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NORDIC FRONTIER #283: Warren Balogh of Warstrike

NORDIC FRONTIER. Warren Balogh is back on the show to talk about the end of the NJP, his new podcast Warstrike and the total annihilation of Israel.



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NORDIC FRONTIER #282: Tuukka Kuru of Sinimusta Liike

NORDIC FRONTIER. We invite Tuukka Kuru from Sinimusta Liike to talk about the Awakening conference 2024, being harassed as a political party and Finnish sisu.



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Germany calling: Berlin – where we are, Germans fight like lions!

GERMANY CALLING. Many comrades from all over Europe heard about the attack on a member of the German nationalist movement „Der III. Weg“ in Berlin by antifas. We present here the translation of the first official statement of the movement „Der III. Weg“ to the attack on the activist, which revealed immediacy the next day after the attack.

On Thursday evening it was that time again: a raiding party of criminals wanted to carry out their political terror under the cover of darkness. But this time something was different: this time they got the wrong person. They were looking for a victim – and met an opponent! Six of them attacked a member of our movement who was on his way home from sports training. From an ambush, they attacked him without warning with pepper spray and stabbing tools. But they obviously hadn’t expected such resistance: Despite pepper spray in his face, punches from all directions and stab wounds, the young activist defended himself like a lion against the red gang. The result: two of the attackers didn’t even make it back to their bikes, the others left their seriously injured accomplices lying around and fled!

Meanwhile, witnesses alerted the police and emergency services. Two attackers and our activist were taken to hospital for further treatment, while a large police operation secured the entire area. But it wasn’t just the police: many of our movement’s members showed solidarity that same evening and were active throughout the neighborhood to track down suspicious people.

Our party’s lawyers were also immediately on hand to provide further information on the matter. Because one thing is clear: the attack on our member was an attack on all of us and our community is now even more united!

The most important thing is that our injured activist is doing well under the circumstances. Above all, however, he has sent a clear signal to the world through his determined behaviour: “No matter what situation you find yourself in, whether left-wing extremists are after your life or the political police wants to criminalize you, you decide whether you are the victim or the victor!”

In the coming days, the puzzle will continue to be pieced together and the background to the cowardly act and the findings about the perpetrators will become more concrete. The reactions to this will be the appropriate ones.

However, the unmistakable message of this evening is already clear: nobody has to become a victim! Neither as an individual nor as a movement! Even when ambushed and overwhelmed, you can win – as long as you never give up and have a courageous heart beating in your chest.

That is why we are not shocked by such an attack – but proud of how our member has defied an armed superiority from ambush. One of our young activists has proven once again: Even in 2024, German men can still fight like lions!

If YOU want to be part of a movement that fights rather than complains, then get in touch with us today. You can find regular self-defense seminars, martial arts training and training on self-protection at our “Körper & Geist” working group, among others
Don’t become a victim – become a national revolutionary!

Historic day with a flash demonstration on the streets of Gothenburg

DEMONSTRATION. The leader was celebrated through uncompromising struggle and here is the written report.

On the day 135 years after history’s according to many, greatest man was born, the Nordic Resistance Movement chose to honor the memory, the cause and the idea through an incredibly successful flash demonstration through the heart of Gothenburg.

The preparations were many and the stakes were high for the National Socialist activists who gathered, previous demonstrations in Gothenburg have had a mixed outcome, to say the least, due to the political and, in the West, unusually hostile police.

By not negotiating with either the police or their masters, the streets could instead be used in the way they considered best for our cause and our message.

The march that started between Scandinavium and Hvitfeldtska gymnasium now moved very powerfully up Engelbrektsgatan with a view to Götaplatsen.

The drums thundered and the slogans echoed between the walls of the old buildings – the cityscape had clearly changed for the better.

As the train turned right down Avenyn and rounded the city library, the first police bus of the day rolled in a little nervously and the officers in it immediately began to shout and scream about a mask ban without reactions from the participants in the line. After a lecture by the Resistance Movement’s own dialogue patriot, it turned out that it did not work that way.

This day was not only the big day but also the home match for IFK Gothenburg, all the pubs had just opened and the commerce was underway on Gothenburg’s main boulevard. Hundreds and hundreds of spectators could see and hear how a relentless crowd of people proudly declared our desired demographics, geography and governance.

Once down at the Brunnsparken intersection, opposite the leonine staircase, the actvists lined up for speeches. All those who were either waiting for local traffic or running between Femmanhuset and Arkaden could now hear the leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, Fredrik Vejdeland, speak powerfully and objectively about the fact that it is multiculturalism, either directly as in the case of the shot man in Skärholmen, or indirectly as in the case of non-existent care places or deteriorating schools, that is behind the degeneration and decay of our people.

We have the solution for a society without explosions, street executions, humiliation robberies and gang rapes. The solution to this is a united people, in a united nation under one leader.

