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Monthly meeting in Nest 8 with a visit from the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement


MEETING. In early August comrades from Nest 8 came together for their meeting of the month.

In a beautiful, natural environment, members of the nest as well as visitors from Nest 3 listened to a presentation from the Resistance Movement’s leader, Simon Lindberg, who in a most committed and personal manner, pointed out the importance of unity, coherence and keeping together in the ongoing struggle towards our goal: a National Socialist North.

Simon also spoke about the incidents of recent months within the organisation and allowed the comrades to ask questions when the speech was over.

After a break for food, coffee and socialising, Simon had separate meetings with several members, and after that the deputy chief of Nest 8, Jimmy Thunlind, held the regular meeting of the month with reports and information on planned activities.

It was a rewarding day that renewed the comrades’ strength and inspiration to keep fighting.

We dare to win and write history again and again


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Last week’s public action in Iceland was one of many milestones in the Nordic struggle for freedom. Here the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement discusses this and other groundbreaking activities.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is a revolutionary movement in both rhetoric and action. We continuously seek to break the status quo. We will never be content with being where we are. Instead we will always challenge ourselves, just as we will challenge the system and our enemies. When we overcome the barriers standing in our way, we race forwards towards the next. If there are no barriers in sight, we make sure to press on until we encounter one.

To win, one must be bold and take risks. I want this to be something that distinguishes our organisation – that we are continuously in forward motion, whatever stands in our way. Even if there have been occasions when this tactic has cost more than it gained, we have still won overall. We must be daring and also be prepared to lose to keep moving forwards at the desired pace.

The clock is close to striking midnight, and the bitter truth is that we have time against us. The system’s overwhelming resource advantage and the continually decimated Nordic population contrasted with the massive invasion of racial foreigners means that we quite simply can’t afford to stop, take it easy and just exist and be satisfied with being where we are. He who dares wins. And even if we don’t win, it doesn’t change the fact that we will lose for certain if we DO NOT dare.

In recent years our activities have been characterised by many of these risks. Even if they haven’t always worked out, together they have led to greater successes than failures. Two simultaneous 1 May demonstrations, swastika flags leading the Towards Freedom demonstration in Helsinki after the organisation was banned, widespread campaigning in the run-up to the election, new website projects and ambitious media ventures as well as innovative actions, such as the motorboat activity outside Sweden’s parliament, are just some of the many groundbreaking things we achieved last year.

This year we held a public activity in Copenhagen for the first time with a spontaneous demonstration, conducted confrontational activism in the “Left’s” old stronghold of Lund, stood with flags and a banner at the finish line of the Vasaloppet, launched a regularly updated English-language website, and just last week we held our first public activity in Iceland with a leafleting session in central Reykjavik.

All of these activities involved taking risks, physical and/or in respect to resources and our reputation – where we thought outside the box and then acted with resolution. Some, such as the action in Iceland, are clear milestones in the Nordic nationalist struggle and will be written into the history books after our final victory. Through risk-taking and self-sacrifice, our members write history in their struggle every day.

Alternatively, if the struggle eventually fails because not enough of you did what was required, then at least we will etch our name into our enemies’ minds and ensure they have nightmares for generations about Tyr rune flags waving in the winds – still a noble aim for our struggle that will have been worth all the hardships and every second spent.

“Are you prepared to take a stand for democracy?” A recent police recruitment advertisement for their “hate crime” department, with a photo of a Nordic Resistance Movement demonstration.

What is the meaning of your life? What are you doing to make a difference? What will you be remembered for? Not for your perfectly clipped lawn every autumn. Not for all the beers downed at the pub. Not for all your efforts at the plant or the sports club.

Instead be part of something bigger. Make a difference. Do as we do, and dare to challenge yourself and take risks to win. Last week we stood in central Reykjavik – who knows where you will find us Resistance men tomorrow. Whatever the case, we will certainly not remain where we are today but will continue to be bold and take risks and keep writing history. We will continue to break the status quo in the struggle for a Nordic revolution!

NORDIC FRONTIER #123: Autumn Feels


NORDIC FRONTIER. We talk news, give icy-cold takes on Pewds’ anti-Semitism and find out that racial strangers want us dead (shock was imagined).

Listen to “NORDIC FRONTIER #123: Autumn Feels” on Spreaker.


Max, host of the NORDIC VOICE, joins us at some point during the evening.




Greenpilled is back!

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The British nationalist movement of today and the Nordic Resistance Movement


OPINION. Our English comrade Niall writes about some of the recent history within the British nationalist scene and compares it to what he has experienced in the Nordic Resistance Movement.

As I mentioned in my previous article, the current state of the British movement is dire. Many promising movements have come and gone, and we Anglos have been left with hollow husks of ineffectual movements. I wish to focus on the more recent and contemporary movements, that I was looking at joining as I first became a National Socialist at around 15 or 16. I wish to give my perspective as a young English nationalist looking for a movement to become a part of.

I cannot speak much on the National Front or British National Party as I am simply too young to have seen them in their glory days, and cannot trust the writings of the media coverage of said groups, for obvious reasons. Instead, it is better that I refrain from commenting on these “glory days” of British nationalism entirely, and leave that more to men like Mark Collett, who was not only highly involved in the BNP’s youth wing, but also maintains excellent ties with the Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM).

I highly recommend listening to his interview with Nordic Frontier if you wish to learn more of a general history of one of the more popular British nationalist movements, and how that ties into the general picture of Britain (and especially England) today.

However, I wish to focus more on the recent endeavours of contemporary nationalist groups that have caught the public eye, and clear up some potential misconceptions. For example, I have been asked questions regarding the English Defence League (EDL), as if they are any force for positive change and/or English nationalists. As an Englishman myself, I would rather entrust the “defence” of England to the French (and believe me, that is truly saying something) than to the Zionist untermenschen of the EDL.

