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Protest action against “Pride” event in Nässjö


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 stood up for the family in Nässjö.

Comrades from Nest 7 met on Saturday to conduct a protest action against a pride parade that went through the town of Nässjö. After waiting for the parade to arrive at Stadsparken, they unfurled a banner with the text “Protect the Family – Mother, Father, Children”.

The participants at the decadent event became noticeably agitated by the Resistance Movement’s presence but remained calm. They stood in front of the Resistance men’s banner with their own banner and flags in an attempt to block the view, but they couldn’t hold their banner straight. An old lady came over to make a stand against the Resistance men but put her pride flag down on the ground when she couldn’t hold it anymore, apparently unaware of what that signifies. Later on, the homosexuals blocking the banner left, and the comrades could spread their message to the remaining attendees.

When the group was satisfied with the activity, they went back to their cars and noticed the police were following them in a van, probably to register their political opinions. The police positioned themselves outside the exit and waited for the activists’ cars, but they gave up when they saw the Resistance men drive out the other side of the car park and take a different road.

The comrades drove to a bridge over National Road 50 and held a banner action. Both positive and negative greetings were forthcoming. When the activity organiser felt satisfied with the day, everyone went to their cars and said their goodbyes.

Banner action in Värnamo


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 conducted a bridge action in the Småland town.

Comrades from Småland met in a sunny Värnamo to hold a banner action. They stood on a bridge over National Road 27 with flags and the banner “No one voted for the people’s replacement”. The activity went very calmly in the beginning and drew various greetings, both positive and negative.

A cyclist who did not recognise the Tyr Rune flag stopped and started talking to a member, who informed her we are fighting for the White race here in the Nordic countries.

After about 30 minutes, Värnamo Police showed up and spoke to the Resistance men. They asked their usual questions: “Who is responsible?”, “How long will you stand here…?” etc.

After receiving the traditional answers, the police went down to their car and observed the Resistance men as the activity continued as usual. Members of the Resistance Movement’s regional podcast NR Småland were also on the scene and interviewed a member about the activity and the police’s behaviour.

Eventually, the comrades decided to pack up, thanking one another for a successful action, before heading home.

Activist Marcus Hansson released from prison – Celebrates with banner action in Jönköping


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The comrade was picked up at the prison facility in Västervik and then immediately participated in activism.

The activist Marcus Hansson was released from prison on Monday morning, after being confined by the system in Västervik Prison in northeast Småland during the summer. He was imprisoned for protecting the organisation’s election posters from Reds during the election campaign in Örkelljunga in 2022. Hansson was welcomed by comrades in Nest 7, before they drove to Jönköping together to conduct activism.

Hansson, who will eventually serve another prison sentence related to self-defence during the election campaign, commented about his stay in prison:

Everything went well this time. I primarily chose to focus on three things: exercise, reading and writing. I decided not to watch any TV for the three months, so I got a lot of reading done, even if some of it was skim reading so it didn’t all stick in my memory.

Another project was to understand our pension system, which I now have a good overview of. However, some further studies will be needed on the outside before I can present the material from a dissident perspective.

Prison can be seen as a kind of training camp, and while I was there I improved my basic fitness, which I plan to develop further from now until my next prison sentence. I haven’t yet decided what I will undertake then, but I am eager to explore what science says about the male ego, or perhaps write a historical account of how Britain lost its position as the dominant world power to the USA.

Once in Jönköping the Resistance men met up with comrades from Nest 3 and conducted a banner action above the E4 motorway. The activity went well and drew many positive reactions. After standing on the bridge for a while, they concluded the activity and thanked one another for the day.

Welcome back to relative freedom and the National Socialist struggle, Marcus Hansson!

NORDIC FRONTIER #270: Document from Germany


NORDIC FRONTIER. We have invited long-time member of the organization Henrik Pihlström to talk about his recent trip to Germany, where he brought together Vera Oredsson and Ursula Haverbeck, two legends within the national socialist movement.


Andreas Johansson YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@andreasjohanssonnf


Fundraiser for professional documentary series about legends of the struggle

A meeting with Ursula Haverbeck

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A meeting with Ursula Haverbeck

A review of unforgettable encounters in Germany.

The personal example demonstrates the admirable qualities of someone’s character, in contrast to the fleeting opinions of others, which are often of little value. Ursula Haverbeck’s curious eyes shine with life; her will and determination have accompanied her for 94 years. She harbours a soul that is anything but tired.