We need you, Swedish men and women, in the fight. Your people need you. Stop telling yourselves that you have done your part when you put a note in a box every four years because you have not. Stop lying to yourself…

…The only way to win in the long run is to organize and to fight back against gang crime and people trafficking. Organize in the Nordic Resistance Movement!

– Fredrik Vejdeland

Afterwards, longtime activist Lukas Lindgren took his place behind the microphone and spoke about how evil won in 1945 and good resistance was crushed, but that hope is far from gone as he, as a representative of a legation, stands tall 80 years later and fights for a better world.

He was born on this day 135 years ago. And although his body no longer exists, his words and thoughts will transform this dirty and rotting society into something good and beautiful again!

-Lukas Lindgren

With our work done, we formed up once again for the march and marched towards the National Socialist Carl Milles’ statue of Poseidon, placed like a crown jewel in the middle of Götaplatsen between the concert hall, the city theater, the art museum and the art gallery.

Chants and drums echoed again between the walls of the buildings and rhythmically we made our way with an unbeatable exposure in this most central of Gothenburg.

At Götaplatsen, Lukas Lindgren spoke again and gave his speech one more time to a new group of listeners who had stopped and listened with interest. And with this done, it was again formation, slogans and drums the last way back to Scandinavium where we once started.

Activists cleaned up gypsy camp

ACTIVISM. On April 14, activists visited one of the many outposts of the racial aliens occupying this country.

In Akalla in Stockholm municipality, so-called traveling people have been able to live undisturbed for 10 years on municipal land in the countryside, which is a place with medieval relics from our ancestors.

Using various tools, comrades made their way through the forest area where they could see the most grotesque littering imaginable. The stench was unimaginable in the area and made the comrades gag. A handful of “dwellings” had been constructed from pallets, tarpaulins, sawn-down trees and miscellaneous rubbish in the middle of the Swedish countryside.

These illegal settlements were smashed with tools as best they could while the occupiers screamed and ran away, calling for the police. The same police who 10 years ago should have been on the scene and demolished the shacks, which would have happened immediately if they were Swedish homeless people. However, as everyone knows, laws are implemented differently depending on skin color, as it is in the interest of EU politicians to destroy all homogeneous states in Europe with mass immigration.

When the message had been conveyed clearly enough to the racial aliens, they left the site, as the Swedish rule of law would in all likelihood prefer to protect the illegal immigrants rather than its own citizens, and would certainly also classify the removal of rubbish as a crime simply because of the racial affiliation of the “owners”.

There is a lot of talk by politicians and people on the internet, but nothing is done. For 10 years this particular settlement has been left untouched because no one dares to take responsibility and just decide to remove the rubbish. The Nordic Resistance Movement goes from words to action and does the only thing that is morally correct and right by acting. How far will it go before YOU do the same?

Stand up like a man and drive the enemy out of the country. Stand up and take back your country. Only through struggle can victory be achieved. Never defeat – forever victory!

Bridge action in Stockholm with positive and timid police officers

ACTIVISM. On 23 March, comrades from Sweden’s Nest 1 once again informed the capital’s motorists about the reality the media hides.

The activity began on a sunny Saturday near Skogskyrkogården, where the Resistance men took up positions with a banner and flags. They didn’t even have time to roll out the banner before the police drove under the bridge, waving cheerfully to the comrades. The media likes to make out that everyone hates the Resistance Movement, but clearly there are even people within the state apparatus who appreciate the organisation’s continued activism.

Once the banner and flags had been set up on the bridge, it only took a few minutes before two more police cars appeared on the opposite bridge, where the officers waited for a while and watched on. The reactions from the motorists were not long in coming and, as always, varied from raised straight right arms to flailing arms with pointed middle fingers. Maybe it was the message for the day – “Stop the People’s Replacement” – that was responsible for producing such an unusually high number of reactions from the audience below. In roughly every fifth car, a mobile phone was held up to film the Resistance men – clips that will hopefully be posted to social media for even greater dissemination.

When the police on the bridge got tired of just watching, one car drove over to the bridge the comrades were on. Out came two rather anxious men, who wanted to know who was in charge of the activity. As there was no such person present, the police only received advice on what they could do with their time instead of this pointless act. One of them was very upset about being filmed while on duty; not in an angry way, but rather in a manner that suggested he was ashamed of what he was doing and did not want to be seen on video. The officers also very tamely tried to talk to the comrades and asked for identification from all of them, but immediately gave up when they got no answers.