I’ll begin by talking of National Action and NS131, some of the better British/English groups to materialise during my lifetime. When National Action and NS131 first came around, they were hardcore racial nationalists, who looked to protect our racial and national identity above all else. They were intelligent, well-read and physically fit individuals, young and hungry to take on the challenges that we all as European people face. Their stronghold in fact was in my county of Yorkshire, and I myself was going through their pre-application reading list at the time they were banned, having just turned around 15 or 16 at the time. Being found to be a member after their ban carried a prison sentence of up to 30 years, with many members still serving sentences now. There was even one member who received over 4 years in prison for “neo-Nazi” graffiti, and a recent teenager getting the same sentence for a “racist” social media post. I myself have been harassed by UK police at my own home for anti-gypsy Facebook comments, and asking the police to do their jobs in protecting the young children having glass bottles thrown at them by said gypsies. Utterly laughable, if it weren’t sickeningly tyrannical, and downright dangerous for our youngest and most vulnerable people.

The UK government clamps down with an iron fist on any nationalist group it thinks might be able to make any kind of positive difference, or even simply shift the Overton window slightly. Meanwhile, the EDL is allowed to act with impunity.

The EDL is a collection of racial strangers, Irish gypsies, thugs and other assorted degenerates. They are through and through a Zionist organisation. They even had their own “Jewish division.” A group of pseudo-nationalists and braindead retards who are allowed to behave like monkeys and make all nationalists look like retards and subhumans by association.

A collection of nothing more than entirely ineffectual kosher nationalists was brought to the forefront of British “nationalist” organisations, and the government made them the face of nationalism.

Meanwhile, another entirely ineffectual group that bastardised and defiled the legacy of one of the greatest Englishmen to ever live, Sir Oswald Mosley. They called themselves “the New British Union,” and spearheaded by the serial race-mixer Gary Raikes, how could they ever lose? They dressed themselves as Blackshirts, Raikes thinking of himself as the next Mosley. But I don’t recall Mosley acting as a degenerate reprobate or having relationships with blacks. Removing the racial component from fascism as an excuse to play dress-up. Imagine that! Civic fascists!

Raikes has been described as “either a ZOG agent, or a great asset for them.”

All of this comes to reveal the real problems that have plagued British nationalist movements. Ineffectual leadership, and a lack of organisation. These combine to create a hundred different groups with no cohesion, no ability to work together, and crucially, no staying power. They dissolve as quickly as they came about. Each new group is led by someone who is more concerned about being the next Hitler (or Mosley, in our case), rather than being the next National Socialist. They are people who want to start a club of drinking buddies and feel important, rather than make any real contribution to the race as a movement. Coupled with a lack of organisation, when these groups eventually fizzle out, they leave no framework for the next group that will inevitably form in their place, meaning each new group must start entirely from scratch.

And when the government clamps down on these groups, there’s nothing they can do. Even well-established groups like National Action were wiped out by our overreaching government. National Action’s problem was that it was not well-entrenched enough for it to have any kind of effective countermeasure to the government’s shut-down of it. So what chance do these smaller groups have?

So are there any British groups that have avoided making these mistakes? That are well-led and deeply entrenched enough to not be annihilated when the government passes some new bullshit law? Well of course there is. Combat 18 began as a quasi-paramilitary/security group to protect a British Nationalist group (I believe it was the National Front, but don’t quote me on that) during speeches and marches, and they ended up outliving the organisation they were set up to protect. They now have a global reach, from Germany to Canada, and their name still strikes fear into the hearts of any red scum that hear it.

So what does all this have to do with the NRM? Well, while I may be a member of the movement, I understand that not being born in a Nordic country makes me an outsider one way or another, and I take no offence in this. I can provide a viewpoint that is influenced by a different environment, and see everything that’s going on through “fresh eyes,” so to speak.

I can already see the headlines now! “Immigrant brings much-needed diversity to the movement, doing job many local Swedes don’t want to do!” I joke of course, but the concept is the same. I have a viewpoint and understanding shaped entirely separate of the NRM, for better or for worse.

The NRM has rigid staying power. A system that is organised and efficient, and an incredibly unique way of winning over the normal, common man that I haven’t seen any other movement capable of doing. Generally speaking, National Socialism has always been the ideology of the disenfranchised, working-class, angry white young men. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, especially since I myself am a disenfranchised, working-class, angry young white man, the fact that the NRM is attracting everyday people is incredible, and gives me real hope for the future. The Overton window isn’t so much being pushed as it is being smashed, set on fire, and dragged firmly to the right way. And this is just the beginning.

While I myself belong to a clear subculture, with tattoos (albeit more tasteful than most tattoos) and a “fash-cut” and black metal T-shirts, etc, the fact that your average man (and increasingly often woman) on the street is finding himself becoming a National Socialist is incredible to see. And, most crucially, all of this is being done without a shred of compromise in ideology. Our beliefs are not being watered down in order to cater for those who are “more normal,” but the normal people are flocking to our ideology, and the NRM has a very unique ability to do that.

I’ve heard of events in the past when the movement has fed the homeless, which is an excellent idea. It’s of course useful to occasionally play the “big bad Nazis” in order to get the reds pissing in their pantsuits, but showing the public that we genuinely care about the members of our race who have been cast aside in favour of racial strangers not only brings people’s attention to the NRM as being a movement that truly practices what it preaches, but also to the fact that there are white people being thrown onto the streets, while useless migrants are given housing and a good life at the expense of the taxpayer.

Of course, you couldn’t possibly discriminate against the immigrants who also want food… but a healthy dose of pork sandwiches, bacon, and a few activists keeping watch on the door should dissuade any undesirables from entering. Generation Identity did the same thing in the UK, and antifa decided to try and intimidate them, and guess what the public saw? They saw the “big bad Nazi fascists” helping people who had been abandoned by the state, and they saw antifa harassing men for feeding the homeless.

The fact that the movement knows how to engage in these kinds of events, and shows it truly cares about the plights of our people, truly does give me hope. The common man may not have read Mein Kampf, he may not have read Metaphysics of War or Thus Spake Zarathustra, but the common man understands when people will be there for him when times get tough. He understands who has his back. And more often than not, he is willing to stand firm amongst their ranks and give the same back to them in return. He just has to have the guidance and leadership to steer him in the right direction, and I firmly believe that the NRM has that leadership, that direction, and that drive.

I have already spoken in my last article of the importance of brotherhood, and its encouraging abundance within the NRM, so I will try to avoid repeating myself. But one thing that I haven’t yet spoken on, that certainly plays into the idea of brotherhood and the success of the NRM compared to a lot of British movements (and movements in general), is the code of conduct that its members must abide by. Specifically, I’m talking about the lifestyle that members are expected and encouraged to lead.

