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Bridge action with confrontation in Stockholm


ACTIVISM. On Sunday 12 June, activists from Sweden’s Nest 1 held another banner action in Stockholm – this time with an unexpected guest.

Nordic Resistance Movement activist at banner action on Stockholm bridge

The action took place on a bridge over National Road 73, which the activists have visited several times before for similar activities. Approximately 2,500 to 3,000 vehicles pass under the bridge per hour, making it a great location for exposure, and the reactions from drivers are usually mostly positive. As was the case on this day.

The banner for the day bore the message “White workers built this country – White workers can take this country back!” and was flanked by Tyr rune flags, which fluttered in the wind in the fine summer weather.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner action on Stockholm bridge

The activity was proceeding calmly as usual, until a leftist thought it was a good idea to stop and shout some absurd things, before kicking an activist – something he quickly regretted when he received a fitting reprimand.

Leftist tries to attack Nordic Resistance Movement activist

Whether the reprimand was particularly rough or if the red happened to have poor balance and fell to the ground will be left to the imagination, but what is certain is that he left the scene quicker than he arrived, even though he came by bicycle and for some reason chose to run away without it.

Violent leftist runs away from Nordic Resistance Movement activists

Shortly afterwards, the activists concluded the activity and departed, pleased with having conveyed our message to thousands of Stockholmers – not to mention the fact that another person learned that you cannot act however you want without consequences.

The identities of the activists who participated in the action have been hidden in the above photos, as the police sometimes decide that self-defence is not a legal act for National Socialists, and we do not want anyone to be arrested unnecessarily.