Next, the officers declared they would file a report of an unauthorised demonstration, but an activist responded by telling them they should go back to their car and read through Chapter 8 of the Police Act. They didn’t give up there, however, stating with great concern that the banner was on the outside of the bridge and that it would be very dangerous if it were to fall down onto the road. They asked the comrades several times to move the banner inside the railings, but such a move would make it harder to read, so it remained on the outside. With the officers seemingly very intent in their inquiries and pointless harassment, together with the fact that they had reinforcements within sight, some of the comrades suspected the police would try to detain everyone and shut down the activity.

Can’t you just obey me like all the other good White people?

The officers went away and talked among themselves for a while, before returning to their car. Then, without having succeeded in anything they set out to do, they finally left the scene the way they had come. Time and resources wasted on absolutely nothing; not exactly a display of the state’s competence and power. Maybe in the future, these officers will care more about the law, instead of politically motivated directives from their superiors. Time will tell.

Some people were so eager to film the activity that the traffic came to a complete stop

The legal and constitutionally protected activity could then continue as usual, to the joy of many and the sadness of some others. A 50-year-old man driving down an access road showed signs of his mental illness by flailing his arms and making threatening gestures with his hands. When the man drove away immediately afterwards, the comrades tried to contact him via the phone number connected to his car to confront him and ask what he was doing, but unfortunately the man did not dare to answer.

This was a typical example of those who call themselves tolerant becoming hysterical when encountering different opinions and, when confronted, running away with their tail between their legs, without uttering a single argument. A condition that clearly shows a brainwashed person who has never thought for himself about anything of importance, which is just how the lying media portrays National Socialists. But the people can change their minds, which is the exact reason for the Resistance Movement’s existence: to build something far better upon the ruins of today’s system, with the people’s help, once they have freed themselves from the passivating lies of the media.

Two hours into the activity, the men packed everything up and left the site, after which they split into smaller groups to carry out other activism in different areas of the municipality. The people’s replacement continues with each passing day, and the conditions for your children and grandchildren only become worse over time. Oppose the liberal trash-society; join the Nordic Resistance Movement and help us awaken the people!

Video from Organisation Days 2024

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A video summary of this year’s Organisation Days.

The latest production from Resistance Media is here and beautifully and powerfully illustrates the organisation and its activists and members at this year’s edition of Organisation Days, which was held in Nest 7.

The boxing matches were tough, the workshops were interesting and the big news about the leadership change was announced.

Below are three of the best previously published images from the event:

Photo report from Organisation Days 2024 (Part 2 of 2)

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A selection of photos taken by the Resistance Movement’s photographers at the boxing tournament held at this year’s Organisation Days.

This photo report follows Part 1, which features images from all the other activities at Organisation Days, excluding the boxing tournament.

The coveted trophy

Weighing in

Martin Saxlind leads the warm-up

Excitement and anticipation were high before the tournament

Even though things can get tough, everything is comradely

The ring saw its fair share of bloodshed during the tournament

Things got wild in the heavyweight final between Martin Saxlind and Pär Sjögren

Saxlind ultimately emerged victorious from the fierce battle

Marcus Hansson advances to the middleweight final
The battle for second and third place

Marcus Hansson successfully defends his middleweight title

The middleweight bronze medallist is declared
Hampus Maijala recovers after claiming the bronze medal
The middleweight winner challenges the heavyweight winner to a final fight

Martin Saxlind remains undefeated
Awards ceremony
Marcus Hansson took home the championship title and trophy in the middleweight class

Pär Sjögren honours his rival during the awards ceremony

The heavyweight champion Martin Saxlind!

Photo report from Organisation Days 2024 (Part 1 of 2)

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. A selection of photos taken by the Resistance Movement’s photographers at this year’s historic edition of Organisation Days.

Organisation Days 2024 begins with the opening ceremony

Emma Nordh took to the stage early to talk about the vital work of the Prisoner Help programme and the importance of supporting it with donations

The kitchen team was very busy over the weekend
AI and how it can be implemented

Pär Öberg’s workshop on the benefits of fasting
Video editing
Radio communication
Andreas Holmvall’s talk about the media group’s achievements over the past year

The kitchen team did a great job providing the large, hungry group with excellent food throughout the weekend

Newly appointed Nest Chief gives a speech

Simon Lindberg announced his resignation as Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement, which evoked many emotions in the room

Vera Oredsson was probably the one most affected by the news
The new Leader Fredrik Vejdeland is introduced and welcomed on stage

Simon Lindberg is thanked amid resounding applause for his tremendous efforts throughout all the years he led the Resistance Movement

A separate photo article will be released shortly about the boxing tournament that was held at Organisation Days.

Written report from Organisation Days: Organisation Days 2024

Interview with the new leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Fredrik Vejdeland is asked some relevant questions regarding his appointment.

I would like to start by congratulating you on the post. How does it feel?

Thank you! It feels good and also a great honour to lead such a magnificent organisation as the Nordic Resistance Movement.

Was it a difficult decision to accept becoming leader?