I personally believe that there is nothing inherently wrong with going for a good few drinks with your friends, so long as no degenerate or self-destructive behaviour ensues. But many movements have a drinking culture ingrained in them, that many people turn up only to drink and fight. Collett talks about this in his interview, about how he has placed strict limits on alcohol consumption at his events. The fact that this limit needed to be enacted in the first place is quite frankly embarrassing. When you’re drinking with your friends, that’s fine. When you’re out on an activity or you’re at a meeting or a speech or anything along those lines, there should be no alcohol involved whatsoever.

The NRM also encourages healthy diets and good exercise, as well as discouraging harmful behaviours such as smoking or drinking in excess, and forbids the use of drugs. It gives the members structure and purpose. It gives us a code that we can live by. A reason higher than ourselves to take care of our bodies and minds. The NRM does not stop at being a political movement. It does not stop even at being a spiritual one. The NRM is also a way of life in and of itself. And it has members willing to undergo these struggles, and forsake the conveniences of modernity, for the sake of a higher ideal. A lone nationalist may not think much of eating a box of genetically modified, chemically “enhanced” Chicken McNuggets, but a National Socialist and a member of the NRM would be revolted at the idea.

The NRM is built upon strong leadership. Not just in its physical and current leaders, but our great leaders who have long since passed. We still follow their orders, their precepts, their creed. We are blessed by not only being led by men, but also by our ideals themselves. Our struggle is our purpose and our guide.

So with strong leadership, strong ideals, a strict code of conduct and health, fantastic organisation, and a unique ability to draw in the common man without compromise, entrenched in the present and prepared for the future, the NRM is built to last.

And with its longevity, will come the longevity of our race.

Andreas Johansson on The Minority Report 2.0


INTERVIEW. Nordic Frontier host Andreas Johansson appears on The Minority Report 2.0 to discuss all things Nordic Resistance Movement.

Greenpilled.com is back!


ANNOUNCEMENT. The web shop Greenpilled.com is now back online after a period of reorganisation.

The Nordic web shop Greenpilled.com has been closed for the last two months while its staff reorganised, but now it’s back open for business.

Greenpilled.com sells clothes, books, stickers, mugs and more. To celebrate its relaunch, there is also a sale on select items with 20% off, including the popular Tyr rune mug.

Customer services representative Max had this to say about the news:

We have received a lot of messages about when the store would reopen. We were aiming for the end of August, but as things often go, the deadline became a little tight. We are very much aware of a “sticker drought” around the Nordics, so that’s partly why we’re adding stickers to the 20% reductions. But the sale won’t last forever, so make sure to put your orders in while it lasts!

Orders can be made from outside the Nordics via bank transfers and cash. More information in English can be found here and Max can be reached via email at [email protected] and by phone on +46736260367.

Visit Greenpilled.com

A week of struggle and experiences in Iceland


TRAVEL. Last week activists from all the Nordic countries visited their kinsmen in Iceland. The following is a report detailing their trip.

The journey started on Monday September 2nd when comrades from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland flew to Iceland. The activists arrived in batches at Keflavík Airport about five miles from the country’s capital.

Icelandic comrades from the organisation met the guests at the airport and took them to the location that would be used as a base during the following days. The accommodation set the standard for the journey as it was up to a very high quality, with showers, sleeping rooms, a large kitchen, groups of sofas and other comforts. The invitation mentioned living “in a cabin in the woods” so many people expected to see a wooden building with a large room where everyone would be crowded on sleeping pads. As such, the location was a very positive surprise.

Apart from cooking dinner, socializing and briefly going over the plans for the coming week, not much happened on Monday.

Tuesday: A day of tourism
On Tuesday morning everybody got up at seven o’clock, which became the standard time for the following days. After a more thorough review of the plans for the day and the activities of the days to come, it was time to depart. A very pleasant surprise also confronted us this time. Instead of riding around in cars as usual, the organisation had a complete tourist bus at its disposal – perfect for a day of exploration.

The bus tour took in some famous landmarks, such as Katla volcano, while the organizer informed the activists about the sights via the the speaker system.

One of the highlights of the day was a visit to Þingvellir, where the first Icelandic Thing was held in 930. The Thing decided laws and sentenced criminals and was held until the 1800s in front of the Law Mountain (Lögfjallið). To this day the Icelandic parliament is called the Allthing, making it the oldest parliament in the world at over a thousand years old. The Allthing was only discontinued for a short period in the 1800s, when it was abolished by the Danish king who ruled Iceland at that time.

Þingvellir is known for being on the border between the American and Eurasian tectonic plates, which was previously thought to have explained this crack in the landscape.
There are also waterfalls and other tourist attractions in the area, as well as Iceland’s largest lake.

After the visit to Þingvellir, the bus trip took us to the Haukadalur geothermal valley. There were several geysers at the site, one of which erupted multiple times during the visit. After looking around the area for a while, we stopped for lunch.

There was also time for shopping during lunch.

The last planned stop on the bus trip was Gullfoss, one of Iceland’s most iconic waterfalls.

The bus returned to base for a short stop where we picked up our swimwear. It was then time to depart again and this time we went to an unusual bathing spot. After ascending a mountain for a few kilometers, we arrived at a smoking thermal source that everybody swam in. After a long and relaxing bath, we walked back to the bus and returned to camp where a late dinner was served.

Before it was time to sleep, the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Simon Lindberg, held a much-appreciated speech on the National Socialist worldview.

Wednesday: Base activism
Everyone got up early again on Wednesday, and this time the bus was used for transporting the activists during an extensive leafleting campaign.

The first stop was Mosfellsbær, where large numbers of leaflets were handed out. After that we went through Reykjavík and Kópavogur, where the activists diligently put up stickers at all stops.

Two municipality workers tried to claim it was forbidden to put up stickers, and a leftist woman was slightly offended at receiving a leaflet in her mailbox, but apart from that the activities went smoothly.

Many of the houses in Iceland were cuboid buildings of concrete and metal.

