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Tyr Rune flags on display at Vasaloppet

SWEDEN. The Tyr Rune flags of the Nordic Resistance Movement were seen waving at the finish line of the Vasaloppet cross-country ski race in Dalarna today.

The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Tyr Rune flags wave at the finishing line of the Vasaloppet cross-country ski race

The 90-kilometre-long Vasaloppet runs between the towns of Sälen and Mora and is a favourite Swedish sporting event watched annually by millions of people. When today’s race concluded, the Tyr Rune flags of the Nordic Resistance Movement were there to greet the victors.

The successful propaganda action has been reported on by a series of media outlets, including the Jewish Expressen. The newspaper stated that the display of the ancient Nordic symbol, which is completely legal in Sweden, has been reported to the police.

“We are there with at least one patrol to investigate what has happened and if any crime has been committed,” said Stefan Dangardt, press spokesman for Dalarna police.

Yesterday Nordfront reported on the chaotic state of police forces in Dalarna, who are involved with the closing down of rape investigations and the downgrading of ongoing serious crimes. However, there are clearly still plenty of resources left for important matters such as the waving of Nordic flags.

Nordfront has been in contact with activist Markus Nordh, who took part in the activity.

Hi, Markus. What happened today?

We had a flag action at the finishing line of the Vasaloppet in Mora.

How did it go?

On the whole it went calmly.

Will there be more similar activities in the future?


The race was won by the Norwegian Tore Björseth Berdal following a successful solo run during the final kilometres. It was the seventh year in a row that a Norwegian has won the race.


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Weekend of action in honour of Horst Wessel

ACTIVISM. Last weekend, the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Norwegian branch held a series of activities across the country in honour of the National Socialist martyr Horst Wessel.

Nordic Resistance Movement Horst Wessel remembrance activism in Norway

Horst Wessel died on 23 February 1930 as a result of injuries he suffered during an assassination attempt by the Red Front. Wessel had a leading position in the Sturmabteilung (SA), where he fought on the streets of Berlin under the direction of Joseph Goebbels.

Nordic Resistance Movement Horst Wessel remembrance activism in Norway

Wessel was fanatical, unselfish and self-sacrificing. He displayed bravery and heroism and personified the fighting spirit. As such he was quickly declared one of the German National Socialists’ foremost martyrs after his death. Today Wessel’s life and martyr’s death are also a great inspiration to modern National Socialists.

To commemorate the day of Wessel’s death and honour his memory, the Resistance Movement arranged a National Socialist weekend of action in his name. This included three days of activism, study circles, social gatherings and training.

Nordic Resistance Movement Horst Wessel remembrance activism in Norway

In over 20 different towns, activists put up posters and stickers, gave out leaflets and cordoned off buildings belonging to anti-white organisations. The internal social gatherings were naturally focussed on Horst Wessel, his life and connection to today’s struggle.

Photos from the activities:

Nordic Resistance Movement Horst Wessel remembrance activism in NorwayNordic Resistance Movement Horst Wessel remembrance activism in Norway

Nest 3 showing the way in Kristianstad

ACTIVISM. Members of Nest 3 in southern Sweden visited Kristianstad to inform the people of the message of the movement.

The current system has made it so that the living space for white people is becoming increasingly limited and Kristianstad is no exception. On Saturday, February 23, Näste 3 set up outside Galleria Boulevard to show the inhabitants of Kristianstad that there is a political organization that is prepared to fight for the Nordic peoples.

Many flyers were distributed during the day; maybe because the residents are increasingly realizing that a multi-ethnic country is not as exciting as the traitor politicians claim it is.

The only sad thing at this activity was the political opponents inability to argue better for their cause. For the activists, it felt like playing chess with a five-year-old and thereby reduced the pleasure of dominating the discussion.

At the end of the activity, a wheelchair bound man came out and donated baked goods to the activists that he had just bought inside the mall.

After the leafleting session, the activists went for a heavy, hour long exercise session. They finished up the day with a summary of the whole day out, where both positive and negative feedback was given to the participants.

Simon Lindberg interviewed on Guerrilla Radio

RADIO. The Leader of the Nordic Resistance Movement was interviewed on the Guerrilla Radio podcast on the Heel Turn network on Wednesday.

During the hour-long interview, the show’s host Augustus Invictus questioned Simon about the Resistance Movement’s ideology and operations, last year’s election, the upcoming 1 May demonstrations, the new English-language website and the general situation in Sweden and the Nordics.

