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“Proud White Youth” bridge action in sunny Kode

ACTIVISM. Members from Sweden’s Nest 2 gathered for a banner activity in Kungälv municipality on Saturday 22 April.

Nordic Resistance Movement "Proud White Youth" banner action, Kode, Sweden

The little village of Kode was chosen for this activity due to the problems it has recently experienced with “youth gangs” gathering in the community, causing trouble and committing vandalism. Kode is also connected to the E6 motorway, which means it is ideal for maximum exposure.

The weather was excellent, with sun and clear blue skies, as the comrades took their positions on a bridge above the E6 in the morning. They unfurled the banner, lined up with flags and lit two green smoke grenades, much to the delight of passers-by.

Nordic Resistance Movement "Proud White Youth" banner action, Kode, Sweden
“Proud White Youth – Join Us!”

The green smoke went very well with the Resistance Movement’s green membership shirts and the surrounding verdant scenery.

After a good while on the bridge, a short interview was conducted with Daniel, the responsible chief on the scene.

How has the action gone today?

It’s gone really well. The weather’s great and the mood is excellent.

How has the response been?

It’s been very positive. Thanks to the good weather, there has been lots of traffic, some fancy cars and a lot of motorbikes. We’ve gotten a lot of waves and horn honks throughout the whole action, and there were even a few victory greetings!

How do you think the people of Kode feel when you stand here and hold political activism in their town?

We are here to show the Swedish youth in the area that we are on their side – we are here for their sake. Those who have not grown up in today’s harsh anti-White climate may find it difficult to relate to the threats, hatred and violence Swedish youths have to endure on a daily basis. We are here for these young people. They will know they have the Resistance Movement on their side, hence the slogan Proud White Youth – Join Us!

Yes, it’s a fitting slogan. What will you do now?

Right now we’re about to pack up. We feel we’ve done our part for today and have reached a very large number of people in the time we’ve been here.

Nordic Resistance Movement "Proud White Youth" banner action, Kode, Sweden

After completing the activity, the Resistance men went to a nearby nature reserve, lit a barbecue and enjoyed the newly arrived spring warmth.

Propaganda offensive in Eastern Norway

ACTIVISM. Members and activists from the Nordic Resistance Movement visited the town of Ski, located in the Follo district in Akershus, to conduct widespread activism.

White Lives Matter Nordic Resistance Movement sign

The goal was to spread a pro-Nordic message and let people know the Nordic Resistance Movement is in the area.

To start with, a large number of leaflets were delivered to mailboxes and placed on the windscreens of parked cars, while numerous stickers were placed in residential areas.

Many posters were also put up, while metal signs were affixed to posts, including those featuring the 9 Points from the Resistance Movement’s political programme Our Path.

After several hours of activism in the residential areas, the action was rounded off in the town of Ski, where leaflets were again placed on car windscreens, followed by a public leaflet distribution with leaflets handed out to passers-by.

The weather on the day was fine and the action went peacefully, without any confrontations with political opponents.

Selected photos from the action:

Nationwide clean-up activism in Denmark

ACTIVISM. The Nordic Resistance Movement’s Danish Nests collected waste throughout Denmark over the past week and delivered it to the responsible parties. The action took place in accordance with Point 6 of Our Path, which describes man’s responsibility for the protection of nature.

Over the past week, Danish Nordic Resistance Movement activists conducted a nationwide waste collection. The waste was subsequently delivered to the responsible politicians.

All the Nordic Resistance Movement Nests in Denmark took part in the action. The Activist Groups gathered in selected areas across the country, where they picked up the litter irresponsible people had thrown into the countryside, on beaches, in forests, along roads and in cities.

Plastic, polystyrene, various pieces of packaging and cigarette butts were the most prevalent items filling the bags by the end of the day.

Two Resistance Movement members collect rubbish

Because the country’s politicians are supposed to be the ones responsible for maintaining a sustainable society that does not take precedence over nature, the Nordic Resistance Movement delivered the collected waste to their doors. Waste was delivered to town halls and politicians’ private residences.

The Nordic Resistance Movement does not accept the deprioritisation of our environment by incompetent politicians who believe their own careers are more important than our shared natural environment.

The Nordic Resistance Movement is the only political alternative that wholeheartedly cares about nature and will resolutely fight for a clean environment and pursue sustainable environmental policies.