After the activism, everyone returned to base, where it was time for some exercise. After warming up and getting physically primed, everyone got to try something new: sword fighting. More specifically we practised with large two-handed swords and used techniques derived from medieval military instruction books.

Some of the Icelandic comrades have been engaged in this form of martial arts for a long time and their fighting resembled scenes from an historical film. For the novices it was harder to work out the technique in such a short time, but everyone at least had fun.

After having exercised, the activists had dinner. This time it was lamb, which was the most Icelandic and the most appreciated dinner during the journey.

The evening was then finished off with speeches and lectures. The first one to speak was an Icelandic comrade, who described how the Nordic Resistance Movement is a source of inspiration for white racial nationalists all over the world. After that the leader of the movement in Iceland, Ríkharður Leó Magnússon, spoke about Iceland and how the activists of the Nordic Resistance Movement are the ones continuing the struggle in the steps of their forefathers. The leader of the movement in Denmark, Martin Durvad, also rose to the podium and said a few words before handing over a gift to the Icelandic comrades. In closing, Marcus Hansson lectured on debating techniques, and Markus Nordh spoke on the struggle in the streets with tips from the Activists’ Handbook.

The podcast Mer än ord (More Than Words) was also recorded in Iceland on Wednesday night.

Thursday: An historical day
History was written on Thursday when the Nordic Resistance Movement conducted its first public leafletting activity in Iceland.

Erik Wuttudal at Lækjartorg. In the background stands a statue depicting the priest Friðrik Friðriksson.

Around 20 activists went to Reykjavík and started leafletting at Lækjartorg square, discussing with locals and putting up stickers.

Since the Nordic Resistance Movement is a new phenomenon in Iceland, the response was often surprise or curiosity, but there were also Icelanders who understood and sympathised with the organisation’s struggle.

After a while, agents in civilian clothes arrived and made contact with the activists. Despite a constructive dialogue in which we explained that the activists of the Nordic Resistance Movement were just going to put out a political message and did not intend to start any trouble, regular police officers showed up directly after finishing the conversation with the agents.

Rather than daring to ask for Marcus Hansson’s phone number, the female police officer asked for his ID instead.

When the police arrived, a large number of journalists began showing up to take pictures and film us. Afterwards, newspapers and Icelandic TV reported on the activity.

A journalist and two other village idiots.

The activity was finished after an hour and a half when it was time for lunch. Then the activists continued on to Akranes where they split up into two groups. One group set up outside a shopping center and the other handed out leaflets to households and put up stickers. At the shopping center an older woman wanted to donate money to the Movement.

Thursday was finished by going to a new location where dinner was served, and after that we socialized until everyone fell asleep, tired and satisfied with yet another intense day.

Friday: Attractions and relaxation
Having dedicated two days to struggle, the final day in Iceland was devoted to exploration and relaxation.

The first stop for the day was at the Deildartunguhver hot spring. Then we visited Reykholt and the tourist center dedicated to Snorre Sturlasson, who lived in the village during the Middle Ages. Many of us bought books and jewelry here.

The next stop was a lava field where the lava has carved several magnificent caves out of the ground. The largest cave system is known as Surtshellir (The Cave of Surtur). Surtur/Surtr/Surt is a mighty fire giant in Norse mythology.

On the wall you can see the traces of the lava that once carved out these caves.

Due to cloudy weather that would have compromised our view, the organizer decided to cancel the plans to climb a mountain in the area. Instead everyone went to a hot bath and spent a couple of relaxing hours in the water before returning to the new location.

Those who still wanted a physical challenge took the time to climb a small mountain situated behind the location.

Afterwards dinner was served, and as a closing note two Icelandic comrades were appointed as activists by Simon Lindberg.

Saturday: Journey home
All the foreign guests returned home from Iceland on Saturday. Some got up early to have time for some nocturnal activism before their plane departed in the early morning. Others travelled around later in the day and had time for some exploration inside Reykjavík.

In conclusion this was a pleasant week of struggle and fellowship from the perspective of the participants. From the perspective of the struggle, this was the starting point for the next phase of establishing the Nordic Resistance Movement in Iceland.

The death of Nordic free speech and democratorship’s complete takeover


FREEDOM OF SPEECH. The Nordic people’s constitutional freedoms and rights are being abolished. Repression against critics of the system is increasing. The situation is starting to get very serious…

Swedish censorship

The media, politicians and celebrities in Sweden (in other words, the entire establishment) often talk about the lack of “democracy” in other countries. They speak with condemnation about totalitarian states and citizens who cannot say or think what they want, about the shameful treatment of the opposition by the ruling regime, and about police who violently retaliate against public protests and investigative journalists. We hear it about Russia, Syria, Venezuela, Iran and China, just like we heard it before about countries like Libya and Iraq.

This article will not attempt to provide an account of the conditions in these countries or concern itself with the veracity of the establishment’s reporting on them. Instead we will examine what the situation looks like in Sweden. This country is nowhere near as free as the system would like people to believe – the rights and privileges of dissident Swedish citizens have been completely decimated.

In recent years, freedom of expression has been restricted more and more in Sweden. At present the establishment is discussing how both freedom of association and the freedom to demonstrate can be limited. Naturally, the ones being impacted and feeling the effects are those who go against the state and the establishment – i.e., the Swedish opposition.

The Sweden of today is a globalist country. The establishment is comprised of globalists, from the media to the politicians. Sweden’s constitutional laws have even been re-written to suit the globalists; for example, when it was enshrined in the constitution that Sweden would be a multicultural country and a member of the EU. As such, the opposition is not represented by the Moderates or Leftists, who instead can both be said to be the other side of the same coin as the Social Democrats and the rest of the parties in parliament. The opposition is instead the anti-globalists – i.e., the nationalists.

In this article I will examine some practical examples of how the people’s freedoms and rights are being increasingly restricted in Sweden, against nationalists in general and against those who are engaged in the most radical nationalist alternative – the Nordic Resistance Movement – in particular. These types of restrictions always begin with the most radical and refractory groups (and those with the most growth potential), but they will hardly stop there. Only when the entire population thinks exactly as those who rule desire them to will the restrictions cease. Only when every individual applauds the globalist agenda and their own national destruction will the witch hunt be over.

