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Boycott SAS action in Kristiansand


ACTIVISM. On 23rd February, a group of activists and members from the Nordic Resistance Movement held an action against SAS’s anti-Scandinavian advertisement at Kjevik Airport in Kristiansand, Norway.

The action began with comrades distributing a series of leaflets in brochure holders, on bulletin boards, on benches and in bathrooms, as well as giving them out to people waiting inside the airport.

Next the Resistance men went out to the airport entrance, where they unfurled a banner bearing the message “Respect Scandinavia – Boycott SAS!” Leaflets with some brief information and a QR code linking to articles on Frihetskamp.net were given out to travellers, employees and those picking up arriving passengers.

People’s responses were somewhat mixed – some were positive and some were clearly triggered that proud Scandinavians were reacting to anti-Scandinavian propaganda. Meanwhile a pilot flying for another airline had a little smile and a laugh, evidently pleased with the message of boycotting a competitor.

Eventually the airport caretaker came over and asked nicely if the Resistance men could move a little farther away from the entrance (while emphasising they were allowed to hold the activity). The comrades politely did as the caretaker asked and continued the activity 10 metres away from the entrance.

Kjevik airport’s caretaker asks nicely if the Resistance Movement’s members can move a few metres away from the entrance and continue the action there

After a while the Resistance men concluded the action and hung up the banner on a fence by the airport’s vehicle entrance, making it highly visible to all the drivers coming to the airport as well as to those driving past.

All in all it was a successful activity that passed without problems.

More photos from the activity: