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Bridge actions in Norrköping and Finspång


ACTIVISM. Sweden’s Nest 8 recently conducted White Lives Matter banner actions from bridges in Norrköping and Finspång.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in Finspång

On Saturday, 23 January, activists and members from Sweden’s Nest 8 conducted two successful banner actions from bridges, one in Norrköping and one in Finspång. The day offered beautiful winter weather with brilliant sunshine but a fairly strong wind. The activists began the activity by unfurling a banner with the text “White Lives Matter” from a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the busy E4 road south of Norrköping.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in Norrköping
The Tyr rune flags flutter in the sunshine

The banner was flanked by fluttering Tyr rune flags, while green pyrotechnic smoke radiated around the group to further attract attention. Many motorists beeped their horns cheerfully, with several also greeting the activists with victory salutes. A few others made obscene gestures from their car windows. After about 30 minutes, a police van appeared on the road. It was then just a few minutes before no fewer than five police vehicles – including two unmarked cars and two vans – descended on the spot where the comrades had parked their cars.

Apparently, the city’s police chiefs believed that a large part of Saturday’s regional police resources would be best spent deployed against a legal banner action (which was in line with corona restrictions).

Police at a Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in Norrköping
The police confront the thought criminals

The Resistance men were interrogated, and they and their cars were searched. To the annoyance of the police, nothing illegal was found in either the message on the banner or in the cars. However, the constables warned that continued activism would be dealt with more severely; in other words: “Go home!”

The National Socialists responded by going to Finspång to stand on a pedestrian and bicycle bridge at the eastern entrance of National Road 51. A large shopping centre stands right next to the bridge, and many curious Finspång residents stopped and read the banner and talked to the Resistance men.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in Finspång
White Lives Matter – also in Finspång

Pyrotechnics were used to illuminate the action here as well, and many motorists slowed down to read the banner and greet the activists. A number of passers-by also stopped to take photos of what must have been one of the biggest public events in Finspång in the past year.

Nordic Resistance Movement banner action in Finspång
The green smoke received a good response from many

The activity ended with the Nest Chief and a couple of activists having a discussion with an angry old lady, who was reminded that treason will be one of the important charges at the future Finspång Trials.