You will not hear about any of this in the mainstream media, other than in a strongly distorted form in which you as a consumer are encouraged to contribute to the death of freedom of expression and your nation. According to such editorials, opinion pieces, news items, radio reports, TV debate programmes and documentaries, it’s only “violent terrorists” who are subjected to repression. Of course, the number of people classed as “violent terrorists” and those affected by the ever-increasing banning craze will only grow larger and larger in time as the system becomes bolder.

Basic freedom of speech does not exist in Sweden!

For example, did you know?

What people are allowed to express is being increasingly restricted. Not only that which clearly defies the regime and its representatives is now punishable, but also that which biased prosecutors arbitrarily interpret as defiance.

The legislation which falls under the classification of “incitement to racial hatred” in Sweden is not – as the establishment would have you believe – a law which primarily exists to protect ethnic, religious and sexual minorities from abuse. These minorities already possess full legal protection under laws pertaining to defamation and illegal threats. In fact, via the hate crime amendment, these “minorities” enjoy a higher level of protection than we white heterosexual Swedes. It is also worth mentioning in this context that neither the hate crime amendment nor incitement to racial hatred legislation is applied when non-Swedes discriminate against Swedes on ethnically motivated grounds.

Instead the incitement to racial hatred law primarily exists to protect the regime from all forms of public criticism of their globalist world order. Representatives of the regime have even officially stated that there isn’t a need for a ban on “racist” groups in Sweden because the incitement to racial hatred law already exists and fulfils the same purpose: “Although the criminalisation focuses on the actions [of an organisation], the purpose of the Swedish legislation is that such organisations’ activities shall be prevented.”

One example of the real purpose of the law is demonstrated by the fact that a clear majority of all prosecutions relating to incitement to racial hatred do not originate from police reports by individuals from various minority groups who felt offended or upset, but from pro-system, taxpayer-supported political associations whose only purpose is to trawl the internet for posts to mass report. Two culprits of such activities are Juridikfronten (The Legal Front), whose work attempts to restrict press freedom, and Näthatsgranskaren (Net Hate Inspectors), who hound pensioners who express themselves “incorrectly” online.

The Swedish Defence Research Agency (together with the police) has also launched a “hate-o-meter”, a piece of software designed to actively search the internet for comments that could be regarded as constituting incitement to racial hatred.

The intention of the law becomes even clearer when one considers the flexibility with which it can be interpreted. One thing that strongly differentiates Sweden’s racial hatred legislation from the equivalent laws abroad is that in other countries it is often very clear and straightforward what is illegal to express and what is not. In Sweden, however, the law is always open for interpretation by the court, which leads to the unique and unjust situation in which people are judged in retrospect for things they believed were legal to express at the time. This means you can go to prison without even knowing that you did something illegal, no matter how well versed you are in the law. For obvious reasons, this should not be the case in a legal state, and there is no other law in the country that is applied in this way.

Newspeak dictionary

Increasingly, the Orwellian term “interpreted facts” is being used in Sweden, which in practice entails a judgement being based not only on what is expressed but also on who expressed it, leading to inequality under the law. As such, symbols, expressions, words and gestures are completely legal if, for example, a known Social Democrat uses them, but illegal if a known nationalist says, does or writes precisely the same thing.

Troll factories attempting to influence elections are being operated openly by parliamentary parties and more covertly by pro-system journalists and the media.

More and more examples are continually being discovered of government parties, big media outlets and various state institutions actively organising people behind anonymous internet accounts in order to combat dissident thinkers. One such case is the infamous apparatchik Dan Eliasson’s MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency), whose foremost task is to tackle so-called disinformation in society – in other words, views that are controversial, oppositional and critical of the system. In addition we have supposedly private initiatives (with personnel and financiers who clearly connect them to the current system) launching astroturf hashtag campaigns like jagärhär [I am here] or “interasistmen” [not racist but…]. The Social Democrats have also quite openly admitted to running troll operations.

The media are complicit here too. By openly and mendaciously reporting on troll factories and “fake news” by the opposition and attempting to make the system appear legitimate at all times, they themselves do more trolling than the trolls they are supposed to be responsible for exposing.

Symbols, including those representing millennia-old culture – and even greetings that are used by opponents of the system – are continually being banned. It is now even illegal to honour individual people who historically stood up against the system.

For many years, the millennia-old solar symbol of the swastika, or fylfot, has been completely banned in Sweden. It is also prohibited to wear certain death’s-head symbols and some ancient Nordic runes and other cultural symbols in various combinations. Sweden’s interior minister, Morgan Johansson, said in 2018 that a committee had been appointed to investigate banning the Tyr rune, which, as well as being a letter in our forefathers’ runic alphabet, is also the symbol of the Nordic Resistance Movement. If the ban goes through, it will pave the way for the prohibition of all Nordic runes.

It is sometimes argued that the swastika and runes, despite their historical significance, have now taken on another meaning which legitimises a ban. Firstly, the belief that certain ideas should be forbidden from being manifested in symbols is a highly totalitarian point of view – but, as with the aforementioned examples, it is also noteworthy when considering where the boundaries are drawn and who has the right to set them. Where does it end?

Örebro city court ruled in October 2018 that it is forbidden to display an image of Adolf Hitler if the person responsible does not simultaneously repudiate Hitler’s life and actions. Here, just as in the case of the banned symbols, you can think what you want about Hitler, but the fact that someone is no longer allowed to publish photographs of people the establishment disapproves of is a glaring example of just how far our anti-free speech laws have been extended. Who will be forbidden from being portrayed next remains to be seen… Why not the old Swedish prime ministers Pär Albin Hansson and Tage Erlander, who clearly stood for a policy that, according to the system, would be regarded as very controversial today?

Organisations the establishment disapproves of are defamed by the state’s public representatives and threatened with bans.

Almost every high-ranking politician or chief editor has on at least one occasion in recent years utilised the largest media outlets to urge for the curtailing of freedom of association and the banning of the Nordic Resistance Movement. In all cases, smears, shameful epithets and barefaced lies are used to justify the ban of what is a fully legal and – according to all the rules – correctly registered political party.