The encounter with Ursula feels almost unreal when we meet on a Tuesday in September 2023. What makes it even more unique is that Vera Oredsson sits with us and converses in German with Ursula. History is written with every sentence exchanged and is documented by our media equipment. Vera and Ursula are two of the few people alive who lived during the Third Reich, and who fought for the German people’s restoration since the end of the war.

During my last stay in Germany, Ursula Haverbeck was locked up in prison, sentenced for having explicit reservations about the official historiography of the so-called holocaust. Her talent and brilliant intelligence extend further than this, as she explores philosophical, spiritual and historical topics in her conversations with us.

We try not to be too intrusive with our cameras, but it feels as if Ursula takes this technical activity in her stride. After the end of the war in 1945, Ursula lived in Sweden for a period, and it turns out she has nostalgic memories of the Scandinavian peninsula. Some of the conversation in German is interspersed with clarifications in Swedish, and occasionally in English.

Time passes, hour after hour. Although the two historical giants appear to be enjoying themselves, we get a subtle hint from Ursula’s assistant that it’s time to call it a day. The video camera has recorded three hours and 49 minutes of the meeting. As we pack up and prepare to depart, a further 32 minutes are captured. The journey towards a late dinner in the city of Bielefeld begins with a magnificent evening view of the sun, which sinks behind the mountain peaks as we roll down the valley.

During our goodbyes, I ask Ursula if we can meet two days later, this time in her garden, for a change of scenery. The idea is well received by our wonderful host. But before we continue this success story, let’s jump back to Grängesberg in Dalarna, Sweden.

On 2 July 2023 I was at Vera Oredsson’s home with flowers and a letter. I asked Vera to read the contents. The letter concerned the news of our upcoming trip. “Well, that was certainly a surprise,” she commented – determined from the very beginning to embark on an adventure at the age of 95. Giving Vera a trip to Germany was significant enough, we thought, but successfully bringing her together with Ursula Haverbeck was a wish that, outside of good planning, only higher powers could make possible.

The idea of effecting this historic meeting had been discussed and planned since the winter of 2022. If we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it now, became our motto. The Resistance Movement’s media group lent us equipment before the trip and instructed us in its use. Everywhere we pitched the idea, it found a positive response. Shouldering the responsibility of all the high expectations and requests that followed was tough but not enough to deter us from this singular project.

When Tuesday’s meeting with Ursula Haverbeck was over, we commended one another for our contributions and said that whatever happens from now on will be a bonus. A day trip to Wewelsburg castle was on the agenda for Wednesday. The castle is probably best known for its occult associations, after serving as the headquarters of the SS under the leadership of Heinrich Himmler. Vera Oredsson didn’t shy away from walking long distances through the castle and its varied exhibitions.

The summer we missed in Sweden we got back in Germany, with 25°C-plus heat and sun. Ursula Haverbeck was waiting for us on Thursday without her German assistant, something that indicated we had her full trust and had won her friendship. While our group set the table and assisted Ursula with practical matters, such as brewing coffee, I went to the store to buy some additional snacks. The route to Ursula’s home was already etched into my memory, which I thought was a charming detail of the overall experience.

“What an evening it was!” Vera Oredsson later wrote at home in Sweden, emphasising the warm weather, the scenic garden, the absence of mosquitoes and, of course, the fantastic company. The evening was indeed special, if not magical. Chance, luck, higher powers or maybe our guardian angels and watchful spirits gave us a moment in which the truth could be expressed. Historical vindication captured on camera, to be viewed in the future and into eternity. The opposite of the enemy’s lying propaganda and indoctrination.

When the suggestion of a meeting with Ursula Haverbeck was raised with our German contacts, we received a request in return: they wanted Vera Oredsson to give a speech about her time in the Third Reich and the League of German Girls (BDM). The audience in the packed venue in Bielefeld fell completely silent when Vera Oredsson began her speech. She spoke passionately without a script about her memories and anecdotes. The interest was unmistakable. At times the audience burst out laughing at the humorous aspects Vera conveyed. A while after the applause died down, I made my way to the illuminated corner of the venue to round off the evening with some Swedish songs and guitar-playing. This was also a welcome feature, despite the obvious language barriers.

