, and where the police must abide by certain laws, at least for now.

Action against the homo lobby in Denmark’s Nest 3

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Activists from Denmark’s Nest 3 held an activism meeting followed by a public action against the homo lobby last Saturday.

Nordic Resistance Movement meeting in Denmark, Jacob Vullum speech

Saturday began with an activism meeting in Nest 3, with activists gathering to produce propaganda and listen to a speech by the National Chief Jacob Vullum about community, duty, discipline and activism.

As usual there was comradely talk over the coffee table, plus new supplies of propaganda on offer. Future activities were also discussed while propaganda materials were produced.

Danish NRM propaganda materials on table

After the meeting, the group went to Hobro to continue their activism against “Pride” month by holding a public action against the homo lobby.

NRM anti-homo lobby action in Hobro, Denmark

The activists stood at a busy intersection in the town with a sign reading “No to LGBT Propaganda”. Posters were also put up in several locations, and leaflets were delivered to post boxes.

"No to LGBT propaganda" poster in in Hobro, Denmark

The text on the posters and leaflets read:

No to LGBT propaganda! The LGBT agenda works for:

  • Relativising and undermining the concept of gender and natural and biological gender roles. Claiming that gender is a “social construct” and something you can choose for yourself according to what you “identify” as.
  • Encouraging hormone treatment and irreversible “gender correction” surgery for confused children and adolescents.
  • Normalising and popularising homosexuality, and thereby creating more homosexuals, as well as pushing the boundaries of what is considered “normal”.
  • Normalising and legalising paedophilia. The father of the Nordic homo lobby was a convicted paedophile, and his organisation had its own subdivision for paedophiles.
  • Increasing acceptance of sexually deviant behaviour in society. This paves the way for ever more perverse and degenerate behaviour.
  • Relativising and undermining the natural family. Attempts to equate same-sex and other abnormal “family” relationships with normal ones.
  • Sexualising and indoctrinating children and adolescents. Introducing children to sex education at a young age, and preferably indoctrinating them with the homo lobby’s entire arsenal of ideas.
  • Equating homosexuality with heterosexuality, and thereby redefining human sexuality from being about reproduction to being exclusively about “self-enjoyment”.

Video from the action:

Posters and stickers against the homo lobby were also placed in Randers during the week. Meanwhile, Nest 1 were in Svendborg for a similar action, putting up posters and stickers with the messages “Smash the Homo Lobby”, “There are only two genders” and “Protect the traditional concept of gender and natural, biological gender roles”.

NRM homo lobby posters

NRM homo lobby sticker NRM homo lobby poster NRM homo lobby poster NRM homo lobby poster

Continued election campaigning in Sweden’s Nest 5 – Public activities in Ludvika

ACTIVISM. Activists and members from Sweden’s Nest 5 distributed a pro-Nordic message in several places in Ludvika earlier this month.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism Ludvika, Sweden

On Saturday 11 June, activists again went to various places in Ludvika to hold public leaflet distributions in and around town. There were a lot of people out enjoying the newly arrived summer weather and everything Ludvika has to offer. Public activism once again took place at Hammarbacken Flea Market, Ludvika town centre and the Lyviksberget retail park.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism Ludvika, Sweden

The Nest continued with their election campaign, which has been running since the 1st of May celebration. This involved distributing the leaflet “A Revolutionary Choice”, which encourages the reader to stop attempting to reform the system through parliamentary initiatives and join the Nordic Resistance Movement instead.

Text from the leaflet “A Revolutionary Choice”:

In recent decades, we have seen various different nationalist parties come and go while the Sweden Democrats have become liberalised beyond recognition, to the point that they cannot even be called pro-Swedish.

This has happened at a time when Sweden has been transformed into the multiethnic and anti-cultural mess it is today, where almost every third inhabitant has a non-Nordic background and where Cultural Marxism has dissolved virtually all natural standards.

Even if it were once possible to bring about change just by voting for politicians, it is too late for that now. We need more action and fewer silver-tongued words. We need to create something new and stop reforming!

Nordic Resistance Movement activism Ludvika, Sweden

The activity went at a good tempo, with all the leaflets being handed out. During the distribution, the activists held both sporadic and extended conversations with positively and negatively minded passers-by. The day brought everything from isolated insults to people who agreed with the activists’ analysis of society.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism Ludvika, Sweden

After visiting Ludvika during the most crowded hours of the day, the participants concluded the activity and said their goodbyes until next time.

A common struggle for White pride worldwide

IDEOLOGY. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement writes about inspiring – and being inspired by – international comrades for the common cause.

Nordic Resistance Movement flag in Swedish mountains with WPWW logo

Like many others, I took great pleasure in watching videos from the Swiss activist organisation Junge Tat (Young Action) and Patriot Front from the USA in recent weeks.

It is incredibly gratifying and motivating to see the Nationalist resistance grow and become increasingly serious outside the Nordic countries. As I previously discussed on the podcast Leadership Perspective, it will soon be vital for Whites around the whole world to become involved in the struggle. As our people’s enemies operate globally, we must also do the same in order to combat them.

It’s even better when we consider that both Junge Tat and Patriot Front – like many other Nationalist organisations around the world – have been greatly inspired by us in the Nordic Resistance Movement. They have seen us as role models in the struggle and as proof that revolutionary, street-activist organisations can actually be produced at a time when internet activism dominates more and more (much to the enemy’s delight, as they have far greater control over the internet than they do the streets).

Patriot Front demonstration in Washington DC, USA
A Patriot Front demonstration in Washington DC

Every week I receive emails or private messages via social media from people around the White world – the USA, Russia, Great Britain, Australia and more – wanting to join the Nordic Resistance Movement and/or start branches of the organisation in their respective countries. However, I answer all of them by saying that you can only join us if you live in the Nordic countries and that we are not interested in establishing ourselves elsewhere, but that they can instead start their own organisations and, by all means, be inspired by us, in addition to contacting us for help and guidance. Some organisations have been founded and have developed in precisely this way.

Furthermore, there have been several prominent international guests who have appeared on the English-language podcast Nordic Frontier over the years who have expressed their wholehearted support for the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration march in Falun, Sweden
The Nordic Resistance Movement demonstrates in Falun, Sweden

All of this naturally makes us very proud. It proves that the hard work I and all members in the organisation put in every day actually makes a real difference – not just here at home but also on the other side of the planet. Your involvement with us creates rings in the water – from putting up the smallest sticker, to attending major demonstrations – you help strengthen and grow the Nationalist movement across the whole White world!

Or, as the American National Socialist Creators Club put it when they were asked about why they chose to dedicate an issue of their magazine National Socialist to the Nordic Resistance Movement:

The Nordic Resistance Movement is the picturesque vision of what Adolf Hitler was achieving before taking power in Germany. The Nordic Resistance Movement is one of the most successful movements to date. We see the honour, bravery, the courage, the organisation’s skills, honesty, and trust that the NRM exemplifies. We see the Nordic Resistance Movement has created a near perfect model of National Socialist organizations that almost all organisations should prosper into becoming.

Der Dritte Weg march in Plauen, Saxony, Germany
The German organisation Der Dritte Weg is another international organisation we have inspired and which inspires us. The photo shows one of their demonstrations in Plauen, Saxony.

Those of you living in the North have the luxury of being able to help us in your home countries. If you also like what you see in the above videos from our overseas comrades, you can help them grow by joining us in the Nordic Resistance Movement – so that we grow. Then the circle will be closed, because then our fighting folk-comrades in Switzerland and the USA will have helped us grow.

Long live the common struggle for our race. White pride worldwide!

Bridge action with confrontation in Stockholm

ACTIVISM. On Sunday 12 June, activists from Sweden’s Nest 1 held another banner action in Stockholm – this time with an unexpected guest.

Nordic Resistance Movement activist at banner action on Stockholm bridge

The action took place on a bridge over National Road 73, which the activists have visited several times before for similar activities. Approximately 2,500 to 3,000 vehicles pass under the bridge per hour, making it a great location for exposure, and the reactions from drivers are usually mostly positive. As was the case on this day.

The banner for the day bore the message “White workers built this country – White workers can take this country back!” and was flanked by Tyr rune flags, which fluttered in the wind in the fine summer weather.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner action on Stockholm bridge

The activity was proceeding calmly as usual, until a leftist thought it was a good idea to stop and shout some absurd things, before kicking an activist – something he quickly regretted when he received a fitting reprimand.

Leftist tries to attack Nordic Resistance Movement activist

Whether the reprimand was particularly rough or if the red happened to have poor balance and fell to the ground will be left to the imagination, but what is certain is that he left the scene quicker than he arrived, even though he came by bicycle and for some reason chose to run away without it.

Violent leftist runs away from Nordic Resistance Movement activists

Shortly afterwards, the activists concluded the activity and departed, pleased with having conveyed our message to thousands of Stockholmers – not to mention the fact that another person learned that you cannot act however you want without consequences.

The identities of the activists who participated in the action have been hidden in the above photos, as the police sometimes decide that self-defence is not a legal act for National Socialists, and we do not want anyone to be arrested unnecessarily.

Street activism and physical tests – Day of action in Gothenburg

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Last Saturday brought a full day of activism and training exercises for Resistance Movement members and activists in Gothenburg.

Nordic Resistance Movement Gothenburg activism, Sweden

Members and activists of the Nordic Resistance Movement began the day by gathering in brilliant sunshine outside Gothenburg for a rundown of the agenda by the organiser. He explained the day would be very similar to a regular leaflet distribution in central Gothenburg; however, there would be one key difference.

Due to the Resistance Movement’s persistent and diligent work in responding to the garbage Left and the police’s stupidity and attempts at violence, these anti-White forces have in many cases disappeared from the streets or simply left us be. As there was no competent resistance, the organiser decided we would simulate it ourselves to keep the activists on their toes.

The activists were divided into pairs, with orders not to leave each other’s side under any circumstances until the activity was over, no matter how unnecessary it felt to go somewhere together. Positions in the group, locations and exact times for moving on during the day were announced, and the comrades headed into the centre of the city.

Nordic Resistance Movement Gothenburg activism, Sweden

The activists immediately lined up and got into formation, walking towards the first destination for the day, Gothenburg Cathedral. There they stayed for a pre-determined duration and gave out leaflets to passers-by with good results, before lining up again and, without exchanging a word to one another, departing at the designated time.

Nordic Resistance Movement Gothenburg activism, Sweden

The next stop for the day was the statue known locally as Kopparmärra at Kungsportsplatsen. Upon arrival, the same procedure that had taken place at the cathedral was repeated – the flag bearers back to back in the centre, flanked by leaflet distributors, security personnel and media.

Nordic Resistance Movement Gothenburg activism, Sweden

A single lone loudmouth screamed in desperation about how the Resistance Movement was not welcome on the city’s streets, but he did not gain any sympathy from the hundred or so people present, who were probably more curious about what kind of idiot was shouting than they were in stopping any Nazis.

More numerous were the happy shouts and interesting discussions, including those from newly arrived racial comrades from Eastern Europe, who asked if they could apply for membership directly onsite. Then there was an older gentleman who was just as interested in discussing our photographer’s lens and comparing it to his own as he was in talking about race and IQ and how they correlate with Black and White intelligence.

Nordic Resistance Movement Gothenburg activism, Sweden

The police finally showed up a little later on, but they kept their distance, and nine minutes later the activists had lined up in formation to march off again at the scheduled time. This seemed to throw the police off-guard, as they did not even follow the activists on a rather pleasant walk through a sunny Gothenburg, which was filled to the brim with people.

Nordic Resistance Movement Gothenburg activism, Sweden

With the public activism concluded, it was time for the next stop – a recreation area, where an entertaining but also demanding “adventure run” would be held.

The pairs were now lumped together into groups and had to compete against one another in various physical, mental and occasionally banal trials.

For example, the first task was to fill a bucket at the top of a steep slope with water. It had to be filled using a smaller bucket at the bottom of the slope – something that would have probably been easier had someone not made a hole in the small bucket.

NRM training activity, near Gothenburg, Sweden

Challenges of this type superseded one another for a few hours, until the bright sunshine was exchanged for typical Gothenburg pouring rain, which often comes along unexpected.

NRM training activity, near Gothenburg, Sweden

After completing the tasks, and praising one another’s efforts and commitment, the day was concluded.


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