Yes, especially initially. It’s a heavy responsibility and I wanted to thoroughly consider if I was the right person to shoulder it. I’ve been a deputy for a few years now, but I’ve never actually thought that one day I would lead the organisation.

When I realised I might be asked to lead the organisation, I was not interested in such a role at first. However, when I finally received the request to become the new leader, I had already finished deliberating, and today I feel completely ready to take on the responsibility. It has been a lengthy process, and I’m grateful for having had the time to think over my decision!

You have been a part of the Resistance Movement’s national leadership for many years. How do you think being the leader will differ from this, professionally and privately?

There will be a difference, but perhaps not as much as some might think, as I was Lindberg’s right-hand man in many respects – even though I’m now taking on the ultimate responsibility for the organisation’s decisions. There will certainly be a greater workload, which will affect me professionally and privately, but with years of experience in leadership positions, I have become better at delegating tasks, so it will likely balance out. I also have very competent people around me.

Of course, being the leader of an organisation like the Nordic Resistance Movement is a vulnerable position, but luckily I’m not made of glass.

Do you have any role models when it comes to leadership?

It’s easy to become fixated on role models from the Third Reich or post-war figures like William Pierce, but I think we compare ourselves to them far too often and I’m not sure it always serves our cause.

Since I identify mental strength with leadership, I want to emphasise that there are plenty of role models within the Nordic Resistance Movement. Without mentioning any specific names, there are quite a few members and activists who, in many regards, were initially shaped by the mediocrity of the modern age, but who today, thanks to National Socialist convictions and mental strength, have transformed into exceptional personalities and become resolute and fanatical fighters – surpassing the masses in every way. Its something Im inspired by, regardless of whether they are my subordinates or superiors.

There are quite a few members and activists who, in many regards, were initially shaped by the mediocrity of the modern age, but who today, thanks to National Socialist convictions and mental strength, have transformed into exceptional personalities and become resolute and fanatical fighters – surpassing the masses in every way.

Do you think members and supporters will feel the same with you at the helm in, let’s say, half a year, or will there be some immediate major changes?

I have my own qualities and perspectives, so naturally there will be various changes in order for me to come into my own. At the same time, there must be a need for changes before any are made – and as I see it, there is a lot that is currently working well.

However, we in the national leadership have seen a need to make certain alterations and have been planning for them for some time now. For members directly or indirectly involved in this process, these changes could definitely be regarded as immediate and major, while outsiders will notice them at a later stage.

Can you tell us about something you intend to change or do differently immediately or in the long term?

I understand that many people want to know what changes are coming, but I don’t believe it’s in the interest of the organisation to begin my new task by making solemn promises and spreading information around. Things are being planned and outsiders will be made aware of these matters if or when we feel there is a need for them to have access to this information. If someone wants more information than this, they should join the Nordic Resistance Movement.

What I can say is that we will work largely as we have done before, but in the time ahead, we will improve our internal structure and build stability. During this period, various changes and news will be presented, but overall, we will work internally on things that will bear fruit in the long run. Our people are in a serious situation, but time is far from over. We need to “make haste slowly” and do the right things.

What do you see as the greatest challenge in the period ahead, for both the organisation and yourself?

The Nordic Resistance Movement is an organisation that has proven itself on numerous critical occasions, so Im not concerned at all about whether the organisation will continue to exist and resist effectively. One challenge is to grow as an organisation, but there are already some positive signals in recruitment. Im confident we will grow and recruit the people needed in the struggle.

For my part, the biggest challenge will probably be an even greater workload, but I’m used to that, and with age and experience, I’ve learned to work more effectively to achieve certain goals.

Where do you think the Resistance Movement will be five years from now?

It’s very hard to tell when the world around us is as chaotic as it is, with those in power willing to do anything to keep it via draconian laws aimed at suppressing all opposition. We are prepared for all eventualities and have many people with us who are ready if the conditions of the struggle change. In other words, democracy is an illusion. Everything is not in our own hands, but we will always resist – until we ultimately win.

If the societal situation in five years looks about the same as it does now, the Resistance Movement will not only be a magnificent organisation in essence, but also in numbers.

In other words, democracy is an illusion. Everything is not in our own hands, but we will always resist – until we ultimately win.

Anything you would like to say to readers in conclusion?

The Nordic Resistance Movement has been subjected to countless attacks from the system and undergone other critical events, but we have always survived and continued to be a vital and proactive organisation. While other organisations have come and gone, the Nordic Resistance Movement has remained steadfast, and, of those groups that remain today, only the Nordic Resistance Movement has been both truly tested and proven itself.

We will always be here and be in the vanguard. It’s time for all like-minded people out there to accept that there will be nothing better than the Nordic Resistance Movement and that any possible errors and shortcomings we have can be corrected when you join. Stop making excuses not to resist, and join the Resistance today!


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