To conclude this report, I would like to note that there will be further coverage of this event in future and, ultimately, an exciting film production. There is a lot of diligent work ahead: gathering materials, editing, translating and more. Let this report serve as a taste of something big in the making. Please consider donating to the campaign for the completion of a unique four-episode documentary series about this trip and these two remarkable women.

Fundraiser for professional documentary series about legends of the struggle


RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. The Resistance Movement needs your help to raise 30,000 SEK (approx. $2,700) for a film series featuring Ursula Haverbeck and Vera Oredsson.

A delegation from the Nordic Resistance Movement recently returned home from an extended trip to Bielefeld in Germany. The journey was part of a folk community project that sought to bring together two legendary fighters in the struggle: Ursula Haverbeck and Vera Oredsson.

Both women were born in 1928 in Germany and therefore experienced the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Both are known worldwide for relentlessly continuing the struggle for their people ever since, despite adversities and repression.

As a thank you to both of these fighters, this trip was arranged to enable them to meet each other. The trip was also filmed, and we are therefore in possession of a cultural treasure trove featuring many hours of footage from the journey, the meeting, a speech Vera Oredsson gave in Germany, and extended interviews with both women.

In the coming months, it is our ambition to edit this material into a professional miniseries in four parts. The series will hopefully also be complemented with completely unique, never-before-seen material from Vera Oredsson’s time in the Nordic Reich Party. Another eventual goal is to subtitle the series in several languages.

The opportunity was also taken to film and photograph other subjects in Germany, such as the Externsteine

The cost of the trip and acquiring the equipment needed to complete the series in the desired fashion is 30,000 SEK (approx. $2,700), which we hope to raise with your help. Any extra money raised will go directly to the activities of the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Donations can be made via the Nordic Resistance Movement’s official Odysee channel, by clicking on the green “Support” button. Or via cryptocurrency, cash or international transfer.

Supporters living in Sweden can donate via Swish number 0729237256, with the message “GÅVA”. The Swish payment goes to Victor Johansson, an activist in the Resistance Movement and the administrator of a private account for the organisation.

Well-concealed cash can also be sent to:

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Please state in your letter that the cash is for the documentary.

In addition to reimbursing the Nordic Resistance Movement’s hard-pressed coffers for part of the trip and helping secure purchases to produce the miniseries in accordance with our ambition, your donation can also ensure your immortalisation in the series via a personal thank-you.

A minimum donation of 500 SEK is required to receive a thank-you in the credits of the series. Please also email [email protected], stating your donation amount, the date of your donation and which name or pseudonym you would like to be thanked as in the series.

We hope to receive your support and hope you are looking forward to the end result as much as we are!

Transsexual story time for children cordoned off in Vetlanda


ACTIVISM. Activist Group 701 made a stand against the Cultural Marxist phenomenon of transsexual story time in Vetlanda.

On Sunday 10 September, a transsexual story time was held in Vetlanda Museum. This event, which is aimed at children from the ages of three to nine years old, attempts to normalise the abnormal behaviour of men dressing up in sexually provocative clothes and make-up like porn stars and prostitutes.

The Nordic Resistance Movement condemns the sexualisation of children and the normalisation of demoralising behaviour. As such, activists and members from Activist Group 701 conducted an action to cordon off Vetlanda Museum on Saturday night.

Barrier tape was put up, along with a poster with the text: “Do not ask why your children need to be read fairytales by a grown man in a dress and make-up. Ask why a grown man in a dress and make-up needs to read fairytales to your children.”

The action continued with the placement of posters in various strategic locations around Vetlanda, before the activity was concluded.

We hope that more men and women of our people realise that these events are not about “love” – as the media and politicians like to tell us – but that they are part of a political agenda which more people must rise up against and resist!

No Nordic Frontier this week


    NORDIC FRONTIER. It’s a damn shame, but Nordic Frontier takes the week off!

    We will be back with moderate amounts of antisemitism next week. Until then make sure you’re subscribed to our channels:

    Odysee: https://odysee.com/@nordicfrontier:3

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    A full day of struggle in Västerås

    RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A monthly meeting was held in Västerås on 10 September, followed by a presentation, physical training and a bridge action.

    The day began in the morning, with the Nest Chief welcoming the participants, before the monthly meeting got underway. During the meeting, the successful Nordic Days event that took place in August was reviewed. Both positive and negative reflections were made on how well the Nest had organised the event, with suggestions for improvements put forward for future events.

    After the Nest’s recent activism had been reviewed and future plans were made, it was time for the next item on the agenda.

    Lunch was served to the participants, who could enjoy it while listening to Joakim Kannisto give a presentation. The theme of the presentation was Sweden’s Police Law and the guidelines the police have to follow, as well as how we – as the opposition to the system – specifically need to know about our rights when in contact with the police.

    Among the topics discussed were legal rules of conduct, such as the principle of proportionality and the principle of objectivity – two guidelines the police love to violate when they encounter organised National Socialists, as they think they can get away with it.

    During the presentation, there was also a discussion with the audience about the various laws mentioned, including real-life examples that comrades have been subjected to, as well as talking about what can be done in such situations.

    All the paragraphs of interest in the Police Law were reviewed, with the lecturer asserting how incredibly vaguely written all of the laws actually are – precisely because they are designed to allow the police to get away with almost anything. The police break their own laws every day, but they can always claim they felt their actions were justified because of the situation. People must use the state’s own bureaucracy against it to fight back, so the police will not dare behave however they want in future, because they know they will be punished.

    When the talk was over, everyone had the opportunity to change into their workout clothes and take part in a joint training session. The comrades trained in martial arts, mainly focusing on situations that can arise when encountering violent antagonists at a public activity.

    After an intensive training session that ended with sparring, the men prepared for the last activity of the day. They travelled by car to a footbridge over the E18, where they lined up with banners and flags in both directions.

    Everything from hand hearts to thumbs-up and even middle fingers were seen during the bridge action. Several people also passed by on the bridge and expressed their appreciation for the comrades’ presence, including a middle-aged couple who were very happy for the opportunity to have an extended discussion with National Socialists.

    There was also time for some of the contents of the day’s presentation to play out in practice, when two diminutive, freshly graduated policewomen driving an unmarked car appeared on the bridge towards the end of the activity. With all the authority of small children about to reprimand a group of adults, they approached the comrades. One of the women was visibly offended that the interaction was filmed and thought it was disrespectful for someone to record what she was doing in her profession (perhaps she chose the wrong job?).

    Like many officers before her, she did not know the law, despite several years at the police academy, and asked if the Resistance men had a permit to stand on the bridge. When the comrades informed the officers about the laws the police force are paid to uphold, the offended policewoman made a snide comment and went back to the car with her tail between her legs, before driving slowly off.

    When the comrades felt satisfied with the activity on the bridge, they moved on to have a meal together, as by now it was evening. Afterwards, they said farewell until next time and headed home.

    Photo report from Nordic Days 2023


    NORDIC DAYS. A photo report featuring some of the best images from this year’s Nordic Days event.

    A written report of Nordic Days 2023 can be found here.

    The day began around 11.00

    While most of the Nordic Days guests went to the Nordic Man of the Year competition, the chef team stayed behind and prepared lunch

    The competitions began with a simple warm-up
    Not everyone present at Nordic Days took part in the competition
    The first event: team wrestling

    In order to easily recognise which team was which, only one of them wore T-shirts

    The second event: tug of war

    The third event saw each team run a relay race while carrying a sandbag

    Unfortunately, the fourth event was cut short when one of the pugil sticks broke during a particularly heated battle

    The fifth event was a shield battle, in which each team had to push their opponents in the other team out of the ring

    After the shield battle, one team was declared the winner. Its members would now compete against one another. They first conducted simple strength and fitness events, which halved the team’s potential winners, before seeing who could hold a weight with outstretched arms the longest.

    Pär Sjögren and Anders Gudmarsson made it to the final, which consisted of a Nordic knife duel and wrestling

    Pär Sjögren won both the knife duel and the wrestling, clinching victory and the title of Nordic Man of the Year. This meant the final’s third discipline, the boxing match, was not required to determine the result.

    The chef team finished preparing lunch during the competition and were already starting to prepare dinner

    After lunch it was time for the market

    There was also a competition with various events for the children. When they weren’t taking part in the competition, many of the children enjoyed the large bouncy castle.

    The prize for winning Nordic Man of the Year was a handmade axe

    Afterwards, Pär Öberg gave a speech about the Nordic Resistance Movement and the significance our organisation has around the world

    The day concluded with dinner, which led into a convivial evening for those who had chosen to stay overnight


    Soldier with gun

    From weapons, freedom!

    IDEOLOGY. The leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement writes about freedom, democracy and weapons. Terms such as ”freedom” and ”democracy” are used very arbitrarily by...