Here activists from Nest 2 delivered bags of waste to the responsible politicians:

The next morning, the politicians could start dealing with the waste the activists from Nest 2 delivered

Here activists from Nest 1 delivered waste to a residence of one of the responsible politicians:

The responsible politician had the collected waste delivered to his front door

As National Socialists, we realize that humans are a part of nature and therefore must live according to its laws. The Nordic Resistance Movement is the only political alternative in the Nordic region that wholeheartedly cares for nature, including the biological diversity of mankind. The values of National Socialism as a promoter of nature must eventually spread across the globe and radically replace the parasitical frame of mind humans currently have with nature. Without the National Socialist way of thinking, where humans are an integral part of nature with the responsibility to care for it, mankind will perish.

From Our Path, Point 6

Hiking, navigation and camping – Wilderness trip in Dalarna

WILDERNESS ACTIVITY. Members and activists from Sweden’s Nest 5 visited the southwestern forests of Dalarna on Saturday 15 April to set up camp by one of the region’s lakes.

Nordic Resistance Movement members hiking in Swedish forest, Dalarna

The comrades gathered in a forest outside Ludvika on Saturday to begin the trip. Before the initial briefing, everyone prepared their equipment for the long day ahead.

Next, the Nest’s wilderness activity organiser gathered the party for a joint briefing and went over the itinerary for the weekend. The briefing outlined the weekend’s schedule of hiking, navigation and camp-building, as well as emphasising the necessity of having a good mental attitude.

The first aspect that needed to be addressed was navigation. The organiser presented the map and used a compass to explain how to reach the intended destination. Everyone then had to quickly replicate what they had been taught to ensure the coming hike would go as smoothly as possible.

Map navigation in Swedish forest, Dalarna

The march then got underway, leading the participants through varied terrain. Forest, swamps and clearings were passed as the men took turns using the compass. After many hours of walking and numerous studies of the map, the party finally arrived at the intended campsite.

Men hiking in Swedish forest, Dalarna

Upon arrival at the site, the heavy packs were thrown to the ground and the camp-building got underway. The comrades were divided into their respective Activist Groups in order to be delegated specific areas of responsibility. The first and second group collected firewood, the third group began work on a large fireplace and the fourth group started constructing the main shelter.

Sawing wood camping in Swedish forest, Dalarna

After almost a full day of work in these endeavours, it started getting dark. The work groups had long since been reassigned so the necessary time could be spent on building the shelter and attending to everything else required during an overnight stay in the forest.

More of the comrades got closer to the campfire as the sun and temperature dropped significantly. By the time the fire had sufficiently provided everyone with food and a little warmth, it wasn’t long until midnight. All the participants then began to crawl into their sleeping bags in anticipation of the following day.

Campfire in Swedish woods

When morning came, the first thing the Resistance men did was start another fire. After the dew receded and breakfast had been consumed, all the personal equipment was packed away in preparation for departure. About an hour before lunchtime, the hike back to the cars began, with everyone walking back at a fast pace via the gravel roads winding through the forest.

Before parting ways, the organiser gave a brief summary of the trip, in which he summed up the weekend and invited the participants to describe what was good and bad about the trip. Afterwards, everyone said their farewells in anticipation of upcoming adventures!

Nordic Resistance Movement members hiking in Swedish forest, Dalarna

NORDIC FRONTIER #262: Akon’s boat tickets to Africa


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Speech for children at Ostara celebration

Social Days in Denmark’s Nest 1

1 May demonstration in Sundsvall – “Bread for the Workers – Blood from the Politicians!”


Akon’s boat ticket to Africa

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1 May demonstration in Sundsvall – “Bread for the Workers – Blood from the Politicians!”

1 MAY. The Nordic Resistance Movement will hold its 1 May celebration in Sundsvall, northern Sweden, under the slogan “Bread for the Workers – Blood from the Politicians!”

Nordic Resistance Movement 1 May Sundsvall, Simon Lindberg

The Nordic Resistance Movement will hold its annual tribute to the Nordic worker on Monday 1 May in central Sundsvall, Västernorrland County. Pär Öberg, Simon Holmqvist and Anders Gudmarsson are all scheduled to give speeches on the day. The audience will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers on stage and socialise with the organisation’s representatives. There may also be a surprise or two planned as well.

"White workers built this country" Resistance Movement truck
A Resistance Movement truck featuring last year’s 1 May slogan: “White workers built this country – White workers can take this country back!”

Permission has been granted for the event, which will begin at 11.30 on Olof Palme’s Square. The square is centrally located in town, about a kilometre from the central station. The permit lasts until 15.00, but proceedings are likely to finish sometime before then.

Sundsvall, Sweden, town map

1 May speakers

Pär Öberg, who sits on the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Swedish National Council, is a veteran within the organisation and has previously given many popular speeches both internally and publicly. Öberg has also been a regular host on Radio Nordfront since its inception and a local stalwart in the Resistance Movement stronghold of Ludvika.

Pär Öberg holding a speech
Pär Öberg holds a 1 May speech in Falun

Simon Holmqvist is the news editor for Nordfront.se and the main host of Radio Nordfront. Holmqvist has previously given fantastic 1 May speeches for the Resistance Movement in various places in Norrbotten. He also appeared in the TV programme Studio Bothnia and can be heard on the music podcast Urkult.

Nordic Resistance Movement Simon Holmqvist speech 1 May
Simon Holmqvist gives a 1 May address to Nordic workers in Boden

Anders Gudmarsson is a long-time activist and the vocalist of the band Nordic Storm. He also recently gained attention for his bronze medal in the Resistance Movement’s boxing tournament. Although Gudmarsson has given speeches at smaller public events before, this will be his premiere appearance in front of a large audience.

Nordic Resistance Movement boxing tournament fighters
Anders Gudmarsson (right) fighting in the Resistance Movement’s boxing tournament earlier this year

Members of the Resistance Movement and those outside the organisation are all warmly welcomed to Sundsvall on 1 May.

Social Days in Denmark’s Nest 1

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Members from Denmark’s Nest 1 gathered for their Social Days event last Saturday, which included team-building exercises, self-defence techniques and paintball.

Active members from Nest 1 in Denmark gathered for a Social Days event last weekend. The day consisted of various challenges and good comradeship.

The group spent the first few hours on a hike, which incorporated several cooperative exercises along the way.

The first exercise was to build a stretcher to transport an iron ball. The participants were only allowed to use two long sticks, four ropes and two small pieces of wood. The iron ball then had to be transported through the hilly countryside. If it was dropped, the exercise had to start over again.

The group also had to keep their eyes peeled from start till finish, as several objects had been hidden along the hiking route that needed to be found for use in later exercises.

Members build a primitive stretcher to carry the iron ball

After a successful hike carrying the iron ball, the group went on to practise self-defence techniques.

Members of the Nordic Resistance Movement have a fondness for boxing, but this time basic self-defence techniques were practised. This included low kicks, neck holds and many other exercises and techniques.

After the self-defence training, there was also a throwing contest, a campfire-building challenge and other informal competitions.

When the competitions were over, it was time to tally up all the points the participants had earned during the day’s exercises and competitions.

The winner was presented with a fine handmade wooden cutting board that had been branded with a Tiwaz rune.

A happy winner

The final part of the event took place elsewhere and came as a surprise to the participants. Excitedly, the group relocated and later arrived at a nearby paintball field. The mood among the comrades was high, with everyone looking forward to playing.

The group divided themselves into teams and the next few hours were spent running around in the mud, flanking opponents from the forest and conquering the terrain.

A pleasant day of comradeship and high spirits then came to an end. Satisfied and happy, everyone left with high expectations for the next Social Days event.

Speech for children at Ostara celebration

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Fredrik Vejdeland gave a speech for children and adults during the recent Ostara celebration in Sweden’s Nest 2.

Nordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration speech

Nest 2 arranged an Ostara celebration on Easter weekend with activities for both adults and children, with a particular focus on the latter. It was a full day of events, including festive games, a quiz walk, a sizable buffet and a market selling handicrafts and locally produced food.

Nordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration, Sweden

“It was the best event of this kind that has been organised in the Nest since Nordic Days 2020,” said Fredrik Vejdeland.

“Well planned, many cultural activities and possibly the tastiest and most well-prepared buffet I have ever eaten.”

Ostara celebration food

Vejdeland gave a talk that was primarily aimed at children. About twenty children were present to listen to what he had to say about Ostara and the origins of Easter.

So both the event and the speech were aimed at children? Why was that?

Yes, exactly. Or rather, children and adults, but with the greater focus on children. I spoke on the theme of the day – Ostara – which is our people’s original Easter holy day. The aim is to strengthen a sense of identity in young children, who have been taught in school that they have nothing to be proud of because of their origins, that all progress comes from abroad and that they are to blame for other people’s shortcomings.

