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Campaign against anti-white racial violence in Denmark


ACTIVISM. The Danish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement has launched a nationwide campaign against the growing trend of violence committed against Danes by racial foreigners.

“Anti-white hate crimes have become an everyday phenomenon in Denmark. This will be stopped!”

In recent weeks, groups of racial foreigners have assaulted Danes in a wave of anti-white “domination crime”. These crimes consist of extremely brutal attacks, in which racial foreigners beat up random Danes, sometimes humiliating the victims, such as by forcing them to drink urine while being filmed.

On 14th February 17-year-old Marcus Alexander Aroli was attacked by one of these groups of racial foreigners. They punched and kicked him and tried to push him in front of a train, all while his little sister watched on helplessly.

On 24th February a 17-year-old girl was the victim of a savage assault by four racial foreigners in Helsingør. They hit her in the face, knocked her to the ground and stamped on her. As a result she had to go for treatment at the emergency room.

These are just two cases of a much larger and growing trend of racial strangers assaulting Danes. It is completely unacceptable and must be stopped immediately. The Danish government does not act, they do not stop their importation of thousands of racial foreigners, they send no one home and they do nothing to stop these anti-white hate crimes.

We in the Nordic Resistance Movement will never accept these abusive attacks on Danes. We will hold the traitorous politicians responsible for mass immigration, which has led to this situation, in which Danes are afraid to go out on Danish streets. We will stop immigration and send the racial foreigners home, where they belong, and we will make sure these insane policies are never enforced again. If we do not succeed in this, Danes will become a small hated minority in Denmark, which will lead to even more attacks that are even more brutal. This must not happen!

We have therefore launched a nationwide campaign to inform Danes about what is happening to them and to show them that there are people who will not accept this.

Photos from the campaign: