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2021 annual report – Sweden


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Simon Lindberg reviews the best actions in Sweden in 2021 and reveals the most active municipalities in the country.

The Nordic Resistance Movement in Sweden - 2021

With the end of another year, I have spent a good number of hours as usual going through all the Resistance Movement’s activities over the last 12 months, compiling statistics and drawing conclusions. Just like 2020, 2021 was characterised by disproportionate Covid-19 restrictions that left their mark – at least intermittently – on some aspects of our activities.

2021 was also a year that will look rather different from others in its annual report, as we largely abandoned basic activism – i.e., leafleting mailboxes, putting up stickers etc. – to spend even more time and energy on conducting extremely high-quality, carefully considered and well-planned actions. With that being said, we have not (and will not) abandon this part of our operations completely, as it is a simple way for all members to contribute something to the struggle. However, in recent years we have changed our focus more and more, and this is reflected in the statistics for 2021.

Another thing worth noting is that we have been involved in a few other projects during the past year that are not directly linked to the Resistance Movement, and which have therefore not been reported on this website. We will hopefully be able to present some of this work in 2022, while other endeavours may never be made public. Some people will know what these things are already, while others can visit nordicresistancemovement.org to keep abreast of what we do publicise.

With all of this taken into consideration – the corona restrictions, a reduced focus on basic activism, and participation in other projects – the number of activist reports and smaller activity reports published in 2021 was considerably lower than in previous years; however, there was no lack of large-scale, innovative and truly groundbreaking actions. On the contrary, there were approximately 50 percent more major actions reported on our website in 2021 than in 2020.

NRM basic activism collage 2021

Overall, almost 1,000 activities were conducted in 2021. Activism took place in 128 different municipalities, from Skåne in the south to Norrbotten in the north, and we carried out regular and recurring activities in about half of these municipalities. This is therefore still a very impressive figure that no other nationalist-minded organisation in Sweden even comes close to. Despite side projects and a change in focus, we retain our place on the throne as the most active nationalist organisation when it comes to both quantity and quality!

Of course, these figures also do not take into account our comrades in the other Nordic countries, who have been working for their respective regions in order to realise our vision of a united National Socialist Nordic Nation.

NRM activism collage 2021
A selection of the activism conducted in the other Nordic countries

The most active municipalities in Sweden:

1. Stockholm
2. Gothenburg
3. Vetlanda
4. Luleå
5. Eksjö
6. Jönköping
7. Karlstad
8. Linköping
9. Ludvika
10. Borlänge

11. Norrköping
12. Helsingborg
13. Örebro
14. Tranås
15. Borås
16. Eskilstuna
17. Gislaved
18. Munkedal
19. Sundsvall
20. Gävle

For the second year in a row, National Socialists from the capital took the glorious first place on the list. Incredibly well done!

Sweden’s second city, Gothenburg, came a close second, climbing up to second place in 2021.

Elsewhere, Nest 7 featured prominently in the rankings. They claimed third place with Vetlanda, and were represented by Eksjö and Jönköping in fifth and sixth, as well as Tranås and Gislaved further down the list.

Luleå took home second place last year and remains near the top, with a stable fourth place finish.

Thank you to all of you who did your part to ensure your municipality featured on the list in 2021!

Next up is the customary ranking of the most memorable actions and events of the year, as seen through the eyes of an activist in the Nordic Resistance Movement. Before continuing, I would like to address what some astute readers may have already noticed – that Nest 3, who in previous years always featured heavily in the Top 20 list of the most active municipalities, were only represented in 2021 by Helsingborg in 12th place. In the below list, which includes the best actions of the year, the Resistance men from Skåne and Blekinge really shine, which proves what I stated in my introduction regarding a change in focus.

Here is the list in full:

1. Holocaust lasers in Malmö

An enormous police force guarded Malmö, with the military drafted in for additional security. Manhole covers were riveted to the asphalt, all the roads in the city centre were blocked off, and public transport was suspended. Snipers were positioned on the rooftops, helicopters circled above, and what was surely one of the largest police forces ever to conduct an operation in Sweden patrolled the streets.

Security at holocaust conference in Malmö

This might all sound like a scene from a Stallone movie, but no. Instead, it was due to the former prime minister Stefan Löfven, who wanted to make one final show of appeasement to his superiors before his departure – by arranging the biggest holocaust conference in history. The majority of world leaders were invited, as was the chairman of the powerful lobby group, the World Jewish Congress.

Suddenly the truth appeared in large green letters on several famous buildings in Malmö, reading, “The Holocaust Is a Hoax”. This included the synagogue where Löfven had held a speech for tearful Zionists just an hour earlier. Gigantic Tyr runes were also projected throughout the night.

"The holocaust is a hoax" laser action at holocaust conference in Malmö
“The Holocaust Is a Hoax”

The Resistance Movement’s activists were in town, and with the help of bicycles, a lot of planning and a little luck, they managed to get around the city and carry out incredible activism without being arrested. A handful of courageous National Socialists with bicycles and green lasers succeeded in embarrassing the entire Jewish world order!

In my article “Join us and revolt”, I wrote something about this that is worth reiterating:

This fantastic action, along with several others we carried out during the year, is in so many ways a symbol for everything we in the Nordic Resistance Movement want to be associated with. A true revolutionary movement!

The action was justifiably praised by nationalists around the world and earns a deserved first place on this list.

2. 1 May: White workers built this country – White workers can take this country back

As the only true interest group for Nordic workers, the Nordic Resistance Movement celebrates 1 May with large-scale activism as the rule, rather than the exception.

On 1 May 2021, more than 30 locations in 20 different municipalities were visited with trucks and trailers affixed with gigantic banners. A pre-recorded speech encouraging Nordic workers to join the struggle for their nation was also played from loudspeakers.

The public actions were complemented by the placing of posters in most of the cities, banner actions, and – the crowning glory – activists abseiling down one of the towers of Kärnan Terrace in central Helsingborg for a banner drop.

Helsingborg Terrasstrapporna NRM banner action

In my New Year speech, I said we had never previously reached so many people simultaneously as we did on 1 May 2021 – and I definitely stand by that statement!

May Day 2021 NRM activism in Helsingborg

3. Spectacular abseiling activism in central Kristianstad

Following a successful public action with a speech in central Kristianstad, activists went onto the roof of the Galleria Boulevard and abseiled down its facade to attach a banner, while a large audience watched on. Due to its position, the banner was probably the hardest one to remove all year.

Kristianstad NRM activism4. Legal victories for National Socialism

A lot of time has been spent on legal proceedings in 2021. Even though court cases might not be as exciting as many of the other things on this list, they have been incredibly important for our operations, and the fact that we have been victorious in many of them is really big news.

Nordic Resistance Movement defendants at the Gothenburg Trials

During 2021, the system failed to ban the Nordic Resistance Movement from conducting public activism during the Gothenburg Trials. The Swedish Academy failed to bankrupt the Nordic Resistance Movement and the online newspaper nordfront.se. And SÄPO failed in their bid to retain and continue seizing legal weapons belonging to Nordic Resistance Movement supporters and activists after Tobias Lindberg was victorious in the Supreme Administrative Court.

Additionally, for the first time ever, a responsible publisher for motståndsrörelsen.se – Hampus Maijala – stood trial for incitement to racial hatred. Even though Hampus was not victorious in this trial, he was acquitted on several charges, and things could have been much worse.

Hampus Maijala, motståndsrörelsen.se on trial5. Holocaust remembrance day

It’s safe to say that “holocaust lasers” became something of a meme during the year, as the ones in Malmö were not the first to be used in 2021. As early as holocaust remembrance day on 27 January, the message “The Holocaust Is a Hoax” was projected for thousands to see on Älvsborg Bridge and Eriksberg Crane in Gothenburg.

The holocaust is a hoax laser action in Gothenburg

Meanwhile in Stockholm, impressive banner activism took place, as the narrative was turned on its head with the message “Stop the holocaust of our people!” Banners were hung up over the Fredhäll Tunnel and on Sergel’s Square.

“Stop the holocaust of our people!”
“Stop the holocaust of our people!” banner on Sergel’s Torg, Stockholm

6. Christmas gift distribution to vulnerable Swedes

“National community” is probably the most important term associated with National Socialism – an altruistic consideration for one’s fellow countrymen. The concept of national community was put into practice on Christmas Eve in Helsingborg, Stockholm, Västerås and Borlänge via the distribution of Christmas presents to homeless Swedes who have been betrayed by the system.

The Nordic Resistance Movement distributes Christmas presents to homeless Swedes in Helsingborg

7. Giant banner on Dagens Nyheter Tower in Stockholm

In the first week of 2021, an enormous 12-metre-long banner was hung up on scaffolding on the 15th floor of the Dagens Nyheter Tower in Stockholm. The message was clear and fitting: “Boycott the lying press!”

Nordic Resistance Movement banner on Dagens Nyheter Tower, Stockholm8. Town square meeting in Vetlanda in the same week as terrorist attack

A great number of violent acts are committed by racial foreigners in Sweden every year. One of the more notable cases in 2021 was when an Afghan ran amok with a knife in broad daylight in central Vetlanda and stabbed eight people.

Nordic Resistance Movement activity in Vetlanda

That same week, the Nordic Resistance Movement – one of the very few organisations that is serious about stopping multicultural violence – held a town square meeting with a speech and specially produced leaflets in Vetlanda. This was the starting point of an extensive campaign in Vetlanda, which saw several activities conducted throughout the year.

9. The press declares me the most dangerous man in the Nordic countries

This one is not an activity in itself, but it is sufficiently spectacular and memorable to warrant a place on this list. In one of the world’s most read newspapers, the British Sun, I was dubbed one of the world’s 20 most dangerous people. Alongside me on the list were several convicted murderers and terrorists, as well as some military leaders.

Simon Lindberg in The Sun newspaper

In my article The Nordics’ most dangerous man speaks, I responded by stating:

The Nordic Resistance Movement is a civil and legal resistance movement. We also have a registered political party and stand in elections. The organisation has never carried out any terrorist acts.

I am a completely public and open person who works and has a family, and I have never even been convicted of any crime serious enough to warrant a prison sentence.

As ridiculous as this is, it is also a great honour to be recognised in this way. Maybe it’s the finest accolade I have received in my entire life. To be regarded as equally dangerous to the system as ISIS’s terrorist attacks or Hezbollah’s missiles on the basis of mere words and propaganda is of course an honorary distinction like none other.

10. The Israeli flag burns at a protest action in Kristianstad

In response to Israel’s most recent acts of war against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, a speech was held in central Kristianstad that condemned the terrorist state’s incursions. The speech was accompanied by the burning of an Israeli flag.

11. A diverse Organisation Days and a successful Nordic Days

The Resistance Movement’s national events are often rewarding and motivational occasions. In 2021, both Organisation Days and Nordic Days were particularly successful.

Organisation Days provided bespoke educational opportunities, presentations and a hard-fought boxing tournament, while Nordic Days offered a pentathlon, a market and a troubadour. These two events also produced some of the year’s best photographs.

12. Tough wilderness hikes

The Resistance Movement arranged a large number of hikes in our beautiful countryside during the year, some easy and some much more difficult. Two from the latter category stand out in particular, with the toughest depending on which group of participants you ask, as each claims theirs was the hardest.

Bohusleden hiking

For the last leg of the Bohusleden trail, activists hiked 120km in three days, mostly in seemingly endless undulating terrain. In Sarek, another group of activists climbed Sweden’s second-highest mountain over the course of five days.

13. Nest 1’s “Love Your People” campaign, which ended with a confetti action in a major shopping centre

I dare not even guess how many banners Nest 1 put up with the message “Love Your People!” during the year, as there must have been hundreds deployed in Stockholm and its adjacent municipalities.

NRM Love Your People banner, Sweden
“Love Your People”

Confetti actions were also carried out in the middle of the Christmas rush at two shopping centres, including one of the biggest in Scandinavia. Here, small pieces of paper with the same “Love Your People” message were thrown out to shoppers.

Nest 6 have been involved in the campaign during the year as well, with public banner actions featuring the same message in Norrland.

Nordic Resistance Movement “Love Your People” banner action in Luleå14. Self-defence is a natural right – public actions across the country

On a single day, town square meetings with speeches were held in Jönköping, Sundsvall, Härnösand and Vetlanda. Public actions without speeches were also held in Västerås and Eskilstuna.

15. Peace for Nordic Women – extensive activism in West Sweden

Over the course of a week, extensive activism was undertaken in West Sweden. This included distributing 10,000 leaflets and holding town square meetings with speeches in both Strömstad and Lysekil.

16. The Resistance Movement at the Stockholm Marathon

Those who attended the popular Stockholm Marathon or watched it live from home were able to enjoy the sight of activists flanking the competition at various locations with the message “A healthy soul in a healthy body in a healthy nation!”

Nordic Resistance Movement at Stockholm Marathon
“A healthy soul in a healthy body in a healthy nation”

17. Extensive Covid-19 activism

Throughout the year, several activities relating to Covid-19 restrictions were carried out. The largest was a support action for Danish workers, which was held in response to the Danish government’s decision to give employers the right to dismiss workers who were not willing or able to show a valid Covid passport.

A public rally was held outside the Danish embassy in Stockholm, while activism was conducted at the ferry terminals to Denmark in Gothenburg and Helsingborg, next to the Öresund Bridge in Malmö, and at a train station used by commuters heading to Copenhagen.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism in support of Danish workers, Malmö, Sweden

18. Fantastic wilderness trips in all weathers

In addition to hikes, there have been numerous other overnight stays and day trips organised in our beautiful countryside. These included a ski trip and jumping into a flooded mine in Dalarna, canoeing in Småland, surviving without water in Stockholm County, and climbing mountains in Norrbotten.

View over northern Swedish forest

19. Honouring fallen fighters

During the year, the Resistance Movement honoured fallen heroes on the Day of the Fallen, as well as more modern martyrs such as Daniel Wretström and Tommie Lindh.

20. Blood, sweat and training

A culture of martial arts was developed during the year, with all Nests training fairly regularly. Together with the previously mentioned boxing tournament at Organisation Days, events such as Nordisk Radio’s launch of the Swedish-language Bellum podcast, a tough physical weekend in Stockholm, and an equally tough cross-Nest martial arts training session in Nest 2 also deserve a place on this list. Due to this committed focus on training, many activists earned black eyes as mementos from the year.

Hopefully all this gives you an idea of what an eventful year 2021 was, and how several combined efforts helped to move the struggle forwards.

We have an incredibly exciting year ahead of us. It is an election year, and naturally the Nordic Resistance Movement will take the opportunity to do everything we can to spread our essential worldview to all Swedes around the country.

I would like to conclude by quoting my New Year speech:

2022 is not about the Social Democrats or Sweden Democrats, as in all honesty it makes no difference which one you vote for. No, 2022 is about whether you contribute to the Nordic revolution or stand in its way. I’m not saying that we are going to achieve victory in 2022, because we will not. However, I am saying that 2022 will be a year in which a great deal is guaranteed to happen, and therefore it will be a lot of fun to stand by our side and fight with us. I hope that you will take your place as well.

NORDIC FRONTIER #216: Thomas Rousseau of Patriot Front


NORDIC FRONTIER. Thomas Rousseau returns to the show to talk about Patriot Front’s impressive activism during the past year.

LIVE LINK: https://odysee.com/@nordicfrontier:3/ep216




The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement is classed as one of the world’s most dangerous men (again)

Banner action in a snowy Sollefteå


We have Thomas Rousseau back on the show to talk about Patriot Front.

Patriot Front’s activism in the past year:

Media2Rise documentary:

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Public leafleting in Kungälv


ACTIVISM. A new year of struggle began for Sweden’s Nest 2 with an action in Kungälv.

Nordic Resistance Movement leafleting in Kungälv, Sweden

Activists from Nest 2 were at the Konghälla shopping centre in Kungälv to distribute leaflets on Saturday, 8 January. Even though many people had done most of their shopping in the previous weeks, buying materialistic things that are soon thrown away and forgotten, there were still a good deal of locals out on the day.

Numerous Kungälv residents stopped and took leaflets. Some hopefully had their eyes opened a little by the information, while others no doubt continued to sleep peacefully in the materialistic cradle – the opium of the people.

Nordic Resistance Movement leafleting in Kungälv, Sweden

Relatively early in the activity, two security guards showed up and claimed that the activists could not take photographs during the activity. During a dialogue with the activists, the guards admitted that they would not have interfered or had any objections if another organisation like the Green Party had been present instead. After a while, the guards tired of trying to win political brownie points and went back into the warmth of the shopping centre.

Security guards at NRM activism in Kungälv, Sweden

The rest of the activity passed peacefully and without problems.

Nest 2 guarantee that they will be seen frequently on the streets of West Sweden in 2022!

Banner action in a snowy Sollefteå


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 4 were out in snowy conditions to hold a banner action with the message “This land is our land!” on Saturday, 8 January.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in the snow in Sollefteå, Sweden
“This land is our land!”

Despite snow and minus-degree temperatures, activists went to Ångermannabron bridge in Sollefteå to inspire passers-by and encourage them to assert their right to their forefathers’ country. The message was received in the usual way, with a fairly even mixture of appreciative and angry gestures.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in the snow in Sollefteå, Sweden
Activists in position

A particularly unexpected and welcome response came when an unknown sympathiser parked his car about a hundred metres from the bridge, opened the trunk and played “White power” music at high volume from the car speaker system. The scene became particularly comical when another driver pulled over by the roadside to shout insults, only to be drowned out by the music.

The activists report that the severe cold did not feel as chilling during the musical interlude. They let the driver know that his interjection was much appreciated, although they lamented the fact that they were unable to meet him and talk further. If the man in question is reading this, Nest 4 encourage him to apply for a membership today so an acquaintance can be made as soon as possible.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in the snow in Sollefteå, Sweden
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger

After a period of activism – and after the musical supporter had driven off – the action was deemed a success, and the activists went to have a meal together. Despite the cold, everyone was in good spirits during and after the activity, with the Resistance men eager to engage in future activities.

No flu – but lots of vaccines


Excerpt from The return of Neo-Mike

The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement is classed as one of the world’s most dangerous men (again)


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. For the second year in a row, the Counter Extremism Project lobby organisation has compiled a list of the world’s most dangerous people. Simon Lindberg has once again been included alongside military leaders and Muslim terrorists.

Top 20 most dangerous extremists - Simon Lindberg

At the beginning of 2021, the world’s largest newspaper, the British publication The Sun, published a list by the Counter Extremism Project of the 20 people it regarded as the greatest threat to world security, either currently or with the potential to be so in the future. Among the convicted murderers, terrorists and leaders of Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and ISIS was also the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg – even though he is an open public figure with a job and a family, and has never even been to prison; not to mention the fact that his realpolitikal influence is very limited in comparison.

Most of the Swedish media latched on to the story and blasted Simon Lindberg as one of the world’s most dangerous men. Lindberg responded to the affair with the article The Nordics’ most dangerous man speaks, where he wrote the following:

As ridiculous as this is, it is also a great honour to be recognised in this way. Maybe it’s the finest accolade I have received in my entire life. To be regarded as equally dangerous to the system as ISIS’s terrorist attacks or Hezbollah’s missiles on the basis of mere words and propaganda is of course an honorary distinction like none other. And being ranked as the most dangerous person in all of the Nordic countries, as well as one of the five most dangerous in Europe and one of the 20 most dangerous in the whole world – without having been involved in any person’s death whatsoever – can even be classified as something astronomical.

This week the Counter Extremism Project published a new list of the world’s 20 most dangerous extremists, and even though some African and Arab Muslims have been replaced with other African and Arab Muslims, Simon Lindberg remains.

Top 20 most dangerous extremists - Simon Lindberg

A new addition this year is some informational text that justifies Simon’s placement on the list. As this text is as flattering as it is mendacious – to the degree that it qualifies as entertainment – we have decided to publish parts of it here:

Simon Lindberg is a neo-Nazi, white nationalist, and the leader of the Swedish chapter of the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM). The NRM subscribes to a nationalist socialist, or neo-Nazi, ideology that is decidedly antisemitic, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, pro-white, and pro-Hitler.

The NRM has held numerous anti-immigration rallies, and has hung signs throughout Sweden, Finland, and Norway reading ‘Refugees Are Not Welcome.’

NRM members are known to have carried out attacks against the LGBTQI+ community, Muslim asylum seekers and political opponents, using smoking flares, tear gas, knives, and guns. Since the 1980s, NRM members have killed at least 3 people.

In a 2016 interview with NRM-Sweden leader Simon Lindberg, Lindberg said that he joined the group because its members were ‘strong in the streets, they dare to fight back the scum.’

Lindberg has used social media platforms to spread conspiracy theories and hate propaganda and has exploited the pandemic to his own advantage, writing on his website ‘Covid-19 might be precisely what we need in order to bring about a real national uprising and a strengthening of revolutionary political forces.’

Lindberg has claimed that Hitler had ‘freed Germany from the globalists and the bankers that have a grip over Sweden today’ and branded the Holocaust as ‘probably the biggest lie in history.’

After the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Lindberg congratulated the perpetrators and urged the U.S. far right to build more coordinated networks resembling the transnational connections in Europe.

In 2017, he organized a march on the day of Yom Kippur and held a particularly hateful speech. During the rally, clashes occurred between neo-Nazis and anti-fascists, leading to the injury of two and the arrest of 20.

His speeches are regularly viewed by thousands who then perpetrate violent actions against the Muslim and Jewish community. For example, in 2018, NRM-Sweden members assaulted two pro-Israel activists from the Israel-Sweden Friendship Association at the Gotland festival in Sweden.

Under Lindberg’s leadership, the NRM has vastly expanded its propaganda network and created 19 additional Swedish-language podcasts and web TV channels. In addition, there are between 300,000 and 400,000 unique visitors per month on the NRM’s website. Despite his Twitter account being suspended, Lindberg’s capacity for harm is considerable, making him an extremely dangerous individual.

This article is not intended to point out or refute all the lies in the above; however, some of the more audacious things worth noting are: the claim that the Resistance Movement murdered a man in the 1980s, even though the organisation was not founded until 1997; that Simon Lindberg’s speech during Yom Kippur was extremely hateful, despite the fact that he was arrested by the police before he could even give a speech; and that thousands of people regularly listen to Lindberg’s speeches and then attack Muslims and Jews. Furthermore, Lindberg is apparently an extremely dangerous individual, even though he no longer has access to Twitter. One can only imagine how dangerous he was when he was on Twitter…

Simon Lindberg speech, Organisation Days 2021 Nordic Resistance Movement

NordicResistanceMovement.org would like to conclude this article by congratulating Simon Lindberg and the Nordic Resistance Movement for continuing to be regarded as relevant and dangerous to the current world order!

NORDIC FRONTIER #215: The return of Neo-Mike


NORDIC FRONTIER. The Nordic Frontier makes a glorious return in the new year with a very pleasant surprise, the return of good old Neo-Mike.





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Love Your People – Confetti action in Scandinavia’s largest mall

The climate change agenda

State paranoia and higher ideals

“I will join when the collapse comes”

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A look back on 2021: The Nordic Resistance Movement in Norway


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Tommy Olsen, Chief of the Norwegian branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, summarises 2021.

Nordic Resistance Movement flag

Just like every other year that the Nordic Resistance Movement has been active in Norway, our Norwegian members regularly contributed to the struggle in 2021, conducting activism every week, all year round. Consequently, the Nordic Resistance Movement has remained the most active National Socialist movement in the Nordic countries, and likely in the whole world.

In this summary, I want to highlight some examples of what our members have achieved via various forms of activism and event participation in 2021. As a large amount of activism has been conducted, I apologise in advance if I have forgotten to include some activities that deserve a place in this review.

Nordic Days 2021 Fredrik Vejdeland
Fredrik Vejdeland speaks at Nordic Days 2021

The annual Nordic Days event was held in Västmanland, Sweden, by Sweden’s Nest 8. Nordic Days is a family-friendly event that is open to all members and supporters, both young and old. As has been the case in previous years, there was also a Norwegian presence in 2021, despite Covid restrictions. The Norwegians competed in the pentathlon, which included disciplines such as team wrestling, rugby, hammer throwing, knife fighting and fiercely fought boxing matches.

Nordic Days 2021 boxing
A boxing match at Nordic Days

In addition to a number of speeches, good food and socialising, various children’s activities were also arranged this year, something that the many children in attendance were very happy about.

In recent years, a popular market has also been arranged at Nordic Days. On sale this year were books, music, decorations, clothing, jewellery, NS antiques, honey, toys and hairdressing services. The Resistance Movement is now well on the way to creating a culture of self-production and internal trade.

The market at Nordic Days 2021
The market at Nordic Days 2021

Read more: Nordic Days 2021

Organisation Days is another annual event; however, unlike Nordic Days, it is only open to members. In 2021, Organisation Days was held in Småland, Sweden, by Sweden’s Nest 7. The slogan for this year was “Victory in the election!”

Simon Lindberg speaks at the Nordic Resistance Movement's Organisation Days 2021
Simon Lindberg explains the slogan “Victory in the election!”

The Resistance Movement’s leader Simon Lindberg explained what he meant by the slogan “Victory in the election!” in his speech. He said that regardless of how many votes the organisation gets, or whether or not we stand for election at all, the organisation will be seen and heard, spread its ideas and recruit new members – and therefore be victorious in the election campaign.

The last speech of the day was by Sebastian Elofsson. The speech was very powerful and was well received by the other members. Elofsson explained his view on loyalty and duty, the honour in continuing the struggle despite being at a serious disadvantage, and the pride in never giving up. He also gave an extensive explanation of the differences between National Socialism and liberal democracy, as well as how National Socialism both differs from and surpasses Marxism in all respects.

Sebastian Elofsson speaks at the Nordic Resistance Movement's Organisation Days 2021
Sebastian Elofsson

In addition to other speeches – plus news and information from the national leadership – various workshops were arranged, at which participants could receive special training in subjects such as photo editing, news reporting, accounting, abseiling and more. A boxing tournament and exercises were also organised during the weekend, as well as an awards ceremony, at which distinctions were handed out to worthy members.

Read more: Organisation Days 2021

The Nordic Resistance Movement held a pan-Nordic action on 1 May 2021 in honour of the Nordic worker. Under the slogan “White workers built this country – White workers can take this country back!”, activism was carried out in a number of towns and cities in the Nordic countries. Approximately 30 locations in almost 20 different towns were visited with trailers and trucks displaying banners and playing a pre-recorded speech from the organisation’s leader Simon Lindberg.

A large number of 1 May posters and banners were put up in a series of towns in the Nordic countries, urging Nordic workers to take back their fatherland from the globalists and racial foreigners who are destroying White nations.

NRM 1 May activism 2021
“White workers built this country. White workers can take this country back!”

Read more: 1st of May activism across the Nordic nations

In response to a culture of ongoing anti-Whiteness – which escalated to new heights thanks to “Black Lives Matter” and the Jewish media in 2020 after the death of the African criminal George Floyd – the Nordic Resistance Movement carried out a number of White Lives Matter actions in 2021.

On 9 August, Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the Resistance Movement conducted a pan-Nordic action on the initiative of the British nationalist organisation Patriotic Alternative, which called on all Whites the world over to become active for “White Lives Matter Day”.

Norwegian members conduct White Lives Matter activism on Indigenous Peoples’ Day
Norwegian members conduct White Lives Matter activism on Indigenous Peoples’ Day

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Tommie Lindh White Lives Matter poster
White Lives Matter activism in memory of the patriot Tommie Lindh, who was killed by an African when he attempted to protect his female friend from being raped

Posters featuring the words “White Lives Matter” also received media attention in Norway, after some racial foreigners and leftists were triggered by the message (even though they were in full support of Black Lives Matter). Randi Eek Thorsen, an AP (Labour Party) politician and council chairman in Gran Municipality, said it “turned her stomach” when she read the message, using words like “extremism” and, in usual AP style, drawing comparisons with Anders Breivik.

White Lives Matter poster in Sarpsborg, Norway

In September 2021, there were political elections in Norway. Instead of voting for traitors who sell out our fatherland, glorify racial foreigners and treat Norwegians like second-class citizens, the Nordic Resistance Movement chose to conduct an imaginative “speech bubble” campaign that demonstrated what politicians really think.

Norway NRM speech bubble poster action
“Immigrants before Norwegians”, “No to freedom of speech”

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A number of actions against traitors were held during 2021, including leaflet and barricade actions, at which anti-Norwegian institutions were symbolically cordoned off with Resistance Movement barricade tape and explanatory posters.

NRM Bergen activism Red party barricade
The communist Red Party premises were cordoned off and affixed with a poster with a quote from Point 9 of the Resistance Movement’s political programme

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In 2021, the Nordic Resistance Movement arranged a number of gatherings in Norway, in which both members and supporters participated. The Resistance Movement visited Setesdal for a couple of days, renting several cabins for the trip. Activities and excursions were arranged for both adults and children, followed by relaxation, good food and socialising at the end of the day.

View over Setesdal, Norway
The Resistance Movement in Setesdal
Tyr rune cake
A marzipan cake adorned with the Resistance Movement logo

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In Hamar, Nest 1 arranged a gathering for members, where they could enjoy themselves at a cabin, go skiing and conduct a little activism. On the busy E6 road, members held a banner action with the message “For a free and united Nordic Nation!” Green smoke grenades were used to draw the attention of passing drivers, many of whom beeped their horns and waved in agreement.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in Hamar, Norway
“For a free and united Nordic Nation!”

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Excursions in the countryside have always been popular with healthy National Socialists, not least because it’s good to disconnect from multiculturalism and city life and recharge your batteries ahead of a new week in the struggle. As in previous years, numerous trips to the countryside were arranged in 2021. These were sometimes combined with monthly meetings, and allowed members to spend the night in nature, go fishing and enjoy food and conversation beside the campfire.

Homo lobby flag burning
The homo lobby’s flag provides warmth in the cold
Hemsedal hiking, Norway, NRM flag
Mountain hike and monthly meeting in Hemsedal

Regarding public actions in 2021, I would like to highlight one in which members from Nest 1 in Eastern Norway conducted both a public activity and a propaganda offensive with leaflets in Sarpsborg. The activity consisted of a public action outside Borg shopping centre and nearby areas in Sarpsborg, in addition to spreading numerous leaflets in the area.

Nordic Resistance Movement leafleting in Sarpsborg
Public action and leafleting in Sarpsborg

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Because the Nordic Resistance Movement is a pan-Nordic organisation, it is not uncommon to collaborate with comrades from the organisation across borders in the Nordic countries. Norwegian members like to help our Swedish comrades, for example, and vice versa. One example from 2021 occurred when Norway’s Nest 1 joined Sweden’s Nest 2 in October to conduct public activism near the border, at Nordby Shopping Centre and Svinesund. There, they set up with the Resistance Movement’s flags and banners and gave out leaflets to both Norwegians and Swedes out on shopping trips.

Nordic Resistance Movement activity at the Norway-Sweden border
Public action at the Swedish border

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There were also a number of propaganda offensives in Norway; these are actions that surpass normal basic activism when it comes to the amount of material distributed and the size of the area covered. I would like to highlight some examples here.

In March, members from Nest 3 gathered in Bergen city centre and plastered the city with Resistance Movement propaganda.

Bergen NRM activism
Propaganda action in central Bergen

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In February 2021, members from Nest 1 carried out several poster offensives in Oslo and Moss, where a minor confrontation with a hysterical woman also occurred. A good number of posters of various designs were used to decorate the cities with the Resistance Movement’s message.

NRM posters in Oslo and Moss
“To victory through struggle!”

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A series of actions informing the people about the homo lobby’s connections to paedophilia, as well as its wider agenda, were also conducted in 2021. The Nordic Resistance Movement was the first organisation in Norway to truly see through the homo lobby and take up the fight against this Cultural Marxist and paedophilic movement, at a time when many others, including nationalists, were fooled by it. Even though it proved to be quite tumultuous to oppose a movement that many people believe stands for love, the Resistance Movement tackled the homo lobby head-on and conducted intensive education to awaken the people. Today we see that this work has borne fruit, as more and more people now understand the homo lobby’s real agenda.

NRM leaflet about the homo lobby
Leaflets detailing the homo lobby’s connections to paedophilia

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The Norwegian National Socialist podcast Hold Fanen Høyt!, which I participate in, broadcasted an episode on the homo lobby, which explained in more detail why we in the Nordic Resistance Movement have taken up the struggle against it. The episode (which is in Norwegian) can be heard below:

A spectacular action I would like to highlight in this summary, and which also earned a good deal of attention in 2021, was a symbolic lynching of a paedophile in Bergen. To clarify our view on paedophiles, and to expose the homo lobby’s connections to paedophilia, a doll was constructed and hanged from a bridge near Flesland Airport. The doll was dressed in the homo lobby’s rainbow flag and bore a poster with the word “Paedophile” on it. Another detail worth mentioning is that the image of the Nordic homo lobby’s founder, Axel Axgil, was used as the doll’s face. Axel Axgil and his homosexual partner Eigil Axgil were both convicted paedophiles.

Paedophile doll lynched in Bergen, Norway

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A whole week of offensives against the degenerate homo lobby were carried out in several towns in Norway in 2021 to coincide with so-called Pride festivals, where half-naked homosexuals and paedophiles march under slogans like “Love is love”. In addition to a massive public information campaign in the form of posters and leaflets, the homo lobby’s rainbow flag was also confiscated and burned.

Activism against the homo lobby in Norway
The struggle against the homo lobby

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Another spectacular action from 2021 worth mentioning was a confetti action conducted by members in the Galleriet shopping centre in Bergen. Confetti with the website address frihetskamp.net rained down from the upper floor and landed on all the floors below.

NRM propaganda rain in Bergen, Norway
Confetti rain

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A number of creative actions were carried out in 2021, some of which I would like to call attention to here. The one that probably received the most media coverage was a joint action against restaurants and takeaway shops. In 2016, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority started a smiley face rating system for cafes and restaurants across Norway. The purpose of the rating system is to make it simpler for customers to choose safe places to eat. A poster is placed in a prominent position on a shop, displaying either a smiley face or a sad face, depending on how high or low the standards are. The Nordic Resistance Movement followed this example and conducted an action against restaurants that fall far below Nordic standards.

Norwegian restaurant hygiene ratings from the Resistance Movement
A foreign-owned kebab shop in Kristiansand fell far below Nordic standards

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In March 2021, a joint action took place in which signs were covered with the Resistance Movement’s various website addresses in several locations in Norway. This kind of action originated in 2020 and has a symbolic significance, conveying the message that all roads lead to the Nordic Resistance Movement! In other words, the people will ultimately realise that the only solution is the Nordic Resistance Movement, in addition to the fact that we can be found everywhere.

Frihetskamp sign

On Norwegian Constitution Day, 17 May, the Nordic Resistance Movement conducted a poster offensive in several Norwegian cities. Members plastered locations with an appropriate poster for the day, informing people that the constitution is not complete without Paragraph 2, also known as the “Jewish paragraph”. The Jewish paragraph was a continuation and tightening of restrictions regarding the access of Jews to the kingdom, compared with the time before 1814.

NRM Norwegian constitution Paragraph 2 activism on 17 May
“The constitution is not complete without Paragraph 2”

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On “holocaust day”, 27 January, the Resistance Movement carried out a pan-Nordic public information campaign in a number of towns and cities across all the Nordic countries, focusing on one of the biggest lies of our time: the “holocaust” hoax, which has almost become a religion for system worshippers and non-critical thinkers. Appropriate posters and banners were put up, while informative articles were published on the organisation’s websites.

"Holocaust is a hoax" poster in Norway
“The ‘holocaust’ is a hoax”

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True to tradition, the Nordic Resistance Movement held a memorial action in 2021 to raise awareness of the Allies’ war crimes and genocide of civilians in Dresden in 1945 – an event that lives up to the real meaning of the word holocaust, or burnt offering. The globalists’ terror bombings of civilian targets were so huge and intensive that a hurricane of fire and heat – a firestorm – arose in the centre of Dresden. On the city’s outskirts, the streets began to melt, and those who tried to flee became stuck in the asphalt and died a horribly painful death as their skin was burned to ashes on the glowing ground.

Nordic Resistance Movement Dresden awareness activism, Norway
“We must never forget the real holocaust!”

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Another controversial action – perhaps the most controversial in Norway – was one conducted the night before Sunday, 24 October. Vidkun Quisling was honoured on his birthday with posters and banners with the accompanying text: “He loved his country and his people more than his life,” which is a quote from his wife, Maria Quisling. Quisling was labelled a traitor by the globalists, but for those who knew better, he fought against the anti-Norwegian forces that unfortunately won the war and have since led Norway to its downfall.

Vidkun Quisling memorial activism, Bergen, Norway, 2021
“He loved his country and his people more than his life” – Maria Quisling
Vidkun Quisling memorial banner, Bergen, Norway, 2021
Banner action in Nest 3

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On the night before 20 April, the National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler was also remembered. The Nordic Resistance Movement conducted a public awareness campaign on Hitler’s birthday, during which posters were put up and informative articles were published on Frihetskamp.

Do you know what happened on 20 April 1889?
“Do you know what happened on 20 April 1889?”

A considerable amount of activism against the coronavirus “vaccine” and the authorities’ Covid policies was conducted in 2021 across large parts of Norway. This included putting up posters informing people that the corona vaccines have not been properly tested, but that the system wants you vaccinated anyway.

Covid-19 NRM poster, Norway
A large number of posters with information on the Covid “vaccines” were put up in Norway

Some more humorous leaflets that ridiculed the system’s corona policies were also distributed in 2021.

Coronavirus information leaflet

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In episode 18 of Leadership Perspective, the Resistance Movement’s leader, Simon Lindberg, explained the organisation’s positions on the Covid vaccines and the system’s coronavirus policies.

In December 2021, the Danish government, with the approval of the trade unions, took the decision to give employers in Denmark the right to demand workers be vaccinated or provide regular negative Covid test results in order to keep their jobs. In response, the Nordic Resistance Movement held a pan-Nordic support action for Danish workers. Activists visited Danish embassies across the Nordic countries, where they put up posters, held speeches and distributed leaflets to passers-by.

Nordic Resistance Movement activism in support of Danish workers and against Covid passports, Stockholm Danish embassy
The Resistance Movement outside the Danish embassy in Stockholm
Nordic Resistance Movement activism in support of Danish workers, Oslo, Norway
“The Danish government spits on the workers via its requirement of Covid passports for continued employment”

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A large amount of activism to inform people of the Nordic Resistance Movement’s policies was carried out in 2021. Various leaflets were distributed in mailboxes around Norway. Frihetskamp.net now also has a landing page filled with ideological articles, which makes it easier for readers to familiarise themselves with the movement and our policies.

Nordic Resistance Movement leaflet - New politics for a new age
A leaflet with our policies

Banner actions advertising frihetskamp.net were also conducted in 2021. Here, a banner action is held from a bridge over the E39 road at Flesland Airport.

NRM banner action, Bergen, Norway

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Members of the Nordic Resistance Movement also advertised the Norwegian podcast Hold Fanen Høyt! in 2021 by putting up posters in several towns. The podcast has been well received by Norwegian, Swedish and Danish listeners, as well as by others who can understand Norwegian, and features news, diverse topics, interviews and more.

Activism for the Hold Fanen Høyt! podcast

At the end of the year, we took the opportunity to wish our people a Merry White Christmas, and produced banners with a hailing Santa Claus. Below is a banner action above a busy road in Western Norway.

NRM banner wishing a Happy White Christmas, Norway
“We wish you a Merry White Christmas”

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Because our activists conduct activism every week, all year round, there was a large amount of basic activism conducted in 2021. Here, I would like to highlight two random examples of this that serve both as a fitting conclusion to this summary and as a call to those who have not yet joined the struggle for a free and united White North.

In Alver Municipality, members distributed leaflets with a call to take power back from the globalists.

“Take power back from the globalists!” NRM leaflet
“Take power back from the globalists!”

In March, Nest 2 distributed leaflets in Grim in Kristiansand with the message “The revolution begins with you!”, emphasising that the struggle for a free North also depends on you and your contribution. If our people remain passive and let the traitors and racial foreigners control the course of society unchallenged, the future will look very dark for coming White generations. With that said, I hope that all of you in the Nordic countries who have not yet stepped up and applied for membership in the Nordic Resistance Movement do just that in 2022.

“The revolution begins with you!” NRM leaflet
“The revolution begins with you!”

Climate threats and real environmental problems


IDEOLOGY. In this article, Nest Chief Daniel Gerdås explains his views on the so-called climate crisis and other more tangible environmental problems.

Nature is our church - Nordic Resistance Movement

Nobody can have possibly escaped the daily climate hysteria fed to us by the media. “We have 10 years to change things before it’s too late.” “The glaciers are melting.” “The earth is getting warmer by the day.” “The Gulf Stream is grinding to a halt.” “Large parts of the planet are going to become uninhabitable.” “The deserts are expanding.” “The Arctic ice is melting – and sea levels will rise by several meters.”

New threats, demands and pressures from the establishment are mounting. Billions of dollars are being spent on new technology, research and projects. Anybody who questions anything is immediately branded a “climate denier” – an epithet of abuse almost equal to “racist” or “holocaust denier” – and effectively silenced. According to politicians, the climate threat is the number one political issue of the modern day, as well as being extremely profitable for various interest groups. Coincidentally, the climate issue happens to go hand in hand with pro-refugee and anti-racism activism. Celebrities and politicians compete with one another as to who can be the most “radical” on the climate issue, in order to get as much attention as possible. Behind these public figures lurk powerful globalists, who harbour their own agenda.

Eyes looking at factory pollution

For those who can see the globalists’ plan, and perceive the obvious lies about the climate, taking the opposing side is an easy choice. Where there are political or economic interests, there is no reliable objectivity. No facts can be trusted. Everything is twisted to fit whatever political or economic interests are currently being advocated. Hence it is extremely difficult for the individual to find any facts and make up his own mind.

The “climate denialist” side also has its own interests, and can sometimes be built on amateur research. However, just because lying globalists say something, does that automatically make it a lie? If someone has his own evil agenda and has adapted the truth to fit it, does that mean he is completely wrong in all matters?

Man has designated himself lord over all living things. In his eyes, the earth, nature and the animal kingdom only exist to serve him. As such, everything can be plundered and exploited. Our oceans are being depleted of all fish life, our forests are being killed off by clear-felling to make way for industrialised tree plantations, our cities and industries are expanding into what were once vital natural areas. Gigantic fractures are being opened up in the earth’s surface to mine precious minerals, resulting in immense toxic emissions. Our agricultural fields are being deprived of all living things to make way for industrialised crops with low nutritional value, and our waters are being filled with plastics, chemicals and residues from pharmaceuticals. And these are just a few of the problems we are facing.

Animal and plant species are going extinct at an ever increasing rate, while invasive species replace them. We are slowly but surely killing our planet. All of this naturally has a severe impact on our whole world. How this affects the climate can be debated, but it can’t be denied that nature is being negatively affected in a dramatic way. Is the climate getting warmer or colder? Is this caused by emissions or not? And what effect does carbon dioxide have on the climate? These are questions we might get real answers to in the future, when science is once again free and grounded on a factual and objective basis. Until then, however, we cannot overlook the obvious signs of destruction and its consequences.

Logs lying in deforested field

So how can this problem be solved? By banning plastic straws, giving more aid to the Third World, filling our country with so-called climate refugees, and sharply increasing fuel taxes to the detriment of rural residents and low-income earners? Hardly. Certainly not by implementing policies that are only designed to restrict and undermine ordinary people, while benefiting the elite. Radical solutions have to be implemented, along with a total transformation of our view on nature.

Man is not the master of nature. He is a part of nature and is as equally dependent on and subject to nature’s laws as any other living creature. A revolution is required to crush the political system of today and build a completely new society!

Man is not the master of nature. He is a part of nature and is as equally dependent on and subject to nature’s laws as any other living creature. A revolution is required to crush the political system of today and build a completely new society!

Capitalism and globalism must both be destroyed. Capitalism’s ruthless exploitation is the root of all destruction, driven by the need for eternal growth and constant maximisation of profits. Globalism goes hand in hand with capitalism, and the two cannot be separated. We must therefore put an end to free trade; large global corporations must be banned from conducting their business; the entire stock market system, wherein the value of a company lies solely in its speculative value, has to end; companies must be subject to strict requirements for environmentally friendly and sustainable business activities; and companies that do not take responsibility must expropriated.

The banks need to be nationalised in order for our economy to be in our hands and not ruled by foreign interests. Major natural resources and important public resources also need to be nationalised. These must be owned by the people and be of benefit to the people. They will not serve as cash cows for big corporations or foreign interests. Large landowners will have to be deprived of some of their land, which will instead be given to people who are interested and experienced in agriculture or forestry. It is unreasonable for a few individuals to own and control the bulk of all the land. Additionally, the average small landowner likely has a greater affection for the land he owns – and thus a greater feeling of responsibility – compared to the large-scale farmer who is only interested in deriving as much economic profit from his land as possible.

Instead, small-scale agriculture and forestry will be encouraged. Self-sufficiency, both in terms of foodstuffs and other products, needs to be rewarded and promoted, as do small businesses. Domestic production will serve as the basis for everything, and therefore high tariffs will be imposed on all imports that can instead be produced in the Nordic countries. As for products that cannot be produced in the Nordic countries, barter transactions with other countries should be the first step in getting away from the current economic system, in which money controlled by a third party always acts as a middleman.

With an entirely new political and economic system, we can stop the destruction and instead create a new society in which we live in harmony with nature. We can enact laws that benefit the environment, the animal kingdom and the people. We can have a vibrant countryside, rich wildlife, natural and nutritional food, and a healthy people. With freedom of scientific research, we can create new technology to lead our people forwards, without harming nature.

With an entirely new political and economic system, we can stop the destruction and instead create a new society in which we live in harmony with nature. We can enact laws that benefit the environment, the animal kingdom and the people. We can have a vibrant countryside, rich wildlife, natural and nutritional food, and a healthy people.

All this can be changed in the Nordic countries when the Nordic Resistance Movement comes to power. We can try to influence the surrounding world through pressure or lobbying, but the destruction of the natural world is a global problem. It doesn’t matter how good we are in the North if the rest of the world continues to destroy the planet. Here we also need to mention overpopulation. An ever-increasing population is currently fed by the earth’s limited resources. We Whites are not the ones overpopulating the planet, but it is a problem we have created. It is our aid, our medical care and our technology that we have given away that has facilitated the population explosion in these parts of the world.

Were we to immediately cut off all contributions, all so-called humanitarian aid, all exports and all medical aid to these countries, their populations would quickly decrease and they would be forced to find their natural balance and rediscover their place in the evolutionary timeline. When this happens, they will no longer be in a position to destroy the environment.

Unfortunately, we are not the ones in power today, and before we come to power we will not be able to do very much in the grand scheme of things. On an individual level, we should all strive to live closer to nature. Take a walk in the wilderness, move to the countryside away from the concrete blocks and artificial lifestyle of the city, grow your own food and raise your own livestock. In addition to a happier and healthier life, this will afford you a connection with nature. You will learn to appreciate what nature has to offer, and understand that you have to give something back to it. You will experience the joys of a natural and healthy diet and the accompanying feeling of responsibility for the environment.

Where possible, we can manufacture our own goods, or trade them for something else we ourselves have produced, instead of consuming. Otherwise, make an active choice to buy locally produced goods from farms and factories that you know have high standards of animal welfare or are environmentally conscious. Even though a significant amount of blame lies with the large globalist corporations, the individual person is not innocent either. It is the individual who maintains this system via his consumption, where a low price tag is often his main concern. The individual is also responsible for investing his money in the form of stocks and funds in globalist corporations. You should therefore avoid unnecessary consumption and make sure not to invest your money in this destructive system.

A path in the woods

Our present lifestyle and our current economic and political system are destroying the planet. Since we are a part of nature, this also means that we ourselves will ultimately perish if nothing is done. It is possible to change course and rescue the situation, but only via radical National Socialist politics and a National Socialist way of life.


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