Great response from the people of Uppsala

ACTIVISM. At 10.30 on 23 February, members of Nest 1’s activist division visited Uppsala, Sweden, to spread the message of the Resistance Movement.

Nordic Resistance Movement activists in Uppsala, Sweden

The activists were in good spirits as they set up at the town square with their flags. As it was still a little early in the day, there weren’t many people around and everything went calmly. The police arrived after about an hour but kept themselves at a distance. They asked a few questions here and there but soon tired of doing so when they didn’t get any answers.

A minor incident occurred when a racial stranger with a dim view of those not sharing her opinions got off the bus near the activity. The situation was diffused relatively quickly, however, thanks to the respectful behaviour of the Resistance Men she was shouting at.

Nordic Resistance Movement activists in Uppsala, Sweden

One man came over to one of the activists and asked who they were and why they were there. After the activist told him about his and his comrades’ struggle, the man became teary-eyed with joy and wished them all well, parting with the promise of future support.

After around four hours’ of good responses from the people of Uppsala, the activists ended the activity. The police harassment wasn’t at an end, however, as the officers decided to conduct a “routine vehicle check” that only involved searching cars belonging to the activists.

Do you want to stand up for your race and nation? Join the fight against the rotten system today!

To Live as a National Socialist


IDEOLOGY. National Socialism is the original, natural, organic and scientific way of thinking and looking at the world. It is both a return to our pre-Christian forefathers’ mindset as well as a higher insight into our place in the cosmos, a higher consciousness we have reached through our race’s accumulated historical experiences and scientific discoveries.

Nordic Resistance Movement flag outdoors

National Socialism is a total worldview and as such demands that we embrace it totally. If we cannot embrace it fully, and can only “think National Socialism” without “living National Socialism”, we will remain divided “democratic” individuals. One could say that a true National Socialist is not just a person with a strong set of views; a true National Socialist lives National Socialism.

This is not a question of who is “properly educated” or not, but a question of great practical importance: We cannot hope to defeat Zion if we do not first rise above the present system. This means that we must practise what we preach. National Socialism must rule within us before we can hope that it will prevail around us! A weak people cannot free themselves from their tyrants, no matter how many of them may hold opposing views. Only through living National Socialism can we reclaim our race’s former strength and overcome the enemy.

Culture and anti-culture

Child at pride parade

“Modern culture” is in reality not a culture but an anti-culture. It is the opposite of a people’s true culture and their naturally developed way of living. The anti-culture is the foreign implantation of unnatural customs and traditions that destroy the original culture and ultimately destroy the people, who are dependent on their own culture for their long-term survival.

It is not enough just to understand that modern anti-culture is destructive, because by living within it we willingly or unwillingly constitute a part of it. As a National Socialist, one must therefore actively distance himself from modern anti-culture and everything it represents. Practically speaking, this can be difficult, especially with regard to our mindset, habits and more subliminal cultural influences that we “breathe in and out” without realizing it. Our behaviour and mentality are deeply influenced by anti-culture. We are “children of our time”.

One should at least have a highly critical attitude towards television, Hollywood movies and to some degree modern pop music. Watching TV, being entertained by Hollywood and listening to popular music are just habitual behaviours (and for many people a form of addiction). Remember that National Socialism is harmony, harmony in man and nature but also in matters like art and music. Disharmony and perversion are spread by Zion within cultural life (behaviour, trends, art, film, music etc.) with the aim of subverting the life force of our race.

A simpler and more natural life

Man breaking his chains

In the same manner as one should avoid so-called modern cultural expressions, one should also reject products of the Judeo-capitalist system and attempt to live a simpler, more natural life in harmony with nature. This entails boycotting products and trademarks from Jewish and large capitalist businesses. One should not support the Jewish-capitalist system via unnecessary consumption of luxury items.

Consider the fact that when you buy such wares you enrich and increase the power of those who work for our race’s destruction – and every time you buy an expensive product, you also pay tax to a state machinery that uses the proceeds to brainwash children at nursery and school and forces mass immigration and anti-culture upon our people.

Today people even pay to wear capitalist companies’ logos, when in reality it should be the companies paying people to display their advertisements. This phenomenon is a direct result of Judeo-capitalism’s victory in 1945. Do not accept it – you are a National Socialist, not a willing slave under a Jewish-capitalist system. Avoid wearing so-called designer clothes and priding yourself in their logos. This does not befit a champion of National Socialism.

Likewise a National Socialist should also boycott foods and drinks from companies that support multiculturalism, as well as multinationals that profit from producing food that is manufactured with the aid of harmful pesticides and which contains poisonous substances. One should aim to eat naturally. It should go without saying that a National Socialist should not help Judeo-capitalism poison him! There is also no valid excuse to eat at foreign-owned pizzerias or American hamburger chains or drink beverages like Coca Cola.

Complete abstinence from drugs

A man abusing illegal drugs

Some nationalists defend alcohol abuse by claiming that it’s a “part of our culture”. But not every aspect of Nordic culture is holy. High alcohol consumption is such an example. Alcohol is a poison, and its widespread abuse by our youth is catastrophic. Alcohol gradually destroys the brain and weakens the individual and the intellect. For young people, whose brains and personalities are still developing, abusing alcohol is very serious. Drinking oneself into intoxication every weekend is quite simply not acceptable for a National Socialist. There are of course occasions when it’s acceptable to consume alcohol, but moderation must be the principle for a National Socialist, or, even better, strict abstinence.

Alcohol is not the only drug weakening our race. Narcotic substances, which are so dangerous they are even forbidden by this decadent system (or require a prescription), are also a problem. Some have been used previously, or are still being used, as medicines. Others lack any medicinal use and are extremely destructive; e.g., ecstasy. Israel controls the distribution of ecstasy into Europe and makes large profits by destroying the Aryan youth in the process. All drug abuse is harmful. A National Socialist has zero tolerance of illegal drugs and views many of the legal narcotics which are also used medicinally with great skepticism.

In our modern Jewish system, a serious new threat has also appeared: the lawful drugging of already vulnerable sections of our population via so-called anti-depressants. Anti-depressants don’t just produce passive and more tolerant people, but also violent psychopaths. These so-called medicines are even given to children and make enormous sums of money for pharmaceutical companies. The system creates doped-up and compliant individuals who are kept content and satisfied via chemical means. Naturally the Resistance Movement does not allow such drugs to be used by its activists.

A healthy soul in a healthy body

Silhouette of man and Nordic Resistance Movement flag

An unnatural life leads to sickness, both physical and psychological. Sadly, it can be said that the whole system we live in is sick and that all people in it are sick physically or mentally to some degree. The young generations, our recruits, are poisoned, both in body and mind. As a part of our worldview, we regard spiritual and bodily regeneration to be dependent on each other. Being a National Socialist in thought alone is not enough; it must also be physical – National Socialism must be lived. Is revolution even possible without a spiritual or bodily regeneration? Hardly, for a physically and spiritually weak people cannot free themselves, no matter how “right” they are.

Today many young men attempt to “cure” their bodily weakness via the methods offered by the Jewish system. One such method is so-called bodybuilding, with its accompanying sub-culture, unnatural dietary supplements and other “wonder drugs”. This lifestyle stills results in an unhealthy person. The reasoning behind it is sick and so is the result.

There are no shortcuts in nature. Everything has a price. You can get bigger muscles and achieve “better” results via the use of anabolic steroids in the short term, but the price for this is high. Nature has shaped man throughout millions of years of evolutionary development. A healthy man, of good racial stock, is perfectly adapted to handle all types of situations and has a well-adapted physique and a stable mind for this goal. There are no wonder drugs that can do anything other than destroy the natural balance in the human body.

For example, we have no drugs that can prevent us from sleeping, only drugs that keep us awake longer, and always at a price. Neither are there any miracle drugs that can make us live any longer than we would do by pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Using steroids to build bigger muscles follows the same principle as a farmer using poisonous fertilizer and pesticides in order to “improve” his harvest.

This practice is based on the Judeo-Christian capitalist delusion that we humans are in some way not a part of nature (or that nature is magical), that there is no natural balance and that we can break nature’s laws as and when it suits us. This is a parasitic mindset, and one day we will pay a high price for this violation of the natural order.

Anabolic steroids have direct repercussions on the human body. The body doesn’t just suffer physical damage but psychological damage; for example, in the form of personality changes. These changes in personality and psyche are often permanent, and are of such a kind that we absolutely do not want them affecting our activists. As such we do not encourage activists to practise such an extremely materialistic and self-centred “sport” as bodybuilding.

So what kind of training is appropriate? A person doesn’t just need to have endurance, strength, flexibility and speed – he must also be able to physically defend himself and his family. Only a balance between all these characteristics is healthy. Training should be a matter of creating this balance. The sports one plays should also have a practical use in life. Soccer, tennis and similar sports/games are not especially suitable (with the exception of some, such as rugby).