When the Center Party’s leader Annie Lööf calls the Resistance Movement a “hate sect”, and the prime minister himself, Stefan Löfven, labels the party “disgusting” and its members “the scum of history”, one realises just how extreme the level of defamation is. No logical reasoning or ideological arguments are ever used; instead it’s almost like a competition to see who can agitate against us in the most obscene way – all from the most high-ranking members of the establishment.

A large number of powerful lobby organisations also participate in the agitation. One particularly vociferous example is the World Jewish Congress (WJC), the world’s most powerful openly Jewish lobby organisation, which was the main culprit responsible for the incitement to racial hatred law coming to Sweden in the first place, in addition to being openly involved in the outbreak of World War II. The WJC employ outright lies in their agitation against the Resistance Movement and often repeat in their rhetoric that the organisation would use terror and violence to achieve its goals.

The bank accounts of oppositional political parties and associations are shut down and they aren’t allowed to open new ones.

The various bank accounts the Nordic Resistance Movement had at its disposal and operated impeccably for many years were shut down by Nordea two years ago. Shortly thereafter, the accounts of the majority of other nationalist groups and websites were also shut down by other banks in addition to Nordea.

When the Nordic Resistance Movement registered as a political party to stand in elections, the party was denied an account by all registered banks in Sweden.

In a country like Sweden, where the possibility of using cash is quickly disappearing, being refused the use of bank accounts is a serious restriction of one’s rights. In effect, this is a partial ban of an organisation, as it prevents (or in our case makes it extremely difficult for) sympathisers who want to contribute financially to its operations, as well as making it harder for organisations to conduct vital aspects of their activities by paying invoices for goods and services.

The private banks’ justification for this repression is that the organisations’ activities violate the banks’ ethical values. There is never any mention of any economic impropriety such as money laundering; rather, it is totally motivated by ideology and political standpoints.

This means that either private businesses in Sweden are allowed – without any central judicial control or rules of conduct – to decide which political parties, media outlets and associations can exist and operate on the same terms as all the others, or that the state issues directives to private businesses dictating how they must act. Whatever the case, the message is that if you are not a globalist, you do not have the same rights as those who want to destroy our nations.

Journalists are abused by police when they attempt to document what the state doesn’t want reported.

The police often blatantly use excessive force against nationalists in general and the Resistance Movement in particular. When journalists from Nordfront – a registered newspaper with publishing rights – document this, it isn’t unusual for them to be subjected to violence as well. On a number of occasions, people with video cameras and media vests have been pepper-sprayed and beaten with batons just because they filmed police attacks on activists. Earlier this year in Nyköping, for example, a police dog was set on a journalist and inflicted serious bite wounds.

It is also more the rule than the exception that the police break the law by confiscating legally source-protected material like cameras and hard disks from Nordfront’s journalists. When combined with incitement to racial hatred laws, which hit oppositional newspapers hard, this makes it all the more difficult to run a media operation that does what all media outlets should do: truly investigate the power-holders and their lackeys.

The freedom to demonstrate – which was previously safeguarded despite other restrictions on people’s liberties – is now also under threat. Prosecutors assert that dissidents should be allowed to demonstrate in theory, but that they will be punished for other fictitious charges if they do so.

The Resistance Movement do not receive permission to hold demonstrations with anywhere near the same preconditions as other parties and political organisations – both in relation to the length and location of marching routes and the time before the conditions are typically severely reduced compared to those in the original permit.

Permission is still being granted at the time of writing, and so far there hasn’t been a case in Sweden in which an opposition party has been denied permission to demonstrate outright under all conditions. However, an upcoming trial in Gothenburg this autumn could result in the effective abolition of the freedom to demonstrate for dissidents if the prosecutor and police leadership of the West Sweden Region get their way. According to them, just attending a demonstration organised by the Nordic Resistance Movement will be regarded as incitement to racial hatred because the participants are “taking part in a march whose overall impression makes people think of 1930s Germany”. If an organisation is allowed to demonstrate in theory, but the people who participate in the demonstration are then convicted for racial hatred, the system has clearly banned the organisation from demonstrating in practice.

Nordic Resistance Movement Gothenburg demonstration

Even if the outcome of the trial leads to the demonstrators’ acquittal, the whole case is still a very interesting example of how the establishment deals with these issues. Just bringing such a case to court (together with the media’s headlines about being convicted for crimes for taking part in the Resistance Movement’s demonstrations) has had a visibly negative effect on the number of participants at the organisation’s events and has essentially paralysed sections of the nationalist demonstration culture which had been built up over the years.

All large media outlets are pawns of the regime. As well as regularly publishing blatant lies about opposition politicians, they do not permit the broadcast of opinions not sanctioned by the government.

All established TV and radio channels and major newspapers – private and state-owned, national and local, news services and entertainment – are operated according to a globalist agenda. No media is neutral. A majority of media owners aren’t even Swedish. In addition, nobody is ever held accountable for the lies and defamation directed at organisations or associations.

All of this combined means that – aside from reading and watching alternative media – you cannot access information that doesn’t benefit globalist interests and which all too often is permeated with untruths. Individuals who are active in the opposition are also regularly doxxed, hounded and smeared purely because of their political engagement.

An example of a mainstream media doxxing article: “Expressen investigates the Swedish Nazi women”

News that doesn’t fit the globalist narrative is omitted or distorted beyond recognition. All opinion pieces and reports convey a globalist image of the world, and every time the nationalist opposition conduct any kind of activity, it is met by either silence or denunciation. For example, they always talk about the Resistance Movement, never with the Resistance Movement – or at least not without heavily editing and misrepresenting what is said. Even reader contributions and replies which are not to the liking of the new world order are consistently denied publication.

The media climate in Sweden is not just a narrow “opinion corridor” but an immense and total opinion vacuum. This is particularly serious because the media’s power is without a shadow of a doubt greater than that of the elected politicians. It is the media which actively influences and shapes the opinions of the people and makes them vote “correctly” in elections. In many cases, it is evidently the media that governs the politicians and not the reverse.

International social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter are closely involved in the repression and delete accounts and posts the state wants censored.

The opposition’s posts on social media are deleted, their official accounts and those of their representatives are shut down, and those who still manage to “like” or share anything are exiled to the periphery of the internet. On Facebook and Instagram, all users who link to any of the Resistance Movement’s websites are banned. On Twitter there is even a block filter that stops links to some of the Movement’s sites being posted at all. On YouTube, videos and accounts that don’t serve the globalists’ interests are deleted on a daily basis.

All this happens with the consent and support of the state. Politicians have openly admitted that they have direct contact with Facebook via their own phone line, which they can use to get anything they want censored and removed. The state’s representatives have also held meetings with companies like Google regarding censorship on YouTube.

In today’s society, it’s increasingly important to be on social media. More and more organisations and businesses don’t even have websites anymore but manage all their web presence via these internet giants. Many people don’t interact with others in the same way as before and get nearly all their social contact via social media. In other words, being completely silenced in this arena is an effective way for the system to stop the opposition being seen or heard.

It is your duty to act!

All of the above instances really only scratch the surface of the system’s attempts to silence citizens, media and organisations with the “wrong” opinions. Further examples include how those engaged with the opposition – completely or partly with the system’s help – lose their jobs, hunting weapons, membership in trade unions and residents’ associations, and how they are harassed with daily “routine checks”, or for that matter by groundless investigations by the Swedish Tax Agency because of so-called “reverse burden of proof” rules. Then there are the occasions when SÄPO (the Swedish Security Service) contact community centres to prevent the hiring of local premises, or when municipalities buy up old buildings for excessive prices to stop the Resistance Movement from purchasing them.

Opponents’ liberties are restricted more with every day that passes. Swedish freedom of opinion is dying out. Today it mostly affects the Nordic Resistance Movement and closely related groups, but if one observes how the system actively works to push the boundaries on issues such as incitement to racial hatred legislation – or how they cooperate with private entities like the social media giants and the banks, who in practice are not being limited by any constitutional laws – then one understands it is very obvious that it will come to affect more and more people and organisations, until we eventually live in a dictatorship wherein only the most pro-system globalists are not subject to its repression.

So is this article just a series of complaints? Am I playing the world’s biggest victim card?

No, this is purely a presentation of information. These are facts that will hopefully rouse you as a reader and incite you to act. If not for something more distant like your people’s future survival, then at least for freedom of speech – your freedom of speech – which is disappearing here and now, right in front of you!

Those of us who have been actively engaged in the Nordic Resistance Movement for many years are hardly surprised by what’s happening. We have long understood that their “democracy” is just a veiled dictatorship and that we are only allowed to have our freedoms and rights as long as we don’t use them against the globalists and win the people to our side. We saw through their “freedom” façade back in 1945 when Hiroshima and Nagasaki were atom-bombed, and when hundreds of thousands of German women were raped during the occupation. We saw through it in recent decades when multiculturalism’s uncountable numbers of victims were brushed aside and mocked (according to the establishment, those who dare to report ethnically motivated assaults, muggings and rapes are not victims but racists who must be fought and silenced). And we see through it today when they duplicitously praise their so-called democracy, diversity and freedom of thought on the one hand, while seeking to crush all forms of public rule, biological diversity and oppositional freedom of speech on the other.

So is everything in this article just hypocrisy? Won’t the Nordic Resistance Movement ban all other views when we take power?

No. In a National Socialist society, the people’s liberties and rights are sacrosanct. Freedom of speech will be extended compared to today, and there will be considerably more policy-making referenda on a variety of issues. Meanwhile, an authoritarian state makes it possible to take decisions in more acute matters without bureaucratic complications and parliamentary bickering.

The truth is that the system projects its own thoughts and views onto us – its sworn enemies. When they accuse us of wanting to destroy freedom of speech, it’s because they themselves desire the silencing of the people. When they describe us as hateful, it’s because they are driven by a pronounced hatred of the planet and the people of the world. When they call us violent terrorists, it’s to hide the fact that they are responsible for the majority of all the violence and terror in the world today. Not only are their claims about us false, but they are also hypocritical on an unparalleled scale.

Now that you have read these words and understand what is happening, it is time for you to act. Do whatever you think is best – support the Nordic Resistance Movement if you believe that is right – do something else if you believe in that. The important thing is that you do something and don’t just continue to sit still while the system takes away everything you have. Do not give away your rights without a fight. Do not give away your people’s future without a struggle. Don’t let them take away your life without resistance!

Resistance men convicted for “hate speech” in Norway


FREEDOM OF SPEECH. Three Nordic Resistance Movement activists in Norway have been convicted for “hate speech” for hanging up banners and a flag bearing the swastika.

Kristiansand Court
Kristiansand Court

Three Resistance men have been convicted for “hate speech” for hanging up three banners containing swastikas and the text “We’re back!” and for raising a swastika flag in Kristiansand on 9 April 2018.

The men first heard of the decision via reports in the system media early last week, ahead of the supposed date of their sentencing on Thursday 5 September. The court completely dismissed the defence’s objections and stated that the use of the swastika (which isn’t illegal in Norway), together with the text “We’re back!”, constitutes “hate speech” in this context.

The three men have now had their names, photos and ages published in the press, as well as some untrue claims about their pasts, all for hanging up three banners and a flag. This is in contrast to paedophiles and other serious criminals who often have their identities censored in “Norwegian” media.

Frihetskamp has been in contact with Tommy Olsen, chief of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Norway and one of the men convicted, to hear what he thinks about this decision and the media’s scribblings on the matter.

Tommy Olsen
Tommy Olsen

Hi, Tommy. According to the system media, you have been convicted in court for “hate speech”. What do you think about these developments?

We were told by the court to attend on Thursday 5 September to receive the judgement, but instead it was announced via the system media. That was my first thought. Otherwise it didn’t come as a surprise that we were convicted, considering the political climate that has arisen in Norway since 1945, and which has become steadily worse as the opinion corridor has been narrowed and speech has been criminalised.

Can you briefly explain why you didn’t accept the fine issued by the police but chose to go to trial instead?

We didn’t accept the fine because it was for “hate speech”, an ambiguous clause that can be interpreted however one wishes, and which is increasingly used to gag political opposition.

The court is of the opinion that the use of the swastika, together with banners with the text “We’re back!” constitutes “hate speech” in this context. What do you have to say to that?

It’s an opinion, yes, that’s true. With an ambiguous clause, they can interpret it however they want. So seeing as they have already professed their belief in the victors’ version of the war, especially the straw man; i.e., the malicious portrait which was later painted about National Socialists and National Socialism – it isn’t strange that they then think the worst.