The goal of those in power is to deconstruct our children from a young age; our goal must be to strengthen them and build them up. We can do this partly by telling them about their history, myths and festivals.

Ultimately, it can be said that both the cultural and biological struggles are just as important as the political.

Nordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration egg, Sweden

So what was the talk about more specifically?

I talked about the four major holy days in the four seasons of the year – Midsummer, the autumnal equinox, Yule and of course Easter – and why these were important to our ancestors. Easter, or Ostara, is the holy day upon which we celebrate the return of the sun and can sow and grow crops again. Ostara is a Germanic goddess of spring, probably connected to our own Nordic goddess Freya, who is a symbol of the sun and fertility and was celebrated with large fires and dances. I also talked about the Easter Hare, Easter eggs and Easter witches and what they signify.

I used several sources, but the most helpful was Jacob Grimm’s work Teutonic Mythology, which I have in its English translation. Grimm had a lot to say about Easter witches, which he described as “radiant mothers” and “maidens clothed in white”, who danced around the sacred fires on Ostara and were then subjected to a campaign of vilification and persecuted for refusing to stop celebrating the old holy day.

What I wanted to highlight above all else was our ancestors’ celebration of nature and the sun, family and people.

Nordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration speech
Vejdeland speaks about the Brothers Grimm

How was it giving a speech for children?

Difficult, but fun! When the audience consists of young children, older children, teenagers and adults, it’s hard to find a level that allows you to speak to everyone. I revised the speech several times to avoid talking too long or using overly advanced words, while also ensuring it wasn’t too childish or dumbed down. I tried to use a little humour and refer to a few things children know about, such as Snow White and Cinderella when I was talking about Grimm’s interpretations. I’m pretty satisfied because no one fell asleep, and both the children and adults seemed to be receptive to it. However, I noticed it was a little too advanced for the young children, so I hope we can recruit a good storyteller for the smallest of those among us in the future.

Will there be more activities for children?

Yes, the idea is to hold four big celebrations during the year, with Midsummer being the second. My goal is to give talks at all of these festivals. To those reading this who want to take part, it’s something I really recommend. There will be good food, pleasant company and activities in the true Nordic spirit.

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Monthly meeting and Ostara celebration in Sweden’s Nest 2

RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. Nest 2 members and activists gathered with their families for a monthly meeting and long-awaited celebrations on Easter weekend.

Ostara celebration food

The comrades and their relatives arrived at the venue just before lunchtime and were given a warm welcome by the event organiser, who invited everyone to take their places at the table for the start of the monthly meeting.

Nordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration speech
Nest Chief Mattias Sigvardsson was welcomed to the stage and began the meeting

After about two hours, the items on the meeting agenda had been dealt with and it was time for dinner. The day’s menu consisted of nothing less than a formidably delicious buffet that had been single-handedly home-cooked by a comrade. Of particular note in this context was that all the meat dishes in the buffet consisted of locally produced beef, pork and venison that had been hunted and butchered by two comrades.

Ostara celebration foodOstara celebration foodOstara celebration food

After all the attendees had eaten their fill, they expressed their utmost contentment and applauded the sterling efforts of the chef. The premises were then cleared in order to hold the market. The comrades had brought all kinds of useful things to trade, including intellectual literature, aesthetic crafts, clothing and wilderness equipment, as well as locally produced food and household wares.

Nordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration homemade waresOstara celebration foodNordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration homemade wares

As the market is of more interest to adults than children, a guided walk and festive activities were also organised for the young ones outside in the spring sun.

Nordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration egg, SwedenNordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration, Sweden

After some hours had passed, it was time to reposition the chairs in front of the stage and listen to National Council member Fredrik Vejdeland’s somewhat controversial but positive speech. The talk was chiefly prepared for the children present and highlighted the Easter celebration in pre-Christian times, which was called Ostara. A more in-depth article on the speech will be published in the near future.

Nordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration speechNordic Resistance Movement Ostara celebration speechThe presentation, with its light-hearted and inventive approach, was appreciated by both young and old, and Vejdeland was thanked by the audience with resounding applause. Next, the meeting organiser returned to the stage and thanked the participants for the genial spirit of folk community they had created together, before bringing the activity to an end.


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