Certain martial arts are suitable, as are jogging, swimming, orienteering and cross-country skiing. Strength training (as opposed to bodybuilding) is recommended, as is hiking in the forest and mountains. Activities like parkour (but without the sub-culture) are also recommended. Naturally there are other appropriate sports besides those mentioned here, but this is just a guideline. Lastly it should be added that it is of course better to play sports like soccer or tennis than not to exercise at all!

Mental attitude

Nordic Resistance Movement march

The National Socialist activist in the Resistance Movement has an obligation to pursue a good physique, but it is one’s mental state that is the most decisive factor in determining whether he or she can handle the struggle.

Big, strong men without the right mentality can collapse under the stress and adversity that physically weaker individuals with the right attitude can handle well. We want activists who are unaffected when the enemy threatens us with long prison sentences, throws us out of the workplace or attempts to sever our family ties. We want activists who won’t crack when the enemy media demonises us in their attempts to destroy our lives.

Activists are often born tough, but with the right attitude and training even a “soft” person can cultivate this strength. The activist must acquire courage, if he or she lacks it – as without it, he or she will eventually break. And because courage, or what is regarded as such, is often just experience and habit, the activist must develop in these fields as well.

“That wasn’t so bad,” is something you have likely said to yourself after doing something you were initially doubtful about. If you slay dragons every day, you eventually stop realising you’re doing something brave, even if everyone else considers it as such. The task that at first glance seemed so difficult soon becomes habit and routine.

Our struggle is no different. When you have joined the fight for our survival and been there a while, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. You will realise that your apprehension was largely unfounded, and that you are pursuing a goal that others regard as requiring great courage.

Mental health

Frieze of man slaying a serpent

Although activists are strong of character, life as a Resistance Man or Woman can entail great adversities, even for brave National Socialists. The Resistance Movement is aware of this. You must be conscious of this too, and realise that your comrades can sometimes go through difficult periods in their lives; for example, when they have family problems or are due to begin a lengthy prison sentence. Nest chiefs, as well as very active activists, can also burn out. An almost apathetic state can occur when someone has hit a wall or fallen into depression.

Such issues may cause an activist to regard their Movement work as the source of their problems and lead them to give up. Perceptive individuals see these signs early, in themselves or their comrades, and take appropriate measures. It is extremely important that you do not use this as an excuse if there are other reasons why you may wish to scale back your own level of engagement.

At this point in time the Resistance Movement cannot offer psychological support on a professional level, although the organization has little to no faith in “Freudian shrinks” anyway… The best support is found among your comrades and your Nest chiefs. Do not hesitate to bring up any issues, even if they are of a private nature. The reality is that a person who is suffering from mental issues – even temporary ones – can be a risk to the organization if he keeps them to himself. To fight against hopelessness and dejection is a necessary condition for being effective. Stand together, just like on the streets!

Life as an activist

Statue of a warrior against a cloudy sky

As an activist one must understand that it can be difficult to combine a regular life with the struggle. One effectively excludes the other. One can quite simply not expect to prosper in a system one is fighting against, and vice versa. This needs to be emphasized: You cannot live a life as an integrated part of this society and simultaneously work effectively as a National Socialist activist.

A career outside of the struggle is therefore unthinkable, and, if an individual clings to the delusion that it is still possible, it is proof of a split personality that cannot decide which side they want to take. Sooner or later a decisive moment will come, usually with the result that the weaker side of one’s personality – i.e., the compliant side – wins, and the person in question becomes a defector.

Activists should therefore attempt to adjust to this reality from the outset, and not pretend or hope that it’s still possible to live a double life. Unfortunately, the vast majority of activists must still provide for themselves in some way, and many must also provide for a family. The enemy knows this is a weak point for activists and will not hesitate to attack them accordingly.

The Resistance Movement does not want divided individuals as activists. It goes without saying that any ambitions of growth and advancement should primarily concern the struggle and the Movement. This means that an activist will be forced to accept a lower standard of living than many of those who obediently serve the system. But as this is in accordance with one’s new life as a healthy and Spartan National Socialist, this shouldn’t be a problem…

Public leafleting in Gothenburg


ACTIVISM. On Saturday 16 February comrades from Nest 2 were once again out on the streets of Gothenburg.

A Nordic Resistance Movement activist leaflets in Gothenburg

At around noon the activists met on Avenyn, the city’s main boulevard, to hand out the “Duty Calls!” leaflet. The activity passed very calmly. Some passers-by were uninterested, while others were unpleasant, due possibly to their irritable nose rings, ill-fitting crop tops or unsatisfying lives. Everyone else was much more willing to talk, mostly about mass immigration and its many negative consequences.

One man admitted the current inflamed state of public discourse in Sweden created by the media is guaranteed to work in the Nordic Resistance Movement’s favour. He said that constantly attacking everyone who does not agree with the approved media narrative will cause free thinkers to search out alternative ideas – and that after a while they will discover a strong and determined organisation… He congratulated us in advance and walked on.

In contrast to many previous public activities in the city, the activists were spared a visit from the strange and disagreeable types who usually oppose National Socialism, a healthy lifestyle and open discussion with the people. Gothenburg’s “trans-proletariat” were presumably too drunk – or worse – to get dressed up and make a show of themselves this time.

The only disruptive visitors were a group of sportsball fans who appeared to have begun the day with stronger drinks than tea or coffee. Fortunately, only one of them had trouble behaving himself, which his companions ascribed to him not having had any friends when he was a child and consequently growing up to be a socialist. The rest said they were unpolitical, but didn’t like “camel therapists” and “jungle noise”.

The next person to come along was a racial stranger who was curious about what the activists were giving out. After being offered a leaflet he began to shout and shake his head, calling the activist who had given him it a “Nazi” and telling him he should go home. The Resistance Man replied that it would be more appropriate if the racial stranger went home to his own country instead, after which the man tried to snatch the activist’s body camera. This poor act of judgement was answered by a powerful right hook.

The racial stranger was overpowered and fell backwards. People continued to walk past, assuming the man was yet another kind of strange counter-demonstrator who had suddenly thrown himself to the ground in protest.

Prior to this incident, the activity had involved the ideal amount of police interaction – i.e., none at all – so rather than spoil things, it was decided to end the leafleting 15 minutes early so as to avoid any difficulties that might delay the upcoming Nest meeting.

All in all it was a very good day in Sweden’s second biggest city. The Nest is growing and becoming stronger, and regular public activities will continue apace in western Sweden.

NORDIC FRONTIER #100: Black Pills


NORDIC FRONTIER. We celebrate 100 episodes by feeding you a fist-full of Black Pills.

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Dresden memorial activism in Helsinki


ACTIVISM. Finnish activists commemorate the victims of the Dresden bombings.

On week 7, a group of activists and members from the Finnish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement in the Helsinki region gathered for remembrance of the bombing of Dresden.

First the group headed to the embassy of Germany in Helsinki, with a banner to declare their message – “We will never forget the Dresden firestorm! 13th-15th of February, 1945”. The activists also left candles by the embassy to commemorate the anniversary.

After this they visited the German soldiers’ cemetery (Deutscher Soldatenfriedhof) in Vantaa to light some candles and held a moment of silence.

Public activity in Norrköping

PUBLIC ACTIVITY. On Saturday, the 16th of February, it was time for Nest 8’s first major public leafleting session, which took place in Norrköping.

Equipped with two banners, the comrades spread out, positioning themselves around the town center. Radiant sunshine and the springtime weather drew people into town, so the town was bustling. The Resistance Movement’s new flyers were distributed in large quantities and, as usual, the response was mostly positive.

A lot of good discussions were conducted and the few provocative hostiles who tried to offend the activists were told off. One person was physically reprimanded after having attacked an activist and said that “fucking Nazis should not exist”. After being struck back, he was frightened and pulled on his headphones before leaving.

After a surprisingly long wait, just over an hour, the police arrived. The first policeman to arrive on site raved and acted like a fool, insisting he didn’t want to be filmed. More police officers, as well as security guards, quickly arrived on the scene and acted with the expected level of hostility. They tried to block in and provoke the members, which they obviously did not succeed in doing.

Many passers-by thought it was outrageous that the police would act in such a politicized fashion. A lone girl, however, thought that the police should have attempted to drive away the Resistance members and asked the paradoxically comical question “Why do you have to exist here, in a democratic society?”

After just over two hours, the activity was concluded and was considered very successful.



Dropouts and traitors

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland explains the differences between dropouts and traitors – with illustrative examples. He also gives instructions to the...
National Socialist handshake

“My honour is loyalty”

A New Mentality