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Bridge action in Växjö – Crazed policeman goes on the attack


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 7 conducted a banner action in a rainy Växjö on Saturday and received an unexpected visit.

NRM bridge banner action Växjö, Sweden

Under a dark sky alternating between rain and cloud, activists and members from the Nordic Resistance Movement’s Nest 7 unfurled Tyr rune flags and a “Make a Revolutionary Choice” banner above National Road 25 in Växjö on Saturday 25 March.

The political activism appeared to be well received by the majority of passing drivers, who waved, gave the thumbs-up or made forbidden victory greetings. The occasional middle finger was also seen from some antagonists, who by some miracle had managed to obtain driving licences.

Crazed police attack at NRM Växjö activism

Someone else who did not appreciated the Resistance Movement’s right to spread their opinions was a policeman (and a senior officer, at that), who screeched his car onto the bridge at 120km/h with his sirens and lights blaring, before braking suddenly. He then threw himself over the railings and started a scuffle with an activist holding a flag, while shouting about a crime being in progress.

Crazed police attack at NRM Växjö activism

After a few seconds, the erratic, overreacting lone cop realised he had met his superior and had made a big mistake. When it dawned on him that he was in a fight with a man who wouldn’t back down, he quickly retreated and undid the holster on his service weapon.

Crazed police attack at NRM Växjö activismActivist David Wåhlander commented on the incident, saying: “When he began pulling at the flag, I just thought two things: He won’t believe I’m not giving in, and I’d rather die than give a damn system lackey our flag!”

The policeman calmed down shortly afterwards. In a change of pace, he started questioning the activists in an attempt to find a possible crime to justify his previous behaviour: “What is the badge on the flag?”, “What it is written on the banner?” and so on. He stated he had received a report of “incitement to racial hatred”, which an activist responded to by saying the officer could report the caller for false information.

Crazed police attack at NRM Växjö activism
Several other regime lackeys drove over and jumped out of their cars, but they just stood and observed the situation

After realising his mistake and excusing his behaviour, as well as apologising several times to the activist he had attacked, the regime lackey and his cohorts left with their tails between their legs. After some intermittent downpours and a glimpse of sunshine, the Resistance men packed up and thanked one another for yet another day spent in the spirit of the struggle. Some of the activists continued the day by delivering leaflets door to door, before heading home.