The swastika and the text “We’re back” is not “hate speech” against other races or foreign ethnic groups. First and foremost, the swastika is an ancient symbol, used by our race for thousands of years, and which we also spread around the world on our many travels. During World War II the swastika was also used by Adolf Hitler, precisely because of its connection to our race and history. As such it was a completely natural choice for those who fought for their people and race. Not only have thousands upon thousands of whites fought against globalism under the swastika flag, but also thousands upon thousands of Africans, Arabs, Asians and Jews. Unfortunately the globalists won the war and subsequently imposed the politics we see the consequences of today. In other words, the swastika flag is not synonymous with racial hatred, but rather a symbol of the resistance against globalism, in which different races were allied.

A photo from the activity (censored to comply with oppressive Swedish law and possibly future Norwegian law)

The court also stated that promoting a “Nazi and race-based ideology” on 9 April 2018 in a place where people were subjected to violence and torture during WWII cannot be defended as freedom of speech. What do you have to say to that?

Firstly, we are National Socialists, not “Nazis” or “neo-Nazis”, the difference of which I also explained in court, clearly to deaf ears. And yes, we are racially conscious, which does not automatically mean we are race-haters. We do not want foreign incursions at the cost of our own people and future, but that does not mean that we hate Ali in Pakistan just because he’s of a different race.

We chose 9 April because we wanted to show that the resistance to globalism is not dead, that National Socialism lives and the struggle continues. Regarding the date of 9 April, most people have only heard parts of the story and have only been told that we were occupied by hostile forces from Germany. But that’s not quite what happened. The globalist Allies had plans to invade Norway on 8 April, so National Socialist Germany felt it necessary to come to the country’s rescue. The Germans succeeded in arriving before the Allies and thus prevented Norway from becoming a war zone under the control of the Bolsheviks and Zionists. We can be glad the Allies didn’t get here first.

Regarding the location, the Archive Foundation was chosen because its representatives had previously expressed their opposition publicly to us here in Kristiansand. It isn’t uncommon for us to conduct actions against organisations who spread lies about our movement, or who are openly globalist and conduct anti-Norwegian activities. That’s just something they’ll have to put up with. Furthermore the building the Archive Foundation is in was not taken over by the Gestapo on 9 April 1940. Exactly when the German air defence troops took control of the building, I don’t know, but I doubt it was 9 April. Beyond that I would take their stories about the use of torture with a pinch of salt, even though there certainly were not good conditions everywhere at all times during WWII. War is war, and during war people are taken captive on both sides. The National Socialists, however, were far more humane than the Allies. The Allies’ war crimes during WWII have been hushed up by their creation of the “holocaust” myth and “evil Nazis”, which has served as a smokescreen to draw focus away from their own crimes. Despite all the atrocities that communism and Zionism have committed in the world against whites and Christians – then and now – no one talks about “hate crime” or “hate speech” when the hammer and sickle are spray-painted on buildings with the words “armed revolution”.

What are your thoughts on this matter in regard to “hate crime” and “hate speech”?

“Hate crime” is a new thing, an introduction to an Orwellian society – a society where criticism and resistance against those in power is considered something criminal, and where they legitimise political censorship with their own made-up laws. With such an ambiguous clause, the opinion corridor will become continuously narrower, and more and more people will be convicted for “hate speech”.

When discussing “hate crime” and “hate speech”, people usually mean criticism of immigration, criticism of the homo lobby, and just being a National Socialist and promoting National Socialism. In other words, it’s a law directed at the political opposition. They believe that criticism of immigration policies, the homo lobby’s agenda and actions, or promoting National Socialism in a good light is synonymous with hating other races or homosexuals as individuals. But what it’s really about is criticism and resistance against politics and activities that are very negative for our own people.

Furthermore, hate is not a crime, but rather a completely natural feeling that is connected to love. Every healthy person will automatically hate that which destroys or threatens what they hold dear. Without hate, one would be a sick person, apathetic and totally devoid of feelings. It is obvious then that I hate the politics and the people responsible for them who attempt to destroy that which I hold dear; i.e., my people and their future. I hate these actions and the people responsible for them with all my heart.

Do you have anything to say on what’s been written by the system media? Do you think they have represented this matter correctly?

No, absolutely not. As usual, they heavy-handily create a “terror threat” out of nothing when they write about “Nazis” and dish up utter lies and half-truths. Among other things, their representation of what has been said is not always correct. There is a lot of copying and pasting, as well as adding sentences that were never said.

I also noticed the media has attributed a conviction to me that I do not have. I have never been convicted for drug offences, and I am a total opponent of the use of drugs. Furthermore it can be said that I defended myself against a gang of immigrants who ran after me 19 years ago, which meant it was not offensive violence on my part. On that occasion, we had made some new acquaintances in Rogaland and were on our way to one of their houses when the immigrants came running after us and wanted a fight. In other words, the media only tells parts of the story and avoids telling the whole truth. It is also a 19-year-old conviction, which the media continuously brings up to portray me as having attacked some innocent immigrants completely unprovoked. But we don’t call them the lying press for nothing.

Thank you for the interview. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

As a nationalist in a globalist society, you must take into account that you will get a higher sentence from the court system based on what you believe, and that you will be portrayed as a monster in all pro-system media. I’m personally used to shitstorms so it’s like water off a duck’s back to me. But it’s important for other nationalists not to be influenced by the lying media’s portrayals and subsequently develop a fear of being associated with anything that is regarded as being more “extreme” than they are. Unfortunately, there are those who have developed such a fear and who continuously adapt themselves to the mainstream and become more and more moderate, until there is no difference between them and the globalists. Today such people gladly praise WWII Bolsheviks while deriding true National Socialists who fought against globalism.

If you are unable to avoid being misled by the system media’s reporting, I recommend cutting them out completely and instead choosing alternative media like Frihetskamp.

Propaganda storm in Nuuk


ACTIVISM. Supporters of the Nordic Resistance Movement in Greenland recently conducted another propaganda campaign, putting up stickers in various locations in Nuuk.

Nordic Resistance Movement stickers in Nuuk, Greenland


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